Chapter 1128 – Great Winds

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Chapter 1128 – Great Winds


The clouds split open, and the sea parted!

Li Qingshan suddenly looked back, meeting a dragon head. The jagged horns jutted into the sky, and the inky-black whiskers danced around, letting out a furious roar at the same time.

The tiger roars and dragon cries resounded through the Ink sea!

The fierce winds suddenly became several times more intense, stirring the world into a mess.

On the top of the walls in South Hub city, the cultivators used their techniques in a hurry to block the great winds that filled their faces, but the heavy smell of ink and blood still made their heads spin. They gazed at the surging, grand sea in shock and awe.

This was the strength of Daemon King Northmoon and the Dragon King of Ink Sea!

Li Qingshan had just raised his blade when a great force pushed him into the ocean. His vision was filled with the firm body of a dragon, flowing like a great river and coiling around his mountainous body of the demonic and divine. It felt like the entire Ink sea was pressing against him. His joints ached, having been gripped firmly by the sharp dragon claws, submerging him in the inky-black water.

The Ink sea seemed bottomless, such that he sank down with no end. The deep voice of the Dragon King of Ink Sea combined with the dragon cries rang out in his ear, “Li Qingshan, this is the greatest mistake you’ve made in your life. Perhaps the victory at Great Buddha mountain has made you arrogant. This is where you die!”

The dragon claws gnashed together and blood spattered. He felt like his neck was being ripped apart.

“Heh, that sounds extremely familiar. Oh also, the arrogance is just an impression you’re experiencing!”

Li Qingshan’s smile turned into a frenzy, and tiger stripes spread across him rapidly, forming three lines on his forehead. The teeth and claws of the dragon dug into his body even deeper, but the pain was like oil poured on a fire, turning his fury into frenzy!

The wings of wind suddenly expanded, knocking the water hundreds of kilometers away.


A scarlet tiger leapt out of the Ink sea with its long tail wrapped around a blade. It shot across the surface of the sea rapidly and swung it against the dragon.

Wherever the blade passed by, a colossal wave of several thousand meters would roll across the surface of the sea, like a curtain that reached towards the sky, obscuring the dragon and the tiger.

The curtain rose and fell, only to reveal that the dragon king had been slashed in half. The scarlet tiger broke free and stood proudly in the surroundings.

“How powerful!”

Si Bao was dazzled. Despite being an imperial princess and well-versed in battle, she had basically never even heard about a battle on such a scale. If this was just the Dragon King of Ink Sea, then so be it, but she was even more shocked by Li Qingshan. He actually managed to hold his ground perfectly in such a disadvantageous environment, or even gaining the upper hand slightly.

“It’s only just begun,” Gu Yanying said.

If the dragon king residing in the Ink sea was only capable of this, then she would not have come to spectate the battle in the first place.

Sure enough, the two severed parts of the Dragon King of Ink Sea fell into the ocean and rose back up immediately as two colossal dragons that were no smaller than earlier. They lunged and coiled around Li Qingshan.

With a turn, Li Qingshan’s blade swung out as an arc, and a huge, circular wave swept across the ocean.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea was cut apart again, but in the blink of an eye, he turned into four colossal dragons. His aura did not weaken at all, instead climbing with each attack.

The slashes were like lightning ripping through the pitch-black sky, cutting apart the Dragon King of Ink Sea again and again. However, the dragons between the ocean and the sky only grew, wrapping around Li Qingshan once after another, such that he felt like he was stuck in mud. The more he struggled, the deeper he would sink.

“How… can you ever achieve victory with this?”

Si Bao shuddered inside. She was completely unable to distinguish the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s true body. Perhaps there was no true body to speak of. The Ink sea was the dragon king, and the dragon king was the Ink sea. As long as the Ink sea had not dried up, the dragon king would not die.

“This can only be regarded as the mid-game. Girl, watch closely. He might be the greatest enemy of your family,” said Gu Yanying.

“My family’s greatest enemy?” Si Bao raised her eyebrows before exhaling and objecting, “I wouldn’t want to make an enemy out of him over some strange plan!”

Gu Yanying smiled and patted her head. Her hawk eyes remained the same as ever, piercing through the storm and waves and gazing at the depths of the Ink sea.

“Li Qingshan, do you still think you can win now?”

The a hundred ink dragons spoke at the same time, and the sea of clouds that had been ripped open closed up again, forming something that was even thicker and lower-hanging.

“Merging with the entire Ink sea is indeed impressive. If you hadn’t asked a foolish question like that, I’d have even more admiration for you!” Li Qingshan spread his arms as if he wanted to take in the entire sea. “Come!”

The dragon cries echoed through the sky and sea. The cloud layer fell, and the ocean surged. It was as if the world had tipped over, wanting to crush Li Qingshan to pieces. All around him, a hundred ink dragons shot towards him together.

Li Qingshan leapt up. Demon qi erupted from his body, unleashing the Possession of the Battle Demon. His body shone with a metallic lustre, using A Madman at Path’s End!

The flow of time seemed to slow down. Every single movement became so clear, such that they seemed to be frozen. He lifted his arms, raised his eyebrows, turned around, and swung his blade.

The great winds rose, and the tiger demon danced in a frenzy!

In a daze, Li Qingshan vanished, turning into a scorching-red storm that flickered with sharp light. The whistling winds were like a war song, tearing apart the clouds, the Ink sea, and the dragons!

“Haha, how can you defeat me through quantity alone? If you’re the Ink sea, then I’ll shatter the entire Ink sea.”

The scarlet storm rampaged around madly, wreaking havoc everywhere. Regardless of how many Dragon Kings of Ink Sea there were, they were actually all helpless against him.

For a good moment, inky-black rain poured down from above before being blown away by the storm. The Ink sea drifted.

The Dragon King of Ink Sea fell silent. Had he already become so powerful before he knew it?

“Finally, it’s time to determine the outcome,” Gu Yanying murmured to herself.

The numerous dragons gathered together again, gazing at the scarlet storm.

“A Thousand Autumns in a Painting.”

With the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s deep voice, the storm and the sea, the clouds and the rain, all froze in that instant. All of their colours vanished, and all of their sounds receded away, only leaving behind the silence of black and wind like a grand painting.

Chu Danqing was completely drenched by the rain. He gripped the brush firmly in his right hand, gazing at the churning ocean, but he was unable to bring it to paper. He cared about both sides of the battle. He did not wish to see either of them defeated, so he was filled with conflict.

Only now did his eyes suddenly light up. He began to pour his heart and blood out, no longer possessing all of his worries. Only the painting existed in his mind.

In a daze, Li Qingshan discovered he had turned back to human form. His right hand was pitch-black ink as if it had been painted by an extremely skilled painter, possessing the utmost detail like it was true to life. Using something like that to describe himself seemed rather strange, but that was exactly how it felt like.

“I didn’t want to use this move originally. Borrowing the power of the world above the Ink sea, as well as the power of the five absolutes, is enough to end this battle without even fighting.”

The Dragon King of Ink Sea, or more accurately, Mo Wuhen, walked over right in front of him. He produced inky ripples with each step, going from dark to light in an extremely profound fashion. His figure constantly changed between human and dragon, but it seemed perfectly natural.

Li Qingshan felt like he had been completely cut off from the world, unable to absorb any spiritual qi of the world or even sense the existence of the earth. He came to a realisation. So this was the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s true home field.

“The winner takes all, so does it matter even if we don’t end up fighting? You talk like you’ve already won.”

Li Qingshan swung the inky Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End.

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