Chapter 689 – Honey Trap

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Chapter 689 – Honey Trap

Li Qingshan smiled as he gently smeared her rosy lips, and Qiu Haitang immediately understood what he was trying to say. Logically speaking, if she let him kiss him, feeding him alcohol was nothing, but she understood very well that if he wanted to drink like that, it was impossible for them to sit normally. She would have to sit on his lap and then rely on him to behave himself, which was absolutely impossible. Her face reddened. “With your capacity, wouldn’t you tire me to death?”

“Just tell me yes or no.” Li Qingshan pressed his forehead against her with a smile. Seeing how she was budging, why wouldn’t he take advantage of it?

“You have to promise me one thing. No feeling around.”

Normally, Qiu Haitang would have never agreed to such an over-the-top request, but after experiencing everything that happened today, she desired his embrace and intimate contact. Her eye rippled, vaguely scheming something. For the first time in her life, she was ready to truly take advantage of her beauty.

“Sure, no problem.” Li Qingshan agreed immediately.

After a case of feigned hesitation, Qiu Haitang agreed to it in the end too.

Li Qingshan was overjoyed. Over the past year, he had paid plenty of visits to the bottom of the lake, but it was primarily to talk about love. They had not been as intimate with each other compared to the past. He immediately brought his hands around her slender waist and lifted her onto his lap. With her soft, warm body in his arms, it felt like she was going to melt away.

Qiu Haitang brought her hands around his neck and shifted her body, adjusting to a comfortable position. Her plump, round bottom rubbed against him gently, and Li Qingshan immediately felt his crotch heat up. A certain part of his body made a response.

Qiu Haitang stiffened and lifted up her body in a hurry, shooting a glance at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan laid out of his hands. “That’s not feeling around. If I still didn’t have even the slightest response when I embraced you like that, I wouldn’t be a man.”

“You aren’t a man in the first place!”

Qiu Haitang sat down viciously to teach him a lesson.

Li Qingshan gasped, but not out of pain. His body was tough, which included every part of him. He felt like he had been buried deeply in a clump of softness, which brought him delight he could not put into words. Instead, he made Qiu Haitang frown slightly, but she was helpless about that. However, seeing how he was attracted and tempted by her, it was not like she did not feel a hint of complacency.

“Where’s the alcohol?” Li Qingshan brought his face up to hers and licked her lips. “I want to drink three large cups!”

Qiu Haitang took out several jars of alcohol from her hundred treasures pouch. She removed the clay seals, and a streak of light shot out. Fragrance oozed into the surroundings. It was extremely heavy.

Li Qingshan could tell from a single sniff that it was fine alcohol, stuff as intense as it could get. The smell was rather familiar too, but he was unable to recall where he had drunk it before, so he asked, “What is this alcohol?”

“Thousand Days Drunk.”

“Thousand Days Drunk!”

Li Qingshan suddenly recalled that when he took part in the entrance examination for the Academy of the Hundred Schools, he had made a bet with the slovenly daoist priest Zhou Tong and drank his jar of Thousand Days Drunk. That was why he had fallen unconscious for so long, forcing him to join the school of Novels in the end. He had never thought he would drink it again today.

Qiu Haitang’s eyes flickered slightly. “You’ve drunk it before?”

Li Qingshan said, “I’ve only heard about it before. I wonder if I’ll actually become drunk for a thousand days if I drink it. I don’t really believe it.”

“Then try it!” Qiu Haitang poured a cup of alcohol with a smile and delivered it to his mouth.

Li Qingshan kept his lips firmly shut, refusing to drink it.

With no other option, all Qiu Haitang could do was keep the alcohol in her mouth and lean over, delivering it to her lips. Her cheeks bulged slightly, so red that it seemed like she had applied a layer of rouge. She was utterly delicate and charming.

Qiu Haitang leaned forward, so Li Qingshan leaned back. When she moved to the left, he moved to the right. They were extremely close to one another, their ears and hair brushing past one another. Right when the mouthful of alcohol was about to melt away in her mouth, she swooped in on him furiously and delivered the alcohol to his mouth, but when she wanted to pull away, she discovered that it was no longer possible.

Li Qingshan embraced her firmly, stroking her back and sucking on her tongue. Her plentiful peaks pressed against his chest. Through the thin clothes, he could clearly feel their softness and richness.

“It really is fine alcohol!”

With their mouths and lips as the cup, they drank again and again. Before long, basically all of the Thousand Days Drunk had been emptied out.

The alcohol was truly easy to get drunk on. Li Qingshan went for three consecutive rounds, and he disliked using his daemon qi to neutralise alcohol, so he was already seventy percent drunk. But this time, he did not feel sleepy at all. His lust blazed more and more intensely. He kissed and licked her slender, white nape, and at the same time, he had tossed his promise to not feel around to the back of his mind. He caressed her body gently.

“A’yue, don’t!”

Although Qiu Haitang had drunk a little less, her face was also completely red, and her gaze drifted about, lying limply in his arms.

“Don’t what?’ Li Qingshan smiled as he gently fiddled around with her chest.

“Don’t abandon me.”

“I won’t.”

As a result, Qiu Haitang remained docile, without putting up any resistance. Only when he tried reaching inside her clothes would she grab his hand and stop him. She had not lost her senses from being drunk. Instead, she had begun to regard him as her love a long time ago. Her body was created for him, so she could enjoy his attention and attachment at ease. However, due to her bashfulness and her thoughts as a woman, she refused to let him succeed too quickly.

