Chapter 1146 – Kunpeng

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Chapter 1146 – Kunpeng

If they could enter the Asura Field and then switch into the Asura realm, then all problems would be solved.

The Asura realm was riddled with dangers, but at least that was better than being trapped in outer space and dying.

However, there was no response from the Asura field.

“It’s useless. This is beyond the worlds. The six realms of saṃsāra are only connected to the various worlds,” said Gu Yanying.

“In other words, if we die here, we can’t even enter saṃsāra?” Li Qingshan frowned heavily.

“Yes.” Gu Yanying nodded.

“With our strength, we still don’t possess the ability to traverse through outer space. Can you refine the feather?” Li Qingshan then asked.

“I can’t. There’s not enough time.”

“Let me try.”

“It’s mine!” Gu Yanying glared at him.

“I… look at the situation we’re in!” Li Qingshan said furiously.

“Who told you to come with me anyway?”

“You bastard!”

Li Qingshan pulled her over and raised his hand high in the air, about to swing down. Gu Yanying did not try to dodge either, raising her head and meeting it fearlessly.

In the vast expanse of space, with countless stars as the backdrop, they gazed at each other.

Li Qingshan lowered his hand. “Whatever. I’m not going to stoop to your level. Adversity really does reveal the true colours of people!”

“What, do you regret it?” Gu Yanying asked again.

“I never regret anything I do!” Li Qingshan said.

“Thank you for not killing me, but don’t be angry. We still have a chance.”

“What chance?”

“This feather.”

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t refine it?”

“Even for you, it’s impossible to refine this feather in a short period of time. It’ll only expend your power faster and make you die faster. However, have you ever considered why this feather just happened to end up in our world?” A wise light flashed through Gu Yanying’s eyes.

“There are all these worlds. It just ended up in the nine provinces out of coincidence.”

“That would be wrong. The trichiliocosm has more worlds than you can describe, but can it even be compared to this boundless space? Though, I don’t believe this feather was intentionally cast into our world either. The World of the Nine Provinces isn’t exactly special among all the worlds.”

“Hmph, you never know. That world had me. Perhaps the feather was prepared for me!” Li Qingshan rebuked, and he felt like it made sense.

“Alright. If that really is the case, I’ll give you the feather then!” Gu Yanying said.

“Hmm? Just earlier, you were even more attached to this feather than your father. Why have you become so generous all of a sudden?”

“This is my ‘path’, so of course, I’m even more attached to it than my father. However, you better pray this feather wasn’t prepared for you, or we’ll probably be in a lot of trouble this time!”

“So what if it is? So what if it isn’t?”

“If it isn’t and it just happened to end up in this world, then perhaps it was drawn to the world, or perhaps the feather itself wanted to land in this world. Otherwise, what would be the point of it drifting through outer space? This is all only my speculation though.”

“You think the feather possesses some kind of will?”

“Yes. If it really is a legacy, then it’ll definitely seek a successor or a world that possesses a successor at the very least.”

“So you aren’t losing out no matter how you put it.”

Li Qingshan basically understood what she was trying to say. Only if everything went according to her speculations would they still have a chance at surviving, and the feather obviously would not belong to him. If she were wrong, then everyone would be dying together. Who the feather went to would no longer matter.

“Yes.” Gu Yanying nodded firmly.

“Why didn’t you say this sooner?” Li Qingshan frowned. If she had explained everything, he would not have lost his temper.

“Adversity reveals the true colours of people!” Gu Yanying smiled resplendently. That was exactly what Li Qingshan had said to her earlier.

“You really are becoming more and more annoying.” Li Qingshan shook his head. Who knew where the throbbing of his heart from falling in love at first sight back then had gone by now.

“What, don’t tell me we’re supposed to embrace each other for warmth before confessing our feelings for one another on the verge of death, swearing a solemn pledge of love, and say something like how we might not be born on the same day, but we hope we can die on the same day together? I’m not Xiao An.”

Li Qinghsan fell silent. Where was she right now? Perhaps she was on the other end of some planet. Who knew how great the distance between them had become.

They had once agreed to enter the six realms of saṃsāra, where only death could part them…

“Sorry.” Gu Yanying said apologetically.

“Yeah, you’re not Xiao An. I regret this very much right now!” Li Qingshan shook away her hand. “This is simply fantastic. In the depths of outer space, two people holding hands and dying in loneliness. This is utterly fantastic! Though, screw your shitty feather. I don’t care for it!”

He already possessed the best legacy the world had to offer, the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine. It did not conflict with other powers, but the dark-azure feather was not that simple either. It definitely originated from some powerful lifeform, probably no weaker than any of the divine or demonic transformations in terms of both power and bloodline. If he refined it rashly, it was very likely that the balance of the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine would be broken. He would struggle to recover from that too.

Actually, this balance had always been extremely delicate. Even the Battle Demon Statuary could influence it, let alone a legacy like this. As such, he had no interest in the feather at all.

“Thank you!” Gu Yanying said.

“You’re thanking me for not fighting over the feather with you?”

“No, I’m thanking you for accompanying me. If I were alone, I definitely wouldn’t be able to smile right now.” Gu Yanying raised her left hand. She pressed her thumb against her ring and pinkie finger. “I, Gu Yanying, swear to the stars that I will definitely do everything within my ability to unite Li Qingshan and Xiao An!”

“And what if you break your oath?” Li Qingshan glanced at her and said without much thought.

“Erm…” Gu Yanying considered it seriously. “If I break the oath, I’ll pledge myself to you!”

“Huh?” Li Qingshan originally thought she would say something along the lines of being struck by lightning and dying a horrible death. He could not help but be taken aback by that. “What’s this supposed to be?”

“A solemn, poisonous oath!” Gu Yanying said sternly.

“Solemn, poisonous oath my ass!”

Gu Yanying broke into laughter. The sounds of her laughter were swallowed by the silent space, but her expression became much more relaxed and graceful.

Great horrors existed between life and death, but there were also great joys!

Amidst the silent laughter, the dark-azure feather suddenly began to shine with hazy light, constantly extending and transforming until it changed into a large, dark-azure bird. Its wings pierced thousands of kilometers of space.

Both Li Qingshan and Gu Yanying were dumbfounded. The feather they held was currently attached to the tip of the wings. They were like two fleas.

They immediately understood exactly what the owner of the azure feather was.

“Who knows how many thousand kilometers the back of a peng stretches for!” Li Qingshan murmured.

This was the feather of a kunpeng. Gazing at the kunpeng that completely filled his view, he suddenly thought of brother ox’s back.

There seemed to be some resemblance, except one was firm and sedated like the earth, while the other was vast and indistinct, giving off a bearing that he could not put into words.

The kunpeng’s sharp eyes gazed at the endless space, piercing it immediately and locking onto a distant target well beyond the reach of Li Qingshan and Gu Yanying. It raised its wings.

Gu Yanying was excited. “I was right. Heh, kid, hang on tight. We’re going to set off!”

At that instant, the sea of stars shifted backwards. The universe seemed to become a spinning kaleidoscope, and the stars seemed like they were falling together. Only they skyrocketed away.

Even a fly could ride a horse’s tail for hundreds of kilometers. The endless outer space was nothing to them anymore. They could go wherever they wanted, with everything within their reach!

Gu Yanying cheered away like a child inside.

Li Qingshan prayed, Hopefully, we can return to the nine provinces!

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