Chapter 1147 – Daemon Star

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Chapter 1147 – Daemon Star

The Green province.

A cloud moved with abnormal speed, flying over to the great banyan tree. It hung so low that it almost touched the canopy.

Li Fengyuan flew out from the cloud. Before he could even land on the branches, a white figure went up to receive him. She asked, “Where’s your first father?”

“He- I-”

Under the gaze of the clear eyes, Li Fengyuan suddenly could not say what he had come up with already.

Xiao An pursed her lips as if she had been expecting this. Her fate was connected with Li Qingshan’s, so she could vaguely sense what had happened to him. If she could sense his whereabouts, she would have ventured off already, even if it were to the ends of the world. Why would she wait beneath the great banyan tree?

“Hmm? This is the featherfolk’s Clouded city! Fengyuan, what happened exactly?”

The Great Banyan Tree King’s ancient voice rang out in surprise. There were no cultivators in the world that were not cautious of Clouded city.

“This is what happened…”

Li Fengyuan took in a deep breath and told them about everything that had occurred.

The twists involved were so bizarre that even the Great Banyan Tree King sighed in amazement. He could not help but worry for Li Qingshan. Leaving this world like that was basically equivalent to being sent into outer space. If that were true, it would be horrible.

Xiao An was pale. She tightened her grip around her sword subconsciously and trembled gently.

“D- don’t panic. The heavens are always watching over the good like first father, so he’ll definitely be fine!”

Li Fengyuan basically thought she wanted to draw her sword and cut him down. For a moment, he had no idea what to do, so he could only whip out some auspicious words used by mortals to comfort her. His power had already reached the peak of the nine provinces through his various fortuitous encounters, but he was still too young after all.

Xiao An shut her eyes and let go of the sword slowly. She said calmly, “I’m going to go find him!”

“He’s no longer in this world. How are you going to find him?” the Great Banyan Tree King said.

“Then I’ll go to other worlds to look for him.”

“Going to other worlds is easier said than done. Do you know how many worlds there are out there?” The Great Banyan Tree King sighed.

“Then I’ll search through them one by one!”

Xiao An opened her eyes and gazed at the stars in the distance. Her voice was filled with resolve, but even for someone who was not observative, they could clearly sense she had lost her composure.

“Compared to looking for him, you’re better off waiting for him to return, or both of you will be lost within the sea of stars, making it even more difficult for you to see each other again.” The Great Banyan Tree King advised her.

In this short period of time, the Great Banyan Tree King had already used all of his cuttings to deduce from all of the information carefully, and he reached a similar conclusion to Gu Yanying’s. If the feather really was the legacy of a certain powerful god or demon, then they should not end up suffering from the worst fate at the very least, which was drifting through outer space forever.

With this analysis, Li Fengyuan’s eyes immediately lit up. “That’s definitely the case. The feather is not a phoenix feather, but it’s definitely no weaker than the phoenix bloodline. Its powers go even more without saying, so why would it land in the nine provinces for no good reason? It’s no regular bird either, so there’s definitely a legacy. First father must have gone to another world!”

“Yeah.” Xiao An nodded. Despite the endless distance between them, she simply had a feeling that he was definitely still alive. However, she did not know if that was just her wishful thinking. Now that she heard the Great Banyan Tree King’s analysis, she became much more certain. As long as he was still alive somewhere, there would always be a moment when they reunited.

“Since commander Gu has obtained the feather, she only needs to inherit the legacy and cultivate a little further, and they should be able to return here. After all, she comes from this world. It’s easier for someone to return home than for you to leave home and search for them through the countless worlds.”

“Thank you for your enlightenment, senior tree king. I will wait here for his return.”

However, the Great Banyan Tree King had another worry that he never mentioned. If Li Qingshan ended up in a world equal to the nine provinces, then it would still be fine. However, if he entered some other smaller world, he would probably face the intense rejection of the world immediately. That would be lethal.

It was like how a Demon Emperor would be slain by the phenomena of nature even without anyone’s interference if they forced their way into the nine provinces. This was the basic law of all worlds.

On top of that, there was a very high possibility of this happening. After all, there were plenty more smaller worlds among the trichiliocosm than large ones.

“Hopefully, he can return safely!”


In an unknown world, the skies happened to be littered with stars at this exact moment.

The mountains rose and fell, and the rivers flowed endlessly as if there was nothing strange about it. However, compared to the nine provinces, everything was clearly much “smaller”.

However, it was complete with everything despite its “size”. Apart from the regular landscape, there were also human cities.

Even the scattered palace lanterns could not completely illuminate the palace. All of the splendid decor was swallowed by the darkness.

A dignified, middle-aged man made his way through the palace with his hands behind his back. Along the way, all of the guards and servants he encountered prostrated on the ground. They called out, “Long live the alliance leader!”

The man disregarded them. He made his way over to a three-hundred-meter-tall building in a hurry. With a leap, a whirlwind rose up beneath his feet, and he reached the top of the building.

Five kilometers away from the city was a small mountain. On the mountain was a daoist temple. Two old men happened to catch this sight in the distance.

One of them was dressed like a monk, while the other was dressed like a daoist priest. The monk’s head was shiny and luminous. Let alone any hair or beard, he did not even have eyebrows. Instead, he was like a great, shiny ball. Meanwhile, the daoist priest’s hair was unkempt, his face covered with a full beard. He gulped away at the alcohol.

“The alliance leader’s Wind Controlling technique has become even more wondrous than before. It probably won’t be long before he shatters through space and ascends with the heavenly tribulation!” the monk said.

“Ascension is not that easy. Who knows how many alliance leaders of the martial arts society history has produced, but less than a tenth of them end up ascending. In my opinion, this alliance leader Zhang won’t be that fortunate.”

“Don’t be envious. During the martial arts gathering last time, you ended up losing by a single strike, which was why you ended up on this barren mountain, unable to live happily in the city.”

“At least I wasn’t like you, losing without fighting, intentionally admitting defeat.”

“This lowly monk is an exception. I don’t have much interest in the position of alliance leader.”

“I think you just stood no chance and was afraid of embarrassing yourself!”

“You ox nose, you really know how to push your luck. I came to check on you out of kind intentions, and you say something like that to me. Do you want to taste my Great Fist of Subduing Tigers?” The monk shot him a glare, immediately becoming much more malicious than before.

“Alright, bald ass. I’ve made some further progress with my Method of Violet Clouds recently. I just happen to be looking for an opponent!”

Immediately, one of them glistened with golden light, while the other coiled with violet qi above his head. They were about to fight.

At this moment, that “alliance leader Zhang” clasped his hand towards the tiny mountain from the tall building. The two of them dispersed their true qi helplessly, clasping their hands back.

Zhang Yuntian lowered his hands and remained indifferent. They were so far away anyway, so they could not see each other’s expressions. As a result, he could not be bothered with putting up such a fake facade. He cursed, “These two old coots!” before continuing to absorb the spiritual qi of the world.

Suddenly, an azure light swept through the air, landing in a place up north.

“That’s…” Zhang Yuntian’s face changed. On the small mountain outside the city, the monk and the old daoist priest exchanged glances, both filled with shock. They spat out the same six words at the same time, “The arrival of a daemon star!”

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