Chapter 735 – Fighting White Lotus

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Chapter 735 – Fighting White Lotus

“Ru Xin?”

Li Qingshan frowned. That did not resemble her usual tone!

“I didn’t think you’d actually come here looking for me, but the Ru Xin of the past is already dead. I am now the lord of the Clear Ripple hall, Shi Ji!”

Ru Xin’s voice was extremely distant and flat.

“Don’t tell me you actually plan on dawdling around with the fucking White Lotus Mother!” Li Qingshan went up and grabbed her hand. It was cold and hard like jade.

“Shut up! The White Lotus Mother has saved the world and brought salvation upon all. If you plan on continuing with your rudeness, don’t blame me for being inconsiderate!”

Ru Xin shook off his hand and said resolutely.

“Oh, I’d like to see how you’ll be inconsiderate!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes coldened, but he was obviously not angry at her. Her behaviour was clearly due to falling for the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple. Her mind had been completely twisted. What a White Lotus cult!

Before he had even finished, a hand whistled towards his heart.

Ru Xin was actually trying to kill him heartlessly!

Li Qingshan did not dodge at all. He felt a sliver of pain in his heart, but most of it was still fury.

His chest ached, and the nails pierced his skin, much more easily than Ru Xin imagined. However, the hand stopped.

“What? Didn’t you want to kill me?” Li Qingshan’s eyes flashed.

“I know I’m not your opponent, and I don’t want to provoke a powerful enemy for the White Lotus cult either. You can go!” Ru Xin pulled back her hand and returned to her senses, turning her back on him.

“I’ve come this time to take you back to the Green province!”

“I won’t be returning to the Green province again!” Ru Xin looked back. The determination in her eyes made Li Qingshan frown even more. “You’ve fallen for the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple, but I will cure you!”

Li Qingshan took a step forward. He was as determined. Now was not the time to haggle. No matter what she said or did, he had to take her away from the White Lotus cult.

“Li Qingshan, do you know where this is? Once the formations of Lotus Flower peak are activated, you can’t escape even if you’re capable of the impossible!” Ru Xin said confidently.

A mischievous light flashed through the depths of her eyes.

Three years ago, after encountering venerable Black Lotus, she had joined the White Lotus cult, but her objective was to use the forces of the White Lotus cult to track down Li Qingshan.

However, Li Qingshan had hidden himself far too well. Only after the destruction of the Zi Lotus altar did she finally find a lead. She found Xianghua Man and confirmed that he was still alive, but fortunately, he was not present back then! She had truly lost her composure back then!

Of course, she had also tried the “Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple”. The effects were something else! Perhaps because she practised the Heavenly Tome of Cloud Furnace, or perhaps because she still had far too many things she could not let go of, the influence was tiny, nowhere close to brainwashing her.

He had made her worry for all this time for nothing. Now that they had reunited, there was such a great opportunity presented before her, so if she did not tease him with it, that would be far too much of a waste. However, she could not continue with it anymore, or he might actually lay his hands on her!

She had already begun anticipating the expression he would show next!

Li Qingshan was ready to directly subdue her, shove her into the Asura Field, and leave. Ru Xin took in a small breath, about to explain herself.

The faint fragrance of lotus flowers wafted over, and an old woman with white hair approached the courtyard with a hunched back.

“Cough, cough! You’re right! Shi Ji, as long as I’m here, no one can take you away!”

The White Lotus Mother!

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. His aura should have been concealed very well. Did Ru Xin secretly report this to the White Lotus Mother? Originally, he still had some doubts, but as it seemed now, she had actually been brainwashed by the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple!

Ru Xin was taken aback too. She had issued special instructions to bring anyone from the Zi Lotus altar straight to her if they came to the Lotus Flower peak, specifically to avoid the attention of the White Lotus Mother.

Why has the White Lotus Mother come? This is terrible!

If she continued behaving like she had been brainwashed by the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple, Li Qingshan would never give up until he took her away with him. However, if she told the truth, the White Lotus Mother would definitely execute her as a traitor. That was not a solution either.

“Do you know this holy mother?”

The White Lotus Mother’s voice went from being old and hoarse to young and pleasant. The wrinkles on her face vanished in that moment, and she turned into a beautiful woman in her twenties. The white lotus flower in her hand was in full bloom as she pointed it at Li Qingshan.

The Lotus Flower peak shook, and a streak of white light rose up from the very top, scattering in the air and enveloping the entire mountain.

All of the formations had been activated. The headquarters of the White Lotus cult that had already been a zone of danger became even more dangerous!

“Bitch, undo the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple, and I’ll give you a quick one!”

Li Qingshan transformed into the tall Demon Commander clad in red and blue armour. The fury in him was projected on his curved visor, turning into raging waves! It had already been a very long time since he felt so angry. Even when he faced the end of the road under the Dragon King of Ink Sea’s pursuit, he merely treated it all as an adventure.

But right now, basically his bottom line had been crossed. With the Demon Dragon sword in hand, the cry of the dragon reverberated through the mountain!

“Such an impure thing can only be purified with death!”

Cold light flashed through the White Lotus Mother’s eyes. How dare he still say something like that on the Lotus Flower peak? He truly was looking to die!

“Wait!” Ru Xin wanted to stop them, but it was already too late.

“The Lotus Blossoms!”

The lotus flower in the White Lotus Mother’s hand completely opened up, turning into rings of pure-white light that resembled petals. They cascaded towards Li Qingshan and enveloped him.

Li Qingshan felt threatened. The lotus flower was anything but ordinary. It was very likely to be the arcane treasure Gu Yanying mentioned that the White Lotus Mother had massacred hundreds of thousands of people to refine. It seemed pure and innocent, but it was hiding a very evil nature.

