Chapter 1182 – Ketu

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Chapter 1182 – Ketu

With a flash of the blade, it leapt across the river, turning into Li Qingshan’s figure. He kicked over the bottom half of the Tiger Subduing monk.

“Bald ass, you’re the crossbreed!”

Zhang Yuntian felt like his blood was about to freeze. He was stunned there, unable to move.

The others were no different, their eyes blank and their faces pale as if something had possessed them.

Even under the restraints and suppression, it was extremely easy for the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End to cut down a Qi Practitioner. Instead, it was Li Qingshan who found it rather difficult to control. If it were not for the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower’s full cooperation, he actually lacked the strength to wield the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End right now.

“Look at you. I sure am tempted to just possess you!” The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower laughed.

“Possess my ass!”

Li Qingshan did not care about that at all. He arrived before Ma Xingkong with the blade in hand. “Are you Ma Xingkong?”

“You demon!” Ma Xingkong drew his blade with a furious roar.

Li Qingshan swung his blade again, and a red line appeared on Ma Xingkong’s forehead, reaching all the way down. His two halves separated and collapsed on the ground.

“Who else?”

No one said anything. They were absolutely dumbfounded.

Li Qingshan swept his gaze towards Zhang Yuntian. “Oh right, you too! What did you just say to me? Fishing for fame, devoid of morales, beneath a beast!”

Each phrase plunged into Zhang Yuntian’s heart like a blade. He trembled gently as a great sensation of powerlessness filled him inside. He felt deep regret about becoming involved in the matters of the northern region, and he regretted venturing south with Ma Xingkong even more. Even if the entire Ma family died, what did it have to do with him?

Li Qingshan was no demon. He was basically a demon king!

He mustered up more courage than he had ever possessed in his life and asked, “W- who are you exactly?”

“And who are you?”

“I am the leader of the martial arts alliance, Zhang Yuntian!” Zhang Yuntian said proudly.

Li Qingshan smiled. “The leader of the martial arts alliance! Alright, then let’s have a discussion. You give me the position of leader. Just look at how much greater my martial arts are than yours!”

There was nothing Zhang Yuntian could say.

The Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower pouted. “Hmph, if it weren’t for me, would you even stand a chance against them right now? The position of leader should go to me instead!”

Li Qingshan rolled his eyes. “And I was thinking that the title of alliance leader was far too tasteless! It’s nowhere near as awesome as the hero king!” Then he said to Zhang Yuntian, “Whatever, I don’t want to be the leader of the martial arts alliance anymore. Let’s give it to this blade of mine instead! How’s that? Are you going to hand it over?”

Zhang Yuntian sucked in a deep breath. “The position of alliance leader is not decided purely by strength. It requires agreement from more than half of the four aristocratic clans and seven great sects.”

“Hah, that’s pretty democratic of you. Kid, if you’re just trying to brush me aside, get ready to eat my blade!”

“Hold on! There are people from all four clans and all seven sects here. They’re right behind me. If they’re willing to recognise you as the alliance leader, I’ll step down!”

Zhang Yuntian glanced at the corpses of Ma Xingkong and the Tiger Subduing monk. At the very least, there were two groups that could not object anymore. Having lived a life of domination, he definitely could not accept something as humiliating as this, but he was even more reluctant to die, so he just left the matter to the others to deal with.

Seeing Li Qingshan gaze over, the people from the other clans and sects all erupted with curses inside.

“That’s a good idea! If anyone objects to my ‘Flowery’ becoming the alliance leader, come out and face her!”

“You demon, I’ll never…”

Spurt! A head fell to the ground.

Li Qingshan cut down a few more “challengers” that bit off more than they could chew. Finally, there were no more objectors. He asked for the official seal of the alliance leader from Zhang Yuntian, which was a jade tablet with the words “alliance leader” engraved on one side. He hung it on the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End, bestowing it with the glorious throne of the leader of the martial arts alliance. He pointed the blade at the sky. “Do not forget this! When the sovereign of the martial arts community, the treasured blade Flowery, orders the world, no one can disobey!”

