Chapter 707 – Eating the Eggshell, Looking for the Asura Field

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Chapter 707 – Eating the Eggshell, Looking for the Asura Field

Li Qingshan’s arrogant tone that completely betrayed his age made Goldie A’bao lower himself even further. “I definitely won’t be a person that you hate, sir!” Against an existence that could even easily kill shamanfolk, he dared not show the slightest defiance.

“That’s good. Raise your head!”

Goldie A’bao raised his head in a hurry, only to see a piece of eggshell in Li Qingshan’s small, tender hand. “Go gather the fragments for me right now!”


Li Qingshan simply waited where he was. He let out a yawn. In that while, he actually felt rather tired. He casually tossed the piece of eggshell into his mouth and chewed it a few times with his sparse baby teeth before swallowing it.

A warmth expanded through him, and his energy riled up. He rubbed his head. A thin layer of fluff had grown out. He could not help but grin. His innocent and cute appearance made Goldie A’bao shiver. Ignoring the pain he felt, he began searching through the forest in a hurry.

The fluid in the phoenix egg was originally for Li Qingshan to drink to recover a certain amount of strength to break through the eggshell. Afterwards, he would eat the eggshell, and he would basically recover his mobility. He would not be as feeble as right now.

However, with the Bone Eating shamans surrounding him, he was forced to blow up the phoenix egg in the most violent way possible, scattering the eggshell in the forest. However, he did not find any pity in that. As long as he survived the current danger, recovering his strength was merely a matter of time.

The sky had already darkened completely. The rainforest was humid, so the burning vegetation was put out before long. The curling, white smoke merged with the night mist, while the heavy reeking of blood entangled with the sharp, burnt smell, gradually pervading through the air. Oh right, there was also the fragrance of pack animals being cooked by the fire.

Li Qingshan wrinkled his nose. He did not have much experience living in the rainforest, but even he knew that many wild beasts would begin hunting around this time of the day, and the smell was as luminous as a lantern in the darkness. The reason why they had not approached here immediately was probably because of the scent left behind by the strange people earlier, which still deterred them. As this scent gradually faded, it would become more and more dangerous.

There was no fire he could make use of right now. Once vicious beasts appeared, he really would stand no chance, but if that “one ear” saw through his feebleness, Li Qingshan would be doing well if he merely fled. It was very likely for him to immediately kill him. It was also possible for the strange people to return, so he needed to leave as soon as possible.

Fortunately, after the flames subsided, the glow from the eggshell pieces became especially eye-catching. Thanks to the lushness and density of the vegetation, most of the eggshell fragments had not flown too far away, embedding themselves in the wood. Goldie A’bao, who Li Qingshan called “one ear”, was rather nimble too. Before long, he had returned with five or six pieces.

Li Qingshan tossed them all into his mouth. He grew a little taller, his hair became thicker, and he had even grown a few more baby teeth. After waiting for another fifteen minutes, the pieces of eggshell had finally been mostly collected. Li Qingshan also went from a newborn infant to a baby around a year old.

Goldie A’bao was secretly amazed. He thought, The eggshell is actually a rare item with spiritual properties. If I were to secretly eat a piece, I wonder what would happen to me! That was what he thought, but he truly did not have the courage to act on it. Even if he was not discovered, the spiritual medicine of others might be poisonous to him.

At this moment, he discovered another piece of eggshell the size of a little finger on the ground. He was about to pick it up when a huge centipede lunged over and swallowed it. Goldie A’bao pulled back his hand in a hurry. The most terrifying creatures in the rainforest were not tigers and leopards, but these inconspicuous, little insects. Once he was bitten, he would truly be in life-threatening danger. He did not believe the strange infant who seemed like a Fire Devouring folk would save his life either.

The piece of eggshell shone in the huge centipede’s body, and the centipede violently swelled up, growing rapidly in size. It went from the length of a hand to the size of an arm very quickly, squirming and rolling around on the ground, becoming especially vicious in appearance. Suddenly, with a pop, its body broke into over a dozen pieces, and it stopped moving.

Goldie A’bao gasped. Fortunately, he had not acted on his greed. The strange infant’s voice rang out from behind, “What are you doing? Stop dilly-dallying around!”

“Yes!” Goldie A’bao continued his search in a hurry.

Soon after he left, the ground rustled, and who knew how many insects crawled out, eating the centipede’s body. Wild beasts with a certain level of intelligence were still cautious and fearful, but insects that acted purely on instinct could not care so much. The pure life force drew them over.

