Chapter 665 – The Stormy Night, the Battle for the Water God Seal

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Chapter 665 – The Stormy Night, the Battle for the Water God Seal

In the commander city of Ruyi, Liu Zhangqing and the others boarded the Soaring Dragon ship again. When they bid farewell to Li Qingshan, Ru Xin secretly told Li Qingshan about her “request”, which was to borrow the Water God Seal and cultivate for some time.

This request was basically as simple as it could get for Li Qingshan. The Water God Seal had come from her in the first place, and she could not even use up a tenth, or even a hundredth, of the spiritual qi within the Water God Seal.

Li Qingshan agreed happily. Afterwards, he bid farewell with Han Qiongzhi and found a small lake in the mountains, using the Watermirror’s Image again and creating a mirror clone, which he sent to Moon Court lake.

He never expected to run straight into this storm, as well as Jia Zhen and E Dan. The Water God Seal was at risk of being lost.

As a result, he purposefully told some lies to mislead their senses. Mo Yu must not have gone out of his way to tell them he had obtained the Asura Field, right?

As one of the people who had been fooled, Mo Yu indeed did not publicly announce his failure, and Si Qing did not have the opportunity at all to face him.

Jia Zhen and E Dan exchanged glances. They truly were rather uncertain about whether the Asura Field was in Northmoon’s hands. Logically speaking, there was instead a very great chance that it was not in his hands!

As the crown prince of the Green province daemons, Mo Yu’s strength and reputation even exceeded Northmoon’s. In a one-against-one situation, he obviously had a better chance at victory. Back then, it was Mo Yu who had caught Northmoon and moved him elsewhere. Clearly, victory had been within his grasp.

Jia Zhen suddenly asked, “How do you know the Dragon Asura turned into an Asura Field?”

“I watched and waited for a very long time too. If I didn’t even know what it was, why’d I try and steal it? Sigh, I didn’t think it would all be in vain. Mo Yu is A’qing’s enemy, as well as my enemy. We should work together against him and take back the Asura Field. If we were to get into a dispute, wouldn’t others just get a good laugh out of us?”

The more Li Qingshan spoke, the more he believed he really had a real fucking silken tongue. At the same time, he made his way towards them, expressing he had no ill intentions.

“That makes sense!”

Jia Zhen nodded before suddenly turning around and flying off towards the depths of Moon Court lake. At the same time, E Dan threw a punch. The force of the punch turned into a vicious, black wolf head, producing a shrill howl. It opened its mouth filled with sharp teeth and chomped viciously at Li Qingshan.

Regardless of whether the Asura Field was in Northmoon’s hands or not, they were determined to steal the Water God Seal!

However, Li Qingshan’s reactions were a beat faster. Before the two of them struck, he had vaguely sensed it through the spirit turtle. He directly unfurled his wings and rushed off into the air, heading towards Moon Court lake.

However, as soon as the wolf howl appeared, it seemed to overwhelm his mind. His body stiffened, and the wolf head had already caught up to him like his shadow. He turned around and threw a punch, landing it on the wolf head and using the innate ability of the Tremors of the Ox Demon.


The two forces collide violently. A thatched hut and several skiffs docked near a simple village were immediately destroyed, producing a great pit. All the rainwater within five kilometers away had been swept clean, shooting into the surroundings like bullets and piercing countless trees.

At that moment, Li Qingshan’s clone was heavily injured, and a sizeable chunk of his daemon qi had vanished. E Dan was even a little more vicious than he had imagined. He definitely could not be compared with regular Golden Core cultivators. He only needed one more strike to put his clone in danger of collapsing.

He used the Watermirror’s Image urgently and channelled daemon qi into his clone from his main body. All of the wounds sustained and the daemon qi lost recovered very quickly.

However, in that moment, Jia Zhen had already flown several kilometers away, wanting to retrieve the Water God Seal first before pincering Li Qingshan with E Dan.

Li Qingshan waved his right hand, and a violet talisman flew out. He bellowed out, “Freeze!”

Jia Zhen’s figure suddenly stiffened like a tiny insect glued to the space, completely immobilised. “A Freezing talisman! E Dan, keep him busy!” He channeled his powers in a hurry. Although he never expected Northmoon to use a precious violet talisman right from the beginning, the Freezing talisman could not keep him trapped for too long. Instead, it made him stop worrying, as he became certain that this definitely was not Northmoon’s main body.

E Dan did not need Jia Zhen’s reminder. Seeing how the punch was effective, E Dan followed up with another punch. The aura condensed into half a wolf. The wolf howl even drowned out of the crashing rain and lightning.

If that landed on him firmly, then he probably would not have the time to recover at all. He would directly disperse. All Li Qingshan could do was flap the wings of wind and fire The huge wolf lunged over from behind. Without even looking back, he waved his hand backwards. “Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell!”

Half-transparent hexagons formed a thin screen of light, covering his back. It clearly reflected the huge wolf’s figure.

E Dan did not take this small obstacle seriously at all. The huge wolf collided against the screen of light and ripped it apart easily, but a small part of the force was rebounded. The huge wolf twisted and exploded loudly.

The shockwave alone caused Li Qingshan’s back to ache, but he was in no shape to care so much anymore. Right now, he was in a race against Jia Zhen. If he could reach the Water God Seal before Jia Zhen and then immediately use the Watermirror’s Image to hand the Water God Seal to his original body, then he would have won.

He continued to fly over, only to see Jia Zhen staring at him sunkenly. His body trembled gently and flickered with light, about to break free from the Freezing talisman’s restraint at any time. A foul gust of air swept over from behind, and E Dan swelled up in size, becoming a giant of almost thirty meters tall. His clothes were ripped apart, revealing the vivid tattoo of a black wolf on his chest. He roared furiously as he strode over, actually no slower than how fast he flapped his wings. He was truly surrounded by enemies.

