Chapter 1135 – The Wolf King

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Chapter 1135 – The Wolf King

“What did you say? I’m your daughter! Is there something wrong with your head? You deviant, you cold-blooded…” The monster lunged over and swung its claws around.

“Actually, I have the power to turn you into a human.” The hawk stood firmly.

“Really?” The monster’s eyes were filled with hope.

“But why should I do that?” The hawk gazed into the distance.

“You- I-” Even monsters would shed tears.

“If you want to be a human, then go and cultivate! If you want to hate me, then hate me! Just like how you hate them, this is your freedom.” The hawk finally looked at her.

“Go to hell! I’m not your daughter!” The monster flapped its wings and swooped down from the cliff in an ungraceful manner.

“That is also your freedom.”

The cold, golden hawk eyes still seemed to be there, watching her from above.

Suddenly, she regained some clarity.

Freedom was a terrifying thing.

She had experienced this all too well back then.

The chick fell down the cliff. It could “freely” climb higher and “freely” fall. She regularly wandered between these two feelings as well, unable to tell whether she had pierced the clouds and climbed to a higher sky already, or if she was about to hit the ground and be smashed to pieces.

Perhaps neither of the two feelings were fake. With each day of cultivation, she became faster and stronger, yet she was also another day closer to death.

The waves of drowsiness became more and more turbulent. The hot winds of hell raged on, almost blowing her body and soul to dust.

The two sensations constantly replaced one another. The drowsiness gradually gained the upper hand.

Take a rest. Just what exactly is the point of persisting like this? Staying awake only leads to pain and suffering…

A wispy voice drifted through the fierce hot winds.That was her own mind.

Before she knew it, she had already surpassed her previous limit and reached even further into the valley.

Li Qingshan used the Profound Light Illuminates All and locked firmly onto Gu Yanying’s figure. Seeing the drowsiness become more and more obvious on her face, he suddenly bellowed out at the sky. The bellow reached Gu Yanying’s ears, and she shuddered slightly, regaining some attention and continuing onwards.

Abruptly, the howls of wolves rang out across the vast tundra, filled with a sense of heartiness amid their shrillness that was no less than Li Qingshan’s bellow. When he first heard it, it was still hundreds of kilometers away, but it had reached the valley in the blink of an eye.

Li Qingshan looked back, and a large man walked over through the wind and snow. He had a dark stubble and thick, snowy-white furs over his shoulders. Dark green light shone in the centre of his dark-brown eye whites.

“Wolf king?”

“Li Qingshan?”

“Haha, I didn’t expect my name to have spread so far.” Li Qingshan laughed.

“I’ve heard about you a long time ago.”

Li Qingshan’s battle in the Ink sea had shocked the world a long time ago, and the Heavenly Frost Wolf King as one of the Ten Daemon Kings was very much affected. There was no doubt over the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s strength, yet he had actually lost to a junior that had not even cultivated for a century in his own territory.

But regardless of everything, strength was worthy of respect.

“It’s no different for me.” Li Qingshan clasped his hands.

“I’ve already prepared a feast in the chieftain’s yurt. Tell that niece of mine to come! She better not accidentally fall asleep in the wind and snow, or she’ll freeze to death.” The wolf king made his way towards the valley.

“What’s the point of dining in a tent? We might as well just stay here, with the mountains as our ceiling and the sky as our tent, just the two of us, a good drink.” Li Qingshan stood in the wolf king’s way with no intention of moving aside.

Their gazes clashed, and sparks flew. It was a contention between a tiger and a wolf.

“Then let’s see how far she makes it this time.”

If Gu Yanying could not obtain that item, then it would just be pointless conflict right now.

“I heard the spirits of the Frost province are quite impressive.” Li Qingshan glanced at the alcohol flask on the wolf king’s waist.

The wolf king said nothing at all. He removed the flask and tossed it to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan also took out an alcohol gourd, tossing it to the wolf king in exchange.

Glug, glug, glug. When the spirits hit his throat it was like flames and blades, like they had turned this world of snow and ice into a scorching sea of lava. In a single gulp, he had polished off almost half of the alcohol in there. Li Qingshan exhaled with a scorching breath of alcohol. “Fine alcohol!”

The wolf king furrowed his brows, somewhat pained. His alcohol flask was larger than it seemed, and the spiritual alcohol inside came with its difficulties to brew. Li Qingshan had drunk five hundred litres at the very least in that gulp.

If he had been a regular Daemon King, then he definitely would have collapsed from intoxication if he drank that much, but Li Qingshan only seemed even more exuberant than before.

“The Great Banyan Tree King?” The wolf king opened the gourd and caught the Great Banyan Tree King’s scent. The spiritual qi inside was so dense that it even interested him, and he could sense a wisp of the wondrous laws of the world inside.

Li Qingshan’s alcohol was sap retrieved from the Great Banyan Tree King’s main trunk before being brewed using the power of a god. It was far more precious than the wolf king’s spirits.

“Oh right, do you have any alcohol cups?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked.

“You use cups?”

“Actually, I only use a certain kind, the kind that has three legs and seems to be forged from bronze, which isn’t actually the case. Nine of them form a complete set.” Li Qingshan gestured and suddenly said, “You should be in possession of one!”

The wolf king’s face sank gradually, and he removed an item from within his clothes. “Is this the cup you’re talking about?”

In his hand was a small, three-legged cauldron, engraved with the landscape of the Mist province. It was slightly whiter than the Mist Province cauldron in colour as if it was covered in a layer of frost. It was the Frost Province cauldron.

“That’s right, that’s the exact one!” Li Qingshan reached over and directly grabbed it. It was cool to the touch.

“Sir, you sure are bold, to use the nine cauldrons as cups!” The wolf king held on firmly.

“I don’t have any particular uses for this, but it’s very suited to be used as a cup.”

Li Qingshan tried to use some strength, but the Frost Province cauldron did not budge. He understood that this was not just due to the wolf king’s strength, but also because of the Frost Province cauldron’s intrinsic weight. With the two combined, it definitely could not be shaken so easily.

“A cold, bleak land like this is unsuited for banyan trees.”

The wolf king grinned hideously. The layer of frost on the Frost Province cauldron spread towards Li Qingshan’s body along his hand, covering him completely in the blink of an eye.

Hmph, you ignorant brat. I wasn’t thinking of doing anything, but you actually reached over and grabbed it yourself. You’re basically asking for this.

“I think this place could do with a little more greenery.”

Li Qingshan grinned. The earth beneath his feet shattered, and he slowly pulled the Frost Province cauldron over. His smiling face had already become the head of an ox, which immediately made him seem rather simple and honest.

The wolf king experienced an irresistibly great force, which made his face change. Just how heavy was the Frost Province cauldron? Under his control, it was even heavier than a mountain? How did this bastard possess so much brute force?

He tried to pull back the Frost Province cauldron, but it seemed to be glued to Li Qingshan’s hand now.

Li Qingshan’s skin had also turned into the dark hide of an ox, fending off the invasion of the frost. His feet were rooted deeply in the ground and strength constantly welled up in his body. He thought to himself, Heh, you old foolish wolf. I thought you just wanted to show it to me, but you actually let me grab it. You basically don’t want it anymore at this point!

“Kid, let go this instant!” The wolf king managed to squeeze something out from between his teeth.

“Since you’ve heard of my name, then have you heard that…”


“My physical strength is unmatched in the world!” Li Qingshan bellowed out and tugged with both hands. “Hand it over!”

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