Chapter 749 – A Riotous Revelry of Demons

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Chapter 749 – A Riotous Revelry of Demons

Li Qingshan slashed backwards at the empty space.


With the screeching of metal, sparks flew!

A completely transparent figure appeared. It was an assassin-like Demon Commander. He never expected Li Qingshan’s senses to be so sharp. He had discovered him the moment he was on the move. Having failed with the sneak attack, the Demon Commander assassin immediately hid away and fled into the distance!

“Chains of Demon Suppression!” Li Qingshan called out coldly

Chains of Demon Suppression shot out. They tailed closely behind the Demon Commander assassin. No matter how he dodged and shifted, the sounds of jangling grew closer and closer. He could not help but be frightened out of his wits.

A huge, pitch-black shield descended from above, intercepting the Chains of Demon Suppression. A colossal Demon Commander that resembled the sculpture of a mountain god stood there like a fortress with his muscly body clad in heavy armour.

The Demon Commander roared out, “What are you waiting for? If you don’t kill them, no one’s going to be getting any peace. Are you really waiting for him to defeat us one by one? No matter how many grievances exist between us, can it compare to our hatred for the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga?”

The Demon Commander seemed to possess very great prestige among the demonfolk. He was answered by the demons immediately.

But in the next moment, Li Qingshan cleaved his way through the waves and arrived before the shield, meeting his gaze.


The Demon Commander raised the pitch-black shield in his hand, and the ghost face on there suddenly sprung alive. It produced a howl that was like a spike hammered into the soul.

Li Qingshan was unfazed. He swung his sword diagonally at the pitch-black shield.

The demon heart in the hilt immediately shrunk significantly!

Right when he was about to advance further, he suddenly sensed killing intent from behind. The assassin Demon Commander had grasped the timing to strike again!

If I let them work together and help each other out, it’ll really be rather troublesome. They’re still Demon Commanders after all!

With that in mind, Li Qingshan bellowed out, “Demon Suppression!”

The Demon Suppression Tower descended from above. With a boom, it suppressed Li Qingshan and the two Demon Commanders.

At this moment, the demons all responded. They all demonified and barraged the Demon Suppression Tower with attacks. They swung their weapons and launched fire and lightning!

Even with how tough the Demon Suppression Tower was, it became heavily damaged a while later, on the brink of collapse. There were just far too many demons, with many Demon Commander and Demon Generals in the mix. Their quantity was vast enough to make a qualitative difference.


The Demon Suppression Tower shattered into pieces, and Li Qingshan walked out with a large and small head in each hand!

“The third one!”

“Nicely done!”

The One Lamp monk cheered. Originally, he had already sunken into despair, but Li Qingshan butchering three Demon Commanders consecutively reignited his confidence. It also filled him with a competitive spirit to never admit defeat.

Junior brother is so valiant. It’s no wonder that the Unraging master would give him permission to enter the eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall. Am I supposed to be worse than him?

He rose up into the air and circulated the Scripture of Great Radiance. He erupted with resplendent, goldish-white light.

“The light of the buddha reaches all!”

Under the radiance, the demons all howled and smouldered with black smoke!

Demon Generals still stood a chance, but when the countless regular demonfolk were illuminated, they were like snow melting in the scorching sun. They were completely incinerated away in a short while without even leaving behind their demon hearts.

This move seemed much more powerful than what Li Qingshan was doing, but it mostly just killed regular demonfolk. Although the Demon Generals sustained some damage, they managed to hang on tenaciously. The Demon Commanders were completely unscathed!

“That’s quite nice for cleaning up. Senior brother, feel free to kill all the regular demonfolk. Leave the Demon Commanders and Demon Generals to me!”

Li Qingshan said and approached the three-headed, six-armed Demon Commander in a flash. He wielded a different weapon in each of his six arms, varying in shape and size. He swung them all towards Li Qingshan.

It seemed to be a chaotic attack, but it was actually a perfect combination, weaving a flawless net of metal. His skill in battle was so great that he could virtually rival asura.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

In a single moment, who knew how many times Li Qingshan’s sword had clashed with the six weapons. The residual force reached hundreds of meters away like the most violent storm. Even Demon Generals could not approach them, while demonfolk were directly torn to pieces!

The demonic eye on the hilt swiveled around, dilating and restricting its pupil from time to time in an attempt to grasp a fleeting opening!

“Spear of Great Radiance!”

The One Lamp monk’s voice was emotionless, filled with a sense of grandeur. The light around him became concentrated, condensing into a fist-sized ball of resplendent light in front of him. A streak of light shot out.

However, how could the other Demon Commanders just stand by and watch him assist Li Qingshan in killing another Demon Commander?

The air distorted, and the straight beam of light twisted, detouring around the three-headed and six-armed Demon Commander!

A one-armed Demon Commander in the distance extended his long, shrivelled arm and clenched his huge, twelve-fingered hand.

The One Lamp monk shivered inside. All he saw was Li Qingshan suddenly losing balance, and the six weapons all landed on him while several Demon Commanders drew closer. Seeing how Li Qingshan faced life-threatening danger, he pushed the Scripture of Great Radiance harder, wanting to assist him.

At this exact moment, a charming, demonic woman appeared before him. She smiled, seductively. “Little master, have you experienced what living paradise feels like? Would you like me to take you there?”

“The Western Paradise is a pure land of buddhism. How dare a demonfolk spout something like that!”

The One Lamp monk rebuked, but as soon as he said that, he became concerned.

