Chapter 1169 – The World’s Society

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Chapter 1169 – The World’s Society

Despite the flames and smoke, the towering main gate to the mountain manor remained standing. As a matter of fact, even the paper with the words “Ape Demon” that Li Qingshan had stuck on there with his spittle remained.

“Do you still remember that night of wind and snow a few months ago?”

“Manor lord, of course, we still remember. When we think about it now, it still feels like a dream.”

That led to sighs of agreement. That night was not just like a dream. Basically everything they experienced in the past few months was like a dream. Now, it was time for them to experience an even wilder dream.

“I’ll be honest with you. That snowstorm came for me as well, but not only are the damned heavens powerless against me, but I’ll even be growing stronger in this battle. On top of that, with your full support, what can’t we achieve?” Li Qingshan laughed.

Everyone else laughed as well. If they heard something like that half a day ago, they would have thought he was boasting, but now, they could not help but be convinced. They could even feel a sense of boldness of contending against the heavens from him, which made him give off a strange charm and spirit.

“I can guarantee that every single person here will be able to shatter through space as long as they survive this great trial!”

Li Qingshan pointed at everyone and made a shocking declaration. After all, just how many years did it take the martial arts community to produce each supreme master that could shatter through space? It was clearly such wild nonsense, yet it was unbelievably convincing.

Seeing how everyone had been stunned, he grinned again. “Though, I can’t guarantee if you’ll survive the tribulation lightning.”

“Even if I die to the tribulation lightning, that’s better than spending my life in mediocrity!” Feihong raised her arms and called out.

Out of everyone in the mountain manor, her martial arts had definitely progressed the fastest. In a few months, she had gone from nothing special to a first-rate master.

She had both the perseverance and the patience, as well as decent talent. From time to time, Li Qingshan would even give her special treatment, taking some of the pills from the White Ape King’s secret room and giving them to her. Now, she had become the best model, which motivated everyone.

“Before I die to the tribulation lightning, I definitely can’t die!” Ximen Yingjie gripped the True Steel sword firmly. He could not help but feel slightly motivated as well. He was tempted to encounter some enemies right now and throw himself into battle.

“Alright, I’ll be watching you! Though, the mountain manor has already been destroyed, so I’m no longer the manor lord.”

“Then how should we refer to you?” the protector of the right asked.

If they really were supposed to call him the Descended Tiger, then wouldn’t a Descended Tiger that resembled a monkey be a little too hilarious?

“I will enforce justice across the world and bring shame to all so-called “great heroes” throughout history. I will be called the hero king!”

“Yes, my king!” Everyone answered loudly, their hearts thumping away. Now that was a title their leader was worthy of.

Only one person was unhappy with that, Gu Yanying. She stood right beside Li Qingshan and said, “Then I don’t want to be called the Soaring Divine Hawk!”

“Then what do you want to be called? The hawk king? The kun king? Or the peng king?”

“None of them. I want to be called ‘the greatest in the world’!” Gu Yanying smiled gracefully and with composure

“W- what kind of greatest in the world are you?” Li Qingshan was unhappy with that too.

Seeing the two manor lords in dispute, everyone could only remain silent. Such a title was even wilder than hero king. Even among all the supreme masters that had shattered through space, none of them had the courage to call themselves the greatest in the world.

“You can only call yourself the second greatest in the world!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

Everyone was speechless. So they were only bickering over the ranking? However, it did not surprise them either.

“I don’t care.” Gu Yanying raised her head, refusing to look at him.

Li Qingshan’s nostrils flared like an ox’s, but there was nothing he could do about her.

“Please calm down, my king. I think the title ‘the greatest in the world’ does fit her.”

Ximen Yingjie glanced at Gu Yanying before immediately looking away. No matter how many times he looked at her, he felt like he could not maintain eye contact with her. Of the two times when he stood up to Li Qingshan, there was definitely an element of envy at work.

Feihong sighed inside. If she was not the greatest in the world, then who was?

Li Qingshan understood what they meant and smiled. “That makes sense. If you want to be the greatest in the world, then be it! I would never be shameless enough to use a title like that.”

Gu Yanying smiled as well. “Since the mountain manor is gone, let’s form a new society so that we can let everyone know you’re our subordinates. I’ve already thought of the name. Let’s call it the World’s society!”

“The gathering of the world, for the people of the world. A good name!”

“A mountain manor entails fierce entrenchment, while the World’s society possesses the ambition to devour the world.”

The protectors of the left and the right praised the name. They had both noticed that most of the actual affairs were probably handled by this “greatest beauty in the world”.

“Hold on, that makes everything sound like you’re the leader of the World’s society,” said Li Qingshan.

“That’s right. I am the society leader.”

Gu Yanying let out a toothy grin. She had been spurred on by the heart of the kunpeng, refusing to hide behind Li Qingshan anymore as a subordinate who just came up with plans.

“Then what about me?” Li Qingshan pointed at himself.

“You’re the hero king. Of course, if you want to, you can be the vice leader.” Gu Yanying nodded. Damned kid, you’ve made me serve as the vice manor lord for all this time. It’s my turn now.

Li Qingshan’s eyes widened. This isn’t fair! Look at how small the mountain manor is!

Gu Yanying looked away to express, There are even fewer people right now than when we first arrived. As for how many people we can recruit in the future, that’ll be completely due to my efforts. It’s as far as you can get!

In the end, Li Qingshan let out a great sigh. “So be it, so be it. It’s all just empty titles. I’ll let you have this one.”

Afterwards, Gu Yanying took a step forward and asked people to retrieve a brush and some paper so that they could take note. She explained eighteen rules, which were simple and rigorous. They were straightforward and clear, covering all bases. She even explained their direction of development. It was better than what any clan or sect in the world could come up with.

When it came to making rules, who could contend against the school of Legalism?

“Please commit these eighteen rules to heart. If you violate them repeatedly, you’ll definitely face the tortures of hell!”

Gu Yanying was stern, making her radiate with might. Her cloak fluttered as hot winds swept off in all directions.

In that instant, the alluring beauty had become an adjudicator of hell. Everyone felt great prestige and great awe. This “leader of the World’s society” who had never demonstrated any powers and seemed even more feeble than a regular person was actually so impressive and dignified. Li Qingshan’s respect for her definitely did not just arise from her beauty that was the “greatest in the world”.

They all said, “Yes, ma’am!”

Li Qingshan glanced at her and sensed an intangible power. She had only borrowed a wisp of the Hot Wind Hell’s aura, but that was enough to frighten these people. As it seemed, she had not wasted the winter either.

Under the light of day, the group made their way down the winding mountain path. The plaque slowly dripped with water, and a corner of the paper with “Ape Demon” written on it was lifted up by the wind. It was ripped off gently, flying off into the wind.

It drifted to the bottom of the mountain. In a nook piled up with thick snow lay a person, the elder of the Abstruse temple. Beside him was a broken pine tree, as well as a shattered boulder. His face was covered with blood, but his chest heaved slowly.

Suddenly, his fingers twitched, and he opened his eyes slowly. He croaked through his dry lips, “Li Qingshan, you motherfucker!”

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