Chapter 731 – Ru Xin’s Whereabouts, Lord of the Clear Ripple Hall

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Chapter 731 – Ru Xin’s Whereabouts, Lord of the Clear Ripple Hall

Ye Liubo said, “Yeah, master. It’ll be far too boring in the Asura Field alone. It’s only fun when you have a bit more people!”

“If you want to revitalise the night roamers, then consume this Night Demon core and undergo the second heavenly tribulation as quickly as possible!” Li Qingshan passed the Night Demon core towards Ye Liusu.

Ye Liusu stared at the Night Demon core, but she did not extend her hand to accept it. Even though she had the dream of revitalising the night roamers, even though Ye Mingzhu well and truly deserved her fate, that was still her mother after all. How could she accept the Night Demon core so easily?

Li Qingshan waited patiently for her to make her choice. He also felt rather strange inside. I killed her mother, and I’m even coercing her into doing something like this. I really am a demon!

At the end of their day, they were not equals. This form of equality was not about strength. Ru Xin was much weaker than him, but they were still equals because a single thing—they did not need anything from each other. Ru Xin refused to take advantage of him, even doing all that she could to prevent him from becoming involved in her matters, which instead allowed him to benefit much more. As a result, they were equals and mutual confidants.

These two night roamers were different. They both needed him, and their master-servant relationship existed as well, so they had to pay a certain price. At the very least, it would be “loyalty”. If they wanted benefits without paying any price at all, he would not fly into a rage. He would simply leave them and go his own way.

“How biased of you, master!” Ye Liubo suddenly called out, “With my sister’s talent, she can undergo the second heavenly tribulation with ease, but I don’t have the slightest confidence at all. You don’t give such a great Night Demon core to me, but to my sister. If that’s not being biased, what is it?”

“That’s reasonable. I’ll give it to you then.”

Li Qingshan smiled and tossed it towards Ye Liubo. Ye Liusu eased up slightly inside and shot a grateful glance at Ye Liubo.

“Cultivate properly. The Asura Field is not some paradise, and there will be a day when I leave this world!”

Li Qingshan said with deep meaning. He sent Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo back into the Asura Field. Afterwards, he glanced outside the hall and waved his hand. “Come in!”

The siblings, Xianghua Zi and Xianghua Lu, as well as the head caretaker of the Zi Lotus altar, entered the hall. Although the Demon Suppression Tower had only appeared for a moment, the disturbance it caused was truly big. The entire place had been alarmed.

“A’yue, you’ve grown even bigger!” Xianghua Lu said in surprise.

It had only been a few months, and he had grown by quite a lot yet again. He gradually shed his childishness and demonstrated his true charm.

“You seem like you’ve grown up by quite a lot too!” Li Qingshan smiled.

“Really? That’s all thanks to the Hidden Aura gu you gave me!” Xianghua Lu reddened and fidgeted around a little. Xianghua Zi had taught her many things recently. “Oh right, what happened earlier?”

“It was just a rat that managed to sneak in. Did anything happen in the Zi Lotus altar lately?”

Xianghua Zi chimed in, “Just a rat can cause such a great disturbance? Just how large is the rat supposed to be?”

A’zhong said, “Nothing has happened lately!”

“Really? Then something is about to happen!”

Li Qingshan looked in the south-west direction. Xianghua Zi and the others were unable to sense it with their cultivations, but a cluster of daemon qi rose up vaguely several dozen kilometers away, rapidly drawing closer.

The three of them were all perplexed.


The daemon qi slammed viciously against the formation, producing a ring of light. The entire Zi Lotus altar was suddenly illuminated, and the hall shook gently.

“Oh no, it’s the Snake God cult!”

Xianghua Zi paled. The Snake God cult and the White Lotus cult were on irreconcilable terms. Once the formation fell, they would definitely massacre everyone here out of their wrath, and the altar lord just happened to be crippled. The only person they could rely on was the Goldie A’yue of unknown origins. Whether he would oppose the Snake God cult was still an unknown. If he directly abandoned the entire altar, then they would be done for!

