Chapter 1119 – From the South

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Chapter 1119 – From the South

“That’s a good idea! If you want to keep the demon cavern suppressed over long periods of time, the tree king is the best choice. The various demon caverns in the Mist province are all suppressed by a great banyan tree.” The King of Southern Yue clapped and added.

The King of Southern Yue was basically hoping the Great Banyan Tree King could take root in the Green province and become the god of the Green province.

“Kid, at least you haven’t disappointed me.”

A streak of golden light flew over. Having been forced back by Xiao An, madam Vine obviously was not willing to just leave like that. Coupled with how startling the battle had been, she had been lurking in the dark the entire time, waiting for another opportunity.

The Fierce King of Chu fell silent and looked around. Everyone stared at him, waiting for his decision. However, apart from the Dauntless monk and the Unraging monk, probably everyone, including both the Golden Cicada Spirit King and the King of Southern Yue, would side with him. His own daughter went even more without saying. She was basically bewitched by Li Qingshan.

He could not help but sneer. “If I were to decline, you’re probably going to force me to anyway!”

Li Qingshan let out a laugh, but he did not deny that. He still had a lot of things waiting for him to do. He could not stay here for too long.

“The Gate of Hungry Ghosts in the Myriad Ghosts abyss has opened. If we just leave it be, the Green province will become a land of death very soon,” said Xiao An.

This could be verified by the huge hole to the south of the Green Province cauldron.

“Your majesty, I think that’s the only option now.”

The Dauntless monk gave it some consideration before standing forward and advising him. The Dauntless monk was reluctant for Great Buddha mountain to fall into the hands of a daemon, but at least it was better than letting demons occupy it.

“The nine cauldrons are a symbol of subservience to Great Xia, so there’s no reason why you can’t part with it. On top of that, the Green province has faced numerous disasters, but has Great Xia even sent a single soldier? Instead, you received help from me, your mortal enemy,” the King of Southern Yue stood with his arms crossed and said slowly.

The Fierce King of Chu gazed at the King of Southern Yue with a frown, and the King of Southern Yue gazed back at him without backing down. They were natural enemies, but this was a grievance passed down from their ancestors. They did not exactly have any grievances between them as individuals.

The Fierce King of Chu could not help but recall what Xiao An had said, how they were just fighting over tiny pieces of land. Perhaps it was time to put an end to this. He let out a great sigh and finally nodded. “Alright!”

He made his decision and completely severed his connection with the Green Province, turning around and flying away.

“Your majesty.”

The Dark Queen stood forward and bowed gracefully. Towards this dejected man, she instead showed a little more respect than usual.

The Fierce King of Chu’s solemn and dignified demeanour melted away gradually too. He glanced back, and Xiao An also saw him off, which made him sigh inside. No matter what, his Ji clan had finally produced a cultivator with a limitless future. As for how far she could make it, it would be completely up to her fortune.

However, how could he just fall behind his daughter willingly? He sucked in a deep breath. Compared to the myriad worlds out there, the fifteen thousand kilometers of the Green province truly was a tiny piece of land. As a result, he opened his mind and said to the Dark Queen, “Accompany me as I travel the lands!”

“As you wish,” the Dark Queen said softly.

A silver streak of light shot through the air. The King of Southern Yue controlled the Silver Dragon King and returned to the Mist province with his honoured guests.

“Qingshan, I’m going to go and gather with the monks for now. I’ll have to trouble you with here,” said the Unraging monk.

“If you want to go, then go! What’s all the nonsense for!” Li Qingshan said rudely.

After the Fierce King of Chu completely severed his connection with the Green Province cauldron, he immediately felt much lighter. He had benefited quite a lot from comprehending the laws of the world within.

“Damned disciple!” the Unraging monk bellowed before smiling to himself. “Now that’s just more fitting to say!”

He turned around, only to see the Dauntless monk talking with the Golden Cicada Spirit King. The Dauntless monk was extremely polite, which surprised him slightly.

“According to the seniority of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, fellow Golden Cicada would be our senior.” The Dauntless monk brought his palms together.

