Chapter 1114 – Descent of the Demonic and Divine

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Chapter 1114 – Descent of the Demonic and Divine

The glorious cry of the phoenix completely filled the sea of blood, even bringing a split second of silence to the countless fallen souls. They all gazed up at the undying bird.

Grimness flashed across Battle Demon Hun’s face, which was immediately twisted and overwhelmed by madness. He swung his sword, slicing through the sea of blood!

The phoenix descended from above, pecking at Battle Demon Hun with its sharp beak. That was the frenzied blade in Li Qingshan’s hand!

In the moment the weapons clashed, blinding light erupted, and space shattered.

With a hiss, a huge hole was ripped open in the Blood Sea Banner.

Under the King of Southern Yue’s support, everyone poured their efforts together and were forcing back the gushing demon qi. The battle cries in the demon cavern were growing louder and louder too. At this exact moment, Battle Demon Hun appeared, which made everyone pale.

The strange, twisted Immortal Relinquished sword was enough to reduce all of their efforts to nothing instantly.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan tossed an item high into the air, and a blood-red swirl bloomed. It was the Asura Field. With a magnificent streak, he flew into it.

Battle Demon Hun hesitated for an instant. In the past, he definitely would have ruined Xiao An and the others’ plan of suppression first, but the madness of the Immortal Relinquished sword had already reached deep in his heart. His mind was occupied by his killing intent and hatred towards Li Qingshan, so he followed him closely into the Asura Field.

A bloody-red filled his eyes. This was different from sinking into the sea of blood. Instead, it was the bloody songs of warriors, awakening his primitive desire of slaughter. As a result, his killing intent became even heavier.

Li Qingshan stood with his back towards him, and the phoenix wings shrank back to their usual size. He let out a gentle sigh of relief. If Battle Demon Hun had not followed him here, then there would have been nothing he could do either.

“Hehe, are you finally afraid? But unfortunately, it’s already too late. Once I kill you, I’ll kill all the people you love and the people who love you. I’ll make you understand the consequences of opposing me!”

Battle Demon Hun smiled viciously, radiating with murderousness. Before he had even struck, the blood-red swirl in the sky began to revolve rapidly, observing this battle like a lone eye.

“Then come!”

Li Qingshan turned around, and the tip of the sword had already arrived a few inches away from his nose. With a flap of his wings, he rapidly retreated, and the tip of the sword struggled to cross this tiny distance. It was so close, yet so far away.

After reaching the fifth layer of the phoenix, he became no slower than Battle Demon Hun, but this was only the beginning. His body was currently undergoing a “revolution”!

The tipping scales slowly recovered their balance again. Fire and water, the spirit turtle and the phoenix, as well as the divine and the demonic…

In the blink of an eye, Li Qingshan had already retreated to the edge of the Asura Field. He could not retreat or dodge anymore, or the Immortal Relinquished sword would rip through the Asura Field with ease. Extending a few fingers, he pointed them at the tip of the sword!

Battle Demon Hun’s smile became even more vicious. The edge of the Immortal Relinquished sword can’t be blocked with flesh. No matter how many innate abilities you have, you’ll still be pierced by the sword.

Li Qingshan did not use any abilities at all. A wisp of fire appeared on the tips of his fingers, together with a wisp of water. They wrapped and coiled around each other, assuming the form of a drill.

Battle Demon Hun suddenly sensed a strange power from the tip of his sword which divided and nullified his sword qi. Beyond his surprise, he became even more furious, pouring all of his force into the sword such that it was unstoppable!


Like a thousand fireworks being set off at the same time, Battle Demon Hun was knocked five kilometers away within the resplendent light. Meanwhile, Li Qingshan slammed heavily against the invisible wall of the domain behind him, creating a great swathe of cracks. A droplet of blood oozed out from the tip of his finger from his dangling right arm. The sword qi moved through his meridians, pressing right towards his heart.

“Are you crazy? Use the blade!” The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End howled.

“If I keep using you, you’ll shatter. Take a break! Leave the rest up to me!”

