Chapter 670 – May Your Soul Become an Asura

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Chapter 670 – May Your Soul Become an Asura

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In that moment, even Li Qingshan himself had no idea how many times he had punched out, unleashing his valiant spirit to his heart’s content. Before the reckless attacks, the fortress constructed from seven layers of light began to totter. Shockwaves and light collided and flared, illuminating his handsome and wild face.

Moon Court lake sprang alive, like a colossal beast lying on the ground below, constantly roaring and growling at the sky. It was also like a murderous army under the lead of their only commander, constantly capturing cities and seizing territory.

Li Qingshan felt endless delight, completely submerging in the passion of fighting. At the same time, he constantly rose up in the air, overlooking all the bodies of water in the Ruyi commandery.

After refining all the bodies of water in the Ruyi commandery, this was the first time he had fought with the Water God Seal. His will and the boundless water merged together. He was the rivers and lakes that surged and roared away.

Perhaps due to the enlightenment from the Fruit of Wisdom, or perhaps he had comprehended the meaning of the boundless ocean, his understanding of the Arts of the Boundless Ocean deepened yet again. He could feel he was already standing at the gates of Golden Core, with the Ocean pearl waving at him. He only had to take another step forward, and he would enter a brand-new world.

He could ingest the Origin Spirit pill as soon as he returned this time and push for the second heavenly tribulation. However, he had to win this battle first!

Jia Zhen became paler and paler as if the water was about to swallow him. Everywhere around him was whistling and raging water. He was basically unable to tell anymore whether he was in a lake or an ocean abyss.

However, he was not a sitting duck. Whenever Northmoon struck out, he would definitely strike back. Vast lightning and eye-piercing, golden light was constantly summoned, whistling out towards Li Qingshan. He did not need to think. He only had to use his powers to unleash his mightiest techniques and barrage Northmoon with them blindly.

Ripping apart his skin and tearing away his flesh, Northmoon was covered in heavy wounds. Basically his entire right arm had been reduced to bone, which was a horrifying sight.

However, this only made his attacks become even more frenzied. As long as he did not receive consecutive attacks, these horrific wounds would heal extremely quickly. The flames only had to burn past them, and they would vanish completely.

That’s the flames of the phoenix! He has the bloodline of the phoenix! Jia Zhen had been through countless battles in his life, but for the first time, he felt like he had no chance at victory. He could not help but develop a thought, Don’t tell me this wretched daemon can’t die?

Li Qingshan obviously could die. As long as his tiger bones were crushed and his daemon core was destroyed, he would die too, but that was no longer within the abilities of a Golden Core cultivator, no matter how startlingly talented and alarmingly powerful the Golden Core cultivator was.

With the Water God Seal as a foundation, he was not afraid of depleting his daemon qi. It was perfectly possible for him to maintain the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell the entire time, such that his wounds would not be so severe.

However, in an intense battle, some conflict and clashing would appear between the spirit turtle and phoenix. As a result, he purposefully avoided using the innate abilities of the spirit turtle while making the phoenix constantly heal his wounds. He did so to avoid overstraining himself.

Another colossal wave slammed over. A shadow even darker than darkness suddenly appeared behind Jia Zhen, which was the shadow that had almost taken Jia Zhen’s life, the Night Roaming God that had descended from the ritual.

Under the prayers of countless night roamers, it had recovered its strength, becoming even darker and more concealed. The dagger in its hand had been swapped out for a long, slender sword, which it stabbed out with smoothly like the flowing clouds, silently penetrating the layers of defensive light and approaching the back of Jia Zhen’s head.

Ever since the previous sneak attack, Jia Zhen had always been on guard. The feather fan in his hand lit up with white light, and he swept it at the shadow behind him. “Piss off!”


The light and shadow collided, producing a sound like a collision between solid objects. The shadow twisted and retreated, becoming slightly thinner, but it still had not been destroyed. It immediately merged into the darkness again, waiting for its next opportunity.


While Jia Zhen was distracted, Li Qingshan pushed the powers of his tremors to the limit and dispersed the outermost, yellow defensive light. The remaining six layers of light immediately lost their perfect equilibrium. Six still seemed to remain, but at least a great chunk of the defensive power had vanished.

Jia Zhen’s face changed drastically. Unable to hold his ground any longer, he immediately turned into a streak of light and fled into the horizon. As for E Dan’s life, it really came down to that old saying, “Better that he’s dead than me.”

Li Qingshan flapped his wings and did all that he could to catch up, sticking closely behind the streak of light. Only when he chased for several hundred kilometers did he pull back his wings and hover in the air, watching as the streak of light vanished into the horizon. He shook his head gently. If Xiao An were here, just where could this bastard run off to after a sweep of the Blood Sea Banner?

A pursuit like this would not lead to any results, and he could instead fall for a trap from his opponent if he were careless. At their realm of cultivation, hunting down an opponent of similar cultivation truly was difficult. It only demonstrated the importance of spatial arcane artifacts like the Blood Sea Banner and the Asura Field.

And, if he still did not enter the Asura Field to provide assistance, Lolth would be finished off. She had already left him very surprised for lasting for so long.

A bird in the hand was worth a hundred in the bush. If he allowed E Dan to escape and then Jia Zhen looped back, that would be stupid of him.