Booms rang out constantly. The entire Zi Lotus altar descended into chaos. Many people rushed towards the hall.

“Alright, you can go back and rest!” Li Qingshan waved his hand.

“We’re ready to enter battle with you, sir!” “Me too! A’zhong is willing to fight to the death for you, sir!”

Li Qingshan read their thoughts and smiled gently. With a flash, he vanished from the hall.

Xianghua Zi and A’zhong exchanged glances. Their eyes were filled with shock and despair. To them, whether it was the Snake God cult or the White Lotus cult, they were all tremendous, undefeatable existences. No one would be willing to openly confront them. Choosing to flee basically made perfect sense. He could even kill off everyone in the process, avoiding the White Lotus cult’s attention.

Xianghua Lu called out, “Be careful, A’yue!” It led to sidelong glances from Xianghua Zi and A’zhong.

“W- what’s wrong? Have I said something wrong?”


At the centre of the gushing daemon qi was a graceful, blonde beauty. She wore a bandeau and a short skirt that seemed to be made from golden scales. She constantly unleashed her daemon qi to attack the formations of the altar.

She was certain. Something must have happened in the Zi Lotus cult, or the altar lord would have come out to receive me a long time ago. All of my waiting hasn’t gone to waste! I’ve finally waited until this opportunity! A voice suddenly rang out by her ears, “Are you from the Snake God cult?”

“I’m a protector general of the Snake God cult, Gold Thread. Who are you?” Gold Thread glanced down and saw a handsome child standing in the sea of trees. This must be the child they were talking about!

“That’s none of your concern. There’s something I’d like the Snake God cult’s help with!”

“Alright. We can talk once I take out the Zi Lotus altar!”

Gold Thread said that, only to suddenly discover that she could not move her right arm. She felt great pain and discovered in fright that a hole had appeared in her right shoulder.

When she looked at the handsome boy again, she saw his thumb and middle finger locked together with a translucent droplet of water twinkling between them. That was the weapon that had injured her. If he had targeted her head with that, she would have been dead already.

Gold Thread withdrew her daemon qi and landed in the sea of trees. She rubbed her shoulder as she gazed at Li Qingshan in shock and confusion. “What are y-”

“Asking a stupid question once is enough!” Li Qingshan interrupted rudely, crossing his arms and sitting down on a tree root.

“With your strength, what can our Snake God cult help you with, sir?” Gold Thread’s face sank as she asked carefully. The opponent’s strength was well beyond her imaginations.

“Help me find someone, and I’ll give you the head of the lord of the Zi Lotus altar!” With a thought, slivers of steam gathered together and assembled into a woman’s figure, completely true to life. It depicted Ru Xin.

If Ru Xin had remained in this region, then someone must have seen her. As the local organisation, the Snake God cult obviously had many eyes and ears. The White Lotus cult was obviously the better choice, but he had no plans on visiting the headquarters of the White Lotus cult.

“Why are you looking for her?” Gold Thread’s eyes flashed.

“You’ve seen her?” Li Qingshan never thought his plan of finding Ru Xin would end up being so successful. With the first person, no, the first snake he had asked, he had found a lead.

“No! But with the forces of our Snake God cult, we should be able to find something very soon. Just wait for the good news!” Gold Thread turned around to leave.

Li Qingshan smiled. “You’re not even asking me about her name and cultivation. Do you really take me for a child? If you tell me another lie, I’ll skin you alive! Where is she?”

Gold Thread stiffened. A violent sense of malice gushed over, which made her feel like she was in the mouth of a vicious beast. She only needed to say a single incorrect statement, and she would be ripped apart and eaten. In order to stay alive, all she could do was come clean.

“She’s at the headquarters of the White Lotus cult!”

“How do you know?”

“She’s the lord of the Clear Ripple hall of the White Lotus cult!”

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