Chapter 669 – The Spider Queen Forced into Battle, the Torrential Rain Pours

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Chapter 669 – The Spider Queen Forced into Battle, the Torrential Rain Pours

By the time Lolth returned to her senses, she had already arrived in a strange space.

Various kinds of terrains—glaciers, forests, deserts—stood with clear boundaries, littered across the expansive space as blocks. Every single block was exactly the same size. A blood-red swirl constantly spun in the sky.

On a pure-white glacier in the distance, a black wolf-man that stood over thirty meters tall howled at the sky. Suddenly, he raised his head, and a pair of verdant eyes locked onto Lolth. In the next moment, the glacier exploded, sending ice and snow into the air. The wolf-man had already vanished.

Lolth’s pupils constricted. She raised her head, only to see a colossal shadow blotting out the sky, lunging towards her. The huge claw of a wolf whistled down.


The sand dune that Lolth stood on had been completely flattened, transformed into a sandstorm that wreaked havoc.

Lolth leapt backwards with the sandstorm, having dodged by a hair’s breadth. She felt greatly shocked. He had lunged over from so far away, yet if it were not for her eyes’ innate ability, she would have almost failed to respond in time. The wolf-man’s speed and strength were already equivalent to the strongest of Daemon Commanders, definitely not something she could defeat. She ground her teeth in hatred for Northmoon.

As she thought, a gust of foul air assaulted her. An enormous wolf head opened its gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth and bit towards her.

Lolth opened her vermillion lips and spat out. A spiderweb unfurled and enveloped the wolf head, but E Dan simply swung his claws and sent Lolth flying. She hurtled into a rainforest, smashing through several dozen towering trees before coming to a stop.

Lolth maintained a defensive posture. The tight suit on her arms was ripped to shred, revealing her silver skin. Her silver face twisted slightly as her eyes shone with fury and malice. No matter who it was that tried to kill her, all of them would have to pay.

E Dan ripped away the web on his head forcefully and pulled off a few tufts of black wolf fur at the same time. His claw that had struck Lolth had been dyed with a layer of black venom, which constantly spread. He bit down and ripped off the flesh that the venom infected.

The pain put him in an even greater frenzy, convincing him that Lolth was Northmoon’s helper who had come to prevent him from escaping the Asura Field. He had to kill her. After releasing the beast soul, his mentality was already severely affected, but his instincts to fight and kill became sharper and sharper.

Lolth climbed up to her feet quickly, gazing at the great banyan tree in the distance and immediately rushing over without any hesitation at all. The forest rapidly receded around her.

She had to use the terrain to keep his colossal figure at bay. If they fought in the open, there would be no room for her to fight back at all once his claws or teeth caught her. By then, all she could do was release all of her venom and take him down with her.

As soon as she set off, the growling from behind rapidly approached her. It would probably take a few seconds at most before it caught up to her. She arrived before the great banyan tree and gathered her daemon qi in her eyes, forming mysterious, beautiful ripples. Her eyes lit up, piercing through the thick bark and seeing the tree holes hidden inside. She leapt up and shot towards one of the tree holes.

E Dan arrived before the tree too, extending his wolf claw towards her while she was mid-air; it was like he was trying to catch a fly.

Lolth spat out a strand of spider silk, which stuck to the tree. She tugged it and suddenly sped up, slipping between E Dan’s fingers by a hair’s breadth. At the same time, she swung the poisonous whip in her hand to smash apart the bark, diving into the tree.

Before she could even catch her breath, there was a great boom from behind. Splinters flew everywhere. A claw plunged into the trunk, grabbing Lolth.

Lolth was shocked. She released strands of silk again and again, binding herself to the great banyan tree. E Dan possessed great strength, but the silk was extremely tough. He was unable to pry her out immediately.

E Dan let out a strange howl, and Lolth felt a great force wrap around her as if he was trying to crush her to death. She bit down on E Dan’s hand viciously, injecting it with venom without holding back at all.

The great banyan tree shook violently, and sun vine flowers scattered. Sensing that the home they depended on was being heavily damaged, the sun vines all awakened, dancing about once more and shooting towards E Dan.

E Dan shivered inside. Even he refused to let these sun vines wrap around him. With a violent roar, he tugged hard and ripped apart all of the spider silk, wrenching Lolth out of the tree. He kicked off the trunk and leapt into the distance, but he felt his ankle tighten. A sun vine had caught him. The sun vines all surged over like snakes and dragons.

He came to a sudden halt, but his reactions were extremely fast. With a swipe of his claws, he cut apart the sun vines and dove into the jungle. With a great rumble, who knew how many trees he had crushed, but at least he had escaped the range of the sun vines’ attack.

Suddenly, he felt his right hand grow numb, unable to use any force anymore. The venom had already infiltrated deep into his flesh. Lolth used this opportunity to break free, fleeing towards the great banyan tree that was surrounded in dancing vines.


E Dan grabbed his poisoned right hand and stomped down on her.


Above the lake, the rain became more and more violent. It was no longer simply rain; it was like an overflowing river from heaven, dousing the world with water and flowing to the edges of the world. Even the roaring thunder had settled down as if the rain had extinguished it.

Under the control of the Water God Seal, rolling water spiritual qi gathered from across the Ruyi commandery, from every single river and lake, leading to such a phenomenon.

In the pitch-black darkness, only two specks of light flickered around.

Jia Zhen was surrounded in layers upon layers of protective light, which came from various powerful defensive techniques of yin, yang, and the five elements, but they did not clash or conflict with one another. The various colours melded together, reaching a strange harmony. It was like a fortress that could never fall.

Regular cultivators would choose only one type out of yin, yang, and the five elements to practise. Only ancient cultivators would practise all seven, and the difficulty would not merely be seven times greater. Without startling talent, even starting off was impossible, let alone reaching late Golden Core.

Jia Zhen happened to be a genius like that, which was why Si Qing relied on him as his right-hand man, referring to him as “sir”.

Not only did his powers surpass regular Golden Core cultivators, but yin, yang, and the five elements formed a cycle in his body. As such, the speed and power of his techniques were alarming. On top of that, he basically knew all the techniques, even able to use abstruse and profound elemental manipulation techniques with ease.

His arcane artifacts only added brilliance to his splendour and made him even stronger. He was even skilled in divination. When combined with his strategy, it allowed him to take into account every single possibility. He could always be several steps ahead of his opponent. However, Northmoon’s fate had always been hidden away, and even he was unable to peer into it.

Even he had never expected to be reduced to such a sorry state in a small place like the Ruyi commandery. His hatred for Northmoon weighed as heavy as mountains.

Jia Zhen asked sunkenly, “Wretched daemon, do you think you can defeat me just because you trapped E Dan?”

“I’m not going to be defeating you. I’m going to be killing you!”

Li Qingshan grinned. The splendid phoenix wings blazed away behind him as he used the innate ability of the wings of wind at the same time. The wind stoked the fire, extending them to thirty meters across. With each flap, he could cross a startling distance, making a beeline for Jia Zhen. He was no slower than escape techniques.

The two specks of light collided, emitting extremely radiant light. As it ripped through the darkness, it swallowed their figures.

Around the black altar, the praying continued, and the shadow that had become extremely thin slowly recovered.

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