Li Qingshan understood where her boundaries were and did not push them. Through her clothes, he massaged her plump breasts that changed shape in his hands. She closed her eyes gently, and her alluring face seemed drunk, but she was not drunk. Her eyebrows would react slightly to his movements from time to time, shy but also at peace. She knew she had already opened herself to him.

Suddenly, he felt a tiny bulge of firmness in the softness. With his thumb and index, he pinched it gently.

“Ahh!” Qiu Haitang let out a soul-stirring moan. She opened her eyes and shot a furious glance at him, but she put up with his unscrupulous actions.

Li Qingshan thought of something. He took out another jar of alcohol and brought it to her lips. Qiu Haitang opened her mouth to drink, but he tipped the jar a little too far. The clear, transparent fluid flowed out from her lips and trickled down, flowing past her slender neck, flowing past her full breasts, and flowing past her belly. Wherever it reached, she felt a cool sensation on her scorching skin.

When she returned to her senses, the jar of alcohol was already empty, having been tossed aside casually by Li Qingshan. The alcohol had drenched her clothes, making them stick close to her body. They were almost transparent, completely outlining her enchanting body. Her simple attire immediately became as provocative and seductive as possible.

Qiu Haitang was embarrassed. She wanted to circulate her spiritual qi in a hurry to dry her clothes, but Li Qingshan grabbed her arm. “You’re not allowed to touch my alcohol. I’m going to start drinking.” Afterwards, he buried his face in her chest and began “drinking” away. Now this was probably the land of warmth and softness they were talking about!

Qiu Haitang embraced his head, and a sliver of clarity flashed through her wandering eyes. She whispered into his ears, “Qingshan, do you love me?”

“Yeah, of course.” Li Qingshan only noticed that something was amiss after he had said that. He stiffened slightly and raised his head. “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you properly.”

Qiu Haitang pushed him away and said furiously, “Li Qingshan, how long did you plan on deceiving me for?”

Although infatuation could turn people into fools, she had never been a foolish woman. The many coincidences had raised her suspicion a long time ago, while bringing Hua Chengzan here and his conversation with Hua Chengzan on the surface of the lake had already pushed her doubts to the limit.

She had gone as far as to use her appearance to carefully craft a honey trap, which was both propelled by her love, as well as to question him when he lowered his guard as much as possible so that she could relieve herself of these suspicions. The end result confirmed her thoughts, but only then did she discover that it was not so easy to accept. She would rather he be Northmoon, a daemon.

“I really have drunk too much today.” Li Qingshan scratched his head and sighed. At this point, arguing had already become pointless.

“I should have known a long time ago. How could Northmoon have appeared so coincidentally in the Parlour of Clouds and Rain? You were the one who shattered the fake jade tablet, and you were also the one who saved me. The moon demon can create clones. I really have been foolish to have actually been deceived by you for so long. What else do you have to say?”

Qiu Haitang shuddered, and her clothes dried. Only the heavy smell of alcohol and the redness on her face that had yet to recede remained as proof of the charming time they had spent together earlier.

“I am me!” Li Qingshan smiled and laid out his hands. He took a step forward and pulled her forcefully into his arms. “Congratulations, you don’t have to break your promise anymore. You can pledge yourself to me.”

Qiu Haitang put up a violent struggle. “Let go of me!” To her surprise, Li Qingshan actually let go of her. He glanced up. The gentle glow of the rising sun rippled on the surface of the lake.

“It’s almost morning. Thank you for your alcohol. It’s time for me to leave.” Li Qingshan yawned and stretched.

“You’re not allowed to leave! Explain yourself!”

“Sigh, what else can I say? Just cultivate properly. Since you can’t accept it, then there’s no need to force yourself to. Bye bye!”

Li Qingshan waved his hand and vanished into the water. He left without the slightest hesitance.

Qiu Haitang was overcome with pain. She murmured, “You’re not allowed to go. You promised me…”

The tiny dwelling recovered its peace, but it became deathly silent. Tears rolled down Qiu Haitang’s face like rain. Only then did she discover unknowingly that he had already occupied such an important position in her heart.

Was that saying really true? Those who possessed the Aspect of Peach Blossom Beauty would never have their love reciprocated?

“I’m lying to you. You’ll never be able to escape from the palm of my hand.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out from behind, and a pair of arms embraced her gently.


When Li Qingshan returned to the Academy of the Hundred Schools, it was already morning. Just like what he had said, she really was very easy to coax. He only had to apologise a little, show some gentleness and sincerity, and throw in a lot of sugared words. With that, she completely understood the difficulties he faced of being forced to hide his identity. At the same time, she expressed she should not have reacted so violently. Whether he was Li Qingshan or Northmoon, he had truly saved her regardless of danger.

Li Qingshan even tried biting off more than he could chew. “If you doubted my identity, you could’ve just asked. Did you have to do something like that to deceive me? You sure overthink!” Yet, she ended up apologising sincerely instead, expressing that she would not do that again, which instead left Li Qingshan rather embarrassed.

When Li Qingshan left fully satisfied, even complacent over his own charms, Qiu Haitang sat with her legs crossed in the depths of the gloomy lake water. Her expression was rather mixed. Never did she think the youth from the country back then would end up as her man, and she would actually fall in love with him. Fate truly knew how to toy with people.

Her gaze became determined. She had to cultivate harder and condense the Rouge Heart so that she could use the Lovesickness Dyes the Thread Red. If this were the love she was fated to go through with, then she would do everything she could, regardless of the cost, to tie him together with her forever. Whether it was Han Qiongzhi or some other woman, no one could steal him away from her.

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