Chapter 671 – The Spirit Turtle’s Warning, the Arrival of Impending Doom

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Chapter 671 – The Spirit Turtle’s Warning, the Arrival of Impending Doom

On a black mountain littered with strange, jagged rocks, towering in the sky.

The five words “Mountain Manor of Myriad Beasts” filled an entire cliff that stretched over three hundred meters across.

The cliff was covered with vague, totemic carvings of various beasts. There were both regular beasts and birds, as well as divine birds and exotic beasts that only existed in legends.


A roar filled with ferity and fury shook up the mountains, making all the birds and beasts tremble.

An old man with ruffled hair who seemed as dignified as a male lion appeared on the edge of the cliff, gazing in the direction of the Green province.

“Who killed E Dan!?”


The moment Li Qingshan killed E Dan, he suddenly felt a deep chill, and the spirit turtle gave off a strong omen of warning.

Even without divining through the spirit turtle, he could guess he had provoked an extremely terrifying figure by killing E Dan, and this figure was not someone he could contend with right now.

Master, Beast King!

He mulled over these two phrases before tossing it to the back of his mind. As his comprehension of the spirit turtle deepened, his omens of good and bad became more and more sensitive.

This was a form of impending doom, but it was not imminent. After the Beast King learned about E Dan’s death and found out who the murderer was from Jia Zhen, he would need to travel from the Dragon province to the Green province. It would all take time. Within the killing intent, there was a small chance of survival. Since he could not defeat him, then couldn’t he just run?

In short, if it were a blessing, then it was a blessing, but if it were a curse, it would be unavoidable. There was no need for him to fret.

Li Qingshan yawned and stretched, gazing at the blood-red swirl in the sky. He had no idea whether E Dan’s soul had already joined the Asura realm, or if the beast soul had devoured it, completely vanishing from the surroundings.

He lowered his head and gazed at the greyish-black golden core in his hand. There was a faint, totemic image of a black wolf, giving off a feral and savage aura.

Stepping out of the Asura Field, he arrived in a place over five kilometers below the surface. A small river gurgled away in the darkness. Lolth laid on the banks of the river nearby, completely unclothed.

She seemed extremely feeble, but basically all of her wounds had already recovered. Only a streak of blood that had yet to recover remained on her waist. To a Daemon Commander with a powerful body like her, a wound like that was still not enough to claim her life, but it was still a heavy injury without a doubt. Even her scarlet lips had faded slightly.

Lolth gazed at him. “You’ve won again.”

“Hehe, all thanks to you. Open up!”

Li Qingshan walked over and put his arm around her waist, taking out a part of banyan tree bark. Crushing it forcefully, milky-white tree sap oozed out, dripping into her mouth.

Very soon, she completely recovered from her wounds, and her lips recovered a lot of their colour too. She continued to stare at him with a strange gaze the entire time. In a daze, she kind of understood why the Golden Cicada Spirit King would regard him with special respect, even communicating with him as equals. There was something on him that was different from regular daemons, which allowed him to go from the measly Daemon General under her command to today.

Lolth recovered some daemon qi. Li Qingshan patted her cheek. “Alright, you can go back!”

Lolth suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck. “Haven’t you forgotten something?”


“You said you’d fuck me if you won. You’ve won now!” Lolth licked her lips and said with a deep, seductive voice.

Li Qingshan had entangled with Lolth numerous times in the past, but he had forced it every single time. She was unable to resist, so she went along with it reluctantly. This was the first time she had gone out of her way to propose sleeping together. He could not help but smile. This also meant she stopped trying to get revenge, completely accepting his existence.

It was nothing like love. It was only recognising and yielding to the strong at most. However, this was already enough for Li Qingshan. He held her chin and smiled. “Fortunately, you’re not too stupid, or I’m afraid I’ll really have to kill you one day! Wouldn’t that be a waste?”

In the very beginning, the reason why he did not kill Lolth was because of the law that prevented daemons from killing one another. Afterwards, he did it for the sake of the Golden Cicada Spirit King. As for the intercourse that brought him the most joy, it instead was not the most important reason.

Whether it was women or female daemons, there were plenty of them in the world. No matter how lustful he was, there was no reason for him to stubbornly stick to a single one, let alone the fact that sex had never been his greatest pursuit.

Once he became even stronger, strong enough to ignore these various rules and laws, he might dismiss it with a smile and forget about it if she still looked at him with the same resentful gaze. Alternatively, he might change his mind, deciding to settle some old debts and cut her down.

“That day won’t arrive.” Lolth took the initiative, raising her head to kiss him on the lips.

Li Qingshan raised his hand to stop her. “I still have matters to attend to. You better go back and wait for my arrival. Oh right, don’t forget to hide a little deeper. The storm still hasn’t come to an end!”

After seeing off Lolth, Li Qingshan’s smile faded, immediately returning to Moon Court lake. The rain continued to pour, and the waves continued to surge, but it was no longer as intense as before.

He saw the last few remaining formations still enveloping the Moon Court dwelling from the distance and stopped worrying. What he worried about the most was Jia Zhen returning and carrying out a massacre in the Moon Court dwelling.

Although he did not have any special attachments to the night roamers, he still cared very much about Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo. They had done well during this battle. If it were not for the two sneak attacks from the shadow, Jia Zhen would not have fled so quickly, and he would be rather troubled.

On the black altar, Ye Mingzhu continued to stand in the centre with her eyes shut. The shadow paced around her. Uncertain about the situation, she refused to disperse the Night Roaming God immediately.

