Chapter 717 – Seeking Revenge

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Chapter 717 – Seeking Revenge

Xianghua Man asked, “Why are you looking for the Bone Eating tribe?”

“I want to invite them to tea, alright? Fuck’s this got to do with you! Anyway, those are the two questions. If you don’t answer, I’ll first ra- kill you and then kill you. This place is so large anyway, so there’s bound to be someone who knows!”

Xianghua Man felt her heart tighten. Although he was almost joking with his threats, and his appearance as a child could only be described as cute, not terrifying, it was exactly his disrespectful attitude that made her think of how she normally treated those mortals. He did not take her life seriously at all. If she angered him today, it would probably lead to her death.

She revealed an amicable smile. “Little brother…”

Li Qingshan squinted his eyes. “Are you mocking me?”

“I- I’m not!”

Immediately, Xianghua Man felt like she was suffocating. It was as if crouching beside her was not a child, but a vicious monster. Of course, people like that were always capricious.

“I’ll start with teaching you the way you should refer to me. Do you still remember what I just said?” Li Qingshan flipped Xianghua Man over and threw a slap towards her voluptuous bottom.

“Daddy!” Before the slap had even struck her, Xianghua Man had called out already.

“Your barbarians really have no backbone at all! Fine then, let’s just say you’re something else! You can answer my questions now!”

Li Qingshan was taken aback and tapped her head with his hand instead.

Xianghua Man sucked in a deep breath and said solemnly, “It’s best if you don’t kill me. Do you know what the Fragrant Flower clan’s backing is?”

“The White Lotus cult!”

“Since you know the White Lotus cult, then you should know about the White Lotus Mother and cult leader Black Lotus. Both of them are powerful figures who have undergone the second heavenly tribulation. If you kill me, they’re not going to spare you.”

“If you were the White Lotus Mother, I’d leave right now. Unfortunately, you’re just some shitty matriarch of a group of barbarians. You’re not even a disciple of the White Lotus cult.”

Li Qingshan sneered. If he had a little more time and his strength fully recovered, even soloing the White Lotus cult was unable to pressure him, so why would he be afraid of a threat like that?

Xianghua Man’s heart sank. He actually did not even take the White Lotus cult seriously, and he had investigated everything about her. With how long he had been hiding in the fake mountain, he had probably heard all the secrets there were.

“Let’s play a game. The rules of the game is you’re not allowed to mention the three words ‘White Lotus cult’. In the past, there was a guy who used his boss to threaten me, so I told him to stop mentioning his boss again. I hate being threatened by others. He mentioned it again, so I hit him with a slap and sent him off to the afterlife! Oh right, that guy’s strength was around the same as the White Lotus Mother’s. Do you understand now?”

“I do!”

Xianghua Man nodded in a hurry, but she did not believe what he said at all. Figures who stood on the same level as the White Lotus Mother were well beyond what she could imagine, so just what kind of an existence would his boss be? Do you really think I grew up being intimidated?

“If you understand, then call your daughter over!”

“My second daughter, A’zi, has already gone to mph mph mph…” Xianghua Man sniffed.

“The fuck’s wrong with you?”

“You don’t allow me to say those three words.”

“She’s gone to the White Lotus cult? For what?”

“She has already become a disciple of the White Lotus cult!” Xianghua Man responded extremely quickly. Did he come for that wondrous item of unknown function?

“What! Write a letter and tell her to come back!”

“New disciples are forbidden from contact with the outside world for three years.”

Li Qingshan kicked Xianghua Man. “Do you think she’ll come back to mourn for your death?”

“I’m serious. If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to ask someone else. If I was lying, I’d die willingly. I can tell you where she is!”

Li Qingshan sat down on Xianghua Man heavily, leaning on his hands and sighing. And I had thought my luck was turning around! Whatever, I’ll treat it as switching out Black Water cave for the White Lotus cult. I basically just have to go on a trip.

As a result, there was a strange sight on the side of the hot spring. A voluptuous, beautiful madam lay on the ground. Although she had a set of clothes draped over her, the steam had moistened it, making her almost naked. On top of her sat a boy around five or six years old, who sighed away in annoyance.

“At least you know where the Bone Eating tribe is, right?” Li Qingshan decided to get revenge first. There was no rush for him to retrieve the Asura Field. It was not like he could power an arcane treasure with his current cultivation anyway.

“I do, I do. Release me, and I’ll go get a map right now!”

Xianghua Man beamed inside. As long as she managed to get rid of this being of misfortune, everything could be dealt with. She would report this to the White Lotus cult immediately, and the best conclusion would be for him to perish with the Bone Eating barbarians. Hmph, the Bone Eating tribe is not a place you can simply barge into. Since you want to die, I’ll leave you to it!

“What map? I’ll just bring you with me!”

“Bring me with you? No, I…” Xianghua Man declined in a hurry, but when she met Li Qingshan’s scarlet eyes, she was unable to say anything more. She was overwhelmed right now, so why would she still have the choice of turning him down?

“I- I can take you there. Can I put on my clothes?”

“No problem!” Li Qingshan stood up.

Xianghua Man made her way over to the clothes rack, taking off the wet clothes first before slowly putting on a fresh set. She racked her brains anxiously for a counterplan. What to do?

Run? She glanced at the boy who crouched down on the side of the hot spring, playing around with the water. Immediately, she dismissed that thought. The fact that he did not stick close to her meant he was not afraid of her running away. Call in others to overwhelm him? She would probably be killed off before reinforcements had even arrived.