“Shut up! Don’t call me Flowery!”

Everything that happened here left the original members of the World’s society on the other side of the river speechless. This great danger had ended in such a joke-like manner.

“The danger has been dealt with. Everyone, please focus,” Gu Yanying said.

Even if Li Qingshan possessed strength well beyond what anyone in this world could contend with, he still had to establish an organisation and conquer the world if he wanted to gather the power of belief as quickly as possible. She could also tell that it was impossible for Li Qingshan to remain in battle for too long given his current state.

The restraints on weapons were much smaller, but they still required support from the wielder’s strength to unleash their true strength. The Immortal Reliquished sword had to devour elder Tian and sacrifice the entire Sword Collection palace before gaining the strength to put up a battle.

Li Qingshan was unable to provide the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End with power. Right now, he was completely relying on the power built up in the blade beforehand to battle, so there would be a time when it ran out. If he wanted to replenish it, he would still have to rely on the Divine Talisman of Great Creation.

Right as she pondered about that, an unfathomable power suddenly descended from above, pouring into the top of her head and piercing her soul.

Gu Yanying felt like she had just been struck by lightning. She noticed that the mountain of corpses below her feet and everyone by her side had vanished. Only the blood-red ground extended off forever. She raised her head slowly. A single eye filled the sky, staring straight at her!

At that instant, her eyes became blood-red, reflecting a black sun and moon. Her aura suddenly changed, and a fiendish aura flooded the surroundings.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan looked back with his eyebrows firmly locked. What had happened?

The criss-crossing, blood-red outline began to twist as the mist of blood surged and churned violently.

Yin Qing noticed the change with Gu Yanying. She took a step back and cried out, “Ketu!”

The Rāhu and the Ketu were two divine clans that stood on equal footing in the Asura realm. It was said that their first ancestors were split from the same being, so they both took a black sun and moon as their insignia. The black sun and moon in Gu Yanying’s eyes mirrored the one on Rāhu Xiaoming, forming the insignia of the Ketu clan.

TL: You can read more about Ketu here.

Yes, apart from the Ketu clan, who could drive a Rāhu into a hopeless corner?

“Sir Rāhu, what do we do?”

Gu Yanying slowly turned her head over. She gazed at Rāhu Xiaoming with her blood-red eyes. “Found you!”

Her voice was sharp and hoarse but strangely pleasant. It was no longer Gu Yanying’s voice, but it also belonged to a woman.

“You really have come.” Rāhu Xiaoming sneered slightly.

“Do you think you can escape just by hiding in a place like this? Look at how feeble you’ve become. You’re basically like an insect, which sure will save me some trouble. Die!”

She extended her hand towards Rāhu Xiaoming’s throat. The laws of the world shattered, causing the space there to twist. Faced with this cross-world attack from a god, everyone could only watch on helplessly. Rāhu Xiaoming was no different, but the sneer remained on his face, instead growing heavier.

A dark-azure feather drifted down, gracefully and silently, but it swept open a bloody mark on the huge eye that filled the sky, revealing Rāhu Xiaoming’s sneer inside.

Gu Yanying jerked away from the nightmare. She discovered that she could see the outside world again, but she still could not control her body. Only then did she realise that she had been possessed.

“What’s this!?”

The hoarse and pleasant voice was filled with surprise and fury. She never imagined there would actually be something that could harm her in a small world like this, even when she had only sent a wisp of her consciousness. The power within the dark-azure feather was insignificant, yet it was also filled with a vast and lofty will, well beyond what she could contend against.

“Heaven-stirring’s feather!”

“Have you finally noticed? This is just a small payback,” said Rāhu Xiaoming.

“So it is a trap. You’re just as crafty as before, kid!” The voice suddenly became extremely soft and intimate. When the bloody mark ripped open the sky, she said resolutely, “Even if I have to search the entire trichiliocosm, I will find you, my dear son!”

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