Chapter 742 – Qingshan’s Name Resounds, Xiao An Emerges from Seclusion

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Chapter 742 – Qingshan’s Name Resounds, Xiao An Emerges from Seclusion

The surroundings descended into an uproar as well as confusion. Yin Xiaochou had clearly cut through Li Qingshan’s sword with that slash and landed the attack on him. Even if he held back and did not try to kill him in a single stroke, he only needed to use a bit more force, and Li Qingshan would be dead since Yin Xiaochou was wielding such a powerful weapon. Why had Yin Xiaochou admitted defeat instead?

Yin Xiaochou’s eyes were filled with a reluctance to accept this. Defeat had come far too suddenly, and it all felt so surreal. By the time he returned to his senses, he immediately fell down from his peak of success.

He had become shocked the moment the swords clashed. His opponent clearly was not a sword cultivator, but his sword intent actually matched his.

Although he still managed to cut through Li Qingshan’s sword with the sharpness of the Breaking Water sword and land a blow on Li Qingshan, his sword was unable to progress an inch further.

Li Qingshan’s right hand had demonified. His fingers were sharp like blades, gripping the Breaking Water sword firmly. Demon qi surged between his fingers. He did not use the great strength of the ox demon. He only used his strength as a Demon Commander to easily catch the Breaking Water sword that had run out of power.

If he were wielding a slightly better sword, even just an inferior arcane artifact, it probably wouldn’t be like this right now! And, he’s only shown the tip of the iceberg with the Demon Suppression Statuary.

Yin Xiaochou thought that and experienced another deep sense of refusal to accept this. He had not even witnessed his opponent’s true strength but could only forfeit. That was simply not a good feeling. However, if he refused to accept defeat, then he would not have the right to be the Breaking Water sword’s master.

However, Yin Xiaochou’s decisiveness in admitting defeat also left Li Qingshan rather surprised. Originally, Li Qingshan thought he would put up a little more of a struggle! That would be perfect for him to demonstrate the power of the Demon Suppression Statuary and announce he had undergone the second heavenly tribulation. Once that reached Si Qing’s ears, he could continue with the next step of his plan!

Li Qingshan released the Breaking Water sword and said patiently, “I think you can try again. After all, I haven’t harmed you!”

“That won’t be necessary. I’m not your opponent. Even if we try a hundred times, a thousand times, the end result won’t change! Sure enough, a great master really does produce outstanding disciples!”

Yin Xiaochou took a step back, sheathed his sword, clasped his hands, and bowed.

The Breaking Water sword was different from the Green Ruins sword. It could not create a Green Ruins Illusion, nor could it make its master invincible by scattering him as light.

The sword intent of the Breaking Water sword was terse and resolute. With a slash, whether it was a human or a ghost, a daemon or a demon, they would all be cut down.

Although it was only a sword, he had already poured all of his mental and physical efforts into it. Now that the sword intent had suffered defeat, continuing with the battle was merely asking to be humiliated. However, he truly wanted to know just how powerful he was!

“Then forget about it!” Li Qingshan sighed. If he had known this earlier, he would have gone easy on him and gone for something like another three hundred bouts at the very least!

Thinking about the past, just Fu Qingjin alone could force “Northmoon” into dire straits, but now, against Yin Xiaochou who was even stronger than Fu Qingjin, he could not even make “Li Qingshan” use his full strength. Sure enough, only loneliness accompanies great masters, but I better work a little harder to become a little lonelier!

“May I ask what your current realm of cultivation is, sir?”

Yin Xiaochou could not help but ask. He really did not understand how Li Qingshan, who did not even have an arcane treasure on him, managed to defeat him who wielded the Breaking Water sword. Their comprehension of the path of the sword should have been similar. The Demon Suppression Statuary was powerful, but he practised the secret techniques of the Sword Collection palace too.

This kid’s got some sense about him! Li Qingshan praised inside.

Li Qingshan said sincerely, “Don’t be too downhearted. I’ve already undergone the second heavenly tribulation, so my realm of cultivation is higher than yours. Otherwise, who knows what the result of this battle might be!”

“How old are you?”

