Chapter 1193 – Lessons

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Chapter 1193 – Lessons

Li Qingshan’s words led to a stir in the parlour again. Every single person present had come for Hu Xian’er, and the bounty she had put out for the martial arts community despite her personal sacrifice had added a glorious halo to her. After hearing how Li Qingshan had specially come to make problems for her, they immediately became rather restless. Their feelings of righteous indignation overwhelmed their fears.

Li Qingshan began to laugh. As it seemed, this Hu Xian’er was quite charming. He really had found a suitable choice!

The eyes of the leader of the Five Poisons cult laying underneath the table twitched as well.

Tie Xiong’s forehead immediately became covered with cold sweat. These young and aggressive kids had never witnessed Li Qingshan’s horrors before. If they became carried away in the heat of the moment, acting out of anger for a beauty, he did not believe Li Qingshan would be merciful with them. On the other hand, he was acquainted with their father’s generation, so he could not just sit by and watch them die. However, if he took action, he would lose his life for nothing.

“Lady Xian’er is just ignorant due to her young age, which is why she’s opposing you, my king. Why must you stoop down to her level with your magnanimity, my king? Why don’t I call her over and have her apologise to you?”

“She’s opposing me?” Li Qingshan was taken aback.

“Ah!” Tie Xiong was tongue-tied. His face went from red to purple as he murmured inside, So he doesn’t know! So he doesn’t know!

“That’s interesting. Just half a day ago, I’d never even heard of her name. Why does she want to oppose me? How is she going to oppose me?”

“T- t- this…”

Tie Xiong felt as troubled as he could be. He was unable to answer. He could sense everyone’s gazes towards him were filled with contempt.

“If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.” Li Qingshan looked towards a table on the side and waved his hand at a young man in fancy robes with a folding fan in his hand. “You tell me!”

“I, Lu Zixiu, would rather die than sell out lady Xian’er!”

Lu Zixiu was proud. Despite how troubled he felt inside, he refused to embarrass himself right now.

It led to a series of cheers throughout the parlour. “He’s truly young master Lu!”

Lu Zixiu clasped his hands at everyone. His face was rather pale, but he gave off a solemn bearing of having cast death aside. The cheers became even louder, seemingly dispersing the terrifying gloom that Li Qingshan had caused.

“Senior Tie, I respect you as a reputed figure of the martial arts community, but I never expected you to be a little man who sucks up to people with power!”

“Y- you have no idea what you’re doing!”

Tie Xiong was both frantic and furious. Was he really just trying to preserve his own life by enduring this humiliation for the sake of the greater good?

“I want you to know that not everyone is afraid of dying!”

Li Qingshan watched on in interest. Rāhu Xiaoming woke up from his sleep and said restlessly, “It’s so noisy. What are you waiting for? Kill all of them!”

His voice was childish and feeble, but the parlour fell silent all of a sudden, which proved that most people were still afraid of dying.

Li Qingshan stood up and made his way over. Lu Zixiu secretly gulped. Suddenly, he discovered that his knees had become rather weak. He called out loudly, “Hero king, even if you can kill me, you won’t be able to kill my sincerity and devotion towards lady Xian’er!”

With that, a huge hand filled his eyes like a dark cloud. It was so fast that he could not respond at all, making him close his eyes, I’m done for. Lady Xian’er, are you seeing this?

With a rip, there were no torn tendons, broken bones, and splattering blood, nor was there a cracked skull or a corpse to be seen.

Lu Zixiu felt a chill, but he felt no pain at all. He could not help but open his eyes, only to discover that everyone was staring at him. A familiar figure appeared on the platform below. Her mouth was slightly agape, and her face was filled with surprise. It was Hu Xian’er.

She never expected to see something like this as soon as she appeared—Lu Zixiu standing naked upstairs.

As it turned out, Li Qingshan had not injured Lu Zixiu at all. Instead, he had ripped off all of his clothes. He was completely nude.

“It’s a little small.”

Li Qingshan glanced down and smirked before looking up again. He just left young master Lu there, naked.

Lu Zixiu’s fair complexion turned beet-red. Suddenly, he let out a hysterical cry and leapt out of the window. What happened today would definitely haunt him for the rest of his life.

“Lady Xian’er!”

Everyone noticed Hu Xian’er’s appearance. Tie Xiong’s face darkened. How bold of this Hu Xian’er, actually still brave enough to come out. Beautiful women truly are the roots of trouble!

