Chapter 1133 – The Frost Province

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Chapter 1133 – The Frost Province

Bai Chen recovered his handsomeness and vigour again. He was like an immortal as he stood within the incense smoke. He bent forward slightly.

“I hope you don’t mind being generous. I will treat you as an honoured guest.”

Sure enough, he’s come for this!

Li Fengyuan could obviously tell what he was hinting at. If he refused to cooperate, then he would become a prisoner. This was also the greatest reason why his second father refused to let him leave Fire Melt mountain. His phoenix bloodline was the most precious resource in the world. There were no cultivators in the world that loathed longevity.

He took a step back and spread his arms, which turned into glorious wings. Wondrous light flowed across his body and holy flames burned away, illuminating the entire Divine Feather palace.

“Let’s do this, Featherfolk King!”

“How unwise. Don’t you understand that you stand absolutely no chance against me!”

Bai Chen was slightly angered. The surrounding space ripple.

“I know. I don’t even have a ten thousandth of a chance of defeating you, but even if I don’t have that strength, I should demonstrate my strength at the very least. I’m not going down without a battle!”

Li Fengyuan shot towards the Featherfolk King resolutely with the glorious flames. The Featherfolk King before him suddenly vanished, and at the same time, he felt someone grip his neck firmly. His glorious flames immediately vanished.

“You’re not going down without a battle? I think this is just a futile effort! You’re pushing your luck!” Bai Chen gazed at Li Fengyuan coldly.

“Alright, alright. I’ve had my battle. I’ll be the honoured guest then!”

Li Fengyuan raised his hands helplessly, but he glanced at the only different-coloured smear among Bai Chen’s pure-white feathers again.

“Hmph. At least you have some sense in you!”

Bai Chen let go slowly, not because he was merciful and generous, but because he required Li Fengyuan’s cooperation if he wanted to maximise the effects of using phoenix blood to lengthen his life.

Li Fengyuan massaged his neck and thought, That wasn’t teleportation, but speed alone. To think he can actually move so quickly. How unbelievable. The source of his power seems to be the dark azure feather. It also seems to be connected to my bloodline somehow, but that’s definitely not a phoenix’s feather. What is it?

As the gods of avians, phoenixes were connected to many divine birds by blood. Basically all avians were known for their speed as well, so it was very difficult for him to identify which species the dark azure feather belonged to.

He called out loudly, “Is this how featherfolk treat their guests? I’m hungry and thirsty. I want meat and wine. Go prepare a feast for me right now!”

Bai Chen glanced at him deeply before clapping his hands.

Bai Jie walked into the hall and said politely, “What are your orders, my king?”

“Go prepare a feast to welcome the honoured guest.”


Bai Jie backed away, and Li Fengyuan followed her out of the hall. He was so casual that it seemed like he was at home.

“Where are you going?” Bai Chen frowned.

“I’m going for a stroll in the city. Am I not allowed? I am an ‘honoured guest’ after all.”

“Watch your mouth!” Bai Jie called out.

Bai Chen waved his hand. “It’s fine. As long as you don’t leave Clouded city, you can go anywhere you want. Do you need a guide?”

“I don’t.” Li Fengyuan made his way out of the hall and flew away.

“My king, why do you let him act so freely? There’s nothing impressive about the divine bird,” said Bai Jie.

“It’s fine. I don’t have a lot of time left, but I can afford to wait a day’s time.” Bai Chen smiled faintly and praised, “You’ve done very well with this.”

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t get that Li Qingshan to come along. He’s just defeated the dragon king in the Ink sea. He might be trouble.” Bai Jie was rather worried.

“That really is impressive. Someone like him is rare, but it’s not like I haven’t seen someone like him before. If he wants to come, then let him come! I’ll make him remain here forever. I heard he also possesses the bloodline of the phoenix, doesn’t he?”

Li Fengyuan strolled aimlessly through the city, doing his best to come up with a plan. He would constantly approach the edge of the city perhaps intentionally or otherwise, but when he saw the standing clouded pillars, he gave up on all attempts to rush out of here. The formation around Clouded city could not be destroyed so easily. Even if he escaped from here somehow, he definitely could not escape the Featherfolk King’s pursuit.

No matter how he thought, he was unable to come up with any good ideas. After all, all great schemes and plans were built off a foundation of strength. Sigh, if I could undergo another heavenly tribulation, then perhaps I’d be able to escape.

Around dusk, the sky became bright and clear. The stars were extremely dazzling.

In the Divine Feather palace, a feast was underway.

Bai Chen sat high up in the king’s seat and raised his cup high into the air. “My dear subjects, let’s give a toast to welcome our honoured guest, the divine bird Li Fengyuan.” Then he asked Li Fengyuan beside him, “Fellow, are you satisfied with these arrangements?”

“I am, I am.”

Li Fengyuan looked around. The third heavenly layer cultivators within the palace actually amounted to over a dozen. Bai Jie had even said a few more were currently cultivating, so they could not make the feast. This was everything that the featherfolk had built up over the past few thousand years.

However, the most dangerous opponent was still the Featherfolk King seated up there, Bai Chen. Just what was the dark azure feather?

First father, I know you hold your children dear, but you can’t just rush over and fall for this damned bird person’s trap.


“If there aren’t any flaws, then find a way to create a flaw! If taking it by force won’t work, then steal it!”

Gu Yanying’s eyes became sharp like a hawk’s. They were filled with absolute determination.

“Steal it? How are we supposed to steal it given our cultivation?”

Li Qingshan really was unable to tell the difference between stealing and taking by force. None of them were mortals anymore. All of their senses were so sharp, let alone the fact that the feather was attached to the Featherfolk King’s body.

“It’s a little risky, but we have to try it.” Gu Yanying glanced at the chaos in the sky again. “The scenery up there is very beautiful, but we’re rushed for time unfortunately. I’ll take you there if I get the opportunity. C’mon, let’s go!”

“Where are we going now?”

“The Frost province, the Valley of Eternal Sleep.”


The large snowflakes were swept through the air by the north wind. The world seemed to sink into chaos. Snowy mountains stood on the icy tundra like giants.

The area of the Frost province even surpassed the Mist province. It was known as the largest province in the world, and it had its own sense of vastness and spaciousness.

“What great snow!” Li Qingshan praised. If it were not for the fact that the little phoenix had been captured, he really would like to drink heartily to this sight. He just happened to have a companion to drink with him too.

The wind and snow swept up Gu Yanying’s sleeves. She stared straight ahead and pointed out. “We’re here. That’s White Elephant mountain.”

Li Qingshan made his way forward and arrived next to her, only to see a huge, snowy mountain on the icy tundra. It was like a huge, galloping white elephant in the snow and wind, forming a faint outline.

Only when he arrived before the mountain did he see a long, deep, and narrow valley, splitting the mountain in half.

“So this is the Valley of Eternal Sleep, a forbidden area renowned throughout the world. It doesn’t seem particularly special.”

Li Qingshan peered in there. The valley did not seem to possess any danger. Even the spirit turtle had not sensed any dangers. If it were not for the extremely dense spiritual qi, it seemed no different from a regular valley.

“You’ll understand once you go in there. Be careful, don’t fall asleep.”

Gu Yanying stepped into the valley, and Li Qingshan followed close behind. Suddenly, he glanced backwards. A daemon wolf crouched on a hill in the distance, peering over in their direction as if it was monitoring this place.

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