“Hurry up. I’ll give you half a minute!”

Li Qingshan held a ball of water in his left hand and a ball of fire in his right before bringing them together, making water and fire merge. In his current state, the spirit turtle and phoenix were basically both at the first layer. For the first time ever, these two powers achieved a balance. Fire and water aided one another, promoting and counteracting each other. He felt harmony he had never seen before. Even the ox demon and the tiger demon became more obedient.

Xianghua Man walked over in a hurry and smiled. “It’s a long journey, so why don’t you get something to eat before we set off, sir? The Fragrant Flower alcohol of our Fragrant Flower house is renowned for its fragrance. We have various delicacies too!”

Li Qingshan pursed his lips, slightly tempted. Now that he thought about it, it had been a very long time since he had eaten anything. His mouth felt so bland that his tongue was about to drop off. Although he no longer required food to survive, this was still a joy of life. Out of food, sensory pleasures, and sex, there was nothing he could do about sex right now, so he could only start off with food. Since it was a holiday, he obviously wanted to try the local delicacies.

“Stop wasting time. Once we get back from destroying the Bone Eating tribe, you can take your time with serving me!”

Xianghua Man called out, “But with just the two of us, visiting the Bone Eating tribe is simply seeking our deaths! Please let me gather some people! I’m willing to assist you with launching an expedition against the Bone Eating tribe, sir!”

“Don’t worry. By then, I won’t need you to do anything. You just have to sit by and watch. I’m as generous as a person can get, so as long as you bring me there, there’ll even be benefits for you!”

Xianghua Man did not want these benefits. She still wanted to escape from this. Li Qingshan said flatly, “If you really don’t want to come, I’m not going to force you!”

“I’ll come!”

Two hours later, the two of them set off from Fragrant Flower market on a pack animal.

In order to keep their cover, the pack animal was a regular pack animal that advanced at a slow pace. However, this was also the most energy-conserving method for a lengthy journey. Li Qingshan had all the time in the world right now. If he travelled for a few days longer, he could recover a bit more strength. He sat at the front comfortably as his head rested between two mounds of softness with fragrance filling his nose. He admired the scenery of the Mist province along the way, which was quite the enjoyment.

Xianghua Man was not in such a great mood, and when she spoke, she had to be even more careful than when she spoke in the Fragrant Flower house. She was on edge, afraid that she would accidentally anger him with something she said. She did not want to die in utter confusion away from home!

Eight days later.

“Heh, you little sex fiend, you’re touching me again. I don’t have any breast milk for you to drink! I’ll touch you too!” Xianghua Man giggled as she extended her hand into Li Qingshan’s clothes, groping around until she reached below.

This was not some brothel or the Parlour of Clouds and Ran, but on the back of a slow-witted pack animal in the rainforests of the Mist province, teeming with danger.

Xianghua Man did everything to please him, and Li Qingshan was not a cold person either. They had spent the eight days messing around, and on the surface, they already seemed like a pair of adulterers, except the man was a little small.

“Let go of me!” Li Qingshan said helplessly.

In the beginning, Li Qingshan thought she was intentionally trying to please him, but he never expected this woman to make a habit of it after a few days. She would touch him and kiss him as soon as she got the opportunity, already reaching the point where he could not tell who was taking advantage of who. However, he felt like he lost out a little, especially when she grabbed his weak point.

“It’s still a little too small. Who knows when it’ll grow a little bigger!”

Xianghua Man laughed foolishly. She had already understood Li Qingshan’s bottom line. He would not act up over small jokes like that. It was also only at times like this when she could see him helpless and vent a little. She could never grow bored of it either. It came with the delight of dancing around on thin ice.

“I’ll definitely make you taste its power in the future!” Li Qingshan fumed.

“Ah! I can’t wait much longer. A’yue, you have to grow up faster!”

Xianghua Man felt slightly eager. He was already so cute at such a young age, so would he not be utterly enchanting once he grew up? This was not her becoming infatuated, and she sensed Li Qingshan had no intention of harming her, so she no longer felt so hostile towards him either. She actually began to enjoy this journey of a different style of excitement a little.

They traveled for another day and two nights. Early in the morning, mist permeated the forest, and the sunlight struggled to pierce the gaps between the leaves, raining down as scattered specks of gold.

“A’yue, we’re almost entering the range of their territory. We should switch to travelling on foot and approach quietly!”

Xianghua Man pulled the reins, making the pack animal stop.

“There’s no need. Keep going. I’m coming for revenge, not to steal from them!”

“Will it really be fine? Apart from what I told you, they might still be hiding other things!”

Xianghua Man was still rather worried. If the child in her arms stood no chance against the Bone Eating tribe, she could not escape from their pursuit.

“Cut the nonsense. Get going!”

“Alrighty, A’yue!” Xianghua Man’s eyes glimmered, and she bent over, kissing Li Qingshan on the lips. After a french kiss, Li Qingshan pushed her away. For the first time, he discovered that being sexually harassed was such a troublesome matter.

Xianghua Man licked her lips reluctantly. She shook the reins, and the pack animal continued onwards slowly.

After walking for a while, sounds of rustling rang out from the forest. Black figures moved to and fro, and the pack animal stopped uneasily. No matter how Xianghua Man shook the reins, it refused to budge.

Li Qingshan slapped the pack animal’s head and let out a sense of malice. The pack animal cried out in alarm and scrambled forwards. The forest receded around them rapidly, and their view suddenly opened up. A fort built into the side of a mountain appeared before them.

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