Chapter 1186 – A Trip Up the Mountain (One)

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Chapter 1186 – A Trip Up the Mountain (One)

“First young miss!”

Manager Hong and the waiter stood up frantically. The disciples from the Snow Mountain sect were stunned as well.

Li Qingshan leaned against the table and chewed away. He glanced at her and muttered, “Sit!” Then he took a few more gulps of alcohol and said to the manager and the waiter, “What’re you standing for?”

Xue Bing took seat gracefully and said, “You sit too!”

Only then did the two of them sit down carefully.

Li Qingshan shook his head. “When men drink, women just destroy the mood!”

Xue Bing took off her bamboo hat and revealed her appearance. Her skin was white like snow, her hair dark like ink. Sure enough, she was a beauty.

She slammed the alcohol jar, causing a wisp of alcohol to fly into her bowl. She opened her red lips slightly and drank it all in a single gulp, showing off the empty bowl. “I joined in despite not being invited, so I’ll punish myself to this bowl as an apology!”

“Junior sister!” “Senior sister!”

The disciples of the Snow Mountain sect were dumbfounded. She never drank, so they had never seen her drink like this. They all stood up.

“Sit back down!” Xue Hong called out.

Her white cheeks reddened, making her seem even more gorgeous, like peach blossoms. The waiter on the side could not even maintain eye contact with her anymore.

The disciples of the Snow Mountain sect vaguely sensed that something was off. They all sat down slowly and pressed down on their swords.

Li Qingshan smiled. “You sure are exceptional among women, but we’ve agreed that we won’t use true qi to digest the alcohol!”

“Of course.” Xue Bing felt a burning sensation in her belly as a tipsy feeling assaulted her, which she endured with gritted teeth. Instead, it made her a little bolder. She directly asked, “Sir, may I ask why you’ve come here?”

“To seek shelter from the thunder.”

“You’re a grown man, yet you’re afraid of thunder?”

“I have no choice. I’ve done too many good things. The heavens cannot permit my existence.” Li Qingshan shrugged.

“I’ve only ever heard that lightning strikes those who are evil.”

Xue Bing felt the tipsy feeling spread through her body, which made her forget about fear. She gradually sensed the benefits of this alcohol, so she drank another bowl.

“Which evil fellow in the world has died from lightning? The murderers and arsonists always end up with lined pockets, while those who build bridges and pave roads have always suffered horrible fates!”

“Then sir, are you trying to be a murderer, an arsonist, or a bridge-builder, a road-paver?”

“Neither! The heavens are unfair, so I will uphold justice in place of the heavens!”

As they spoke, Li Qingshan drank several more bowls, finishing off the entire jar. “Go fetch some more!”

“What big words, sir!”

Xue Bing’s emotions surged. She no longer had any doubts at all. Who else apart from the hero king could say something so wild?

Li Qingshan suddenly smiled. “But that’s all just trifles!”

Those were trifles? Xue Bing asked in interest, “Then may I ask what is not a trifle?”

“Finding my ox.”

Xue Bing had no idea about how to respond. “If you can’t find it, I can give you one!”

Li Qingshan said, “Little girl, even if you offer me ten thousand oxen, they probably can’t compare to that ox of mine!”

Rāhu Xiaoming was overwhelmed by the alcohol, so he leaned against his arm and nodded off. However, when he heard that, he suddenly shot Li Qingshan a glance and sank into his thoughts.

“Little girl.” Xue Bing’s expression was strange.

“Whatever, whatever. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s drink!” Then Li Qingshan asked manager Hong, “You mentioned the Ten Great Beauties of the World earlier. We have one here, so who are the nine others?”

“What’re you asking this for?” manager Hong asked cautiously.

“I’m thinking that wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could marry all of these beauties!”

That was the dream of all men in the world, but no one had ever dared to say that, much less in the face of one of the beauties.

“You’re crazy!” Manager Hong cried out, “First young miss, please ignore this drunk!”

“How dare you!” The disciples of the Snow Mountain sect all drew their swords.

