Chapter 666 – With a Punch Thrown, the Wind and Lightning Pale

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Chapter 666 – With a Punch Thrown, the Wind and Lightning Pale

The aura that the two of them gave off was so great that Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo had never seen anything like it. Even Spider Queen Lolth paled in comparison. Although there were many formations separating them, it gave them no sense of safety at all. It was as if as long as they were willing, they could easily slaughter them all, no different from crushing ants.

Under such pressure, even Golden Core cultivators would tremble inside. Ye Liusu maintained her composure. “Please allow us to consider it!”

“No, you can’t give the Water God Seal to anyone else!” Li’l Red leapt a meter into the air and said with his tender, childish voice.

“We’re just considering it, so what’s wrong with that? We don’t stand a single chance against opponents like that. Even if we lose the Water God Seal, sir Northmoon shouldn’t blame us. However, we’re probably incapable of making a decision over something so major, so we better return and gather everyone to discuss this.”

Ye Liubo also behaved like she was considering it, exchanging glances with Ye Liusu. Handing over the Water God Seal was impossible. They wanted to buy some time first.

“We don’t have that much time for you to consider. I’ll count to ten. If you still don’t hand over the Water God Seal, then you better be prepared to be buried with Northmoon!” Jia Zhen said in a sunken manner.

They had only killed Northmoon’s clone earlier. His main body would probably arrive very soon, and this would become troublesome.

Without Si Qing, their combined efforts were not enough to kill him. If they had not made arrangements beforehand, then probably even the three of them would struggle to keep him from running away. Although they were undefeatable, there was truly nothing they could do if he fled as soon as he retrieved the Water God Seal.

They did not believe Northmoon would care about the fate of these night roamers. He would find a way to avenge them afterwards at most. However, they did not believe the night roamers had any loyalty towards Northmoon either. Night roamers had always been renowned for their treachery and cunning. As long as they overpowered them and obtained the Water God Seal, then it would all be smooth sailing from then onwards.

“Ten, nine, eight…”

“Big sister, what do we do?” Hearing Jia Zhen’s countdown, Ye Liubo became anxious inside. Sure enough, these two people were not so easy to fool. She glanced at Ye Liusu beside her, only to discover she was relieved.

They refused to waste any time, which meant they were still worried. If they were completely worry-free, then they would let them take as much time as they needed. It would instead prove that the situation had already become the worst-case scenario. Probably even buying time would be useless.

This worry obviously came from Northmoon. She calculated his flying speed and stopped worrying as a result. Right now, all they could do was buy as much time as possible.

Jia Zhen counted to one.

“Alright, we’ll hand over the Water God Seal!” Ye Liusu said.

Jia Zhen was unsurprised. E Dan slammed the formation with his huge hand and roared madly, “Bitch, hurry up and hand over the Water God Seal!”

Ye Liusu said, “But you have to swear a solemn oath to the heavens that you definitely won’t harm us after you obtain the Water God Seal! Otherwise, wouldn’t we just be idiots if you turn against us after we give you the Water God Seal?”

“Do you really think a bitch like you has the right to make us swear a solemn oath?”

E Dan became more and more furious. The black wolf tattooed on him radiated with raging daemon qi, which wondrously merged together with his aura. His body swelled up once again, and many parts of his body became covered in long, black wolf hair. His mouth protruded forwards, his spine arched upwards, and his eyes shone with a green light. He seemed half-human, half-wolf.

“Alright!” However, Jia Zhen agreed to it immediately, swearing a solemn oath to the heavens. He sneered inside, Do you really think a mere oath can restrain us?

To cultivators, there were indeed a few oaths that could not be carelessly sworn, but these oaths only became a personal restraint when they were sworn sincerely from the bottom of their hearts. Otherwise, the strong could easily overwhelm the weak and make them swear eternal loyalty, or they would suffer the consequences of their oaths.

And, even if an oath sworn from the bottom of the heart was broken, there would not be something like punishment from the heavens. It would only be easier to develop inner demons. Oaths with greater restraining powers required certain techniques or arcane artifacts. However, there was obviously no need for Jia Zhen to take a solemn oath seriously that was no different from a lie through his teeth.

He had already made up his mind. A weak point would definitely appear in the formations during the moment they handed over the Water God Seal. By then, all he had to do was break through and capture all of the night roamers and daemons as slaves. Later, he could sell them off in the Dragon province.

Ye Liusu considered it for a moment before sighing. “Actually, forget about it.”

“What did you say?” Jia Zhen’s face sank.

Ye Liusu ordered Li’l Red, “Use the Water God Seal quickly to stop them for a moment. Sir Northmoon will be coming to our rescue very soon.”

“You bitch!”

Jia Zhen’s expression changed drastically. He never imagined that even ants would be bold enough to fool him.

“Jia Zhen, I told you already. That trick of yours isn’t appropriate everywhere. It’s just some third-rate formations. Even if there were some additional layers, they still can’t withstand a blow of mine. When I get through the formation, I’ll definitely finish off these two bitches!”

E Dan had run out of patience a long time ago. He did not approve of Jia Zhen’s thoughts of trying to scheme around and find shortcuts everywhere very much at all. As he said that, he threw a punch at the formation.

Suddenly, a surging wave slammed against him from behind. His body over thirty meters tall staggered, and the punch landed on the formation, but it failed to achieve what it was supposed to. The barrier of light became riddled with cracks, but it continued to hold on firmly.

