Chapter 673 – Gazing into the Distance

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Chapter 673 – Gazing into the Distance

Watching Gu Yanying vanish into the horizon, Li Qingshan contemplated a little longer before returning to the Qing Xiao dwelling. After several years of accumulation from the Eight Gates Formation of Golden Locks, the spiritual qi in the dwelling had become extremely dense. Perhaps it still paled in comparison to top-of-the-line cultivation dwellings, but it was still a great place to cultivate.

Only after casting down the Minor Formation of Five Elements Inversion and obscuring the heavenly secrets did Li Qingshan stop worrying. Afterwards, he entered the Asura Field, and the same lush rainforest and towering tree appeared before him.

“Master.” Night roamers were currently busying about in the rainforest. When they saw Li Qingshan, they all bowed and greeted him.

A shadow drifted over, and Ye Mingzhu appeared before him. She was dressed in the traditional, black armour of night roamers, which was unable to hide her mature and charming body. However, her existence was as flimsy and blurry as a silhouette, giving off a dark and obscured aura. It was as if she could merge away into the darkness at any time.

“Congratulations.” Li Qingshan smiled.

There were even more night roamers and daemons in the depths of the dense jungle. Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo sensed his aura and rushed over. Milliped climbed on a big tree, while Li’l Red and Li’l Blue soaked in a pond within the trees.

When the spirit turtle warned of the impending doom, Li Qingshan gathered all of the night roamers and moved them into the Asura Field. Afterwards, he left behind his clone. Meanwhile, his true body returned underground, moving as many of the night roamers and daemons he came across into the Asura Field as possible before the Beast King arrived.

With the Asura Field that stretched several hundred meters across, holding them was obviously not an issue. The only problem was the influence from the murderous will of the Asura realm. Regular night roamers and daemons could not resist it, making it very easy for them to enter a frenzy.

Even Li Qingshan, the master of the Asura Field, was unable to eliminate this influence, or the Asura Field would no longer be an Asura Field. However, there was a safe region, which was the land the Great Banyan Tree King’s canopy enveloped. Under the Great Banyan Tree King’s powers, even the powers of the Asura realm could not invade the place. The canopy that resembled a green cloud was large enough too.

All of the night roamers and daemons gathered beneath the tree, but they were afraid of getting too close to the tree trunk. Some rash daemons had already experienced the power of the sun vines.

“It’s all thanks to master’s gift!” Ye Mingzhu said politely.

Although she had successfully undergone the second heavenly tribulation, she still refused to show even the slightest rudeness to him. She had considered chasing him away and reclaiming the power over the night roamers once she underwent the heavenly tribulation successfully in the past, but ever since the battle above Moon Court lake, she had given up on this idea.

His strength was well beyond her expectations. He was not an opponent who could be defeated through assassination. Coupled with the fact that he had no actual interest in ruling the night roamers and that Ye Liusu was in power, she was technically in control as her mother, so there was no need to take this risk.

Ye Liusu said, “Master, I want to leave everything regarding the night roamers up to my mother and focus on cultivation for some time.”

“Alright. I’ve always said that you don’t need to spend too much time and energy on these miscellaneous matters. It also makes perfect sense for the strongest to rule. Ye Mingzhu, you can continue with your position as matriarch from today onwards and rule over the Night Roaming folk!”

“Thank you, master.” Ye Mingzhu was overjoyed inside. Her desire for power had already become embedded in her bones.

“How do you feel about this place?” Li Qingshan asked.

“It’s very good. According to the records, night roamers lived in forests like this before we ventured underground!”

Li Qingshan raised his head. The thick jungle that did not see the light of day seemed even darker under the shade of the banyan tree’s canopy, like night. It really did seem very suitable for night roamers to live in. As a result, he asked the Great Banyan Tree King from afar.

“Fellow, are there night roamers in the Mist province too?”

“There are a lot of them, and most of them live under my shade.”

The Great Banyan Tree King’s ancient voice left the night roamers astounded. They had already been left speechless when they saw such a large tree. They never thought the tree would actually be a conscious daemon. Even Ye Mingzhu widened her eyes.

Li Qingshan said, “This is one of the Ten Daemon Kings, the Great Banyan Tree King. Of course, this is merely one of his clones.”

“The Great Banyan Tree King!”

Who didn’t know about the renowned Ten Daemon Kings? In Ye Mingzhu’s eyes, the Dragon King of Ink Sea had always been a figure of legend. She never thought she would see a Daemon King in person today, which filled her with some reverence.

Then Li Qingshan asked, “I want to remove these sun vines so that they can live under your shade safely. Will that be fine, fellow?”

“I’m just a tree. You don’t have to ask what I think. However, their roots have already become interwoven with mine, so removing them by the roots won’t be easy.”

“Then let me try!”

Li Qingshan smiled confidently and took a step forward. His body swelled to over sixty meters tall, and the sun vines coiled around him madly. He simply stood there without moving, allowing them to entangle around him. In the blink of an eye, the golden sun vines completely swallowed him. Every single sun vine siphoned away his daemon qi desperate.

The Spirit Turtle Suppresses the Seas!

Li Qingshan immediately suppressed all of his daemon qi, like an icebound ocean. For a moment, the sun vines were unable to suck it away either.

Tremors of the Ox Demon!

Li Qingshan converted his daemon qi into the power of tremors and released it around him. Instinctively, the sun vines absorbed all of the power of tremors, sparing not even a sliver.

Li Qingshan was unfazed. He continued to release the power of tremors endless and gradually. Soon, the sun vines began to fluctuate as if they had reached a certain limit. Suddenly, they burst apart, reduced to shreds. The dim, golden fluid within the vines splattered into the surroundings like a rainstorm.

The spiritual qi within the fluid was extremely dense. Li Qingshan exhaled deeply. He felt like he had just been baptised. All of his exhaustion from the battle had vanished. He was glowing with energy.

Under the spiritual rain, the surrounding rainforest grew madly. The night roamers and daemons all leapt onto the canopy, enjoying this shower from above.

Because of their instincts to absorb, even the thinnest roots of the sun vines buried deep within the earth had been shaken apart, completely removed by the roots. Perhaps there would be a day when they would regrow, but it would probably take a very, very long time.

Under Ye Mingzhu’s lead, the night roamers began building houses and dwelling among the twisted roots under the great banyan tree.

Li Qingshan stood on the great banyan tree and gazed at the night roamers busying about below before gazing at the distant boundary of the Asura Field. He could not help but sigh a little with emotion. In the past, he could only sleep in the cowshed. Just how cramped had that been? Now, he possessed private territory that spanned several hundred kilometers. It truly did feel like an entire lifetime had passed.

However, the weariness of the past was not worth lamenting over, as even now, he had yet to understand how great of a figure the black ox that had spent over a decade with him was.

I await for you beyond the Nine Heavens, for the time when you stand beside me.

He raised his head. Was the Asura realm high up and distant? Beyond the Nine Heavens was probably a place even higher up and even more distant!

Don’t lower your head to anyone, to anything. You have once ridden on my back!

This saying had been engraved in his heart.

He took out the reed flute he had not touched in a very long time and placed it by his lips, playing it rather ineptly. The melody that was not exactly pleasant drifted with the wind.

The Great Banyan Tree King listened along quietly. He had heard much pleasant, beautiful music in the past, but never had he heard a flute like that.

That was the great ambition to climb out of the well and see the world, the dream to turn into a star!

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