Chapter 738 – Qingshan Goes Snake-slaying

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Chapter 738 – Qingshan Goes Snake-slaying

“Alright, stop with the nonsense. We can talk slowly after I deal with them!”

Li Qingshan tossed the Asura Field to Ru Xin and dove into it.

Ru Xin fiddled around with the Asura Field and suddenly exhaled deeply, relaxing completely. Smiles oozed out of her eyes as she flew off towards the end of the sea of trees.

A while later, the White Lotus Mother and Black Lotus returned. Gazing at the Lotus Flower peak that had been split in half, they looked at one another.

The aura of the leaders of the Snake God cult had vanished. They thought they had died at his hands.

Today, their headquarters had been destroyed, and countless disciples had been massacred, but a huge source of problem had been eliminated too. Was today supposed to be a gain or a loss?

The White Lotus Mother said, “Just who is that person? With such a high cultivation, it’s impossible for him to be a nobody. He seems to practise a demonic cultivation method. Is he a demonic cultivator from the few sects in the south?”

“He gives me a familiar feeling!” Black Lotus suddenly recalled a possibility, and a gleam of light flashed through his eyes.

Three years ago, the Dragon King of Ink Sea killed the Daemon Commander Northmoon near “Fallen Moon lake”, and that was where he encountered Shi Ji. He could tell from various aspects that Shi Ji had come to the Mist province to find someone, but she had never managed to find them.

That was until today, when he came looking for her!

The answer was already as clear as day!

The White Lotus Mother asked, “What are you thinking about?”


Black Lotus shook his head with a smile. With his understanding of the White Lotus Mother, he knew she would definitely try all sorts of ways for revenge if she learned who he was. At the very least, she would make this matter public.

But what was the point of that? It would only lead to trouble! If Black Lotus had guessed correctly, his strength should have been even greater than what he demonstrated today. Even in a direct confrontation against one of the Ten Daemon Kings, he had managed to escape. Just that alone was enough to strike awe!

The White Lotus Mother said, “You better not look down on me too much. I’ll never do something foolish and pointless. Once I undergo the third heavenly tribulation, whether it’s Gu Yanying or that guy, all of them will regret what they did!”

“Yes, yes. Long live the holy mother, and may she conquer the nine provinces!”

“Stop patronising me! By then, I’ll definitely make you taste the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple again!” The White Lotus Mother ground her teeth, and Black Lotus felt powerless.


Under the shadows of the dense foliage, Xianghua Lu woke up and rubbed her eyes. “Where is this?”

“Weren’t we in the Clear Ripple hall?” Xianghua Zi also opened her eyes beside her. When she made out the figures around her, she paled in fright.

“Night roamers!”

Ye Liubo asked in surprise, “You know about night roamers?”

“Don’t tell me we’ve been discovered as spies and have been sent to the night roamer tribes? We’re really done for this time!”

With a single glance, Xianghua Zi saw many shadows in the trees. Who knew how many night roamers there were.

Various races of otherfolk lived in the jungles of the Mist province. Night roamers could be regarded as a larger race among the otherfolk, so they obviously did not only exist in the Clear River prefecture. However, most of these otherfolk all lived further south. Xianghua Zi had only heard about them.

Apart from giant lumbermen and a small number of otherfolk races, most otherfolk were hostile to humans. Any single otherfolk could be described as a natural shaman, possessing various strange powers, making them extremely dangerous.

At this moment, a series of rumbles rang out from afar!

“What’s this now?” Ye Liubo turned into a shadow and arrived on the highest part of the great banyan tree, gazing out.

Outside the range of the canopy was a blood-red world, enveloped in a thin, blood-red mist at all times.

As the power of the Asura realm continued to seep in, even she dared not travel too far from the great banyan tree. It was even easier for regular night roamers to be affected, turning them into crazy, murderous monsters!

