Chapter 736 – Slashing Through the Lotus Flower

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Chapter 736 – Slashing Through the Lotus Flower

Li Qingshan struck the White Lotus Mother’s face viciously. The violent power all spilt out.

The White Lotus Mother’s beautiful face twisted and collapsed. With a bang, her head exploded, and blood and brain matter splattered.

Li Qingshan sailed through her. The White Lotus Mother’s headless corpse was still standing on the lotus platform without moving at all.

The demon dragon turned back into a sword and returned to Li Qingshan’s hand. He snorted coldly. “Is that all?”

The headless White Lotus Mother suddenly began to move again. Her figure flickered, producing a lotus with each step and pulling away from him!

Li Qingshan was rather surprised. Normally, even daemons with powerful life force were basically dead if they had their heads directly punched in, let alone human cultivators.

She really is capable of something to be locked in a stalemate against Gu Yanying for such a long time. At the very least, she’s capable of withstanding a beating!

In the blink of an eye, another head grew back from the White Lotus Mother’s empty neck. She stared at Li Qingshan in disbelief! If it were not for the wonders of her cultivation method, she almost would have screwed up a simple task and died to the punch unknowingly!

“Who are you exactly?”

She understood one thing now. Even on the Lotus Flower peak, enveloped by formations upon formations, her opponent was not a weakling that she could crush. Instead, it felt more like being locked in a cage with a vicious beast!

“The cause of your death!”

Two streams of white air gushed out from the back of Li Qingshan’s shoulder plates. He suddenly accelerated, shooting towards the White Lotus Mother.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of danger and came to a halt. A streak of light brushed past his body, leaving behind a heart-stopping wound on his back. Even the body of a Demon Commander could not block its power! If it struck him directly, it would be no joke!

Then he lunged to the left, and a streak of white light pierced his blur.

In that moment, streaks of white light shot over one after another!

Li Qingshan flashed about, constantly changing directions and dodging with the spirit turtle’s senses. Sometimes, he would fly to the bottom of the mountain, and at other times, he would fly to the top, leaving behind long streaks of white light.

Under the White Lotus Mother’s control, the formations that enveloped the entire mountain began to operate rapidly!

“It doesn’t matter who you are! Only death awaits those who intrude upon my White Lotus cult!”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud as he flew!

The White Lotus Mother’s expression hardened. The streaks of white light gathered together and criss-crossed without dispersing. She swung the lotus flower in her hand and pointed it at Li Qingshan. “Net of Impermeability, slice him apart!”

Thousands of streaks of light shot over!

A great warning of danger filled Li Qingshan’s heart. The light that was as dense as a spider’s web sealed off everywhere he could dodge!

He seemed to be frightened out of his wits, standing above the mountain peak without moving at all. He allowed the streaks of light to gather and unleash the full extent of their power.

In that moment, the place where he stood became a scorching-white point of focus!

The White Lotus Mother’s expression loosened. With that, no matter how powerful his body was, he would struggle to escape the fate of disintegration.

Watermirror’s Image!

There was a flash of light in the point of focus, and the thousands of streaks of light were reflected in all directions.

Li Qingshan’s eyes were as still as water. Pieces of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell flew around him, reflecting every single streak of light!

Under his meticulous control, the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell changed angles. Every single streak of light instead became his weapon, targeting the structures on the mountain as well as the disciples and hall lords of the White Lotus cult.

Several dozen beams of light shot towards the White Lotus Mother. In the critical moment, she controlled the formation in a hurry, and most of the streaks of light that shot towards her were diverted. However, there was still a streak that she was unable to divert or dodge in time, which directly pierced her body and left behind a huge hole. Basically all of her organs had been incinerated. Only a thin flap of flesh on her waist kept her upper and lower body connected.

The White Lotus Mother stopped the attacks from the formations. Disregarding her wounds, she gazed down from the mountain. The headquarters of the White Lotus cult she had managed for over a decade had already been reduced to ruins. Basically all of the structures were destroyed and countless elite disciples of the White Lotus cult had died. She had even lost three hall lords. She could not help but be utterly devastated!

Ru Xin’s eyes were filled with surprise. Although she had learnt about his power a long time ago, it still exceeded her expectations when she saw it for herself. The battle that was originally supposed to be riddled with danger had instead turned into a massacre for the White Lotus cult.

Even Li Qingshan had never expected the Watermirror’s Image to be so effective. His strength had yet to completely recover, so he originally planned on using the Watermirror’s Image to carve out a path of escape during the moment the beams of light gathered on him. He had wanted to catch the White Lotus Mother off-guard.

However, the moment he unleashed the Watermirror’s Image and reflected the streaks of light, he changed his mind because it was far too effective. He could basically reflect all of the attacks!

Compared to physical attacks like punches, kicks, and slashes, light was clearly easier to reflect. Moreover, while the beams of light were powerful, they were not under the control of a cultivator’s will. They were only pure and blind destructive power, which allowed him to grasp this opportunity.