As a result, Li Qingshan immediately erased all of his aura and dove into a river on the surface. He entered the underground river again, flying about randomly along the riverway.

Before the ripples on the surface of the river had even settled, a streak of light shot over. Jia Zhen did return. He spread out his soul sense and searched before carrying out divination, but how could he find Li Qingshan’s tracks? He frowned heavily. This time, E Dan was probably in danger!

He was tempted to return to Moon Court lake and massacre the night roamers, but he was afraid of running into Northmoon again. If he were careless, his life might even be in danger. The night roamers were not worth that risk, and the strange shadow left him rather fearful.


In the Asura Field, the blood-red swirl began spinning once again, unbeknownst to anyone.

Lolth had been ripped in half along her waist. Her perky bottom and round, slender legs, or in other words, her terrifying spider abdomen and furry spider legs, were already nowhere to be seen.

Only the upper half of her body lay on the grassy plains, her daemon qi completely depleted. She was hanging on by a single breath.

E Dan failed to get her with that stomp, allowing her to slip away. It led to another series of darting around and confrontations using the terrain of the great banyan tree. However, before E Dan’s one-sided strength, she was caught once again very soon. There was not a particularly intense clash, and she was reduced to such a state.

Of course, E Dan had paid a certain price for this. He was forced to cut off his right arm that was filed with venom. Although he managed to regrow it immediately with his extremely-powerful body, it took up a lot of power. His breathing was slightly ragged, and a hint of frenzy gradually appeared in his verdant eyes.


E Dan bellowed, slamming his claws towards Lolth.

“Northmoon, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Lolth cursed powerlessly, about to blow up her daemon core when a black storm descended from above.

E Dan’s claws hung in the air. A familiar figure appeared before Lolth, holding up the huge wolf claws with a single hand. He glanced back and smiled. “Are you alright?”

Even he felt a little sorry when he saw how tragic her condition was, but that was the consequence of trying to amuse herself while he fought!

Li Qingshan originally thought Lolth would erupt with abuse or viciously curse him, but she said rather feebly, “Save me!” He could not help but become surprised before laughing. “Of course. You’re technically my woman- er, female daemon!”

With a thought, he delivered Lolth and the severed bottom half of her body out of the Asura Field.

“Northmoon!” E Dan growled, filling Li Qingshan’s face with a gust of foul air as his claws whistled over.

Li Qingshan’s body swelled up, reaching over sixty meters tall. He forcefully received the claw without moving at all, and a few brutal claw marks appeared on his chest, but he was unfazed. He looked down at E Dan from above and said with his metallic voice.

“E Dan, it’s time for you to die!”

E Dan recovered a sliver of clarity from his frenzy, suddenly feeling slightly uneasy. He could smell the scent of death. He leapt back nimbly and stared at Li Qingshan. From his eyes, he could already tell that only a single person would be leaving this battle alive. There would not be a second person.

“You forced me to do this. You better not regret it!”

Li Qingshan took a step forward. Under his iron hoof, the ground shook. “Come!”

E Dan let out a howl of despair. After the howl rose to its apex, he cast aside all of his fear and despair as if the final shackle had collapsed. He completely released the beast soul, allowing the beast soul to devour his soul. He would never be able to recover human form or consciousness again.

His back arched high into the air as his arms extended, basically draping onto the ground. Right now, E Dan seemed more wolf than human. This was the absolute power that came with absolute sacrifice. His aura spiralled upwards in a frenzy, already approaching the power of kings.

Li Qingshan opened his huge mouth and let out an excited smile. He roared, “Come!”

Murderousness boiled as battle intent rose up. The blood-red swirl spun faster in the sky.

A tiger’s roar and a wolf’s howl rose up at the same time. Li Qingshan and E Dan lunged at one another at the same time, colliding loudly in the air and smashing to the ground.

In that moment, fists and claws came and went, spattering blood into the air.

Both of them were neither human nor beast. They were like shamanistic gods of the primordial times, embroiling in the wilderness.

Roars and howls rang out again and again. The ground cracked, like a war drum being struck again and again.

The blood-red swirl was like a lone eye, watching this in satisfaction.

The newly-created Asura Field was gradually elevating and approaching perfection with their battle. Even more asura descended from the sky. In the beginning, they were regular asura, but towards the end, an Asura General directly descended.

They all watched their battle from afar, completely entranced by it. Their techniques and skills in battle might not be on par with true Asura Commanders, but this almost-primitive clash was something completely different.

E Dan struck like the wind, actually injuring Li Qingshan again and again in the beginning. However, Li Qingshan did not take a single step back, suffering injury but not dying. The Water God Seal supported his daemon qi, while the Strength of the Earth supported his physical strength. He stared at the storm-like barrage of attacks and advanced with a crazy smile.

After reaching its peak, E Dan’s powers began to decline helplessly. No matter how great the power of the beast soul was, it was not endless.

In the end, Li Qingshan pierced E Dan’s chest with his pair of ox horns, hoisting him up and smashing him onto the ground. His iron hooves stamped down heavily on his chest, crushing his bones and making his chest cave in.

Right when he was about to die, E Dan recovered a sliver of clarity. There was no fear. There was no pleading. He only said two words, “You’ve won.”

“May your soul become an asura!”

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