The night roamers with weaker cultivations in the surroundings had already fainted. Even some of the second heavenly tribulation night roamers began to totter about.

Ye Mingzhu suddenly opened her eyes, gazing at the figure walking over between the mountains. The shadow merged into the darkness and appeared behind Li Qingshan, its sword poised to strike. Only when it saw he was Northmoon did it stop. Ye Mingzhu dropped to her knees in a hurry. “Master!”

The other night roamers saw his scarlet-haired, scarlet-pupiled figure and all beamed with joy, let alone Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo.

No matter what, the fate of the night roamers from this region of the world had already become linked with his. And, it was truly through him that they were liberated from Lolth’s reign, allowing them to live under the stars.

Actually, the main reason was because Li Qingshan was too busy. He did not have enough time to oppress them. If he were as bored as Lolth, he probably could enjoy the decadent lifestyle of a ruler too. He just would not be as much of a deviant as her.

Li Qingshan nodded, smiling at Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo in commendation. “You’ve done well. Today, everyone here will be rewarded!” He walked over to the black altar and knocked it gently. The altar seemed to be carved out of a single block of obsidian, possessing a strange power.

Then he said to Ye Mingzhu, “You’re almost going to break through to the second heavenly tribulation!”

“Yes, master.”

“This is an Origin Spirit pill, which is used when humans undergo the second heavenly tribulation. I don’t know whether it’s effective on night roamers or not.” Li Qingshan casually tossed the pill over, and Ye Mingzhu caught it. She was overjoyed. “Thank you for your reward, master. I want to ingest the pill right now.”

Although she was a little exhausted after the battle, the power of the Night Roaming God lingered in her body, and her willpower had never been so powerful before. This was without a doubt a heaven-sent opportunity.

“Up to you.” Li Qingshan also wanted to witness the second heavenly tribulation so that he could make some preparations for his own upcoming tribulation.

Ye Mingzhu immediately ingested the Origin Spirit pill, crossing her legs and sitting down on the altar. The shadow that roamed around her gradually dispersed, and her own power flowed out, enveloping her surroundings.

With a thunderous rumble, lightning descended from above.

The night roamers all retreated to the small mountains in the surroundings. On the mountain with the best positioning, Li Qingshan smiled at Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo. “It has really been a while. You’ve done well this time, so what reward would you like?”

Ye Liubo grumbled, “I thought you already forgot about us, master. Others say they’re snowed under with work and could easily use a helper, but you have both a clone as a helper and your original body, yet you still don’t visit us! I don’t want any reward. I just want what you owe me.”

“What do I owe you?”

“Ah! Master, you actually forgot! I want a child!” Ye Liubo behaved like she was about to burst into tears.

“Alright, alright, alright. We’ll have one as soon as we get back.” Li Qingshan agreed readily, and only then did Ye Liubo light up with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around his waist firmly as if she was afraid he would run away.

Then Li Qingshan asked, “What about you, Liusu?”

“I would never ask for too much. I just want some of your affection, and I’ll be satisfied. Though, I do wonder which is easier when compared to making a child.”

Ye Liusu looked back and smiled, her twinkling eyes staring straight into his eyes.

Li Qingshan smiled. The elder sister was basically even more discontent than the younger sister. He lowered his head and kissed her gently.

“Sorry, I do indeed have a little too many matters to attend to. Although I killed one of them this time, his master is the Beast King from the Dragon province. He’ll probably come looking for trouble very soon, so I can’t stick around here just yet!”

Ye Liusu was very touched. She never expected him to explain to her so sincerely, or even apologise to her. With his strength, there was no need for him to take her feelings into consideration at all. She said tenderly, “You’ve already given me enough, yet I’m unable to help you with anything. However, I constantly worry about you. No matter what, all of me belongs to you!”

“Big sister?” Under Ye Liubo’s surprised gaze, Ye Liusu reddened and lowered her head.

Li Qingshan smiled. “Would you like a child too?”

“I just want you to think about me.”

Ye Liusu turned away and gazed into the valley. The crackling lightning constantly illuminated her face as she became rather worried. “Can mother undergo the tribulation successfully?”

Who knew how many years it had been since the night roamers in this region had a powerful existence that had undergone the second heavenly tribulation. The night roamers had always been killing one another. Once a genius like that appeared, the other clans would do everything that they could to kill them.

On top of that, there was the suppression from the Spider Queen. She only needed to utter a single word to achieve what the other clans could not, recalling them to Cobweb city and devouring them. Lastly, there were no wondrous pills like Origin Spirit pills. Facing the second heavenly tribulation using their power alone was not an easy feat.

“Don’t worry. If she didn’t have the confidence, she wouldn’t have chosen to undergo the tribulation right now.”

According to Li Qingshan’s observations, the might of the second heavenly tribulation was not particularly terrifying. At the very least, he felt like it would not be a problem to him. Of course, the source of this confidence was his unbelievably tough body.

Ye Mingzhu was not as powerful as him, but she had been stuck at the bottleneck for numerous years, so she had developed an extremely thick and firm foundation. The Origin Spirit pill was merely a final push to her.

Sure enough, when the last bolt of lightning fell, Ye Mingzhu stood up on the black altar, overjoyed.

“Everyone retreat underground! No, come to my side!”

Li Qingshan immediately ordered loudly. He gazed in the direction of the Dragon province. His impending doom was here!

It had come so quickly!

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