Chapter 1199 – Transformation Grass, Wild Monkey

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Chapter 1199 – Transformation Grass, Wild Monkey

Within the curtain of thin silk lit by red candles, Hu Xian’er had completely learnt her lesson. She lay in Li Qingshan’s arms obediently as she gently panted for air. Her fair skin was flushed, and her eyes were blurred. However, the colour of her pupils had become an orangey-yellow, one that belonged to a fox.

Li Qingshan’s hand slid down her smooth, moist back and grabbed the fluffy, fiery-red tail. Her sharp fox ears trembled, and she called out, “Don’t touch my tail!”

“I’ll do exactly that.” Li Qingshan grabbed it and played around with it. That was just how forceful and stubborn he was.

“Aren’t you frightened by my appearance, my king?” Hu Xian’er’s fox ears perked up.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Li Qingshan said.

She had basically preserved all of her human characteristics perfectly, which added a sense of wildness to her that only made her seem even more charming.

Hu Xian’er covered her smile. “Yeah, you’re basically no different from me, like a great big baboon. You don’t loathe me. I don’t loathe you either.”

“You’re like a baboon!”

Not only did Li Qingshan talk back, but he even fought back as well. He grabbed her tail and spanked her bottom, leaving behind a clear palm print.

“Li Qingshan, I’m already yours, yet you still hit me!”

Hu Xian’er felt wronged. All the men she previously met in her life had treated her politely, yet this man in particular would hit her without hesitation. He did not know how to cherish women at all.

“I’m hitting you for your own good, to fix the fact that you’re always cooking up something bad,” Li Qingshan said without any sincerity at all as he yawned, resting his head against her thigh.

“How am I always cooking up something bad? I’m doing this to avenge my mother.” Hu Xian’er immediately straightened herself out, which made her chest jiggle.

“Your mother is the Daemon Maiden of Illusionary Dance! Didn’t you hear what the monk said? Your mother threw the martial arts community into chaos. She deserved to die.”

“It was clearly those men that were lustful and killed one another. How is it my mother’s fault?” Hu Xian’er bit her lip as her chest heaved.

“Heh, you’re saying your mother didn’t instigate them at all? Do you really think I don’t know what daemons are like? She’s dead anyway, so why still be so caught up with her?”

Li Qingshan could easily imagine what a fox daemon that was not bound by human laws and morals could do. Let alone her promiscuity, making a group of foolish men fight over her was something that even a regular woman would consider, much less a fox daemon that knew how to use illusions.

Making a group of second-choices go at one another’s throats—was that not throwing the martial arts community into chaos?

“My mother’s illusions were unrivalled in the world. If she had not been sold out, why would she have died?” Hu Xian’er was gloomy.

“She was sold out by your father?”

“How did you know!?”

“Otherwise, it won’t be selling out. She toyed with the emotions of others, only to have her own emotions toyed with in the end. You can call that retribution. Hehe, speaking of which, I can’t really blame your father! If I was going at it and suddenly discovered I was in bed with a fox, I’d definitely be angry enough to kill too.” Even Li Qingshan felt disgusted by the thought of it.

“That’s nonsense. My mother once ingested a stalk of Transformation grass. She’s no different from a human. It’s just that she accidentally revealed her original form afterwards.”

“Transformation grass!” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up. “Do you have any more?”

He could not help but admit he was truly becoming more and more monkey-like with the rapid progress of the Ape Demon Transformation, such that he seemed more like a monkey than someone turning into one. He personally did not mind, but if he continued to transform like this, people would definitely think he was a daemon like the White Ape King. Under the influence of the will of the heavens, it would definitely turn into repulsion and rejection, which was detrimental to his process of conquering the world.

“Of course I do, but you have to admit that my mother didn’t deserve to die!” Hu Xian’er persisted.

Li Qingshan shot a vicious glance at her. “I think you’re in need of another lesson!”