The light vanished, but before he could even celebrate, he felt light-headed. Using the Watermirror’s Image took an extremely great toll on his mind. He was already extremely mentally exhausted, and the daemon qi in his daemon core had virtually run out. If the White Lotus Mother continued to attack him with the formations without any regard, perhaps he might end up heavily injured!

Fighting the White Lotus Mother in the headquarters of the White Lotus cult was indeed extremely dangerous for him. He could lose his life from the slightest carelessness. However, he was capable of far too many things, which was why it seemed so easy for him. If it were not for the bloodline of the phoenix, the fire lotus seed from earlier would have been enough to injure him.

If it were not for the great strength of the ox demon, he never would have been able to pierce the White Lotus Mother’s protective technique with a single punch. With a homeground advantage, she possessed endless regeneration, making her undefeatable. If it were not for the Watermirror’s Image, probably not a single human or daemon of the second heavenly tribulation could withstand a direct confrontation against attacks of the protective formation, let alone taking advantage of it to launch a counterattack.

This was the strength of the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine. It basically allowed him to handle any situation there was. Even though he did not possess an advantage in terms of overall strength, he could gain the upper hand in every clash and force the White Lotus Mother into a retreat.

Li Qingshan ignored the stunned White Lotus Mother. He gripped the hilt of the Demon Dragon sword with both hands, lifting it high into the air. It emitted a streak of light several hundred meters long, producing a vast dragon’s cry. Aiming at the Lotus Flower peak below, he swung down like he could tear through everything.

There was a flash of resplendent light in the world.

Just like a comet shooting across the sky!

The lotus-shaped mountain peak split open along the middle, collapsing towards the two sides. It emitted a deafening rumble, and the ground shook gently.

Without the spiritual vein of the Lotus Flower peak as their foundation, the formations all collapsed.

Ru Xin hovered in the air, gazing at this startling sight. The White Lotus cult has been destroyed because of my joke?

Li Qingshan exhaled and felt some of his anger ease up. He glanced back at the White Lotus Mother, and his killing intent intensified!

The White Lotus Mother used another series of wondrous techniques and recovered from her horrific injuries. She seemed to become a little younger. When the pair of murderous eyes gazed over at her, her fury completely froze!


Li Qingshan bellowed. The Demon Dragon sword roared!

The White Lotus Mother used the strange technique where a lotus appeared with each one of her steps again. Lotus flowers blossomed and bloomed one after another in the air. Her figure drifted about, flashing past every single lotus flower. Before long, a White Lotus Mother stood on every single lotus, and the flowers scattered into the surroundings.

One of her most powerful moves—The Lotus Flowers Fill the Sky—allowed her to move between the flowers at will. Even if the enemy managed to locate her true body, they would only be attacking an illusion. It could achieve wondrous effects whether it was for offence or for defence, and it was even more unfathomable when it came to fleeing. This was the exact move that allowed her to escape from so many clashes against Gu Yanying.

“Chains of Demon Suppression!”

Li Qingshan shuddered, and hundreds of black chains shot towards every single lotus flower. From afar, it seemed like a huge spider had produced several hundred strands of silk.

The lotus flowers all shattered, and only one of the chains had been knocked away by the White Lotus Mother. That was the location of her true body, but she no longer had a single lotus she could move to.

With a trail of white mist, Li Qingshan whistled over!

“Demon suppression!”

The Demon Suppression Tower descended from above, viciously suppressing the White Lotus Mother inside.

Obviously, she was not a good or honest person, but one with a heavy demonic nature. As a result, the Demon Suppression Tower that he summoned was particularly lofty as well. It was an impressive display of power and impossible to dodge. Gazing at the black tower, she felt like it was even sucking in her mind, suppressing and sealing it away!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The White Lotus Mother flicked out three Lotus Seeds of Divine Fire and knocked the Demon Suppression Tower away. Right when she was about to continue fleeing, a sword covered in blood plunged through her chest!

She looked back. A vicious, demonic face appeared among the ripples on the curved visor. An icy-cold voice rang out, “You’re dead!”

“Is the lotus flower going to wither and fall?” The White Lotus Mother frowned slightly. Her face was filled with pity.

She did not try to put up any more pointless resistance. The sword was an arcane treasure. It only needed a spurt of sword qi to tear her to pieces. No matter how great her techniques were, she could not recover by then. Only death would await her.

“Please show mercy, fellow!”

A black streak of light shot over, and venerable Black Lotus called out from afar.

“Black Lotus, go now! The lotus flower will always bloom and fall. Don’t try and avenge me!”

The White Lotus Mother called out. He possessed great talent and had undergone the second heavenly tribulation, but he definitely was not this person’s opponent.

“May I ask how the White Lotus cult has offended you?” Venerable Black Lotus flew over and bowed politely.

Li Qingshan’s curved visor rippled. He could still remember the altar lord Black Lotus of the past. He had quite the charm, even more than back then. In the past, he had once possessed the opportunity to kill him and Han Qiongzhi in Ancient Wind city, but he did not choose to do that, and it was not because he looked down on them and treated them as ants.