Xue Bing waved her hand, signaling for everyone to settle down. “Then you’ll have to be disappointed!”


“Only nine of the ten so-called great beauties of the world remain now, so even if you’re capable of exceptional things, you’ll struggle to marry them all.”

“Sigh, don’t tell me the first young miss wants to relinquish the title? This is just a mere trifle for me, so I don’t really think I need to be capable of anything exceptional.”

“This has always been a title that the people of the world forced onto me. If I could relinquish it, I would have done so a long time ago! One of the beauties happens to have passed away already, but of course, unless you’re able to revive the dead.”

“That’s a pity. To think that someone could actually be vicious enough to kill a beauty. That’s basically like tossing away the heavens’ gifts. I’ll make a toast to her.”

Li Qingshan took a great gulp. He had said that thoughtlessly in the first place. He did not actually feel any pity.

Xue Bing said coldly, “Are you still trying to hide this, sir? You were the one who was vicious enough to kill the beauty!”

“Me? Since when?” Li Qingshan was surprised. He truly had no idea. Why would anyone ever bother with informing him about something as pointless as that?

“The beauty came from the Ma family. She died in Pegasus city, and it was rumored that the hero king, Li Qingshan, claimed her life with his own hands!”


A series of cries rang out in the restaurant. Manager Hong widened his eyes, stood up, and backed away. He tripped over his seat, falling back onto his bottom.

The disciples of the Snow Mountain sect all drew their swords and brought it before them, but none of them dared to approach him.

A person’s reputation followed them wherever they went. The hero king’s name was as prominent as it could be in the northern region, so who did not fear or revere him?

All of a sudden, this tiny restaurant became as terrifying as a lair of demons.

Li Qingshan tried his best to recall this. “Maybe that did happen. I’ve killed countless people in my life, so it’s really difficult to distinguish how beautiful or ugly they were. I’ve made a fool of myself before first young miss Xue. But if I killed her, then I killed her. C’mon, let’s drink!”

“So you’re admitting it!” Xue Bing questioned. It took her all of her courage to remain seated there.

“That’s right, I am Li Qingshan. Speaking of which, since when did I try to hide that? If you asked me, I would have told you a long time ago!”

Reaching there, Li Qingshan suddenly stood up. Xue Bing only felt a colossal shadow envelop her, almost stifling her breath. However, he gazed outside and said, “The rain has stopped.”

The storms of summer came quickly and ended quickly too. The dark clouds all dispersed. Rays of light landed on the snowy mountain, making it glow like it was sacred.

“Old man, thanks for your alcohol. This is the money for the meat.”

Li Qingshan tossed out a piece of silver, picked up Rāhu Xiaoming, and made his way through the door.

Xue Bing rushed in front of him and blocked the door. “Where are you going?”

“Up the mountain obviously.”

“Can’t you spare the Snow Mountain sect?”

“How can I let others snore and make a ruckus right by my bedside?”

“You call yourself the hero king and say you want to uphold justice in place of the heavens, but are you aware that the Snow Mountain sect has never oppressed the common people like the Ma family?”

“If that wasn’t the case, the Snow Mountain sect would be long gone from this world already. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on killing anyone today. However, the trend of the times has already taken shape. Everyone is either a friend or a foe. I need to deal with the Snow Mountain sect!”

“I’ve never done anything bad in my life. If I stand in your way, are you going to kill me too?”

“Little girl, look at what you’re holding in your hand. Those who use the sword die to the sword, so what else can you say? Move aside. You don’t want me to fall out with the Snow Mountain sect completely right now!”

Li Qingshan could kill one and would not mind killing another. He had destroyed the Ma family and did not mind destroying the Snow Mountain sect as well. Even if they were good, innocent people, he would only bear that sin. There was no need for him to dwell on this matter and blame himself or try to justify his actions.

This determination to press on forwards could never be changed. Even if it was a person who did good for their past ten lives, even if it was a benefactor to all, he would kill them if they stood in his way!