“You are too kind, abbot. How can someone expelled be regarded as a senior?” The Golden Cicada Spirit King returned the gesture.

“That is an old tradition of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, but it does seem quite flawed looking at it now. Fellow, you’ve protected the buddhist dharma and purged the demons. You’ve shown great kindness to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. I’m willing to take back the expulsion in the name of the abbot. Would you be willing to accept that, fellow?”

Only now did Li Qingshan understand what the Dauntless monk had in mind. The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga just happened to be at its weakest. Not only had they lost their sect, two of the four Monk Kings had died as well, with countless other losses. In this chaotic age, it definitely was not a good sign.

If he could invite the Golden Cicada Spirit King back to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, then their strength would increase substantially. After all, in terms of battle prowess alone, even the four Monk Kings probably were not his opponent.

He could not help but lament over the fact that everyone who served as leaders had an element of pragmatism about them.

If it had been a different Daemon King, perhaps they would not agree to it, but the Golden Cicada Spirit King possessed special attachment to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. He did not view his expulsion as unjust treatment or humiliation either. He brought his palms together. “Then thank you for your generosity, abbot.”

Just like that, a human and a daemon got along well with each other. They gathered with the monks and discussed the matter of rebuilding the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga.

Jin Fugui and Yue Wuyang bade farewell as well. Madam Vine was still reluctant to see the Great Banyan Tree King, so she had vanished a long time ago.

In the blink of an eye, Great Buddha mountain fell quiet. Only the sounds of wind filled his ears.

Xiao An crossed her legs and sat on Li Qingshan’s head, gazing at the crescent moon.

Li Qingshan smiled and shut his eyes, sending his mind into the Green Province cauldron.

Time flew rapidly…

An ancient, delighted laughter suddenly rang out from Towering city, making the sea of trees ripple.

To the northern edge of the sea of trees, a great banyan tree grew at an accelerated rate, reaching around half the size of the Great Banyan Tree King’s main body. It glowed with a verdant green and gradually shrank, assuming human form and travelling northwards.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and smiled. “He’s finally here.”

With that, the Great Banyan Tree King arrived before Li Qingshan. Studying the spirit turtle that shouldered the huge cauldron, he smiled and praised him.

“I immediately set off when I caught wind of the good news. Qingshan, your strength has climbed higher yet again!”

“You’re no different. Come take the Green Province cauldron!”

“Alright, but I’ll have to take it slowly this time, just in case the demonfolk strike if an opening is presented to them.”

“Of course. I’ll stay here for a little longer, until you become the god of the Green province!”

The Great Banyan Tree King leapt into the Green Province cauldron. A while later, the cauldron began to shine with verdant light, rushing straight into the sky.

Lush, green leaves spilled out of the cauldron like water from a spring. A great banyan tree pulled into the air and aerial roots spread and draped down, coiling around the Green Province cauldron.

During the battle against the Demon domain, the Green Province cauldron had been struck several times, so it was covered in many hairline cracks invisible to the naked eye. They were perfect for the Great Banyan Tree King to send in roots that were even finer than hairs. Then he used his countless cuttings to comprehend the laws of the world within.

“I’ve already comprehended a part of it. You can use it as a reference, fellow,” Li Qingshan said.

Under the Spirit Turtle Transformation, his ability to comprehend and deduce was alarming. As a result, he passed everything he had gained so far to the Great Banyan Tree King.

“Hmm? You’ve actually comprehended so much already. You really are talented. You sure have saved me quite the time.”

The Great Banyan Tree King sighed in amazement. He had the experience of digesting the Mist Province cauldron and was far more powerful than before, so it was several times easier this time. He dismantled the Green Province cauldron in a systematic manner.

At the same time, on Dragon Head mountain, the imperial court of Great Xia, the Dragon Province cauldron shook violently.

A middle-aged man with a tasselled crown on his head dressed in bright-yellow dragon robes touched the cauldron. He said to himself, “What wild ambitions! You want to become the god of the nine provinces? Unfortunately, that’s just a fantasy!”

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