Chapter 692 – The Realm of Daemon Commander, The Profound Light Illuminates All

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Chapter 692 – The Realm of Daemon Commander, The Profound Light Illuminates All

Actually, Li Qingshan possessed the ability to reach Daemon Commander a long time ago. After reaching the fourth layer of the spirit turtle, he had only been a step away from Daemon Commander. Coupled with the first layer of the phoenix, he already had enough daemon qi.

However, when the two powers in the daemon core conflicted with one another, he would instead be better off not practising the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa. Now that he merged water and fire, he immediately began to break through.

His daemon qi rapidly surged. The Eight Gates Formation of Golden Locks that enveloped the mountain vaguely showed signs of being unable to keep it suppressed. The eight gates of Life, Death, Resting, Alarm, Obstruction, Opening, Wounding, and View constantly revolved, glowing with resplendent, golden light.

Li Qingshan realised that if he let his daemon qi surge into the air, probably everyone within the range of fifty kilometers could see it. He would not be able to hide his identity as Northmoon anymore.

He extended a finger, and the central formation disc of the Eight Gates Formation of Golden Locks flew out. He bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed the blood on the formation disc. Immediately, the formation disc began to spin rapidly.

Unleashing the power of the formation like this could make it last a little longer, but it would completely damage the Eight Gates Formation of Golden Locks.

Li Qingshan could no longer care about that anymore. He stood tall. His black hair became scarlet; his skin darkened. A pair of iron hooves pressed against the ground as a pair of ox horns plunged into the air. He rapidly swelled up and grew taller.

Three meters, ten meters, fifteen meters, thirty meters… Even when he reached sixty meters, he showed no signs of stopping down. In the blink of an eye, he had reached ninety meters, but he continued to grow.

If it were not for the fact that when he originally constructed the dwelling, he focused the most on space, hollowing the entire mountain, it would have collapsed by now.

When Li Qingshan reached a hundred and twenty meters tall, he finally stopped growing. Two streams of white smoke rushed out of his nostrils, and a few tiger stripes appeared on his face. His scarlet eyes were murderous, shining like fire. He seemed even more terrifying and vicious compared to the past. Only the pair of phoenix wings on his back demonstrated a different magnificence.

After many years of arduous cultivation, he had finally become a Daemon Commander. Li Qingshan bellowed out at the sky, filled with utter delight.

At the same time, new innate abilities began condensing in the daemon core.

The ox demon stood with an indomitable spirit, completely unshakable. The tiger demon battled the world, lunging about and roaring. The spirit turtle suppressed the territories in the ocean, obscuring itself and hiding away.

Li Qingshan silently comprehended the innate abilities and extraordinary splendour flashed through his eyes again and again. These three innate abilities were exceptional, enough to push his strength to a whole new level. At the same time, his original innate abilities would grow stronger with his breakthrough to Daemon Commander. The overall increase in his strength was more than ten times. If he encountered an opponent like E Dan again, there would be absolutely no need for him to put up a bitter battle at all. He could defeat them with ease. Below the third heavenly tribulation, he no longer had any opponents.

However, something went wrong with the phoenix’s innate ability. Originally, he thought he could directly unlock three innate abilities of the phoenix, but he only unlocked one.

Regular Daemon Commanders all knew three innate abilities. They unlocked one from condensing a daemon core, unlocked another by transforming into a Daemon General, and unlocked the final one when they reached Daemon Commander. Every single transformation that Li Qingshan practised had its own system of abilities, so logically speaking, the phoenix should have had three innate abilities.

And that was easier for him to accept. The phoenix’s power was far too weak after all. It had barely reached a balance with the spirit turtle, but it still stood no chance against the spirit turtle in terms of strength, so there was nothing strange if he could not unlock three innate abilities. He believed that as long as he cultivated to the second and third layer, he would obviously gain those two innate abilities.

However, what he found absolutely unacceptable was how he had no idea what the phoenix’s innate ability was. It was neither an active ability like the Tiger Demon’s Breath, nor was it particularly similar to a passive effect like the Strength of the Earth. He only felt his life force become a little stronger.

Li Qingshan possessed a total of ten innate abilities now, except the effects of the phoenix’s ability were unknown. In other words, he possessed three times as many innate abilities as other Daemon Commanders. Even Mo Yu, who was known as the crown prince of daemons, only possessed a measly three innate abilities.

“It’s time for me to take back what belongs to me! It’s also time for me to see the people I need to see!”

The largest lake in the Ruyi commandery was Calm Wave lake in the south. Calm Wave lake spanned three prefectures, extending as far as the eye could see. It was vast. The mortals that lived on its shores even believed this was what the oceans in the legends looked like.

Because the lake water was calm and without waves, it was known as Calm Wave lake. The people who lived on the shore were mostly fishermen; their lives were very peaceful and comfortable. That was until a year ago when strange freak waves began to regularly dominate the lake, which swallowed many boats. Sometimes, the waves would even reach the shores, so the people who lived there would not be spared.

Rumour had it that a powerful daemon had come to make trouble, but for some reason, those cultivators who flew around through the sky never came to purge it. This place had once been the largest region of water Li Qingshan had refined, but before long, the unknown daemon had devoured it.

Right now, Li Qingshan stood on a white cloud in the sky, gazing down at below.

Calm Wave lake truly was vast. Even at such heights, he was unable to see all of it. Li Qingshan could still remember it had taken him tremendous effort to refine this lake. Now that it had been stolen from him like this, he would be lying if he said he did not feel angry at all.

If he had guessed correctly, the bastard that the Dragon King of Ink Sea sent was in this region of water. He could try out the spirit turtle’s new innate ability first!

Li Qingshan waved his hand, and a hexagonal piece of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell appeared before him. A scene gradually appeared on there, which was Calm Wave lake below.

With a thought, Calm Wave lake displayed in the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell rapidly pulled closer. It shot past a flying swallow and stopped on a certain region of water. He could clearly see the waves on the surface of the lake. Then he passed through the surface to explore underneath.

Li Qingshan waved his left hand and another piece of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell appeared, also displaying an image. However, it displayed the neighbouring region of Calm Wave lake, also beginning to search around.

Pieces of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell appeared around him, forming a sphere. They all displayed different images, like they were different monitors showing different places.

Standing among them, Li Qingshan felt like everything was under his control. This was the spirit turtle’s new innate ability, the Profound Light Illuminates All.

This innate ability was rather similar to the Watermirror’s disc, and there were techniques with similar effects in the cultivation community. However, their results were worlds apart.

The Watermirror disc could look through the entire Academy of the Hundred Schools at most. Even if he combined it with the Water God Seal, at most he could look through Moon Court lake. If he used techniques alone, their range would be even smaller.

However, with this “Profound Light Illuminates All”, as long as Li Qingshan wanted to, he could concentrate all of the power on a single piece of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, and he could even see what was going on hundreds of kilometers away. It would be in high definition too, basically like the spy satellites of his past life. It definitely bore strategic significance.

And, he had only just grasped this innate ability. Once he grew accustomed and acquainted with it, the effects should become even more powerful. He could even imagine a day when he could just sit in his dwelling with a panoramic view of the entire nine provinces, just like how shut-ins could know everything going on around them without setting a single foot out of the door.

Speaking of which, damned shut-ins really did resemble the spirit turtle. In order to avoid various dangers, they shut themselves in at home, browsing around through a screen every single day. As for the characters in games and personalities on forums, they were basically like the Watermirror’s Image.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan’s gaze stopped on a piece of Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell. He smiled, revealing two sharp tiger fangs.

“Yep, found it!”

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