It was Li’l Red who had just transformed successfully wielding the Water God Seal.

E Dan was not injured, but he was surprised inside, The power of the Water God Seal is actually so great. It already possesses so much power in the hands of a measly Daemon General who just underwent the heavenly tribulation. If Northmoon obtains it, wouldn’t he be even more difficult to deal with? I need to get through the formation as quickly as possible!

He let out a wolf howl at the sky and launched a flurry of punches with both fists like claps of thunder. The layer of formation collapsed the moment it was struck.

Jia Zhen waved his feather fan around, barraging the formations with various techniques like a thunderstorm. It seemed disorderly, but he varied the type and element of his technique to target the special characteristics of each formation.

Li’l Red desperately controlled the Water God Seal to obstruct the two of them. However, with his cultivation at Daemon General and all the rivers and lakes of the entire Ruyi commandery, he was unable to unleash the full power of the Water God Seal at all.

Most of the formations around the dwelling came from the major protective formations they had stolen from various sects during the war. Although they were already among the best of the best in the Clear River prefecture, these sects were only small sects with Foundation Establishment cultivators. To Jia Zhen and E Dan, two peak Golden Core cultivators, they could only be regarded as third-rate.

Watching the formations being peeled away one by one, Ye Liusu became stern. Ye Liubo looked back and said anxiously, “The altar still hasn’t been activated?”

Suddenly, a dark shadow rose up from the centre of the island, which made the dark night filled with heavy rain seem even more sunken.

Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo both eased up. They left Li’l Red here so that he could continue obstructing them with the Water God Seal as they flew towards where the shadow rose up from.

In the embrace of a small hill, a pitch-black altar had already been constructed. The altar was carved with patterns that fell in line with the night roamers’ style, as well as countless stars and mysterious inscriptions.

Northmoon had told Ye Liusu to lead the night roamers back underground in the past. Aside from the defences from the numerous formations, the reason why Ye Liusu was bold enough to return to this Moon Court dwelling was because of this altar.

Kneeling night roamers filled the surroundings of the altar. They all crossed their hands as if they were praying faithfully. Power gathered towards the black altar and rose upwards.

Ye Mingzhu stood on the altar with her hair dishevelled, chanting away as her figure danced about madly like the fleeting, drifting shadow above her. It was like her shadow had been blown into the sky by this power, yet it also maintained a connection with her body, preventing it from being blown away.

With the True Spirit pills Northmoon awarded to them, large numbers of night roamers who were caught in a bottleneck broke through the first heavenly tribulation. Coupled with the powerful night roamers that existed in the first place, there were over a hundred night roamers that had undergone the first heavenly tribulation now. And further outwards, there were thousands of regular night roamers that had not undergone the heavenly tribulation, all summoned here to partake in this mysterious ritual. They channelled all of their powers into the altar without holding back.

Seeing this, Ye Liusu relaxed slightly. This way, they could buy a little more time, but she also became rather worried again. Just how much longer could the formations last? But at this point, overthinking would do nothing. She arrived before the altar with Ye Liubo and also dropped down on one knee. Both of them crossed their hands.

The shadow above the altar gradually consolidated. Ye Mingzhu suddenly let out an inhuman howl, and the shadow completely consolidated. It seemed like a two-dimensional shadow had been pumped full of air. It was no different from Ye Mingzhu’s figure now.

Outside the dwelling, Jia Zhen and E Dan worked together and smashed through half of the formations before long. One by one, formation discs shattered and formation banners were reduced to dust. Li’l Red had already collapsed on the ground out of exhaustion.

At this moment, a familiar voice rang out from afar. “My good friends, it’s really been some time! What has brought you to my humble abode all of a sudden today?”

He said the exact same thing as if time had flowed in reverse.

Jia Zhen and E Dan glanced back at the same time. Northmoon flapped his wings of wind and fire and tore through the air like a scarlet bolt of lightning. The sky full of wind and rain gathered around him, truly surging with daemon qi.

The two of them could not help but think, He’s just a Daemon General, and he’s already in possession of such great power and such flexible abilities. If he undergoes another heavenly tribulation and becomes a Daemon Commander, probably the only thing we can do is flee at the mere sight of him. Today, we’ve completely fallen out with him. If none of us can undergo the third heavenly tribulation, then there’ll be endless problems.

However, with the arrow notched and the bow drawn, they already had no choice but to fire.

As the voice rang out, Northmoon had already appeared before him. He said the same thing with a completely different tone and bearing, no longer possessing even the slightest hint of fakeness anymore. There was only naked viciousness.

E Dan suddenly looked back. “Northmoon, you’ve finally come! Jia Zhen, continue with smashing through the formations. I’ll fight him! Northmoon, I am the first disciple under the Beast King of the Mountain Manor of Myriad Beasts from the Dragon province. Are you bold enough to face me in battle!?”

Li Qingshan said nothing. He simply transformed into his original form and threw a punch. It seemed slow, but it actually moved swiftly, pushing forward inch by inch. Tiny, black cracks gathered on the fist, basically providing him with a boxing glove.

It was the same move—Tremors of the Ox Demon—but compared to the punch from his clone, who knew how many times more intense the bearing and force was.


With a great rumble, even the wind and lightning paled.

E Dan stumbled a few steps backwards. His eyes widened as his right arm trembled gently. Blood trickled down like a stream.

This wretched daemon’s strength was so great that it was basically beyond belief.

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