As a result, Li Qingshan was in no hurry to finish her off. He explained the entire story flatly. “Remove the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple, and I’ll give her a quick one. Seeing how you’re a reasonable and sensible person, I’ll spare your life today!”

Black Lotus said in protest, “Fellow, you’re speaking about Shi Ji, right? But in my knowledge, she’s not under much influence from the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple at all!”

“What? That’s impossible!” the White Lotus Mother said. In her memory, the technique was extremely effective on Shi Ji. It was exactly because of that that she trusted her so much and granted her such great authority and status.

“If she truly was loyal to the White Lotus cult, would she behave like this right now?”

Black Lotus pointed at Ru Xin from afar. As the lord of the Clear Ripple hall, she did not show any sorrow or fury from the destruction of the White Lotus cult and the White Lotus Mother almost being killed. Instead, she was rather embarrassed before waving her hand at Li Qingshan with a smile.

How could Li Qingshan still be at a loss about what had happened? He roared, “Oh you!”

“Hehe, it’s a joke, it’s a joke!”

“Shi Ji!” the White Lotus Mother said in shock.

“I never thought you would betray me” was basically spelled across the White Lotus Mother’s face. She found it even more difficult to accept the reality that the White Lotus cult had been destroyed because of a joke. She roared at Black Lotus, “If you had known already, why didn’t you tell me?”

“She has no ill intentions towards the White Lotus cult, and she contributed a lot during the past three years. I thought it would be fine!”

“You call this fine!?” the White Lotus Mother pointed at the mountain peak that had been split into two and roared.

“The matters of the world are always unexpected. Please calm down. At the very least, we’re doing much better than when he first came to the Mist province, right?” Black Lotus said gently before turning towards Li Qingshan. “Look, fellow, it’s all a misunderstanding, so why don’t we stop here and bury the hatchet?”

However, Ru Xin said, “It’s not a misunderstanding!”

The White Lotus Mother fumed and said, “What else do you have to say, traitor? I haven’t mistreated you during the past few years! Will you only be satisfied once you force me to my death?”

“What I, the traitor, wants to say is why did you suddenly appear where I was, holy mother? There are no coincidences like that in the world! That’s why I say it’s not a misunderstanding. We’ve probably fallen for a trap!”

Originally, Ru Xin planned on playing the joke on Li Qingshan before sending him off the Lotus Flower peak. As long as the White Lotus Mother appeared a moment later, this development would have never happened.

“Someone called A’zhong also managed to escape from the Zi Lotus altar, and he reported everything to me. I’m certain he didn’t lie to me!” The White Lotus Mother was mildly taken aback.

Ru Xin said, “He did not lie, but he probably only said what others wanted you to hear, and he hid a lot of the truth!”

The White Lotus Mother thought it through a little. Under those circumstances, could a measly Qi Practitioner really escape?

“It’s the Snake Gold cult!”

When Li Qingshan heard A’zhong’s name, he immediately understood what was going on. He specially used his murderousness to stun everyone so that the Snake God cult could silence them with death. It was absolutely impossible for them to escape with their own powers. He wanted to use others, but he never expected to be used instead.

“We’ll know very soon whether it’s true or not!”

As they spoke, two streaks of light, one gold and one silver, shot over. They two leaders of the Snake God cult rushed over together.

“Fellow, we’ve come to lend you a hand in destroying the White Lotus cult!” “White Lotus, never did I think you would have a day like today!”

They had hidden themselves in the distance and spectated from afar. When they saw the Lotus Flower peak being destroyed, they were filled with indescribable delight. However, they were also stunned by the great power Li Qingshan demonstrated, which crushed most of their original thoughts of vanquishing him. Right when White Lotus and Black Lotus were about to die to his sword, they suddenly began talking and lost interest in fighting. As a result, they ran out of patience and rushed over.

Even if they could not subdue the unknown Li Qingshan, they would still completely butcher White Lotus and Black Lotus and take back what was originally their Snake God cult’s!

“It really is you!” The White Lotus Mother was furious. Black Lotus bowed to Li Qingshan again. “We’ve never harmed you or Shi Ji, nor have we ever had any conflicts of interest. All of this was because of the scheme of these two despicable people. Please check for yourself, fellow! Do not be used by others!”

The White Lotus Mother said, “Release me! I’ll take them down with me! It won’t even dirty your hands!”

“You can go!” Li Qingshan drew out the Demon Dragon sword and waved his hand. The Demon Dragon sword let out a reluctant cry.

Apart from Ru Xin, everyone else was surprised. However, he had his own thoughts. In the past, altar Lord Black Lotus had spared him and Han Qiongzhi. Today, he was sparing them, which was basically tying off a loose end.

“I really don’t like being toyed with by others!” Li Qingshan said to the two leaders of the Snake God cult before shooting a vicious glance at Ru Xin.

Ru Xin smiled. “Hobbies take time and effort, my friend!”

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