However, as long as they could endure it, their strength would increase drastically, which was why night roamers regularly left the great banyan tree for training regardless of the danger. However, the strange thing was while the daemons in the Asura Field would change in all sorts of ways, becoming extremely aggressive and sometimes even attacking the night roamers that had gone out for training, none of them went crazy.

Was it exactly because they did not have much rationality in the first place that they had nothing to lose?

Ye Liubo dismissed her thoughts and felt a powerful aura appear in the lake in the distance.

“What else has master thrown in here?”


With another great rumble, the cult leader threw a punch. The fist condensed from golden sand pounded an Asura General to mush!

Blasts of air erupted, producing a shockwave.

The mush twisted and churned in the middle of the air, assuming a humanoid form in the blink of an eye. Afterwards, it strode through the waves and rushed over without any fear of death, working with the other Asura Generals to constantly launch attacks.

“Where is this place?”

“It’s inside one of his arcane treasures! What a heavy aura of murderousness! Is this a legendary Asura Field?”

“He actually possesses an arcane treasure like that!”

The cult leader asked and answered themselves with the male and female voice, flying over the surface of the lake. The circular blade split another Asura General in half along the waist, but the Asura General’s wounds healed in a split second.

The cult leader was much more powerful than these Asura Generals. It should have been a one-sided massacre, but these asura possessed extraordinary skill in battle, and they possessed startling life force. They fell into a battle formation together and coordinated with one another perfectly, actually causing them quite a problem.

Moreover, their body began to show various signs of discomfort. Red rashes appeared on the back of their hands, and it showed signs of spreading.

“It’s from that illusion earlier!”

Normally, they would spend the effort to suppress and eliminate this, but the killing intent of the Asura Field had already begun influencing their minds. Coupled with the constant harassment from the Asura Generals, they struggled to compose themselves.

“Oi, didn’t you want to kill me?”

A figure with a sword on his back suddenly appeared, standing on the surface of the lake with his hands behind his back, right in front of the cult leader.

The cult leader suddenly halted, and the Asura Generals rushed over.

“Back down!” Li Qingshan ordered and erupted with murderousness.

The Asura Generals dared not defy him. They all backed down, spectating the battle from afar.

“Fellow, we’ve never had any grievances, so do you really have to make it so that one of us has to die?” The cult leader began losing confidence.

“That’s not what you said earlier! Cut the bullshit! Do it!” Li Qingshan swung the Demon Dragon sword and pointed it at the cult leader. The Demon Dragon sword cried out, raring to go!

“Kill him and take the Asura Field!” The cult leader roared and shot over as a silver streak of light.

Li Qingshan unfurled his magnificent phoenix wings. With a gentle flap, he turned into a flash and left behind a long trail of blurs.

The cult leader missed, looking back in disbelief. They were met with a slash.

Blood splattered!

The cult leader clutched the wound on their shoulder and pulled back, How can he be so fast? Don’t tell me he was hiding his strength when he fought against the White Lotus Mother earlier?

Li Qingshan nodded. The Demon Suppression Statuary and the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine sure are compatible!

On the Lotus Flower peak, he was reluctant to expose his identity as Northmoon, so he held back with his innate abilities, only using the Demon Suppression Statuary to battle. He would only use the inconspicuous Strength of the Earth from time to time.

Now that he merged these two powers together, he would be a joke if he still could not defeat these two stray mongrels!

“Wait!” the cult leader called out.

Li Qingshan had no interest in what they had to say. He delivered a palm strike from afar.


The cult leader felt like a hammer had just struck them in the chest. Blood sprayed out of their mouths, and the figure in front of them flashed. They assumed a defensive position in a hurry, condensing the golden sand into a wall.

Li Qingshan’s right hand was riddled with black cracks. He pierced the golden sand in a single strike and grabbed the cult leader by the head. With a violent twist and a crack, the skull shattered!

He swung down with his sword, sending blood flying. He split the cult leader back into two again!

The Demon Dragon sword cried out in complete delight!

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