It was unable to withstand the power, but after dying, its corpse drew over even more insects. Having been diluted through insect corpse after insect corpse, some insects finally survived. Their bodies swelled up violently before they devoured the other living insects.

This situation happened everywhere where a piece of eggshell had landed. The insects devoured one another furiously, forming a ball of insects. It was absolutely impossible to imagine there would be so many insects hiding in the forest if someone had not seen this with their own eyes. The corpses of the pack beasts had drawn over some insects as well, swarming over like water.

In further depths of the jungle, the gradually-approaching auras of wild beasts were unable to fool Li Qingshan’s senses.

“That’s basically it! Go bring that basket over!” Li Qingshan ate another piece of eggshell. Although he still seemed like a baby around a year old, his strength had basically recovered to the level of a grown man.

Goldie A’bao eased up inside. If he made him contend against these insects, even ten lives would not be enough. He brought over the basket, and Li Qingshan leapt up gently, entering the basket. “We’ll be leaving here for now for a quieter place!”

Although he had already recovered some of his strength and regular wild beasts could no longer harm him, saving some strength was good too since there was free labour available.

Goldie A’bao was far too happy to comply. He had wanted to leave this place a long time ago. He thought of the mountain stream he had just passed by and picked up the basket, travelling back along the same path. He left this land of death without even looking back. This time, the entire merchant group had been annihilated, with only him surviving in the end. He truly was extremely fortunate. But could he really keep his life intact?

If he accidentally angered the strange baby behind his back, he would probably be incinerated to death. Compared to the shamans eating him alive, he struggled to tell which was a little more comfortable.

The mountain stream flowed off the cliffs, turning into a rivulet that gurgled away in the rocks.

Goldie A’bao stopped. Li Qingshan questioned, “Why are you stopping?”

Goldie A’bao said, “The smell of blood on me is too heavy. I’m afraid of drawing in wild beasts, so I need to clean myself.”

“Alright!” Li Qingshan said. He happened to have some matters he wanted to get clarified so that he could decide which step he should take next.

Goldie A’bao placed down the basket on his back carefully and scooped up some water, cleaning his wounds. The wounds burned with pain. He had left in too much of a hurry. All of his medicine was left with the bags.

“Come here. I have something I want to ask you!”

“Please ask away, sir!”

“Originally, I was cultivating perfectly well in the volcano, so how did I end up here? Tell me exactly, is this your scheme?” Li Qingshan glared. Although he did not seem scary at all, the malice was there.

“Sir, how could I possess the ability to…”

Goldie A’bao explained in a hurry, telling him the process of how he had obtained the stone egg.

Li Qingshan sank into his thoughts.Obviously, he understood it was impossible for a mortal to scoop him out of the magma in the volcano. He only said that to frighten him so that he would be a little more obedient and honest. As it seemed, everything basically lined up with his guess. He really had been blasted out of the volcano. The Asura Field had probably been no different.

“Then let me ask you, have you seen a certain item?”

“What item?” Goldie A’bao thought to himself, Oh no, don’t tell me it’s the “patterned bundle”?

Li Qingshan described the Asura Field’s size and appearance, only to see Goldie A’bao’s gaze drift away. His face changed, and he barked sternly, “Where is it right now?”

“I sold it!” Unable to fool him, all Goldie A’bao could do was admit it.

“Who did you sell it to?”

“S- seems like the people from Black Water cave!”

“Seems like?”

“Yes, it’s definitely the people from Black Water cave!”

Li Qingshan nodded. He only had to find out its whereabouts. The Asura Field was his most important arcane treasure. Basically all of his possessions were in there, so he had to retrieve it. As long as he retrieved the Asura Field, he would immediately be geared to the teeth again. He could return the demon heart, Ocean pearl, and Divine Talisman of Great Creation to his body, and his strength would increase drastically.

He would be able to command the night roamers, asura, and haunts too. He could easily keep himself safe, and he could ask the Great Banyan Tree what kind of a place the Mist province was and confirm a path back to the Green province.

Once he lost the Asura Field, all of this would become a mere fantasy. However, he was not particularly worried either, as the Asura Field was an arcane treasure after all. Its wonders were concealed. Regular people definitely could not see through its functions, and even if they noticed its peculiarity, they would struggle to refine it. Even cultivators that had undergone the second heavenly tribulation would struggle to achieve that.

