Chapter 727 – Ru Xin’s Whereabouts, Opening the Asura Field Again

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Chapter 727 – Ru Xin’s Whereabouts, Opening the Asura Field Again

A’zhong was overjoyed inside. As long as he could be of use, he could survive. Right when he was about to speak, Xianghua Zi interrupted him and said, “We can declare that he entered secluded cultivation!”

A’zhong glared at her, but Xianghua Zi ignored him, staring straight at Li Qingshan. She felt a tinge of regret over how she had not listened to Xianghua Man sooner. If she had openly expressed which side she was on right from the start, it definitely would have earned her quite the benefits. She had to go to great lengths to make up for this now, even having to compete against someone else.

“What’re you glaring at my sister for?”

Xianghua Lu stood to her sister’s side without the slightest hesitation, which consoled Xianghua Zi very much. When it mattered, family was still the most reliable. As she gazed at Xianghua Lu, who had already developed into a graceful figure, she thought, Just how did she earn so much favour from this A’yue? Don’t tell me? Thinking up to there, she became a little more confident and stuck out her chest a little more.

A’zhong thought, Oh no, these whores and bitches have seduced him with their attractiveness, and I stand no chance against them in this aspect. He called out, “Sir, Xianghua Zi is highly inexperienced and unqualified. The altar lord only favoured her because she offered certain favours in exchange. She can’t convince anyone if she’s the one who speaks!”

Xianghua Zi was furious, about to argue back.

“Alright, there’s no need to be like fighting cocks. I’ll trouble the two of you with what comes next. I also plan on entering secluded cultivation for a while, so I hope everyone can remain at ease in the Zi Lotus altar. You better not stir up some rumors or let the headquarters know. As for threats, I don’t need to go into any details. Just handle it as you see fit. If you want to die, I’m definitely not going to try and stop you!”

Li Qingshan waved his hand in discontent. He was not worried about whether they would betray him or not. They were only two measly Qi Practitioners, so they did not possess the ability to communicate across such a great distance. Even if they actually managed to contact the White Lotus Mother, only death would await them. Obviously, they would not do something as foolish as that if they had not been brainwashed by the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple.

A’zhong and Xianghua Zi clasped their hands to accept the orders before backing out of the hall, leaving behind Xianghua Lu, who was still rather confused.

“What, you don’t want to leave me?” Li Qinshan wrapped his arm around her soft waist and caressed it softly.

“Don’t, A’yue!” Xianghua Lu immediately became limp, powerless to push him away. Her numbing voice seemed more like an attempt at seduction than rejection. Over the past few days, not a single part of her body had managed to escape from his caress. She even began to experience the first feelings of lust.

Li Qingshan kissed her gently on the lips. “In a few days, I’ll let you take the pleasures of being a woman, alright?”

“No! I’m going to go find my sister!” Xianghua Lu became bright red, pushing him away and leaving immediately. She rushed out of the hall like she was fleeing for her life.

Li Qingshan shook his head with a smile.

The same night, A’zhong and Xianghua Zi announced in the name of the altar lord that he had sealed off the main hall and entered secluded cultivation. No one was to disturb him.

They held very great status in the Zi Lotus altar. Coupled with how ridiculous the concept of someone silently capturing the altar lord was, no one suspected anything.

Li Qingshan sat on the lotus pedestal in the empty hall and began refining the Asura Field again.

In truth, his current cultivation was nowhere near enough to refine an arcane treasure. However, he had the experience from last time, and his imprint still remained in the Asura Field, which was why he had a certain chance.

Blue and red light swirled in his hand, mingling together and seeping into the Asura Field. The blood-red inscriptions on the Asura Field sprung alive one by one, flickering with light. His mind was at peace as his soul sense began to infiltrate the Asura Field.

After entering a completely oblivious state, he thought of Ru Xin. He wondered where she was right now and how she was doing.

Through the senses of the spirit turtle, he could vaguely feel that she was still alive and was not in any life-threatening danger. However, before his strength had recovered completely, pinpointing her location with more precision was impossible.

Li Qingshan dismissed his thoughts silently. Once his strength fully recovered, he would obviously get to the bottom of this!


Three years ago, in the rainforests of the Mist province.

The sky was gloomy, and torrential poured down, constantly filling a huge pit and turning it into a new lake.

A graceful woman in white walked out of the rainforest and stared at the lake sternly. Mist drifted across the surface of the lake as ripples rose up and died down, just like her heart.

It was said that the Dragon King of Ink Sea had slain Northmoon here. A certain terrifying aura still remained, which scared away all the wild beasts.

Don’t tell me he’s actually…

Ru Xin felt her heart ache; she became momentarily lost. She spent almost two months traveling to the Mist province, travelling almost fifteen thousand kilometers to search for him. She clearly knew she would find nothing, but she still ended up coming as if something much more mysterious was behind it all!

Just how many times had she dreamt of the sight before her? The special smell of the Mist province that filled the air constantly stirred her memories of the past. Even the Water of Oblivion could not hold it back. Just how many things did a person have to forget in their life, and just how much baggage did they have to let go of so that they could continue looking and traveling forwards?

“Hmm? This is…” Ru Xin was cautious. She saw a black lotus suddenly emerge from the misty surface of the lake. The lotus bloomed into a man in black ceremonial robes with a black lotus crown.

The man said gently, “Fellow, have you specially come to observe the remnants of that battle too? It’s a pity that far too much time has already passed. Many crucial auras and traces have already vanished!”

“May I ask for your name?” Ru Xin shivered inside. This person had probably undergone the second heavenly tribulation already.

“Names are merely a form of reference for convenience, so you can call me Black Lotus, fellow!” The man who called himself Black Lotus smiled gently and strode over the water.

Ru Xin found it rather familiar. She thought, Don’t tell me he’s the altar lord Black Lotus of the White Lotus cult?

“Fellow, have you heard of my name before?” Venerable Black Lotus’ eyes shone slightly.

“I haven’t!”

“Then have you heard of the White Lotus cult before, fellow?”


The sun rose and fell. Time passed slowly.

Over a month later, the Asura Field suddenly hurled into the air in the main hall of the Zi Lotus altar, producing rings of blood-red light above Li Qingshan’s head.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes and raised his head. He smiled faintly. I’ve finally done it!

He sent his soul sense into the Asura Field, and the familiar scenery unfolded before his eyes again. A great banyan tree stood there, and the night roamers lived right beneath it. The asura battled among themselves across the land, training their skill in battle, while the haunts wandered through the wilderness.

However, within this region of several hundred kilometers across, there were far more lakes and rivers now. This was the result of pouring all that water spiritual qi into the Asura Field.

“You’re still alive!”

A thought emanated from the great banyan tree with a hint of surprise. Even with his wisdom, he had never expected Li Qingshan to actually survive the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s pursuit.

Li Qingshan chuckled. “I’m not that easy to kill. You better not tell others! Trees shouldn’t speak without good reason!”

The Great Banyan Tree King laughed aloud and shook. The night roamers all raised their heads, perplexed over what made the Great Banyan Tree King so happy.

“This is yours. Take it!”

The hundred treasures pouch returned to Li Qingshan’s hands once more, together with three other items.

A deep-blue pearl radiating with the aura of the boundless ocean.

A blood-red crystal condensed from endless malice and killing intent.

A multicoloured divine talisman flowing with light, conjuring everything possible in the world.

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