Li Qingshan glanced at the crack-ridden Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End in his hand and casually tossed it aside. It was planted in a distant mountain.

“Accept your fate!” Battle Demon Hun lunged over.

“Fate?” Li Qingshan smiled and brought his fists together. He muttered, “Ox! Phoenix! Tiger! Turtle!”

Every single word was extremely solemn and heavy, like there had been a huge gap between them, yet also like they had followed each other instantly. The figures of the ox demon, phoenix, tiger demon, and spirit turtle appeared above and below him, to his left and right. They began to revolve rapidly, blurring into a ring of light.

Li Qingshan felt unprecedented power fill his body and soul. The various transformations all gathered on a single body—the ox horns and hooves, the phoenix wings and feathers, the tiger teeth and claws, the turtle shell and eyes. In that moment, he was both the ox demon and the tiger demon, both the spirit turtle and the phoenix, and after balancing all of the divine and demonic natures, he was still Li Qingshan.

As a result, he extended his left hand, and the sword that followed an unpredictable trajectory entered his hand. Blood splashed, but he gripped it firmly.

He extended his right hand, forming a fist and hurling it heavily against Battle Demon Hun’s stunned face.

Boom! Battle Demon Hun slammed against the ground like an asteroid. The left half of his face collapsed, leaving him overcome with madness.

Li Qingshan did not follow up with any attacks. Instead, he spread his wings and pursed his lips firmly. All of his muscles rippled, and the ground shook violently. Several hundred boulders flew into the air, compressing violently as he tightened his fists; this continued until the boulders were condensed to the size of fists. They revolved and circled around him.

Under Battle Demon Hun’s stunned gaze, the entire Asura Field began to shake violently. Centred around Li Qingshan, the fierce winds whistled, the scorching flames roared, and the water rushed into the air, wrapping around him. It was earth, fire, wind, and water, the four basic components of the world.

At that moment, he seemed to rule this world!

“Battle Demon Hun, it’s time for you to die!” Li Qingshan announced.

His voice contained the ox demon’s bellow, the tiger demon’s roar, the phoenix’s cry, and the spirit turtle silence. It reverberated through the entire Asura Field.

“You only won a single clash, and you really think you’ve won this battle?” Battle Demon Hun turned into a streak of light and rushed into the air.

Li Qingshan raised his right arm into the air, and a mountain was lifted up from the ground.

With a rumble, the streak of light pierced the mountain. Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath and exhaled forcefully. Within the earth-shaking tiger’s roar, the fierce wind whistled, and the streak of light gradually slowed down. The mountain behind it was blown to bits, turning into dust in the air.

The streak of light halted, revealing Battle Demon Hun again. He was blown away with a face of disbelief.

Li Qingshan flew after him and pushed out with his left hand. Five sparks surged out from between his fingers, each turning into a colossal fireball that flew towards Battle Demon Hun with arcs like asteroids.

Battle Demon Hun spurred his horse and ran madly, but the fireballs followed him relentlessly. They were so scorching that even he dared not take them on forcefully. He made several sharp turns, and the five fireballs exploded behind him one after another, producing lakes of lava.

This is impossible! How can his strength instantly increase by so much!? Battle Demon Hun cried out inside.

A colossal invisible force weighed on Battle Demon Hun heavily, and all the ground within five kilometers of him suddenly sank by several meters. In that moment, firelight filled his face, and the sphere composed of earth, fire, wind, and water descended from above. He powered the Immortal Relinquished sword in a hurry, and with a blur, he appeared three hundred meters away.


The sphere smashed into the ground, and a wave of earth surged off in all directions, only stopping when it reached fifty kilometers away, turning into a circular mountain range. The landscape had been completely changed.

Battle Demon Hun was pushed aside by the wave of earth, falling beneath the mountain range. Suddenly, he looked up, and with a great rumble, the rock and soil collapsed and was tossed aside. The sphere smashed into the mountain range as Li Qingshan gazed at him from above, like the descent of both a god and a demon!

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