Chapter 697 – Fighting Mo Yu (Two)

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Chapter 697 – Fighting Mo Yu (Two)

With Li Qingshan’s great strength that could rival Daemon Kings, just who could block a punch from him with their face? The power of tremors shattered the air and produced a rumble. The fist deeply embedded itself into Mo Yu’s face.


Mo Yu hurtled backwards. Li Qingshan smiled viciously, about to go after him, but darkness suddenly enveloped him.

Although Mo Yu had been sent flying, the wings of darkness grabbed him firmly, drowning him out.

The moment the light vanished, Li Qingshan saw that Mo Yu’s collapsed face did not reveal any blood, flesh, or bone. Instead, it was a ball of pitch-black like flowing ink. Originally, he thought Mo Yu’s original form was a crow, but it did not seem so simple anymore.

Deep darkness filled Li Qingshan’s surroundings. Li Qingshan flapped his wings, but he felt like he remained in the same spot the entire time. It was like he had fallen into a black hole, and all of his connections with the outer world had been severed. There was only an aura of death that attacked every opening on his body.

Is this his fourth innate ability? Or is it a variation of his original innate ability? As some shitty crown prince, he really does have some skill in him!

Li Qingshan was surprised, but not panic-stricken. Instead, he became rather excited. If Mo Yu were like Sha Bie, someone he finished off in a few moves, he would instead be disappointed.

Since this was an ability that isolated him from the world, he had the perfect ability for destroying this boundary. He pulled back his fist slowly and immediately struck the space there in the most violent way possible.

A black egg hovered silently above the mirror-like surface of the lake. Suddenly, the surface of the black egg bulged slightly and ripples emanated outwards.

With a crack, a fracture appeared on the surface of the black egg. Soon afterwards, another part of it ruptured. Within the black egg, all of the directions were confounded together. Li Qingshan thought he punched in the same direction, but under Mo Yu’s control, he constantly changed the direction he attacked. However, even with that being the case, destroying the black egg was only a matter of time.

Mo Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even if regular Daemon Commanders were powerful, it would all just be brute strength. Once they were trapped in the black egg, it would still be death. However, he never expected that Northmoon could actually break the black egg, and as it seemed, he had done so with great ease.

Mo Yu took out a pitch-black bamboo flute and brought it to his lips, playing it slowly, but it produced no sound at all. The sound of the flute was directly transmitted into the black egg.

Li Qingshan felt his body colden. The dry sound of the flute did not fluctuate, filled with deathliness and numbness. Simply unpleasant was no longer enough to describe it. Merely listening to it for a while was enough to bring on despair, to lose all interest in life. Even when he clutched his ears, the sound of the flute would worm into his heart with the darkness and deathly stillness, eating away at his life force.

Li Qingshan suddenly remembered that when he fought against Mo Yu last time, Mo Yu had cawed at him towards the end, which reduced his lifespan by a century. Although the flute was very different from the caw, they were extremely similar in essence.

The Death Bringer Curse!

Mo Yu’s most terrifying innate ability had many variations. Through this pitch-black flute, he could push its power to the limits, no longer just reducing the enemy’s lifespan, but directly destroying their will to live. In an intense battle like this, the consequences that came with losing the will to live went without saying.

For a moment, even Li Qingshan lost some of his interest in living. A feeble feeling of weariness like an old man with a foot in the grave filled his mind. However, he immediately escaped from this feeling, not through the mental suppression of the spirit turtle, but through his own willpower.

Drinking fine alcohol, sleeping with fine beauties, and fighting powerful enemies. There were plenty of interests in life. He found endless joy in contending against the heavens, contending against the earth, and contending against humanity.

As a result, he laughed aloud and swung his fist. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The black egg shattered loudly. He said to Mo Yu, “You’ve used up your three tricks, so is that it?”

Mo Yu’s expression changed slightly. His innate abilities all possessed overwhelming power, so when he encountered an enemy he was unable to overwhelm, he was actually left at a loss over what to do.

At this moment, the mirror clone lunged over from behind and pierced him with a punch, but all that remained was a blur. Mo Yu flapped his wings and took off. As an avian, his speed was startling too, but a scarlet streak of light intercepted him. Li Qingshan’s speed was still superior after all.

Li Qingshan used the Tiger Demon Digs Out the Heart, but he missed. The fierce wind he stirred up produced a great pit in the lakewater, kicking up a colossal wave.

Mo Yu immediately vanished, appearing behind Li Qingshan and reaching towards the vital point of his neck.

Originally, it seemed like he has to turn into a black swirl whenever he teleports, but it looks like that’s only for long-range teleportations. In close combat, it’s basically no different from instantaneous transmission. He received that punch of mine earlier just to trap me. It didn’t seem to injure him in any way.

As he thought, a piece of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell flew out automatically and blocked Mo Yu’s attack. At the same time, he used the wings of wind to sweep back. Mo Yu teleported once again.

In the night sky, a scarlet ball of light rampaged around, producing brilliant streaks. A black shadow constantly flashed around, appearing and vanishing suddenly without any signs.

For a moment, neither of them could do anything to the other. It was basically impossible for Mo Yu to defeat Li Qingshan in close combat. Their speed was virtually the same, while his strength was nowhere close to Li Qingshan’s. Even if Li Qingshan remained on the spot and allowed him to hit him, he would struggle to rip through his ox hide and break his tiger bones.

However, it was not easy for Li Qingshan to capture Mo Yu as he constantly teleported around.

“Haha, didn’t you say I would die today? You only flee, so how are you supposed to kill me?” Li Qingshan punched through a blur Mo Yu left behind and sneered loudly.

“Didn’t you say I would die before you? Come kill me!” Mo Yu retorted.

What a troublesome innate ability. I need to find an opportunity to deliver a lethal blow. I refuse to believe I still can’t kill you even with my ten innate abilities!

Just as Li Qingshan contemplated a countermeasure, a familiar voice rang out from the horizon.

“The two of you, please stop for a moment and hear me out!”

Gu Yanying descended from above. With such a great disturbance within the Ruyi commandery, she learnt the news of it very soon as the White Hawk commander and rushed over.

“Yanying!” Mo Yu frowned slightly. It was her appearance last time that made him lose the perfect opportunity to kill Northmoon.

Li Qingshan feigned displeasure. “Gu Yanying, what do you have to say?”

But regardless, they both stopped. Gu Yanying smiled gently. “Since neither of you can kill the other, you should stop for today. Northmoon, you can keep cultivating, and you’ll definitely become stronger and stronger. Mo Yu, you’re quite close to Daemon King, so why don’t you seek revenge then?”

To Li Qingshan, the rate at which his strength grew would definitely be faster than anyone else’s as long as he had time. However, if Mo Yu could undergo the third heavenly tribulation, his strength would grow in an overwhelming way. This suggestion seemed very reasonable.

Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow. “Who said I can’t kill him?”

Mo Yu said nothing. He did not believe there was the possibility of defeat today. Standing in an undefeatable position, as long as they kept fighting, he could definitely find an opportunity to deliver a lethal blow to Northmoon. Moreover, he had not even used his trump card yet.

“No matter who gets killed, I won’t stop you. After all, that’s what you want. However, if you keep fighting, both of you will die! Mo Yu, you’ll die at Northmoon’s hand, while Northmoon, you’ll be killed by the dragon king! An outcome where you perish together is not amusing! As a friend of both of you, I have a responsibility to prevent something like this from happening.”

Gu Yanying stopped smiling. Her gaze was like a hawk’s.

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