Yin Xiaochou was dumbstruck. Every single heavenly tribulation was a huge obstacle and boundary to cultivators. He had actually never thought of such a simple answer, only because it was completely unbelievable. With his age, how could he have undergone the second heavenly tribulation? Even among the past geniuses of the Sword Collection palace, that was extremely rare.

In a tiny place like the Clear River prefecture, how had he managed to do it without a clan or sect behind him?

“I’ve spent too much time in secluded cultivation, so I can’t really remember it anymore. I don’t think I’ve hit thirty yet though! I’ve basically reached my original objective. The people of the world can’t laugh at me for boasting. Hahaha!”

Even Yin Xiaochou could not say anything more; it was as if it was an even greater setback for him to be defeated at Li Qingshan’s hand. He challenged the geniuses of the various prefectures of the Green province because he personally believed he was a genius among geniuses. Yet now, someone who paled in comparison to him in all aspects had thrown him far behind, stepping into a higher realm much earlier than him.

Apart from Hua Chengzan, who knew Li Qingshan’s other identity, everyone else in the surroundings was dumbstruck as well. What did undergoing the second heavenly tribulation mean? Everyone understood the answer to that question. Founding a sect and awing an entire region would be a piece of cake. Perhaps he could not rampage through the nine provinces freely, but he could come and go as he pleased. Only a handful of existences could still threaten him.

However, it was rather difficult to say what undergoing the second heavenly tribulation before the age of thirty meant. Did it mean he had great confidence in undergoing the third heavenly tribulation and becoming one of the true rulers of the nine provinces?

“It’s getting late, so keep up with your challenges! Danqing, how’s your painting going?” Li Qingshan called out loudly.

“It’s done!” Chu Danqing’s brush stopped.

Li Qingshan walked over and took a look. The painting depicted two figures. Although they were blurry, even with their facial features obscured, he had completely captured their unique bearings. It was possible to distinguish with a single glance that they were Li Qingshan and Yin Xiaochou. The two swords were even more fascinating than that. They seemed like they were about to leap out of the painting.

He had labelled the painting with its name too, calling it the “The Water Sword Destroys the Breaking Water Sword” as Li Qingshan had said. However, the problem was the scene Chu Danqiong had painted; it was when Yin Xiaochou had cut through the water sword.

“Hey, you sure have good timing! If anyone who doesn’t know about this battle sees this, wouldn’t they be mocking me?”

Chu Danqing said, “Your name already resounds through the world with this battle, so who wouldn’t know about it?”

“Fair enough!” Li Qingshan nodded. This was his original intention anyway.

At this moment, Yin Xiaochou’s voice rang out from behind, “Please face me in battle, fellow Hua!”

Even Li Qingshan did not expect him to continue with his challenges. He thought, He’s just suffered a major defeat and he’s able to brighten up immediately. You can say this person has a resolute and steadfast personality. The disciples nurtured by the Sword Collection palace, the successors of the Ten Renowned Swords, are all worthy of their reputations. I wonder how Zi Jian is doing. I need to ask him later!

Afterwards, Yin Xiaochou challenged the people present one by one. Not only did he defeat them all, but he even defeated them all in a single stroke. If it were not for Li Qingshan, his battle record would have shone even more with tonight, and his name would echo through the Green province again.

But right now, even the people he challenged seemed rather distracted. They constantly glanced at Li Qingshan as if they were looking at a monster they had never seen before. Their eyes were filled with amazement and respect.

The gathering came to an end very quickly. As everyone dispersed, the news of Li Qingshan having undergone the second heavenly tribulation spread rapidly.

Yin Xiaochou reported this matter to the Sword Collection palace at the first opportunity. The master of the Sword Collection palace sighed. “The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga has produced an outstanding disciple. With how outstanding his talent is, it’s basically a one-in-a-hundred-year genius!”

At this moment, the Divining Elder rushed over and clasped his hands. “Palace master, we’ve just received news that the disciple of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, One Will, has just emerged from critical secluded cultivation. She has successfully undergone the heavenly tribulation. She’s become the youngest head monk in the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga’s history, and she’s even a little younger than Li Qingshan!”

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