Chapter 1151 – Sorrow

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Chapter 1151 – Sorrow

“I don’t fucking care if you asked me or not!” Li Qingshan said.

The White Ape King sneered. “Interesting. It’s already been many years since someone has found the courage to talk to me like that!”

Ever since he saw them, he felt an indescribable feeling of disgust towards them. In particular, he only wanted to dispose of Li Qingshan sooner. He never planned on sparing him, and now, it only roused his killing intent. The apes all bared their teeth, demonstrating their viciousness. They brandished their weapons as they approached them, wanting to tear Li Qingshan to pieces.

“Communication doesn’t work.”

Li Qingshan shrugged towards Gu Yanying. The White Ape King’s hostility towards him was basically unfounded. Was it perhaps because he was also under the influence of the will of the world? That was not impossible. It was said that many people approaching their fated end would all behave in a deranged manner and seek death in all sorts of ways. The obscure heavenly secrets and fate sure were fearsome.

“Li Qingshan, you might not want to live, but don’t pull me down with you. Sir, I’m willing to surrender to you!”

Gu Yanying raised her hands and welcomed the weapons of the ape daemons, making her way towards the White Ape King.

“You?” Li Qingshan was surprised. She was no stronger than a mortal right now, but he immediately understood what she was scheming. It was a risky move, but it was an ingenious one at the same time. If it succeeded, it would save them a lot of trouble.

The regular ape daemons were still bound by their bestial nature. They did not care what kind of beauty she was, so they were about to welcome Gu Yanying with their weapons.

“Let her through!” the White Ape King said. With how rare of a beauty Gu Yanying was, he could take her back to his dwelling and take his time with her.

Gu Yanying made her way around the weapons. It was rather difficult as she made her way through the rubble left behind by the rockslide. She had to test out the ground beneath her feet with each step, just in case she fell for another unlucky trap.

The White Ape King saw this and dismissed his last bit of worry. Her martial prowess was even worse than he originally imagined it to be. She was so cautious that it was almost cowardly. Her eyes were fixed straight ahead, but they were slightly lost, clearly unable to see too clearly. However, despite that, she still possessed a strange bearing that drew away his attention.

Gu Yanying made it to the White Ape King’s side after great difficulty. Right when she eased up, she lost her footing and fell forwards.

The White Ape King extended his arms to catch her, and Gu Yanying used the opportunity to grab his furry hands. From beginning to end, she had not revealed any hostility, not even now.


The White Ape King was overwhelmed. An indescribable, unimaginable pain gripped his soul, like he was in hell. Gu Yanying’s smile blurred and turned into darkness. He could only hear the whistling of wind, except it had become utterly scorching. It made him collapse and curl up on the ground.

The six realms of saṃsāra were omnipresent, and the pains of hell followed her everywhere.

This was Gu Yanying’s only remaining ability.

The ape daemons were both surprised and furious. With a series of howls, they charged towards Gu Yanying.

A ring of blade aura swept through a range of thirty meters, sweeping up all of the snow.

Blood spattered, and limbs were thrown into the air, dirtying the snowy-white ground. The howls fell silent all of a sudden.

Li Qingshan wielded a golden blade. It was not the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End, but the “Dragon-slaying sabre” from the adaption of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. The blade only lasted for an instant before vanishing.

That’s strange. Even though I poured all of my strength into that swing, condensing the blade aura to the limit, it’s much more powerful than I imagined it to be, Li Qingshan remarked inside.

As it seemed, the various differences between small and large worlds were not limited to the flow of time and the density of spiritual qi. He needed to study this closely in the future.

Wind rose up beneath his feet, and he shot past the rubble, arriving beside Gu Yanying. He conveniently drew the huge sword on the White Ape King’s back. He was hit by its coldness, but at a closer glance, it was only a regular spiritual artifact. It was not even a high grade spiritual artifact, so there was no intelligence to speak of. The material it was made out of was not bad, however. The hilt was engraved with two words, “True Steel”.

He gripped the hilt with both hands and lifted up the great True Steel sword with some difficulty, swinging down on the White Ape King’s neck.

With a clang, like the clashing of metal, the sword rebounded. It only left behind a white mark on the White Ape King’s neck.

“Truly the White Ape King.”

Li Qingshan smiled. The White Ape King only managed to claim dominion due to the lack of anyone stronger, but he was still one of the peak cultivators of this world. If Gu Yanying had not overwhelmed him, it would probably take them quite a lot of effort.

The White Ape King suddenly raised his head. In the face of death, he finally recovered a hint of clarity from the pain, only to see his subordinates annihilated, the ground littered with limbs and blood. Even he had fallen into the hands of the enemy. His face became warped with malice.

His expression was enough to strike fear into the hearts of anyone from this world, except the two people before him were not from this world.

“Some willpower, not bad.”

Gu Yanying nodded. The spiritual qi in this small world was so sparse that it definitely was not an easy feat to reach such a realm of cultivation. Perhaps he was restricted by the world around him, but his disposition was still not bad.

However, she did not worry too much either. This was the first time he had faced this torturing of hell, so he definitely could not adjust and grow accustomed to it in a short while.

“Yeah!” Li Qingshan answered before swinging down with the True Steel sword again. He lamented over the fact that his great strength of the ox demon had actually declined to such a point where he even struggled to wield a large sword with ease.

“Hey, don’t actually kill him. Why don’t we try and get him to surrender? If we could get this fellow White Ape’s assistance, we’ll have it much easier,” said Gu Yanying.

“Forget about that. He’s not a measly daemon, but a mighty daemon king. Just that pride of his won’t allow him to surrender. Even if he surrenders, he can strike back at any time, which is far too troublesome. Just let me cut him down!”

“Hold on. Don’t damage his hide. Just let me do it instead!” Gu Yanying held the kunpeng’s feather between her fingers.

The White Ape King flew into a rage. They actually treated him as a regular wild beast. In the face of despair, the surrounding spiritual qi surged, and his daemon qi suddenly erupted. His throat gurgled away as he actually seemed like he was about to make a breakthrough on the spot.

Abruptly, his throat felt cold, and blood spurted out.

No, I should have noticed the issues with them long ago. How can two ordinary people venture so far north? How can she possess such beauty? And that man is a hundred times more dangerous than any opponent I’ve ever faced in my life, but he doesn’t even hold much hostility towards me. Why didn’t I handle this carefully, instead overwhelmed by an urge to kill him? Don’t tell me?

His reflections on the brink of death brought him clarity. He understood several things, but it also filled him with even more doubts. The coldness infiltrated his wound with the blood, filling his entire body.

At the end of the day, he was still just an ape daemon that had not undergone a heavenly tribulation. It was impossible for him to possess the same powerful vitality as Daemon Generals and Daemon Commanders. In a short moment, he had died with a grievance in his own blood, soon covered up by the great snow.

Li Qingshan felt a hint of sorrow. He did not feel sorrow because of death. No matter when or where, he would never feel sorrow if someone died in battle. What was truly sorrowful was he had died without knowing how he had died. He was clearly so puny, yet he believed himself to be powerful, harassing others as he pleased. This way of dying was not merely sorrowful. It was basically a disgrace.

He reminded himself again, Li Qingshan, you’re still nothing yet. Daemon King Northmoon isn’t exactly more powerful than this White Ape King, so you better just stay honest and continue striding forwards!

Gu Yanying removed a whitish-gold daemon core from the ape’s belly and handed it to Li Qingshan. “Eat it and see if you can recover any strength. There are another three over there. It’s basically impossible to move around as just mortals, and we can’t keep wasting the power of belief either.”

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