Chapter 748 – The Eighth Floor of the Demon Suppression Hall

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Chapter 748 – The Eighth Floor of the Demon Suppression Hall

Li Qingshan studied the One Lamp monk in surprise. Originally, he did not feel any danger, but just because he had said he wanted to come with him, Li Qingshan experienced such a great sense of danger. Surely it was not because the monk seemed honest and kind on the surface but was actually scheming something!

As a result, he tried to persuade him. “Senior brother One Lamp, since my master has said you shouldn’t go to the eighth floor, he must have his reasons for that. You better stay here and continue cultivating!”

“Even if you go down there alone, you’ll be fine, yet somehow you’ll be in danger if you include me? If there isn’t any danger at all, how can you call it a trial?”

The One Lamp monk disagreed with Li Qingshan. He was certain that the Unraging monk was favouring his own disciple. He refused to accept this, insisting to go down and compete against him.

That sounds a little familiar! If you don’t stab me in the back, of course you’ll be quite a formidable source of help! Li Qingshan curled his lip and thought inside.

The One Lamp monk was so persistent that he just gave up on changing his mind. He would simply adapt to the circumstances when he needed to. Like the principle of “If they aren’t bald, they aren’t vicious, and if they’re aren’t vicious, they aren’t bald”, he really had to keep up his guard just in case he was stabbed in the back.

As a result, the two of them worked together and entered the eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall!


The Dauntless monk stood on a cliff on Great Buddha mountain, looking at the thousands of followers and the distant mountains below. His kasaya danced in the wind as if it was about to drift away with the breeze.

“Senior brother!”

The Unraging monk bowed towards the Dauntless monk from behind. Xiao An brought her palms together.

“What do you have to say?” the Dauntless monk said without looking back.

As a result, the Unraging monk repeated what Li Qingshan had said earlier. Sure enough, the Dauntless monk became furious. “Hack down people? What does he take this place for? If we actually needed to hack- purge demons and evil, would we even need him? Does he really think that you and me are only for display?”

“There’s always a day when you and I must depart too!” The Unraging monk smiled. “The kid might not be a part of buddhism and behaves insolently, he’s still a person of honour who knows to pay back his debts of gratitude.”

“You can stop there. Since he finds our monastery to be too small for him, I won’t force him to do anything. He can go wherever he wants. However, One Will definitely will not be going with him, just in case it ruins her path of cultivation.”

Then the Dauntless monk said to Xiao An, “One Will, I won’t delve into the fact that you arbitrarily left the Bodhi Realm of Emptiness this time. You can go back and cultivate!”

“I’m willing to go to the South sea as a buddhist missionary!” Xiao An said in a way that was neither offensive or deprecating.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” The Dauntless monk frowned.

“How can I not understand the abbot’s kind intentions? However, how can a path of cultivation be prepared and arranged by another? Please do not underestimate me just because of my young age, abbot,” Xiao An said.

“What if I’m determined to make you remain in the monastery?” The Dauntless monk turned around and gazed at her closely.

“A day as a disciple of the monastery, a lifetime as a disciple of the monastery. If One Will has broken any rules of the monastery, I’m willing to accept all of the punishments. If I haven’t, then please respect my freedom to find my own path of cultivation, abbot.”

Xiao An met his eyes without backing down.


“So this is the eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall. It sure is large!”

Li Qingshan whistled in exasperation. The eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall was no longer structured like a maze. Instead, golden pillars several dozen meters tall extended off into the distance.

It spanned as far as the eye could see.

The pillars were not the only thing that were boundless. There was also a surging sea of people- no, demons!

Countless grotesque demonfolk of various shapes thrived in this spacious region, growling and roaring, kicking up a ruckus. With their sudden arrival, they suddenly all fell silent.

Countless flashing eyes gazed over, filled with rage, hostility, malice, and murderousness. It was like a silent wave, slamming over one after another.

Even with the One Lamp monk’s mental fortitude, he could not help but shiver inside and grumble. He never thought the eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall would be like this. Did that not mean they did not even have the slightest room to maneuver around in? They had to endure the attacks of thousands of demonfolk the moment they set foot in here.

He heard Li Qingshan beside him sigh from the bottom of his heart. “What a great place!”

The One Lamp monk widened his eyes. A great place? Where? Even if this junior brother is an exceptional genius, isn’t he a little too conceited? There are more than thirteen Demon Commanders just within the range of my senses, with who knows how many more further out! This is clearly a land of desperation!

“I’m Li Qingshan! I’ve come to kill you all!” Li Qingshan said loudly.

His voice made its way over the sea of demons, reaching the depths of the hall and echoing between the pillars.

He kicked off a violent chain reaction like that. The demonfolk were thrown into an uproar, and the sea of demons surged!

A dozen or so Demon Commanders rushed over. From even further away, pulses of powerful demon qi grew closer as well!

“Once I kill you all, I’ll give her quite a nice gift after meeting again after so long!” Li Qingshan said softly. He looked back and smiled. “Senior brother, just protect yourself!”

“Kill them!” “Kill the bald asses of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga!” “I want to rip apart their flesh piece by piece and eat it!”

The voices boomed, and the surging turned into a violent wave!

Li Qingshan casually swung the Traitorous Demon sword backwards, and his sword qi ripped several dozen demonfolk into pieces, sending blood everywhere. In that split second, flowers of blood bloomed.

The sword swung around in an arc before thrusting straight ahead!

He wielded the fingers on his left hand like a sword, pointing at countless demonfolk as he gripped the hilt with his right hand and pulled it back, charging up the strike!

He thrusted out!

At that moment, Li Qingshan vanished. He appeared several hundred meters away with the sword through a Demon Commander’s head.

A glorious streak of light followed him from behind, lingering in everyone’s gazes. No one could tell whether he or the sword had reached there first!

Wherever the streak of light passed, flowers of blood bloomed along the way. The bodily pieces and remains paved a path several hundred meters long.

A pause appeared in the deafening battle cries.

“The first one!”

Li Qingshan drew back the Traitorous Demon sword, and purple blood flowed out of the wound. Compared to the Demon Commander’s colossal size, it was absolutely nothing. With how tough the bodies of Demon Commanders were, even if they sustained wounds ten times worse, they could still recover.

The Demon Commander roared out as if he was about to lunge at Li Qingshan, except he tilted backwards and struck the ground heavenly. He could not even demonify in time, dying in absolute confusion.

The demonic eye on the hilt of the Traitorous Demon sword swiveled around as if it was observing the situation in the surroundings. The slender blade was enveloped in an evil light.

This scene left even the One Lamp monk stunned. A Demon Commander had just been killed like that. Although it was the weakest among the dozen or so Demon Commanders and he could also defeat it, he definitely could not defeat it so easily.

Li Qingshan bent over slightly and leaned forward. He placed the Traitorous Demon sword across his waist and slashed out!

A ring of extremely-sharp light flashed past around him.

By the time Li Qingshan had straightened himself out, not a single living thing remained within several dozen meters of him!

In a split second, it had already become a massacre. The smell of blood permeated the air.

From a bird’s eye view, it was like a huge brush had first drawn a straight line along the ground before drawing a perfect circle.


In that moment, the dozen or so Demon Commanders in view basically demonified at the same time. There was now a three-headed, six-armed giant, a monster covered in bristles, and a charming and enchanting woman…

However, none of them attacked him proactively. They all assumed defensive postures!

His strength struck terror into their hearts!

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