Chapter 739 – The God of Cloud Dream

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Chapter 739 – The God of Cloud Dream

The Demon Dragon sword turned into a dragon and returned to Li Qingshan’s wrist happily. Li Qingshan stowed the corpse away in the sumeru ring and collected a strange golden core from the body. It was faint-gold in colour, and there seemed to be a small, silver snake slithering about. It contained great power.

Li Qingshan directly tossed it into his mouth, released his Demon Commander form, and left the Asura Field.

The spring gurgled, and a stream flew out, landing in a clear, blue pond. Ru Xin sat on the rocks beside the pool. With a flash, the plague ghost threw itself back into her. She rubbed Li Qingshan’s head with a smile.

“You seem much more pleasant like this!”

Li Qingshan knocked her hand away. “It’s time to go!”

“To where?” Ru Xin raised her head. The blue sky was bright and beautiful. White clouds floated about.

“The Green province, obviously.” Li Qingshan looked at her in some confusion.

“I don’t want to go back. You can go yourself!” Ru Xin’s gaze drifted.

“Don’t tell me you plan on spending your entire life among the trees?” Li Qingshan was surprised.

“When you go back this time, it’s probably about time for you to get married! I want to continue south and take a look at the coast of the South sea. Though, I could invite you along on the trip with me!”

“The coast of the South sea…” Li Qingshan thought to himself for a moment. “Do you have to go?”

“I have to!”

Li Qingshan said. “Then wait for me!”

“We’re friends, so there’s no need to be like this. I’m not going to be staying there for just two or three years. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me and have changed your mind about her?” Ru Xin said mischievously. The water rippled, and her eyes flickered.

“I’m not doing it for you. I want to find the Flower of Water and Fire!”

“Didn’t I tell you already that it doesn’t exist?”

“You woman, long in hair and short in wit. Who knows whether you’re telling the truth or not!” Li Qingshan caressed her long, black hair and said that.

Ru Xin wanted to say something else, but Li Qingshan cut her off. “I once swore that I would travel across the nine provinces. How can I stay in the Ruyi commandery for my entire life? If you trust me, then wait for me. With your current strength, it’ll probably be nowhere near enough no matter what you want to do! I’ve found quite a nice place for cultivation for you.”

Their eyes met. No matter how determined she was, she was unable to decline him. It was exactly because they understood each other that he did not ask her why she wanted to go to the South sea, much less try to persuade her to turn back. She also understood that no one could change the mind of the man right in front of her. If he were forced or threatened, he would definitely resort to violence.


A week later, rain poured down over Cloud Dream marsh.

The muddy waves reached into the sky, which had not shown a single ray of sunlight for many days on end. It was as dark as night.

Ru Xin stood on the shore, gazing into the depths of the water and listening to the roars of the marsh.


A bolt of lightning descended from the sky, striking the centre of the marsh.

A huge eel leapt out of the water, crackling with electricity. The lightning happened to strike it, making the electricity blaze even more.

On its huge head stood a tiny figure. It was clad in beautiful armour that was an assortment of red and blue, wielding a demonic, dragon-like sword in its hand.

Within the lightning, the demonic sword was raised high into the air, producing a deafening dragon’s roar before plunging deeply into the top of the eel’s head.

Within the mournful cries, blood splattered across the visor, but the figure remained unfazed, like a heartless god of slaughter.

The wind and rain subsided, and the sun broke through the clouds.

Li Qingshan stood above the marsh and said sternly, “That’s the last one!”

He took out the Water God Seal, and the water spiritual qi gushed over. The mist over the marsh surged.

The spirit turtle appeared, sinking down into the depths of the marsh as if it would suppress everything.

After who knew how long, the Water God Seal suddenly emitted blinding light, becoming much larger than it originally was. However, the figure of the spirit turtle had vanished as if it had completely merged into the marsh.

Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath, drawing the spiritual qi into his lungs. It was pure and dense, refreshing his mind.

“This place can serve as the foundation of a dwelling!”

Li Qingshan smiled happily. As long as his strength could completely recover, even facing third heavenly tribulation Daemon Kings and Soul Nascence cultivators would not be a problem if he had Cloud Dream marsh as a foundation! Of course, it would still be best for him to flee if he was up against those on par with the Ten Daemon Kings.

Although the Water God Seal had not expanded too much in size, who knew how many times more powerful the energy in this region of water was compared to the many rivers and lakes in the Ruyi commandery. From the perspective of a water god, his rank was worlds apart.

Li Qingshan flew back, passing through resplendent beams of sunlight that poured through the cracks in the clouds.

Gazing at this, Ru Xin also felt rather excited for a moment, but she soon shook her head. “This guy!”

Li Qingshan arrived before her and passed the Water God Seal to her generously. “You can play around with it for a few days first! Don’t forget to leave behind your aura. That way, even if you run into second heavenly tribulation enemies, you can still kill them!”

Ru Xin gazed at the Water God Seal and could not help but be drawn in by its deep, bright glow. Suddenly, she raised her head and glanced at Li Qingshan, becoming surprised. “You still haven’t left!?” She waved her hand with a smile. “Then I’ll be going first!” She turned around and made her way into the marsh, snickering to herself, “Men sure are easy to fool!”

The corner of Li Qingshan’s eyes twitched. Even burning bridges would normally take a little longer than that, and what she said at the end was a little too loud, wasn’t it? He blocked her way in a flash and smiled obscenely, “Do you know what this is called where I’m from?”

“What’s it called?”

“It’s called having a sugar baby! Normally, the woman has to pay a certain price!” Li Qingshan licked his lips.

“Really? Then what price do you need me to pay?” Ru Xin took a step forward with a wide smile as if she knew Li Qingshan would not do anything to her.

Li Qingshan studied her up and down and said helplessly, “Forget about it. I’ll let you off this time. I’m going!”

Ru Xin leaned forward, bringing her beautiful face up to Li Qingshan’s. Li Qingshan’s breathing halted. Right when he thought something was about to happen, all he heard was a whisper by his ear, “Come back soon!”

Her gentle breath tickled his skin, filled with mischief. Li Qingshan pushed her away in exasperation and took off into the air. He glanced back from afar, and she had already become tiny, still standing on the shore of the marsh. If he stayed for a moment longer, he really might lose control and end up doing something!

“Is he afraid that I’ll leave here alone?”

Ru Xin looked at the Water God Seal in her hands. Even if it were just for the sake of this precious Water God Seal, she would not leave Cloud Dream marsh without good reason. And, as long as she remained in Cloud Dream marsh, she would be half-of-a-master of Cloud Dream marsh. She could use the Water God Seal freely, and there would not be a lot of people that could harm her.

The meticulousness and thoroughness he showed really did not resemble him, but since this was the case, she would properly cultivate for a while!

Li Qingshan sent Xianghua Zi and Xianghua Lu back to Fragrant Flower market and stayed for a few more days before leaving. As for what he did, only he knew. However, he still ended up seeing Xianghua Hong. In order to prevent this loyal disciple who had been brainwashed by the Heart Cleansing Technique of Clear Ripple from overhearing anything, Ru Xin had sent her away beforehand, so she was very fortunate and escaped the disaster unscathed. Afterwards, the White Lotus cult had sent her back.

Li Qingshan stretched his back and sniffed himself. He still seemed to be smelling like flowers. The arms of women really are the bane of heroes!

At this moment, the smell of sulfur invaded his nostrils. A stream of black smoke rose up from the horizon, and an unending chain of volcanoes appeared. This was where he had undergone nirvāṇa rebirth!

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed, recovering their sharpness. He would definitely be breaking through to the second layer of the phoenix this time!

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