Chapter 1136 – A Tiny Bug

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Chapter 1136 – A Tiny Bug

When the Frost Province cauldron left his hand, the wolf king was still in disbelief. Someone had actually robbed him in the Frost province! And he had done so openly! And the stolen object was the Frost Province cauldron!

“Fuck you!”

The wolf king’s face protruded. His fur began to grow as he assumed the form of a wolf and lunged towards Li Qingshan.

The lunge knocked Li Qingshan back. His back slammed heavily against the cliff face.

With a rumble, half of White Elephant mountain collapsed and disintegrated. Rubble shot dozens of kilometers away.

Li Qingshan lay in the rock pile and shook his large ox head.

Within the dust behind him, a huge wolf glared at him viciously. Frosty air surged from its mouth filled with jagged teeth, about to clamp down on him.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan raised his hand, making a gesture of pause. Then he lifted up the trembling Frost Province cauldron in one hand and the alcohol flask in the other, pouring the alcohol into the cauldron before drinking it all.

He smacked his lips. “Doesn’t seem like anything special!”

The furious wolf howl filled the tundra, but soon afterwards, an ox demon pulled up from the ground, sending the huge wolf flying.

The reporting daemon wolf crouched on a snow mountain several hundred kilometers away and gazed at the two colossal, battling figures. The king has probably run into a difficult opponent this time!

“How bold of you!” The wolf king growled, and the snowstorm became even more intense.

“Thank you, but this is nothing much.” Li Qingshan scratched his head and laughed.

“Prepare to die!” The wolf king sprayed out with a breath of frost.

“Come, come, come! I’ll use just one hand against you!”

Li Qingshan gripped the Frost Province cauldron and brought it behind him as he curled his other hand at the wolf king. Soon, the frosty breath froze him, leaving him stuck in his provoking posture.

The wolf king bit towards Li Qingshan’s throat. Every single tooth shone with a dark lustre. It was his most lethal innate ability, the Kiss of Death.

It could pierce the enemy’s body and directly bite down on their souls. No matter how great their defences were, no matter how tough their lives were, they would suffer even if they managed to survive if they were bitten.

Bang! Li Qingshan shook off the ice, but he was already one step too slow. Seeing how he could not dodge anymore, he simply grinned.

Suddenly, the wolf king felt his body lighten, and the bite that was basically guaranteed to succeed was diverted away from its target. Right as he tried to adjust his posture, Li Qingshan reached out with a hand and an invisible force wrapped around him, accelerating him towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan swung the Frost Province cauldron and smashed it heavily against the wolf king’s head.


The wolf king was sent flying with the world spinning around him. If it were not for the fact that he was the Frost Province cauldron’s master, he probably would have been in danger of his head being smashed in just then. He was both alarmed and furious. He had already forgotten how many years it had been since he suffered so much.

Li Qingshan glanced at his hand that held the cauldron and suddenly recalled something. “Sorry about that. You were in the perfect position just then, so I really couldn’t help myself. Though, you seem much weaker than the Dragon King of Ink Sea.”

The battle in the Ink sea had posed some danger to him, but the wolf king was not a threat at all. Originally, he had even thought he would have to be a little more careful considering the wolf king did have innate abilities!

However, he had forgotten that the Dragon King of Ink Sea only managed to pose a threat to him with the Ink sea that the Five Absolutes Immortal had left behind. On top of that, apart from A Thousand Autumns in a Painting, all of the other moves had been useless. If it were not for the fact that the dragon king was actually unkillable, perhaps he really would have been slain in that battle. The lack of any innate abilities was the dragon king’s greatest weakness, but his overall strength was no less than any of the other Ten Daemon Kings.

Li Qingshan could defeat the dragon king in an open confrontation in the Ink sea without even using a single Nirvāṇa Rebirth, which had already proven that his strength surpassed the Ten Daemon Kings!

The wolf king was not too weak. He was too strong.