Jia Zhen’s arm suddenly moved, waving his fan gently and pointing it towards the incoming Northmoon.

The lightning in the sky seemed to receive directions and find their target in that moment. They gathered together into a scorching snake of lightning, crossing through the air with unbelievable speed and striking Li Qingshan.


Li Qingshan’s entire body shuddered. He felt no pain, only deep numbness. He was temporarily immobilised. Only afterwards did he feel agony everywhere. If Jia Zhen had not been under the effects of the Freezing talisman when he used this technique, then the bolt of lightning would have completely ended the race for Li Qingshan.

Before he could even return to his senses, a fierce gust of wind arrived behind him. The enlarged E Dan extended his hand towards him. He only needed to close his hands around him forcefully, and his clone would immediately be reduced to pieces.

Li Qingshan gritted his teeth and took out the second violent talisman. He activated it!

With a flash of golden light, a steel fortress appeared around him. This was a defensive talisman.

The steel fortress twisted and changed shape under E Dan’s brute force, producing an ear-splitting sound, but it managed to forcefully stop him. Li Qingshan had already used this opportunity to fly towards the centre of Moon Court lake.

Jia Zhen swung his fan away, and a whirlwind began to whistle, sucking Li Qingshan in.

The clash on the shore reached the island in the centre of the lake. Ye Liubo exclaimed happily, “Big sister, it’s master’s daemon qi!”

“He’s currently clashing with someone. Gather everyone quickly!”

Ye Liusu passed an order. Beneath the lookout, the night roamers answered valiantly. As the commander of the night roamers chosen by Northmoon, she had already used her abilities to consolidate her authority even though it had already been a very long time since Li Qingshan last visited, gradually leading the night roamers back to their former glory.

“But how can we help master with just us?”

Ye Liubo was willing to even die for him, but she also understood it was impossible to partake in his battles with their strength.

“Have you forgotten? Send everyone to the altar and have mother hold the ritual!”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What about you then, big sister?”

“I’ll be going outside!”

“Outside!?” Ye Liubo gazed in the direction of the lakeshore. The indirect shockwaves of the battle there were enough to make her shiver inside.

“I’m not participating in the battle. I’m going to retrieve the Water God Seal. Oh right, send someone to contact Spider Queen Lolth.”

Before Ye Liubo could reply, Ye Liusu had leapt off the lookout, merging into the darkness. She did not understand the exact situation too well, but she could tell the Water God Seal played an important role in it all.

With his strength, he could escape even if he could not defeat them. His chances of being directly slain were not large. However, if this Water God Seal were lost, then that would be a loss that could not be made up for.

The pitch-black rain whistled down as Li Qingshan heaved heavily. In the moment prior, he had almost been finished off several times. He had already used up all of his violet talismans, but he only managed to stop Jia Zhen and E Dan’s advance slightly, unable to harm them in any way.

Both of them demonstrated terrifying strength that surpassed regular Golden Core cultivators. Either one of them possessed the power to fight against his original body. It was all thanks to the rare violet Freezing talisman he had used in the beginning that he managed to last until now, preventing Jia Zhen from using his full strength.

However, the power of the Freezing talisman had run out too.

Jia Zhen shuddered and broke free. He smiled in a sunken manner, but he felt a hint of regret inside.

Originally, I was worried that was his original body, but it turns out it’s just a mere clone. I should have just worked with E Dan right from the beginning and killed him. He wouldn’t have even been able to use those violet talismans, Jia Zhen thought quickly.

With a wave of Jia Zhen’s hand, it was Li Qingshan’s turn to be immobilised this time. The huge wolf enveloped him in the blink of an eye. He did not even have the time to recall his clone. His clone directly disintegrated, disappearing from the world.

Before an absolute difference in strength, he could already be described as having tried his best by managing to put up such a degree of struggle.

After waving his fan, Jia Zhen did not even check the result, sending lightning towards his original location.

After carrying out Ye Liusu’s orders, Ye Liubo waited on the shore, gazing at the sky full of wind and rain anxiously. Suddenly, she shuddered inside. “Master’s daemon qi has vanished! It can’t be. That’s merely master’s clone. He might have erased his aura and fled. Master won’t die!”

“What are you muttering about?”

Ye Liusu walked out of the dark lake and water flowed off her body. She carried a slippery little child in her right hand, who only seemed four or five years old. He constantly kicked his feet and put up a struggle, but it did not seem like human behaviour.

“What’s this?”

“That fish!”

Ye Liusu tossed the kid onto the ground, and the child wanted to return to the lakewater.

Ye Liusu said coldly, “You must be called Li’l Red, right? There are people outside who’ve come to steal the Water God Seal. Sir Northmoon has entrusted the Water God Seal to you, so if you lose it, I don’t think I need to tell you the consequences, right?”

After keeping them busy for a while, Li’l Red finally underwent the heavenly tribulation and became a Daemon General. However, he was exhausted from the tribulation, so Ye Liusu easily caught him. She said nothing at all, directly bringing him to the water dwelling in the centre of the lake before explaining herself. When he heard that, Li’l Red immediately stopped trying to approach the lake.


A turbulent force slammed violently against the formation around the water dwelling. The formation on the outside was already on the verge of shattering.

A giant arrived on the lake shore, with a scholar standing on his shoulder. He noticed Li’l Red at first glance and pointed out with his feather fan. “Hand over the Water God Seal, and we’ll spare you lives!”

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