Chapter 714 – Abandonment

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Chapter 714 – Abandonment

“Sir A’yue, I’m sorry. If I were alone, it wouldn’t even matter if I gave you my life, but I have both old and young to take care of. The thousand or so clansmen of Goldie fort can’t die because of me!”

The stars twinkled coldly, unable to illuminate the cluttered alleyway. A’yue’s eyes were wide open, staring at the basket on the ground. Who knew whether he was afraid of being attacked or afraid that he would run away, or a combination of both. There was uneasiness on his face, as well as excitement for some reason.

He had already closely considered the advantages and disadvantages. He was already powerful enough now. It would be no issue for him to become the chieftain once he returned to Goldie fort. He could use the rest of his life to slowly enjoy everything he had gained from this day and night of fleeing and fighting! He had already made a huge profit in this deal, so it was time for him to pull back. If he were too greedy, it would end up costing him instead.

He was not worried that the Bone Eating tribe would suddenly change their mind. The Bone Eating tribe revered their ancestors very much. Whenever the shamans in the tribe were close to dying from age, they would not be cremated or buried. Instead, their flesh would be split up among the tribesmen, basically being passed down through the generations. If they swore an oath in the name of their ancestors, they would never go against it!

“You don’t need to explain anything. I said I can understand.”

Li Qingshan crawled out of the basket, straightened himself out, and walked towards an alleyway on the side.

“You can’t leave!”

Goldie A’bao blocked his way. Li Qingshan was the vital bargaining chip for him to escape from the hands of the Bone Eating tribe alive. Li Qingshan’s composure caused him a deep sense of uneasiness, but he immediately comforted himself as he thought, If he were capable of anything, he would have used it a long time ago. He must just be putting on a front right now. I mustn’t be frightened by him!

“That’s not for you to decide. You can decide on your own path, but you can’t decide on the path of others. Have you noticed? They haven’t answered you!” Li Qingshan stuck out his ear and raised a finger.

A sliver of panic flashed across Goldie A’bao’s face. He called out, “Hurry up and swear the oath, or don’t even think about obtaining him!” He extended his huge hand, reaching towards Li Qingshan before suddenly freezing in the air. He was immobilised.

Goldie A’bao’s eyes bulged, staring straight at Li Qingshan. He wanted to ask, What did you do?

“Did you really think I’d really feed and raise a vicious hound completely unprepared? I personally channeled the life force into your body, so do you think it’ll listen to you or listen to me? Someone once told me in the past that the power someone else bestowed to you will never be your own power! Since you’ve changed your mind, then let’s have everything return to their original course!”

Li Qingshan shook his head with no other option, extending his hand and patting Goldie A’bao’s calf gently.

Goldie A’bao felt his body become hotter and hotter; his blood seemed to be boiling. Power surged out, unbearably painful, yet he was simply unable to move. Pleading filled his eyes.

If he had known Li Qingshan was capable of something like this, he would have never betrayed him. His parents were already old. His wife and children were important, but as long as he survived, he could always remarry and have more children. If he were dead, he would have nothing at all!”

“You’ve already chosen your path. You can’t go back on it. I understand your choice, so you should understand mine too! A person has sold your treasure. You saved their life, yet they’re prepared to betray you at any time. Of course, it won’t feel very nice.”

“Listen up! They’re coming! Once they kill you, they’ll probably spare your clansmen, hopefully! Farewell, A’bao!”

Li Qingshan plucked off a hair and transformed it into a tiny pair of trousers. He placed his hands into his pockets and made his way around Goldie A’bao, waving his hand without even looking back as he ventured deeper into the alleyway. He leapt over a stone wall gracefully and entered someone’s home.

On the other side of the stone wall, the Bone Eating chieftain rushed over in a hurry. He completely failed to realise that only a single wall separated him from his target.

Li Qingshan smiled. His current physique had already surpassed mortals. It was a piece of cake for him to leap over buildings, and with his senses, he could avoid all dangers beforehand. Even if the Bone Eating shamans’ sense of smell was ten times sharper, they would not be able to discover him. Travelling alone no longer posed any danger.

This was not a forest devoid of humans. The Bone Eating tribe could not carry out a careful search, and the people of the Fragrant Flower clan would arrive very soon.

The Bone Eating shamans gathered over from everywhere. When they saw Goldie A’bao standing there perfectly still, they were afraid it was a scheme, approaching him closely. They were filled with bone-deep hatred towards the murderer of their tribesmen.

Goldie A’bao was filled with regret. Everything he had gone through during the one day and night was as bizarre as a dream. He had woken up now. As if he had returned to the previous evening, death pushed closer, and he was unable to fight back at all.

Suddenly, he understood what Li Qingshan meant by, “Since you’ve changed your mind, then let’s have everything return to their original course!”

The original course was him dying in the mouths of the Bone Eating tribe.

No, I don’t want to die!

Goldie A’bao howled inside. His eyes were completely blood-shot, becoming scarlet, and his consciousness gradually blurred. His heartbeat was as fast as a drum, like it wanted to burst out of his chest. His bones creaked, and his skin turned scarlet. He swelled up, actually growing another foot taller.

The colour of his skin varied before settling on an earthen-brown, coarse like the hides of the pack animals. Snake scales grew on his neck, goat horns sprouted from his head, and his nose became especially large, pushing apart his facial features. His body bore characteristics of various animals, even stranger and more twisted than the Bone Eating shamans.

“Chief, the basket is empty. The baby has vanished!” A Bone Eating shaman kicked the basket.

The Bone Eating chieftain frowned and asked, “Shaman priest, what’s going on?”

The Bone Eating shaman priest studied Goldie A’bao. “Looks like it’s the baby’s handiwork. What an impressive ability. The power in his body has lost control… Oh no! Kill him quick!”

A furious roar rose into the clouds, booming through the entire city.

Li Qingshan glanced back and said gently, “Since you like seeking death so much, then you can go die!” Afterwards, he continued on his way, flipping over wall after wall. His target was actually in the direction of the Fragrant Flower house.


Goldie A’bao swung his huge hand and sent a Bone Eating shaman flying. He smashed through three walls, bleeding from all of his orifices. His body was completely twisted, and he was basically already dead.

Several Bone Eating shamans lunged over, ripping away with their claws and teeth. Goldie A’bao grabbed one and ripped him apart, scattering the place with blood. The smell of blood and the sense of pain added to his madness, making him swing his arms around crazily. In just a few movements, he ripped apart a number of Bone Eating shamans.

The Bone Eating shaman priest raised his staff. The two empty eye sockets of the shriveled head on the top spurted with black smoke, shooting towards Goldie A’bao’s back.

With a hiss, flesh and blood was eaten away, revealing bone.

Goldie A’bao’s howls became more and more hysterical. He completely ignored the wound on his back, lunging towards the Bone Eating shaman priest.

By touching him gently earlier, Li Qingshan had completely unleashed the potential in his body, turning him into a temporary monster of limitless strength that had no concept of death. However, once this period passed, it would not be as simple as losing lifespan. Instead, it would be certain death. With a cost like that, the power he erupted with would obviously be great.

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