Back then, Mo Yu had spent several days refining it, but it still ended up in failure. Although he could not use his full strength to avoid alarming Si Qing, the Asura Field was only a Dragon Arena back then. It could not be regarded as an arcane treasure.

And, as long as someone realised the value of the Asura Field, they would store it away carefully regardless of whether they could refine it or not. As long as he knew where the Asura Field was, he would always be able to find a way to retrieve it.

Li Qingshan fell silent. Goldie A’bao felt the pressure on his chest grow heavier and heavier, such that he could not even breathe. Suddenly, Li Qingshan extended his arm. His tender hand reached towards Goldie A’bao forehead, which frightened the wits out of him. He cried out, “I can help you retrieve the treasure, sir! The people of Black Water cave might still be in the Fragrant Flower market!”

The hand still pressed against his forehead. Goldie A’bao cried out inside, I’m done for. However, he felt warmth flow out. Wherever it passed by, the pain vanished, and the wounds all healed. Even his energy became exuberant. The inner force that had stagnated since a long time ago actually broke through once more.

Li Qingshan pulled his hand back. “I’m not someone who doesn’t know his debts. The ignorant are at no fault, but you sold my belongings, so you must help me find it. We’ll go to the Fragrant Flower market. If you succeed, you’ll benefit greatly! If you don’t, I can’t be bothered with killing a mortal just to vent my anger. Consider it!”

“Sir, you’ve saved my life, so I have an obligation to these petty matters. How can I accept any benefits?”

Goldie A’bao riled up. Was this perhaps his opportunity? Just like what the people of the central plains said, “Surviving a great catastrophe comes with blessings to follow!”

Various Thoughts to Say

I took a look, and the last author’s word was already over two months ago. I couldn’t help but sigh slightly. I’ve really missed out on so many opportunities to ask for monthly votes!

If I count with my fingers, asking for votes at the start of the month, asking for votes at the end of the month, the end of the old volume, the beginning of the new volume… Oh right, we also broke through two million characters, and so on and so on. There are so many thoughts I’ve saved up! I better make up for it properly today. As for you, hurry up and return my monthly votes you owe me!


Originally, I thought I would have plenty to say, but when I took a peek into my heart, I discovered it was empty, like an invisible hole. All of the sorrows and joys have flowed away unknowingly, so I don’t know what to say!

“When I’m silent, I feel full; when I am about to speak, I feel empty at the same time.”

This is just like how when a person is dazing around, they always hold some kind of hope, waiting for someone they could pour their hearts out to, believing in the warmth that exists between humans.

However, unless you are really close, you don’t know where to start when you open your mouth when you face your family or friends. Even if you manage to say it somehow, even you yourself would find it tasteless, so just who would actually be willing to listen? I gotta admit, life is lonely!

I think I’ve gone a little too far, but since there’s no path or line to follow, who cares about going too far? I’ll let the horse take the reins!

Suddenly, I thought of my most recent author’s word, which seems to be called, “To ride on the horse of dreams”. It comes from a poem from Haizi, which I still remember a part of:

“Just like all the poets who ride on a horse of dreams, I’ll use this fire to pass through the boundless dark night of life!”

Thinking because of pain, dreaming because of emptiness. Not to be pretentious, but if you trace all the greatness, loftiness, and resplendence to its source, it all originates from the regular annoyances of regular people. Writing a novel and reading a novel is all to relieve this tiny annoyance, though there still are some people who would actually be annoyed to the point where they would seek an end by lying down on the rail tracks!

Yeah, seems like I just said a bunch of meaningless things. If you don’t understand it, that’s very normal. Actually, even I don’t know what I’m saying!

Yesterday on the toilet, I read a book on ancient fables. I began reading this book in junior high school, and I particularly liked reading it on the toilet. I wouldn’t be able to get up once I started reading. Every single story is filled with philosophy. I tried to summarise a set of effective rules on conduct and behaviour, only to discover that they constantly conflicted with one another, sticking to their arguments. As a result, I slammed the book in a hurry, just in case I ended up with piles instead of wisdom in the end. I’ve read it for so many years, but I have neither.

Alright, alright, the rambling stops here. If you still don’t understand, then let me explain.

“You open up the web page. This author’s word has no date, and on every crooked web page, there are words like “emptiness, loneliness, coldness”. In any case, you can’t fall asleep, so you read it closely for half the night, only to read between the words that the entire author’s note is sprawled with four words, “Give me monthly votes!”

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