Chapter 1125 – Zijian

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Chapter 1125 – Zijian

“The Sword Collection palace… no longer exists?” Li Xiaoyao murmured.

Li Xiaoyao found this to be surreal. The laughter and calls of his senior and junior brothers still seemed to echo through the mountains, but when he returned to his senses, they were merely ripples of memories. Before he knew it, tears had already begun running down his face.

Even if the palace master and elders had been colluding with the Demon domain, all of his companions had been innocent!

“Li Xiaoyao, are you still a disciple of the Sword Collection palace?” Yu Zijian asked suddenly.

“I am!” Li Xiaoyao answered instinctively.

“Then the Sword Collection palace hasn’t died out. At the very least, there’s still the three of us.”

Yu Zijian’s eyes shone with violet light. The setting sun behind her wove into brilliant violets and reds, but under her influence, it seemed like the rising sun, filled with hope.

Fu Qingjin and Li Xiaoyao were both surprised. Was there still a point in saying something like that at a time like now?

If the Sword Collection palace had been destroyed by enemies, then so be it. They could swear on revenge and reinvigorate the Sword Collection palace. However, the reality was the Sword Collection palace had colluded with the Demon domain and caused their own demise. All of the disciples had died to the Sword Collection peak. They could not even object to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga taking over their territory. If they still called themselves disciples of the Sword Collection palace, they would basically be asking to be humiliated.

“Zijian, there’s a beginning and an end to everything. A rising sun comes with a setting sun. The Sword Collection palace is no different. Why must you be so stubborn?” Fu Qingjin sighed gently. All he wanted to do was travel far from here and roam the world now.

“Yeah, senior uncle. Why don’t we just return to the Clear River prefecture and continue cultivating there? We can still live by our swords and uphold justice. I only said it out of habit just then. I think it’s fine even if I stop being a disciple of the Sword Collection palace!” Li Xiaoyao also shook his head.

“We can forget about ever being disciples of the Sword Collection palace, but what about our brothers and sisters who died for nothing? They clearly did nothing wrong, yet they’ve all become fools and bad people, shouldering the infamy forever.”

Yu Zijian clenched her fist firmly. Her voice trembled, and her eyes moistened, but she did not shed any tears.

Fu Qingjin shuddered inside and gazed at Yu Zijian deeply. Given how kind she was, the pain she faced was even deeper than theirs!

Sigh, before I’ve even realised it, you’ve already become much stronger than me.

Li Xiaoyao had nothing to say either. He was ashamed.

Yu Zijian shook her head and apologised. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said something like that. I’ve troubled you. However, I really don’t want to just leave like this. Senior brother Fu, thank you for all these years of care and concern, and Xiaoyao, you’ve cultivated arduously for all these years, finally undergoing the heavenly tribulation, so you should wander a little in leisure. Otherwise, you’ll be letting down your name.”

Her smile flashed across her face, and she became determined again. She gazed at the Heaven Leaning peak in the distance. “The Sword Collection palace has committed many sins, so let me atone for them!”

Fu Qingjin and Li Xiaoyao gazed at her figure. Her skinny shoulders seemed like they tried to bear all the sins and infamy, shouldering a burden that did not belong to her. They could not help but exchange glances.

Fu Qingjin let out a long sigh. “Zijian, oh Zijian!”


“You’ve left the two of us with no more dignity as men.” Fu Qingjin smiled.

“I’m not…” Yu Zijian waved her hands around frantically, but she had no idea how to explain herself.

“You know me. I’m just a piece of trash that only knows how to sigh and lament in a bunch of ruins. Without you, I basically have no idea how I’d live, so please let me accompany you for another journey.” Fu Qingjin bowed slightly.

“Senior uncle Yu, I’ll continue with being a disciple of the Sword Collection palace! I might be the only disciple, as it seems, but I won’t disappoint you.”

“You don’t have to go against your wishes…”

“I’m not going against my wishes. I haven’t thought as much as you, but if I become a swordsman in the future, how am I supposed to answer if they ask me whether I’m from the Sword Collection palace or not? I might as well just admit it frankly. That way, I won’t let down my senior brothers and juniors, nor will I let down the sword in my hand!”

