Chapter 746 – Entering the Demon Suppression Hall Again

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Chapter 746 – Entering the Demon Suppression Hall Again

The Unraging monk swung his hand, and the entrance to the Demon Suppression hall opened loudly. It was like a huge, gaping mouth, kicking up violent gusts of wind from the suction. Li Qingshan’s clothes ruffled, and his hair danced through the air.

“The eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall still poses great danger to you. You cannot be careless! You definitely cannot enter the ninth floor, no matter how confident you are in your strength. The thing suppressed there is not what you can handle!”

The Unraging monk’s usual smile vanished as he spoke sternly.

Li Qingshan said, “Your disciple is not a person who cannot gauge his own strength!”

The Unraging monk said, “I’ll go right now with One Will to have a talk with my senior brother. As for the outcome, it’ll be completely up to the heavens!”

Li Qingshan smiled. “We’re cultivators. If we let the heavens and fate make decisions for us, the mortal world would have taken us away a long time ago, reducing us to a pile of dirt within a century.”

Xiao An also said, “The abbot will definitely agree to it!”

The Unraging monk shook his head. Only geniuses at their age could exhibit such enthusiasm and drive! If that really were to be considered, the cultivation community was only a slightly-special secular world.

Li Qingshan bade Xiao An farewell and leapt into the Demon Suppression hall. The entrance slammed shut.

The magnificent halls appeared before him once again.

Li Qingshan had a slight guess. Perhaps the Demon Suppression hall was like the Asura Field, a special treasure that possessed a space of its own. As the first person to practise the Demon Suppression Statuary in history, his master, the Unraging monk, also possessed a powerful cultivation at the third heavenly tribulation, so Li Qingshan wondered whether he could refine it.

With that in mind, Li Qingshan flew towards the centre of the first floor. He arrived before the golden doors in the blink of an eye.

The doors opened, and the Demon Suppression statue stood tall in the centre of the hall. Corpses of demonfolk were scattered in the surroundings.

“Have disciples entered for training?”

Li Qingshan advanced along and also began encountering demonfolk that blocked his way. He could not be bothered with dealing with them, so he directly demonified and scared them away.

However, the demonfolk in the centre of each floor, where the Demon Suppression statue stood, would all be cleared.

Only when he arrived on the fifth floor could he vaguely make out a conversation behind the gilded doors.

“Senior brothers, we can’t go down any further! It’s very dangerous down below!”

Li Qingshan found the voice rather familiar. He lowered his hand that was about to push the door and listened to what they were saying.

“Duoge, we’ve come to the Demon Suppression hall to toughen up by undertaking trials. If there isn’t any danger at all, can you still call it undertaking trials?” said a voice in objection.

“So it’s Duoge. I see he’s begun a job with brilliant future prospects, a traitorous guide! Yep, if you include Duoge, that’s six people in total. They’ve all undergone the first heavenly tribulation, so they can attempt the sixth floor!”

Li Qingshan did not want to meet with these monks, so he just waited for them to head down first. By then, he could reach the centre of the sixth floor first and massacre all the demonfolk there. He could basically reduce their dangers too like that!

Sure enough, after a series of haggling, they still ended up choosing to enter the sixth floor. Duoge was the Unraging monk’s disciple, and his cultivation was quite powerful, but he was rather young, and he was a demonfolk. He seemed rather unconfident when he argued with the formal disciples of the monastery.

Li Qingshan entered the sixth floor, and sure enough, he did not see Duoge and the others. He did not mind either. He rushed straight towards the location of the sixth Demon Suppression statue.


Li Qingshan kicked open the gilded door. The Demon Generals turned around cautiously.

Before they could even make out Li Qingshan, countless Chains of Demon Suppression flew over, directly piercing and ripping them apart. By the time they flew back to Li Qingshan’s side, they were all holding demon hearts of various colours.

Li Qingshan took out the Traitorous Demon sword. The demon heart that served as the pupil had already become extremely weak. He could not use it for much longer, so he removed it and switched it out for the demon hearts of the Demon Generals. He tried a few, but the Traitorous Demon sword refused to accept any of them.

He lectured, “You sure are picky for a sword. Alright, alright. Wait until I kill a few Demon Commanders for you!”

Right when he was about to enter the seventh floor, his ears suddenly twitched. Cries and bellows rang out from outside the gilded door, coming from the monks.

Originally, he wanted to ignore them, but he remembered they were technically fellow disciples after all. If the Unraging monk found out, it would make him look bad. There was his junior brother, Duoge, as well, so he had to give him some special care. As a result, he rushed over with a flash.

The monks sure were unlucky. They had been moved into a spacious room on the sixth floor, which a group of Demon Generals happened to inhabit. When they saw them, they really did behave especially fiercely when they saw their mortal enemies. They immediately demonified completely and unleashed their full strength. One of the monks had died just like that!

They fell into a formation and fended off the endless stream of attacks, but they no longer possessed the same vigour as before. They all felt regret. They should have listened to Duoge and should not have come to the sixth floor of the Demon Suppression hall. Normally, when they said things like “cutting off their own flesh to feed hawks, abandoning their bodies to satiate tigers”, it really was just talk. Only when it was really their turn did they understand what “death was difficult to face” meant!

After demonifying, the Demon Generals were ferocious. They had seven or eight arms, five or six eyes, had swollen up to over ten times their original size, or grown several dozen gaping mouths lined with teeth. They assumed various strange and twisted forms, launching a furious barrage of attacks. A while later, the formation showed signs of weakening.

“Hold on, everyone. The Unraging master is watching up above. He’ll come to save us very soon!”

“This is a trial in the Demon Suppression hall. There definitely won’t be anyone to save us! We have to kill our way out together!”

This was something clearly explained before they entered the Demon Suppression hall. If disciples knew that they were constantly under the protection and watch of a powerful senior, where would any sense of danger come from? The trials would become completely meaningless too.

Actually, having Duoge who understood the situation in the Demon Suppression hall serve as their guide was already their greatest safeguard.

Duoge groaned inside. He was not on good terms with any of these senior brothers that had come to undertake trials. There were plenty of people who found him to be an eyesore, and his master never stood up for him. This was not the first time something like this had happened during the past few years.

He rubbed the demon heart prayer beads around his neck. As long as he ate just one of them, killing these Demon Generals would be a piece of cake. However, the consequences the last time he did this was devouring everything within his line of sight, losing control over himself and falling into a frenzy. He had only recovered when the Unraging monk personally suppressed his demonic nature.

The senior brothers haven’t been nice to me, but they don’t have any ill intentions towards me. I don’t want to eat them, even though their flesh is tender and tastes quite nice! No, how can I think like that? If I completely demonify, I might completely lose control and become a demonic beast!

At this moment, sword qi whistled over, together with gushing malice that filled the entire room.

In that moment, all of the Demon Generals froze. Under the surprised gazes of the monks, they collapsed and were reduced to chunks of flesh.

“You group of big baldies, don’t you know about listening to the advice of others?” Li Qingshan entered the room with the Traitorous Demon sword on his shoulder.

“Who are you!?”

Duoge beamed in joy. “First senior brother!”

“Just call me senior brother. You don’t have to include the ‘first’ part!”


“It gives off a very ominous vibe!”

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