Chapter 1179 – Qingshan Seals Away His Blade, Xiaoming Has No Heart

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Chapter 1179 – Qingshan Seals Away His Blade, Xiaoming Has No Heart

Li Qingshan was overjoyed. He grabbed the hilt immediately. “My Flowery!”

Gu Yanying tilted her head. What the hell was that name supposed to be?

“This world… is so oppressive… and… don’t call me Flowery… you fool!” The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower’s feeble voice rang out in Li Qingshan’s head.

Li Qingshan swung the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End around without any regard. He brought it in front of Lei Lie and said, “Kid, I’ll show you what’s actually called a blade!”

The violent and unrestrained murderousness filled his face. Lei Lie could not help but stumble backwards, falling onto his bottom.

Everyone was alarmed. Just what was that blade!?

Even with the numerous restraints from the world, the blade was not an actual creature, so it would not plummet completely in strength all of a sudden. It still maintained a shred of its power. At the very least, its sharpness and toughness would not be affected by much. It could basically be regarded as a divine weapon in this world.

What puzzled everyone even more was the child who had suddenly appeared. Everyone had clearly sensed the aura of danger earlier, such that they were still shaken up. The crows circled through the sky and refused to land.

However, he also seemed so deprived and feeble now. Their gazes returned to Li Qingshan. This man was wrapped up in far too many mysteries.

Li Qingshan swung the blade around for a good while in great interest. The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower asked in confusion, “Kid, what’s happened to you? Why has your murderousness become so weak?”

Li Qingshan nodded and said, “Yeah, I’m not too suited to use the blade right now. I really don’t have a lot of murderousness.”

The world had suppressed the tiger demon, and while the ape demon was irritable and restless, it was not battle-hungry or bloodthirsty.

Everyone was bewildered. With how you looked like when you just carried out a massacre earlier, that’s supposed to be not a lot of murderousness?

“Whatever. As long as you’re alive,” said the Frenzy Flower of Paths’ End. Before she knew it, she had already forgotten about her plans to devour him at any opportunity.

Li Qingshan sank into his thoughts for a moment before coming to a decision. He ordered people to retrieve some thick white strips of silk so that he could cover up the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End temporarily. He wrapped the silk around the blade patiently.

“What are you doing?” Gu Yanying asked out of curiosity.

“Sealing away the blade,” said Li Qingshan.

He had come to this world to practise the Ape Demon Transformation. Carrying out a massacre with the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End in his hand was extremely easy, but this fantastic opportunity would go to waste. If he wanted to kill, he would be better off going to the Asura realm to kill. There was no point in harrassing a group of miserably weak natives. He was better off doing his best to preserve the purity of his mental state, avoiding any influences from other factors.

“Neither of us can kill to our satisfaction here, so I might as well go without using her!”

The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower accepted this calmly. She added, “Hey, don’t say it like that! You still should use me when you need to! If you are defeated, you might not find it embarrassing, but I will!”

“Of course. I’m not a fool. Do you really think I’ll forget how to fight back when others are going too far? You can catch some rest first!”

“Alright. Don’t make me wait too long…”

In the eyes of others, Li Qingshan was muttering to a blade all by himself. Even in the nine provinces, a weapon with a spirit was rare to see, let alone in a small, remote world like this.

“I understand.” Lei Lie bowed deeply and stood up, sheathing the blade again. Even a blade fanatic like Li Qingshan was sealing away his blade with such resolve, so if he continued to dawdle, he would seem far too hesitant and uncultured. “However, I’m not giving up on bladesmanship. I’m just copying you by sealing away my blade. I will use swordsmanship to correct my disposition until the day that I can control it. I hope you will be willing to accept me as your disciple then, my king!”

“We’ll see!”

Li Qingshan put the blade on his back and strode off towards the main estate of the Ma family.

Gu Yanying followed close behind on the horse when Rāhu Xiaoming suddenly said, “I want to ride a horse!”