Li Qingshan glanced at Hu Xian’er before gesturing towards a young man in black. “Tell me, why does she want to oppose me?”

“Demon, I don’t know anything! You might as well just kill me!”

The young man gritted his teeth. He would rather die than be humiliated like that.

“Hero king, you don’t need to interrogate anyone else. You’re more than welcome to ask me yourself!”

Hu Xian’er drifted over with a trailing, long dress, arriving before Li Qingshan. She glanced at the leader of the Five Poisons cult beneath the table from the corner of her eye, which made her blank out for a moment.

“Alright, let’s hear it.”

Li Qingshan crossed his arms and studied her. He felt a sense of familiarity.

“I announced to the world that I am willing to marry anyone who claims your life, regardless of their age or status, whether they have a partner or not, and serve him for the rest of his life.”

Hu Xian’er held her head high as if she was about to directly confront the problems of the world for the greater good. She gave off a holy and noble bearing, which immediately touched everyone present. However, it also put her graceful figure on full display, which might have been intentional.

“Hah, enemies are just bound to meet!” Only now did Li Qingshan learn the full story. He circled around Hu Xian’er and studied her. “Yep, yep. Your appearance is not bad, and your figure is nice as well. Your martial arts are so-so too. Apart from being a little resentful, everything is up to standard!”


Hu Xian’er’s heart lurched. Never had a man labelled her like that, which made her feel completely seen through. Fortunately, he did not have any killing intent. He was not as vicious as the rumours described him to be.

As long as there was lust, everything would be easy.

She sucked in a deep breath. “Hero king, you’re welcome to do anything you want to me, whether you want to torture me or kill me. I definitely won’t put up any resistance. Please, just spare the entire parlour of innocent people.”

She touched the entire parlour with those words, which they also found to be shameful and unbearable. They were proper men, yet they needed a woman to protect them? What kind of men were they? They all drew their weapons, ready to throw their lives at Li Qingshan!

“Don’t be rash, everyone! I’m not worth all of this!” She called out loudly as she thought inside, Bunch of fools, time to send yourselves to your deaths!

Li Qingshan furrowed his brows. There was no one else in his eyes apart from her. He said to Hu Xian’er, “You sure are vicious.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, hero king.”

Abruptly, Hu Xian’er widened her eyes as intense pain filled her belly. Li Qingshan had punched her in the stomach. He smiled. “Do you understand now?”

“You!” Hu Xian’er slowly knelt down on the ground. She never expected him to actually hit him.

Everyone widened their eyes. They never thought a man could bring himself to do that.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold in that punch. You reminded me of an annoying woman, but I think you can still be saved. You’re only in need of someone to teach you a few lessons.” Li Qingshan lifted her pointy chin. “You want to deal with me, but not only will I spare you, I’ll even give you tremendous benefits too. I want to make you become the great beauty of the Salvation temple, making up for the missing spot from the Ma family. Then I’ll accept you. How’s that?”

Hu Xian’er was completely speechless, almost to the point where she forgot about the pain. What tremendous benefits? What was the great beauty of the Salvation temple supposed to be?

Tie Xiong’s mind was a mess. What was going on? Had he ventured down south for this alone?

“Amitābha. Lady Xian’er’s virtues truly leave this lowly monk in admiration.”

“To think the mighty hero king would harass a woman like this. How despicable.”

With a solemn and bitter mentioning of the buddha’s name, a buddhist monk and a daoist priest stepped into the parlour. They were the Suffering Subduing abbot and the leader of the Abstruse temple.

After a series of discussions, the martial arts alliance decided to sit back and wait for Li Qingshan to come to them, except for the fact that they were completely helpless if that actually happened.

Others could have stayed put, but they could not. If their enemy was within arms reach and they still avoided him like the plague, would they still have any sense of pride to roam the jianghu?

Li Qingshan smiled. “So there’s actually people bold enough to come and make trouble!”

The Suffering Subduing abbot said, “If I don’t enter hell, who enters hell?”

The leader of the Abstruse temple said, “Li Qingshan, did my senior brother die by your hand? The grievance involving the Tiger Subduing master must be resolved too!”

Li Qingshan rubbed the back of his head. “Who are you even talking about? Speaking of which, who are you?”

“My king…” Tie Xiong suddenly spoke up and explained the full story before introducing the two of them. Afterwards, he let out a heavy sigh. “Why did you come?”

Li Qingshan realised what was going on now, only to ask the leader of the Abstruse temple, “You should have one of the Ten Great Beauties too, right?”

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