Chapter 1121 – A Child of a God

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Chapter 1121 – A Child of a God

“The child? You mean the Asura King.”

It took Li Qingshan a moment before he returned to his senses. There was actually such a strange guy in his Asura Field. It was not because his memory had been horrible, but because the child was just alarmingly obedient. He spent all these days trapped in the tiny Asura Field and actually did nothing at all.

“He’s not a regular Asura King. If I am not mistaken, he should be a Rāhu!” Yin Qing said sternly.

“What’s a Rāhu?” Li Qingshan was surprised.

“Don’t tell me he’s a Rāhu asura!”

The Great Banyan Tree King was extremely surprised. After becoming a god, rarely did he ever give off such obvious fluctuations in his emotions.

“Rāhu is the name of a primordial asura, which is also the first asura in the Asura realm, as well the god king of the Asura realm. Legend has it that he was slain by the gods and deva for the elixir of immortality. Afterwards, the Asura realm became fragmented and entered eternal war and chaos.”

“The Great Banyan Tree King truly is knowledgeable, but god king Rāhu already possesses an undying body, so he was not slain. That’s where the undying bodies of asura come from…”

Only after Yin Qing’s introduction did Li Qingshan understand what “Rāhu” meant. In the Asura realm, they were equivalent to the princes of Great Xia, and they did not have numerous descendants like the imperial clan of Great Xia. The stronger the lifeform was, the more difficult it was to produce offspring, so there was an extremely small number of Rāhu.

There was still a very small number of accomplished princes of Great Xia because they were still “human” at the end of the day. However, the Rāhu were a true divine clan. They were born as gods. The difference between the two was even greater than village chief Li’s sons from Crouching Ox village and the princes of Great Xia.

Yin Qing said, “The black sun and moon is a symbol of Rāhu. It symbolises the divine power to devour the sun and moon.”

TL: By “devouring the sun and the moon”, the author is referring to the power to usher eclipses. You can read more about Rāhu here.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Li Qingshan asked.

The power to devour the sun and moon probably was not an exaggeration. He never thought such an important figure would show up in his Asura Field, which was no wonder why he possessed such power. He had seen another Asura King in the past, but he definitely was not that powerful.

“I wasn’t certain in the very beginning either. After all, as a Rāhu, he’s far too weak.”

“Far too weak!”

Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow. He had crippled Battle Demon Hun who wielded the Immortal Relinquished sword in a single move, and he was far too weak. Could this son of a god show some respect to mere mortals like that? However, when he considered his Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, he could no longer criticize him anymore. He had started off less than a century ago, and he was already close to being invincible in the world. That was enough to anger all the cultivators in the world to death.

He said speculatively, “Perhaps he’s just too young. He’s still a kid.”

“That’s not the case. You’ll know once you see him, my king!”

“Alright. Let’s go check out this child of a god then.”

Li Qingshan and Xiao An entered the Asura Field with Yin Qing, and they could not help but be overcome with surprise. The child actually continued to lay on the Asura Altar of Armaments, like he was half-dead. He had not been cultivating, as his aura had not grown stronger at all. Instead, it even seemed to have weakened slightly, and his external appearance seemed a little younger too.

He immediately understood that this child of a god was currently declining with each day.

“He’s lost his fighting spirit.” Yin Qing reminded softly.

“I see.” Li Qingshan nodded and called out, “Hey, kid, it’s time to wake up!”

The child currently lay there with his arms and legs out sprawled, gazing at the sky with dull eyes. When he heard that, he turned away from Li Qingshan.

“How useless!” Then Li Qingshan said to Yin Qing, “If you butcher him, can you become an Asura King?”

Yin Qing was alarmed. She took a step back. “You can’t spout nonsense, my king!”

If he accidentally roused the fighting spirit of this Rāhu, then it would not be a joke anymore.

Li Qingshan shot him a glance. The child did not respond at all. He smiled. “How am I spouting nonsense? If this continues, this kid is going to become an Asura Commander. He definitely won’t be your opponent.”

Yin Qing could not help but be slightly tempted. She studied the child’s figure. As an assassin, this was exactly what she specialised in, striking when others were disadvantaged. If she could obtain the Rāhu clan’s divine blood of immortality, then that would come with endless benefits.

“It’s best if you don’t get her to try. Even if I’m reduced to a regular asura, I can crush the likes of her with a single finger,” the child said powerlessly, but his voice was filled with indescribable confidence.

Yin Qing shivered inside and immediately discarded the thought.

“Have you finally decided to talk? You only really find out when you try. Don’t be afraid, Yin Qing. He’s definitely putting up a front, which is why he said that,” said Li Qingshan.

Yin Qing was pained. How could slaying a god be that easy? The huge eye that had appeared in the blood-red swirl had probably come for this god’s blood.

“I’ve already grown tired of battle. You better not force me.”

“What if I insist on forcing you?”

Li Qingshan crouched behind the child, his murderousness building up inside of him, like a tiger about to pounce. He revealed his sharp teeth, like he could bite at any moment.

“That fake murderousness basically makes me want to vomit. Stop probing me out pointlessly anymore. You’re annoying me to death!”

“Alright, you’ve read me. I’m just curious.” Li Qingshan stood up. “I, Li Qingshan, always pay back my debts. You assisted me in the past, so as long as you’re in my territory, I’ll obviously ensure your safety. No one will be able to touch a hair on you!”

The child turned his head slightly and saw him from the corner of his eye. Li Qingshan’s expression was calm and determined. He actually said he would ensure his safety with just his cultivation at the third heavenly tribulation, which was an absolute joke. However, when it emerged from his mouth, it actually sounded convincing.

And, he had clearly seen one of the countless spying eyes already!

“You don’t owe me anything.”

“What’s your name?” Li Qingshan asked.

The child looked away and said nothing.

“You don’t want to tell me? That’s fine, but for the sake of convenience, let me give you one! Speaking of coming up with names, hahaha!” Li Qingshan’s eyes immediately lit up as he let out a mad laugh.

Xiao An blinked her eyes. She knew he was about to unleash his “talent to come up with names” again.

Li Qingshan paced around the Asura Altar of Armaments, gazing at the sky at times and lowering his head in thought at other times. He stroked his chin and contemplated for a good moment before his eyes suddenly lit up. He pointed at the child.

“I got it. Sun and moon form the character brilliance, or ming. I’ll call you Xiaoming!”

“Xiao… Ming…”

The child squeezed out those two words from between his teeth. His aura immediately erupted, and he sat up slowly.

“How’s that? It’s easy to say yet also deep in meaning. It’s concise, yet anything but simple. You can forget about your original name. Right, Xiao An?” Li Qingshan smiled confidently.


Xiao An nodded seriously. Compared to Ji Xuanri, Xiao An really did sound much better.

“Xiao An…” As if he had confirmed that Li Qingshan was not intentionally insulting him, “Xiaoming” lay back down on the Asura Altar of Armaments, slamming his head against the rock. “You’re fortunate that you encountered me in my present state…”

“Xiaoming, if you want some help with rousing your fighting spirit, could you take part in a fight for me?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked.

If he had the assistance of this asura child of a god, then his chances at victory would definitely increase drastically against the Hungry Ghost realm.


Xiao An was touched. If it were not for his concern for her, even in the face of utter doom, he would never ask anyone else for help.

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