Hu Xian’er grumbled sadly, “Sigh, can’t you treat me a little better? Alright then, I’ll tell you. My mother specially left two stalks of Transformation grass for my sister and me, along with all of the treasure she had accumulated across her life. It was all taken away by that man. Transformation grass is useless on humans, so it probably still remains.”

“Alright, once we go to the Salvation temple, we’ll go and find the Transformation grass immediately and butcher that fickle and faithless father of yours in the process too to avenge your mother. How’s that? Am I treating you well enough?”

“Really? That’s fantastic!” Hu Xian’er threw herself into Li Qingshan’s arms. She held her face. “My king, I’m already yours, so you better not sell me out.”

“Don’t worry. How can I sell you out? It’s not like you’re worth much anyway.”

“You…” Hu Xian’er’s eyebrows arched up in anger. She was tempted to bite him.

Li Qingshan laughed aloud and rolled over on top of her. “With how vast the world is and how boundless the universe is, we are bound to part one day. Let’s have some fun in the moment. At least that way, our meeting wasn’t in vain!”

Hu Xian’er let out a gentle moan, accepting his intrusion and contact. She gazed at his monkeyish face that seemed rather funny and thought to herself, I know you won’t sell me out, as it’s not something you’ll even bother with. You’ve never taken me seriously, just as a game that you were carried away with in the moment. You even scolded me and harassed me… If I said I’ve fallen in love with you, you’ll probably just laugh at me for posing around again!


On the snow mountain, Xue Bing meditated in silence, converting the Blizzard true qi into Gui Water true qi.

Li Qingshan’s words seemed to bear some kind of magic. The Gui Water Method of Condensing Qi flowed through her head flawlessly.

This cultivation method could not be regarded as some divine art or secret manual, but it did come from a world of cultivators. It had been refined and summarised by thousands of generations of people, so it was a perfect balance of difficulty and speed. It did not have a particularly harsh requirement on the cultivator’s talent, so it could be regarded as one of the most universal cultivation methods.

From a certain perspective, it was even more precious than the Arts of the Boundless Ocean that Li Qingshan had once practised. At the very least, it was much more suited to this world.

During the day, she had discussed this with her father. Xue Hanfeng was left sighing in amazement. He said the cultivation method’s offensive power was not as great as the Blizzard Sword Style, but it progressed step by step and accumulated strength over time, conforming with the characteristics of water. It provided a greater chance of reaching the tenth layer of the innate realm and shattering through space.

The techniques that came with it were extremely special and ingenious too. If they were used appropriately, they might be even more powerful than martial arts. If it were not for the fact that his Blizzard true qi was close to completion, he definitely would have switched over to this cultivation method too.

However, she voiced her worries, which was the deal that Li Qingshan had forced on her.

Han Xuefeng could only sigh about that. “As your father, I’ve been useless. I’ve failed to protect you. Whether you practise that cultivation method is completely up to you. However, in my opinion, the hero king is a relaxed and joy-seeking man, but he’s not a man blinded by lust. If you vehemently refuse to submit to him, he probably won’t force himself on you. You can still marry your senior brother. Haven’t you always liked him?”

Marry my senior brother?

No, the purpose of my life definitely is not to get married and give birth to the next leader of the Snow Mountain sect. I’m more important than the Snow Mountain sect!

That was the belief that the man had indoctrinated in her. Speaking of which, the Snow Mountain sect no longer existed.

As a result, she began practising the Gui Water Method of Condensing Qi resolutely, completely converting her true qi into Gui Water true qi. Afterwards, she could not help but think, Am I putting myself up for the deal? I wonder when he’s going to come and settle everything. What am I supposed to do when that happens?

Then she thought unhappily, Where did he go? Is he in danger? If this was a joke, he’s probably forgotten about me a long time ago. For the first time in her life, she understood the feeling of lovesickness.

It had only been so long, yet the young man from the mountains who gazed at a beauty from afar had also developed the charms to make others fall in love with him at first sight.

Even if he resembled a wild monkey right now.

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