However, his killing intent only became even sharper. He drew the Demon Dragon sword with a clang, and the dragon’s cry turned into a dragon’s roar. With a flash, sword qi shot out like a streak of light and split the layered petals in half.

“An arcane treasure!”

The White Lotus Mother was surprised. She understood the rarity of an arcane treasure. In order to refine the lotus flower in her possession, who knew how much effort she had put in, but all of the hardships were worth it. The petals seemed fragile, but even Golden Core cultivators would be doomed if they were sucked in. The lotus flower had played a prominent role in defeating the Snake God cult.

“The Lotus Blooms!”

The White Lotus Mother called out, and the white lotus shone with even brighter light, conjuring white lotuses that bloomed one after another.

Li Qingshan could see nothing apart from thousands of white lotuses clustered around him. The power within them wanted to forcefully grind him to dust.


The Demon Dragon sword flew out of his hand and turned into a demon dragon, circling around Li Qingshan. It also unleashed a profound sword style in its dragon form. For a moment, sword qi criss-crossed the area.

The demon dragon danced about madly and ripped apart the lotus flowers, preventing them from approaching Li Qingshan. However, the lotus flowers happened to be endless, giving him no time to catch his breath.

This was a clash between two demonic arcane treasures!

The air blasts knocked Ru Xin away. All she saw was the Clear Ripple hall she had spent almost three years in being completely destroyed within the criss-crossing light, scattering as rubble.

Specks of white light gathered from the surroundings. The White Lotus Mother became even younger as she chanted away. Under her powers, the entire Clear Ripple hall seemed to become a lotus flower, enveloping Li Qingshan.

The White Lotus Mother possesses a geographic advantage, while his powers haven’t recovered completely. He’ll be in danger if this continues! Ru Xin frowned and thought.

Suddenly, she saw Li Qingshan standing on top of the dragon head in the white light, and the demon dragon flew forwards. Lotus flowers surged over. He clenched his right hand firmly into a fist, wrapped with surging demon qi. It spun rapidly like a whirlpool.

The Ocean pearl was gone, but it had been converted into a brand-new power in the demon heart, and the various methods of utilising power from Ocean Wielding still remained. And, it was being unleashed once again in a brand-new way!

“The Vortex Form!”

The demon qi spun quickly like a drill, piercing the countless flowers and heading straight towards the White Lotus Mother.

Just where did such a powerful figure come from!?

The White Lotus Mother shivered inside. She was surprised, but not frantic. With a flip of her left hand, she locked her fingers around a pure-white lotus seed and flicked it out.

The lotus seed went from white to red in the air!


Like a bolt of lightning, fierce flames swallowed Li Qingshan, turning the area into a sea of fire.

The White Lotus Mother stood on the lotus platform with bare feet. The rolling flames were unable to reach within a meter of her. She sneered slightly. Every single one of these Lotus Seeds of Divine Fire were extremely rare. It required planting lotus seeds above lakes of fire and magma, gathering fire spiritual qi. A decade of dedicated nurturing only resulted in a single pod of seeds, so of course, it would be extremely powerful.

At this moment, there was a dragon’s cry, and Li Qingshan emerged on top of the dragon, parting the sea of fire and throwing a punch at the White Lotus Mother!

The White Lotus Mother was shocked. He seemed completely unscathed!

“The Lotus Closes!”

The petals on the lotus platform below her feet closed up and wrapped around her, glowing with faint, white light. She did not feel afraid at all. If he tried slashing her with the demonic sword, then there would be some danger, but if he used his bare fists, it was impossible for him to tear through her defences!


The petals twisted and crumbled. Li Qingshan’s punch ripped through the lotus flower and landed on the White Lotus Mother’s face.

Even though his great strength of the ox demon had not fully recovered yet, even though he did not use the powers of tremors, it still was not something a regular technique could block!



“Cult leaders, that A’zhong has already made it into the Lotus Flower peak!”

In a hidden underground cave fifty kilometers away from Lotus Flower peak, Gold Thread reported to a man and a woman.

The man was dignified, dressed in a set of faint-golden robes with a circlet formed from a twisted, golden snake on his head. The woman was graceful and dressed in a silver-white dress. She wore a similar circlet on her head, but it was a silver snake instead.

Throughout history, the Snake God cult had always had two cult leaders, and they were complete equals. They were the cult leader of the left and the cult leader of the right, a human and a snake daemon.

Unbeknownst to Li Qingshan, a scheme had already been developed. Gold Thread had not massacred everyone in the Zi Lotus altar. Instead, she kept someone alive, which was A’zhong.

The cult leader of the left, which was the man with the golden circlet, was rather doubtful. “Do you really think this will succeed?”

Gold Thread said, “I’m fifty to sixty percent confident. That kid definitely is not a member of the White Lotus cult. If that old demonic granny White Lotus found out that someone had destroyed the Zi Lotus cult, even infiltrating the Lotus Flower peak in an attempt to kidnap her lord of the Clear Ripple hall, she would never just accept it lying down. That kid’s a real piece of work too. By then, it’ll be a heaven-sent opportunity for us!”

“Fifty to sixty percent confident? That’s enough! If this succeeds, then you will have done a great deed for the Snake God cult. You’ll definitely be rewarded. White Lotus, Black Lotus, I want you to die horrible deaths!” the cult leader of the right said viciously as her snake eyes flickered with an ominous light.

Rumbles rang out from afar. The cult leader of the left riled up in vigour. “Sure enough, they’ve begun fighting!”

“No, there’s no hurry. We’ll let them go at each other’s throats first, and then we’ll swoop in and massacre the entire Lotus Flower peak. If the kid is willing to yield to the Snake God cult, then so be it, but if he refuses, we’ll kill him too and eliminate this future source of trouble for good!”

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