Xue Bing bit her lip and hesitated before sheathing her sword and moving over to one side. This man was known as the hero king, but he definitely was not bound by the concepts of justice and heroism.

“There you go.”

Li QIngshan brushed past Xue Bing and stepped outside. He sucked in a deep breath; the air was filled with the sweet smell of moist soil. He planted his bare feet on the ground, covering a great distance with each step. He strode off towards the snow mountain.

Xue Bing used her movement techniques and caught up. “I’ll escort you up the mountain!”

“Sure. Let’s keep drinking once we make it up the mountain. I hope there’ll be someone else to invite me to some alcohol again!”

Li Qingshan smacked his lips with a smile as if he was savouring the aftertaste of the alcohol.

“If there’s no one to invite you, I’ll invite you to some alcohol!”

Xue Bing could hear the cold murderousness within his voice. She knew that the fate of the Snow Mountain sect would be decided today.

“Senior sister!” “Junior sister!”

The disciples of the Snow Mountain sect rushed outside, but Li Qingshan and Xue Bing’s figures had already turned into two specks as they scaled the mountain.

It took manager Hong quite a while before he returned to his senses. He was overcome with a sense of lingering fear, drenched in cold sweat despite it being a sweltering day. That was actually Li Qingshan! He had even told him off, lecturing and scolding him in front of so many people! He truly had no idea how “death” was spelt.

The waiter was so excited that his face became bright red. “Manager, did you see that? That’s the hero king. Hmph, if it weren’t for his generosity, you would have lost your head already- ouch!”

Manager Hong leapt up and used the martial arts that he had not touched in many years to kick him in the bottom. “You’re the one who’s going to lose your head! Get back to work!”

The waiter rubbed his bottom and fumed. “Hmph, once I join the World’s society and learn some supreme martial arts, let’s see if you’ll still be bold enough to kick me!”

Manager Hong smiled wryly as he murmured to himself, “He sure does live up to his name. The Snow Mountain sect is in trouble now.”

Li Qingshan refused to follow the proper path. If he encountered a river, he would cross the river, and if he encountered a crevice, he would jump over the crevice, making his way straight up.

He slowed down slightly. Xue Bing caught up, already gasping for air. She had reached the innate realm recently, so her true qi was not as abundant as her inner force before.

“Want a break?” Li Qingshan asked with a smile.

‘That won’t be necessary.” Xue Bing gritted her teeth. She was representing the Snow Mountain sect right now.

However, Li Qingshan lay down instead, basking in the sun and enjoying himself.

Xue Bing sat down in a hurry to catch her breath. He did not intentionally make things difficult for her, which made her feel slightly grateful, but that only puzzled her. He’s come to deal with the Snow Mountain sect. Why should I feel grateful?

“Hero king, you’re climbing up the mountain alone. Aren’t you afraid of dying there?”

“Are you concerned about my safety?”

“I’m advising you to back down in the face of difficulties!”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud. His voice echoed through the grounds.

Abruptly, Xue Bing felt like it would be a pity if a man like him ended up in dire straits, but she shook her head and dismissed that thought as preposterous. Who knew how many people in the world wanted him dead right now. If an opportunity really presented itself, probably even she would not let it slip by, but just who could deal with him?

“I’m done resting. Let’s go!”

A conversation rang out in the main hall of the Snow Mountain sect. A man advised anxiously, “Sect master Xue, your dear disciple was a witness. That great demon Li Qingshan piled corpses into a mountain. Murderousness is a part of his nature. He will never spare the Snow Mountain sect, so please make a decision quickly so that we can fend off the World’s society together!”

“Yeah, master. With just our Snow Mountain sect’s strength, we definitely stand no chance against the World’s society. We can only put up a fight if we work with the entire martial arts community!”

All of the important members and elders of the sect gathered in the hall. They were all worried. Meanwhile, the sect master, Xue Hanfeng, remained silent.

At this moment, a man and a woman stepped into the hall. Xue Hanfeng said in surprise, “Bing’er?”

The two people who pleaded with Xue Hanfeng turned pale-white. They cried out, “Li Qingshan!”

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