Chapter 1189 – Searching for Beauties

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Chapter 1189 – Searching for Beauties

Li Qingshan ventured down the snow mountain and took off, making his way south.

At this moment, the benefits of the small world were on full display. He used the endless strength of the earth to cover several hundred kilometers in a single night, reaching the central region by dawn. If it were not for the thunderstorm in between, he would have moved even faster.

The climate became evidently hotter. A red sun rose up in the east and gradually turned white, shining with scorching light and baking the earth.

Li Qingshan finally came to a halt; it was not out of exhaustion, but because he felt his stomach growling. He found a main road and traveled along it to see if he would encounter any cities where he could have a feast.

At the same time, he seriously contemplated his “great plan”. There were no aristocratic clans in the central region, only many gangs and sects. The three great sects among them were the Salvation temple, the Abstruse temple, and the Divine Wind sect. On top of that, there was the renowned Xuanwu city, which was the headquarters of the martial arts alliance.

The Abstruse temple and the Divine Wind sect each had one of the Ten Great Beauties of the World, but Li Qingshan’s first target was the Salvation temple. No matter how much he wanted to mess around, he had to increase his strength first before he could have fun to his satisfaction. He was determined to obtain the daemon star.

However, a problem appeared now. There were no beauties in the Salvation temple!

Originally, this was merely a joke. If he were just someone with a voracious sexual appetite, then it would be completely unnecessary to force the title of “beauty” onto a monk, but his current mental state was under the influence of the ape demon. The funnier and the more joke-like it was, the more serious he was. Instead, he had cast the serious matter of conquering the world to the back of his head. Leaving that up to Gu Yanying to deal with was enough.

However, he was not familiar with this world, so where was he supposed to find a beauty?

He could not simply find any woman off the street. They had to be “qualified”. Their external appearance went without saying, but their martial arts could not be too weak either. It would be best if they possessed a certain level of reputation and possessed some public recognition.

But upon further thought, who in the world would recognise a great beauty from a temple of monks?

However, as soon as he imagined the expressions of the monks, he found it absolutely hilarious. He could not help but laugh aloud.

Perhaps it was better described as his inherent nature at work than being influenced by the ape demon.

“Who’s behind there?”

Right as he was lost in his thoughts, a bellow rang out from ahead. A group of mercenary escorts stopped in the dust and gazed cautiously at Li Qingshan who ran over.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up. He was not familiar with this world, but someone would be. He could ask around.

A man with a full beard rode over on his horse and thought to himself, He runs with such startling speed, so he must be an innate master. He definitely is someone of some renown. We need to deal with him carefully.

He clasped his hands. “I am Hou Zhen of the Wind Gale Mercenary Escorts. May I ask for your name and why you’re here?”

“I am the hero king, Li Qingshan. I’ve come to rob the carriage.” Li Qingshan was concise and comprehensive.

“L- Li Qingshan!”

Like he had seen a ghost, Hou Zhen almost fell off his horse in fright. The armed escorts erupted in an uproar too. In a short three months, Li Qingshan’s name had already spread across the world. Everyone had heard about him and knew who he was. Many people in the northern region sang praises about him, but he was known as a murderous demon king in other places.

Li Qingshan approached them, and the armed escorts all backed away. He patted the carriage. “What’re you delivering?”

“Just some treasure. Hero king, you’re so rich up in the northern region, so how could the goods we’re delivering catch your eye?”

Hou Zhen dismounted from his horse and bent over. His face was so ugly that it seemed like he had just eaten something that tasted horrible. If he did not have renown, then no one had renown.

“Let me ask you a question. If you can answer me, I’m not going to rob you.”

“Please ask away, hero king.”

Hou Zhen’s heart sank. He did not feel like he was up to anything good. This question was either an attempt to intentionally make things difficult for him, or he would be investigating the secrets of the martial arts alliance.

“Where in the world has the most beauties? No, where in the central region has the most beauties?” Li Qingshan did not want to travel that far.

“Huh?” Hou Zhen was taken aback. He doubted his ears. The murderous demon king had chased after them to ask a question like that?

Li Qingshan raised his hand impatiently. The carriage flew out, slamming into a tree and snapping the tree in half. The glistening silver pieces scattered on the ground.

Hou Zhen quivered and clasped his hands. “Hero king, if you want a place in the central region with the most beauties, it would definitely be Xuanwu city!”

“What famous beauties does Xuanwu city have?”

“The Myriad Flower parlour has a lady Hu Xian’er. Her charms and arts are both exceptional, and she’s known to be a goddess from heaven. She’s definitely on par with the Ten Great Beauties of the World!”

“Then where is Xuanwu city?” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up again. He never expected such a suitable choice to exist. It sure had saved him a lot of trouble.

“Follow this road and travel south. Xuanwu city is less than two hundred and fifty kilometers away.”

Li Qingshan left without any hesitation, running off towards Xuanwu city. For a moment, he forgot about his grumbling belly too.

Hou Zhen stared off into the distance for a good while, confirming he had already vanished into the horizon. When he wiped the sweat on his forehead, he finally noticed he was so drenched that he seemed to have just been swooped out of the water.

An old escort made his way over. “Head chief, isn’t alliance leader Zhang holding a martial arts gathering in Xuanwu city to discuss how they will deal with the World’s society? And didn’t that Hu Xian’er announce to the world that she’ll pledge herself to whoever eliminates Li Qingshan, regardless of their age or status?”

“Hmph, that’s exactly what I had in mind, to lure him to Xuanwu city. All the heroes of the world are currently gathered in the city. The masters of six great sects and the leaders of three aristocratic clans are all there. That Hu Xian’er isn’t simple either. It’s said that any man who’s seen her appearance is willing to cast away their life for her. He’ll be running head-first into a trap by venturing south to Xuanwu city alone!”

A young apprentice came over to suck up to him. “What impressive courage, head chief. You could even think of this in such an urgent situation! You can laugh at me if you want, but I was so frightened earlier that my calves began to spasm.”

Why would anyone laugh at him? Who wasn’t frightened out of their wits earlier? And it was rumored in the jianghu that even that alliance leader Zhang had to hand over the position of alliance leader obediently when he saw Li Qingshan. Even an ant could probably draw more attention from Li Qingshan than a mere apprentice like him.

Everyone praised the head chief as well, describing him as valiant and wise. It was as if they had gone blind all of a sudden, unable to see Hou Zhen’s legs that were still trembling away under the light of day.

“Take my horse and hurry back to the headquarters immediately. Send a pigeon to Xuanwu city and tell them that great demon Li Qingshan is coming.”

Hou Zhen knew exactly what had happened back then. His mind had blanked out, and he had not dared to utter a single lie, so why would he still consider so much? As for whether the various heroes in Xuanwu city could take down Li Qingshan, whether lady Hu Xian’er was in trouble or not, that was none of his business. At least he would not be the one dying.

In Xuanwu city, the martial arts gathering that had brought together all the heroes across the world was enveloped by a miserable atmosphere.

A moment earlier, the old man who had been sent to the Snow Mountain sect to persuade them to join their side had returned after a lengthy journey. He only said, “The Snow Mountain sect has probably fallen already. I’m leaving. I definitely can’t see him a third time, or I’ll have to join the World’s society.”

Afterwards, Zhang Yuntian immediately stood up and asked to take his leave. He expressed he was no longer the alliance leader, so he could not host a grand gathering like this. Instead, he would be returning to the Divine Wind sect for secluded cultivation, and he asked for someone more competent to take his place!

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