Chapter 728 – The True Demon Suppression Statuary

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Chapter 728 – The True Demon Suppression Statuary

The three kinds of light represented three cultivation methods, as well as three paths!

Li Qingshan’s strength would increase dramatically once he incorporated any one of them into his body. However, Li Qingshan was not in a hurry to do so. After undergoing the phoenix’s nirvāṇa, the most important aspect was making use of the time he spent growing to slowly balance the various powers in his body.

If he swallowed all three at once, it would only disturb his original pace. If he could only choose one, then the Ocean pearl should have been the best choice. It could elevate his strength back to early Golden Core instantly. Combined with the strength he had recovered so far, there would be a very limited number of people that could still pose a threat to him in the Mist province.

However, after a moment of thought, he ended up choosing the demon heart, as it was a little more compatible with the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine. And, it would not break the balance between water and fire in his body.

And honestly, who knew how much greater the Demon Suppression Statuary was compared to the Arts of the Boundless Ocean. It had never manifested extraordinary strength because he had never taken a crucial step, which was completely abandoning the Arts of the Boundless Ocean and converting his cultivation to the Demon Suppression Statuary.

In the past, the Unraging monk had also converted the śarīra he had cultivated arduously into a demon heart, which allowed him to truly practise the Demon Suppression Statuary. If he did not take this step, the Demon Suppression Statuary would just be an empty husk. Li Qingshan only managed to unleash some power after some difficulty with the intensity of his demonic nature.

There were multiple considerations that went into why Li Qingshan had never taken this step. A conversion like this took time and he did not have too much time or energy to spend on it. After all, his daemon cultivation was what mattered. His human cultivation was actually secondary. The Arts of the Boundless Ocean was a little weaker, but it was more complete and easier to practise.

He originally planned on completing all nine layers of the Arts of the Boundless Ocean before carrying out the conversion. That way, he would basically be able to unleash the full strength of the first six layers of the Demon Suppression Statuary. But as it seemed now, it was time for him to make a trade-off. He either had to take advantage of right now, when he was reorganising the various powers in his body, or he had to wait until the next nirvāṇa rebirth.

He extended a finger and the blood-like demon heart suddenly shone brightly. He silently practised the Demon Suppression Statuary and the glow slowly receded into the demon heart, becoming glistening with light.

Afterwards, he cast his gaze towards the Ocean pearl. Under the control of his soul sense, the Ocean pearl began to spin, revolving faster and faster. Its circular shape gradually changed and it gradually approached the demon heart.

A droplet of fluid suddenly flew out from the Ocean pearl and landed on the demon heart, which immediately lead to a violent reaction. Red light flickered brightly, illuminating the entire hall. Under Li Qingshan’s endeavour, it took him an entire day before he got the light under control and it gradually subsided. The demon heart became even shinier too.

Next came the second droplet…

Just like that, the days passed one by one. The Ocean pearl became smaller and smaller and the demon heart became brighter and brighter.

Half a year later, when the last droplet of fluid merged into the demon heart, the Ocean pearl completely vanished from the world, which left Li Qingshan a little melancholic. This was the cultivation method he had persisted with all this time after all. However, what brought him even more joy was the demon heart’s changes.

The demon heart that was originally blood-red was now woven with a deep blue. The two colours merged together, making it seem even more magnificent. The benefits of combining these two powers went without saying. Right now, the strength of his human cultivation was definitely even greater than before he underwent nirvāṇa rebirth. Right now, even if the White Lotus Mother rushed over here, he could retreat with ease.

Two months earlier, he received good news from his mirror clone’s side. Gu Yanying followed through with their agreement and helped him gather a large quantity of fire element pills and spiritual stones. He paid her off in full, obviously thanks to Si Qing’s generosity, and asked her to continue searching. With these resources, he could get to work with the second layer of the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa!

However, there was no need for him to rush. After a lengthy period of cultivation, he needed to rest up a little, so he took out the Asura Field.


“Sister, where do you think master’s gone in the past few years? Why hasn’t he visited us even once? The tree king clearly knows, but he refuses to tell us!”

In an exquisite treehouse within the Asura Field, Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo sat together. The steam from the tea curled upwards.

Everything in the house had been sculpted from wood and engraved with beautiful patterns. The air gave off a refreshing fragrance of nature, worlds apart from the gloominess and eeriness underground.

“He’s probably focusing on cultivation right now! At his realm of cultivation, it’s not strange for him to enter secluded cultivation for a few years at once. Actually, there are even regular daemons that entered secluded cultivation for decades at a time. You better stop thinking about it too much and focus more on cultivation!”

Ye Liusu comforted Ye Liubo, but her gaze drifted away slightly as well. Within the cultivation community, the most precious resource was time, but the most worthless resources also happened to be time.

“What! Several decades! I’m going to die!” Ye Liubo was rendered speechless. She lay on the round, wooden table powerlessly and groaned.

“Meetings are always brief, while partings are always long. Haven’t you realised that, Liubo?” Ye Liusu caressed Ye Liubo’s hair and said gently.

With his talent, even becoming a Daemon King would not be a problem. His life span stretched over ten thousand years long. On the other hand, as night roamers, their lives were a little longer compared to human cultivators, but it was nowhere close to the life spans of daemons. They were basically guaranteed to die before him, and that was not even the most brutal part of it all. It was possible for him to travel even faster and even higher, ascending to a higher and more distant world. By then, they would not be separated by time, but by space.

“I don’t care! I don’t care! I want to follow master for the rest of my life! I still haven’t had his child yet!” Ye Liubo called out like a child throwing a tantrum.

Ye Liusu sighed. Just when she was about to say something, the scenery before her changed and a voice rang out from behind, “If you want a child, you just have to try a few extra times and you’ll definitely end up with one!”

She suddenly looked back, only to see a child around twelve or thirteen years old standing a few steps away from a lotus pedestal, gazing at them with a smile. The voice came from him.

“You’re… master!?” Ye Liubo recognised the familiar scarlet hair and eyes immediately.

“Who else could I be?” Before Li Qingshan could even finish, Ye Liubo threw herself over, embracing him firmly. She murmured, “Master, you’ve become so small!” Ye Liusu asked as well, “What happened?”

“Don’t you know? It’s a long story!” Li Qingshan gave a rough explanation of what happened, “… that’s basically what happened. I’m recovering right now, which is why I’ve shrunken, but I’ll recover very soon!”

Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo widened their eyes, completely speechless. Killed Mo Yu and a group of Daemon Commanders! Hunted down by the Dragon King of Ink Sea! Every single matter was beyond their imagination. He mentioned it easily, but they both felt startled by everything he went through. They understood exactly how difficult it had been for him to survive!

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