Gu Yanying had already noticed that Rāhu Xiaoming’s background was anything but ordinary, so she smiled and said, “You’re called Xiaoming, right? Was this name given to you by the person at the front?”

“You sure are clever.”

Rāhu Xiaoming’s eyes flashed as if he had noticed something about her. It was no wonder they could traverse such a great distance through outer space and arrive in this world.

“If I give you the horse, are there any gifts you’ll thank me with?” Gu Yanying dismounted from the horse.

“If you want to conquer the world using the methods of the school of the Military, you better keep him happy,” Li Qingshan looked back and said.


Gu Yanying directly reached over and hoisted Rāhu Xiaoming onto the horse. As she had expected, the tortures of hell did not produce a single response from him. That was something that even Li Qingshan had failed to achieve.


As promised, Li Qingshan held a celebration feast in the main estate of the Ma family, rewarding those that had done well in battle. He handed out treasures, cultivation methods, and secret manuals constantly like they were worth nothing. Having swallowed everything the Ma family had built up over the past two centuries, these rewards barely amounted to anything, but it did strengthen the army’s unity, which paved a foundation for when they swept through the world.

Having occupied this entire region with a population of several million under his control, replenishing the power in the Divine Talisman of Great Creation was basically as easy as it could get as long as he had a bit of time.

Following this battle, the name of the World’s society would definitely ring through the world before long.

At the banquet, Rāhu Xiaoming sat between the two of them silently. He did not drink any alcohol, nor did he eat anything, just sitting there blankly with a heavy heart. He stood out very much as he conflicted against the atmosphere. No one had any idea about his origins. As a matter of fact, some people even began discussing quietly whether he was the son of the two manor lords.

Late at night, they returned to the back courtyard.

With a single lamp, the three of them gathered together facing one another.

“Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Li Qingshan took a sip of alcohol. This child of an asura god was actually kind enough to help him bring out the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End, so he must have been up to something. He was not some good samaritan.

Rāhu Xiaoming fiddled around with his slingshot called Li’l Y. With his head lowered, he said absolutely nothing.

Gu Yanying stood to one side with her arms crossed. She took off her mask with a face of curiosity. Before Li Qingshan had told her about Rāhu Xiaoming’s origins, even she did not think his background was so powerful, the child of an asura god from the Rāhu clan.

“When you came out from here, you probably didn’t just wake up. You probably jerked awake!” Li Qingshan took out the Asura Field again. “If I’ve guessed correctly, the blood-red swirl leading to the Asura realm is gradually repairing itself. You’ve already been weakened to the point where you can’t destroy it.” Even now, he still shivered at the thought of the huge, peering eye.

Rāhu Xiaoming neither admitted nor denied it. He only asked, “You said you would protect me. Did you just say it to make conversation, or were you serious?”

“Normally, I would be serious, but if the owner of that eye directly kills their way into this world, then you can just treat it like I was trying to make conversation!” Li Qingshan shrugged.

“If it really reaches that point, it’s useless even if you’re willing to risk your life for me.”

“I will do my best to protect you. That’s all I can promise.”

“That’s enough. I have no other choice but to trust you right now. Clearly, you’ve already noticed that I’m growing weaker with each day. In the future, I might even become more feeble than a newborn mortal. Even a single wild beast will be able to kill me. If I die then, I won’t be reborn in the Asura realm.”

Rāhu Xiaoming clenched his fist, but he still seemed so unmotivated, without any of the fighting spirit that an asura should have possessed.

“May I ask how you ended up like this?”

Rāhu Xiaoming said after a moment of silence, “Some ‘one’ stole my ‘heart’.”

Li Qingshan immediately understood what he was saying. He was not referring to the thumping piece of flesh in his chest, but some kind of condensation of spirit and will. Sure enough, he had not lost his fighting spirit by himself. Instead, some other figure had stripped him of it through some method.

This method was basically well beyond anything he could come up with. It was unimaginable.

“Heh, I feel like I’ll be sucked into the battles of the Asura realm sooner or later.”

“No, you’ve already been sucked in.”

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