“You bastard!”

The wolf king growled and turned back into human form. He lifted up a large, black flag that depicted the totem of a running wolf. He pointed it at the sky, and within the snowy clouds, a single star suddenly lit up.

The wolf totem represented the supreme faith of the Frost province, having gathered the power of belief from millions of its citizens. The faith did not go to the Heavenly Frost Wolf King, but the legendary “greedy wolf”. The citizens of the Frost province claimed to be the descendants of wolves. The reason why the wolf king could become their leader was related to this too.

The wolf totem was the Heavenly Frost Wolf King’s greatest trump card. It could summon the first star of the Great Dipper, the Hungry Wolf star, to kill the opponent. Having unleashed this, he was clearly more than eager to end Li Qingshan’s life.

The Greedy Wolf star flashed and emitted a stream of starlight as if it was falling down from an extremely remote part of heaven. Despite that, it pierced the clouds, wind, and snow instantly.

Before the starlight had even landed, Li Qingshan felt greatly threatened. His skull was thick and his hide was tough, but probably even they were not enough to block the starlight. As a result, he threw himself on the ground and turned into a spirit turtle, suppressing the Frost Province cauldron firmly beneath him as he used his turtle shell to reflect the starlight.

Of course, he did not reflect it back to where it came from. He used the spirit turtle to emulate the result and adjusted the angle of the turtle shell slightly.

As a result, as soon as the wolf king swung the wolf totem, he felt his belly ache. Looking down in surprise, all he saw was a great hole from the light. The wound even glimmered with starlight. He clutched his belly and collapsed on his knees.

The attack had been just too fast and just too strong, such that even he could not respond.

He covered his wound with the wolf totem in a hurry, absorbing the specks of starlight. Fortunately, he was the master of the wolf totem, or he would probably be heavily injured after that attack.

Li Qingshan did not follow up with any more attacks. Instead, he devoted his efforts to suppressing and refining the Frost Province cauldron. A head that resembled a dragon’s protruded from the turtle shell and mocked loudly. “Hahaha, you idiot!”

“Get your ass out here! Get out here!”

The wolf king was absolutely livid. He was tempted to rush over and give the spirit turtle a fierce beating.

Li Qingshan shrank inside the turtle shell again, continuing with the refinement of the Frost Province cauldron as he continued with the name calling, “Idiot, idiot, idiot…”

The thunderous rumbles landed in Gu Yanying’s ears, but they seemed to be from an extremely distant place. She used everything she had in her to contend against the omnipresent drowsiness. Even the tortures of hell did not seem so intense anymore, which was not a good sign.

However, the drowsiness also served as the perfect guide. She had to find its origins.

The claws and teeth of the wolf king were clearly useless against the spirit turtle. Even when he bit down on the turtle shell with the Kiss of Death, it did not rip apart any souls. Instead, he felt his control over the Frost Province cauldron grow weaker and weaker.

He was as furious as he could be, yet there was nowhere for him to vent. Suddenly, he turned around and looked at Gu Yanying. A vicious light flashed through his eyes.

“I’d advise you against that. If you don’t leave now, leaving later might be difficult.”

Li Qingshan’s voice rang out slowly from within the turtle shell, but it made the wolf king shiver deeply. His opponent’s strength had far exceeded his expectations, not to mention the countless innate abilities and techniques. If he continued fighting, only one of them would be leaving here today.

Under the wolf’s gaze, Gu Yanying shivered inside and recovered from the edge of falling asleep. Right here!

Disregarding the wolf king’s threat, she took out a Space-splitting bird’s feather and swept it through the space before her forcefully.

The space split open. A tiny, colourful insect that seemed extremely ordinary was sealed within a completely transparent gemstone, something that resembled a piece of amber. The insect slept quietly in the space there.

Sure enough…

With a smile, Gu Yanying reached over, but before her fingers could even touch the amber, she completely fell asleep.

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