“That’s… fantastic!” Yu Zijian cheered and hugged them together, diluting her grief and melancholy.

“We need a leader. Since the Sword Collection palace still exists, then there should be a palace master.” Fu Qingjin smiled.

“Yeah. We might only have a single disciple, but we still need a palace master.” Li Xiaoyao smiled at Yu Zijian.

Yu Zijian hesitated. “Alright, I’ll be the palace master!”

As a result, they had decided on the new master of the Sword Collection palace, a position once renowned through the Green province, in just a few words.

“Greetings, palace master!”

Fu Qingjin and Li Xiaoyao bowed towards her together, both solemn and showing her plenty of respect.

Yu Zijian wanted to avoid the bows instinctively, but she stayed put, which made her feel rather unnatural.

“Palace master, if we want to rebuild the Sword Collection palace, we might have to find another place with rich spiritual qi. Fortunately, there are a lot of free locations in the current Green province, so it won’t be too difficult to find,” said Li Xiaoyao.

“I do know a few places that are suitable, so we could take a look,” said Fu Qingjin.

“No. We’ll go to the Heaven Leaning peak first.” Yu Zijian pointed at the mountains in the distance.

Li Xiaoyao was surprised. What’re we going to the Heaven Leaning peak at a time like this for? Are we supposed to ask the monks to return the Heaven Leaning peak? That’s completely impossible!

Though, it’s said that senior uncle Yu is extremely familiar with my uncle. If we have his support, perhaps there might be some hope.

Fu Qingjin, however, seemed to understand what she was trying to do.

The Dauntless monk turned around and said to the young acolyte, “Go pass on the orders. Prepare to receive the master of the Sword Collection palace.”

“Yes, abbot!”

The acolyte set his broom aside and jogged into the grand hall.

A while later, the sounds of bells rose up throughout the mountains, together with the banging of drums.

The monks gathered over from everywhere, all curious. Wasn’t the master of the Sword Collection palace dead already? Even if he were still alive, he would be the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga’s mortal enemy. Why were they still receiving him with such treatment?

Yu Zijian and the other two climbed up the mountain, but they left the monks even more surprised. Their cultivations were far too low! And apart from the nameless fellow at the back, they were not even equipped with swords. What kind of sword cultivators were they supposed to be?

Li Xiaoyao made his way along the familiar mountain path, surrounded by the monks, which made him feel very unnatural and very uncomfortable. However, he noticed that Yu Zijian up ahead was stern, without her usual gentleness, which did make her seem a little like a palace master. Perhaps she was trying to negotiate with the Dauntless monk?

When they made it to the very top of the mountain, a large, solemn monk stood there.

In the past, Li Xiaoyao’s cultivation had been far too low, so his senses were extremely limited. Only now did he properly understand slightly what a great cultivator meant. That aura basically resembled a mountain’s, stifling his breath. Then he recalled how his uncle looked when he glared at him and thought that this monk could not be any more impressive than that, and only then did he relax slightly. However, he dared not consider asking for the Heaven Leaning peak anymore.

“Master of the Sword Collection palace, Yu Zijian, has brought elder Fu Qingjin and disciple Li Xiaoyao to greet the Dauntless abbot.”

“Please come into the hall, palace master.” The Dauntless monk looked at her rather strangely, giving her sufficient respect.

However, Yu Zijian declined. She expressed that they had not come as guests before apologising to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga publicly under the identity of palace master. At the same time, she gave all the mountains including the Heaven Leaning peak to the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga as compensation.

The sun set, and the afterglow dispersed. What followed was a lengthy night.

However, it would still rise up once more, turning into the morning glow and heralding a return of the violet.

TL: The last phrase (紫气东来) is rather difficult to accurately portray the meaning of in English. I think it’s made an appearance in many other novels before (often translated as “Violet or Purple Qi from the East”), but it basically signifies or heralds the arrival of a sage, so an auspicious omen. However, the “Zijian” in Yu Zijian also means “violet sword”, so there’s that connection too.

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