The surroundings vapourised like smoke. In a daze, he was no longer in the Demon Suppression hall. Various illusions arose.

At first, many beautiful women danced around in the surroundings. Their movements were enchanting, and their beautiful bodies shimmered under the faint veils, singing decadent songs. The One Lamp monk brought his palms together and was unfazed. The beauties then flew over one by one, whispering into his ears and gently caressing his body, but he still remained undistracted.

Suddenly, the beauties turned into venomous insects and vicious beasts, biting and chewing away at his body. It was unbearably painful and itchy, but he remained as firm as a rock, chanting the buddhist scriptures quietly.

The illusions constantly changed. Whether it was fear, enticement, or insult, none of it could faze the monk who grew up in the monastery. He looked down with his eyes and chanted the scriptures.

The lamp of his heart continued to burn! The ray of light continued to shine!

Even endless darkness could not encroach on him.

What fortitude this monk possesses! If this continues for a bit longer, I’ll be the one who gives way first! But at least I managed to keep him busy for a while. Surely that traitor has been killed now!

The demonic woman was surprised, but not frantic. She looked back.

Her objective was to keep the One Lamp monk busy so that he could not work with Li Qingshan. The other Demon Commanders could use this opportunity to rush over and kill Li Qingshan. Afterwards, they could come and deal with the One Lamp monk.

However, she should not have looked. Her face changed drastically.

The three heads of the six-armed Demon Commander were blasted high into the air by his blood!

It had only been the blink of an eye, so how had another one died?

In the moments prior, Li Qingshan had been fighting against the six-armed, three-headed Demon Commander. Although the One Lamp monk’s Spear of Great Radiance had been shifted away, the six-armed Demon Commander was still momentarily distracted. In the end, Li Qingshan grasped this opening and was about to cut him down!

An invisible force tugged his right leg, displacing his centre of gravity and making him lose balance. Immediately, he was open, and the six weapons were about to land on him.

Mid-air, Li Qingshan did not panic at all. With a flip of his wrist, a dragon-like figure coiled over and wrapped around the necks of the Demon Commander.

With the Demon Dragon sword unleashed, his abilities were on full display!


A Demon Commander that stood thirty meters tall slammed down with a huge hammer and crushed Li Qingshan into the ground viciously. This Demon Commander had the head of a pig and the body of a human, covered in boar-like bristles.

Even the floor shook, as if it was an earthquake.

“Is he dead?”

“Do you have to ask? I clearly crushed him to a pulp with that. Who can still survive?”

The pig-headed Demon Commander said when the huge hammer in his hand shook violently.

Under the huge hammer, Li Qingshan wielded his sword in his right hand as he lifted his left hand into the air, holding up the huge hammer. He licked his lips. “Your grandfather still isn’t dead yet!”

He pushed upwards, and the hammer flew back, smashing into the pig-headed face of the Demon Commander. Blood splattered, and one of his long tusks had even been broken.

In that moment, sword qi swept out, and the dragon danced about madly!

Li Qingshan circulated the Demon Suppression Statuary. Although it could not directly suppress and kill the Demon Commander, it could still influence them to a certain degree and limit their strength! The attacks from these Demon Commanders had all been weakened, and Li Qingshan was protected by armour too, so they struggled to deal a lethal wound to him.

He downright gave up on defending, causing an absolute massacre and making blood flow like rivers!

Light suddenly erupted in the distance, and Li Qingshan glanced over. “Has One Lamp successfully broken free too?”

The antique oil lamp in the One Lamp monk’s hand suddenly burst forth with light. A ray of light wrapped around the demonic woman who used illusions and the arts of charm.

Like a fierce fire to dry firewood, the demonic woman erupted in flames. Among her howls and curses, she was burnt to a crisp!

“Spear of Great Radiance!”

The One Lamp monk raised his hands high into the air. The ball of light that was originally only the size of a fist suddenly swelled up, growing to the size of a head.

Spears of light shot off in all directions, piercing countless demonfolk and Demon Generals. He forced the Demon Commanders to dodge desperately.

Li Qingshan nodded inside. The One Lamp monk truly did live up to his reputation as the strongest disciple. He was extremely fierce, far greater than many of the Golden Core cultivators he had seen so far.

A Demon Commander covered in tendrils rushed towards the One Lamp monk. The several hundred tendrils darted forward like harpoons, all containing potent poison. They only needed to scratch his skin, and his life would be in danger.

“Spear of Great Radiance!”

The One Lamp monk brought his palms together and placed the oil lamp on his head, headbutting the Demon Commander. The oil lamp produced halos of light, and the tendrils shattered before they could even get anywhere near!

The tendril Demon Commander was headbutted by him.

Li Qingshan began laughing aloud. This move truly was powerful, but it was just a little too hilarious!

Working together, they went through a battle that lasted two hours. They killed almost twenty Demon Commanders before finally sweeping up all the demonfolk in the area!

Even with the purification from the One Lamp monk’s light, the hall was strewn with severed limbs and soaked with blood, even reaching up to their ankles!

Li Qingshan sat on the corpse of a Demon Commander. His armour was riddled with damage. If it were not for the power of demon suppression, it probably would have shattered a long time ago.

He fiddled around with a few shiny demon hearts in his hand. The other demon hearts apart from them had all become the Traitorous Demon sword’s food, which only demonstrated the intensity of the battle. After absorbing the power in the demon hearts of so many Demon Commanders, the Traitorous Demon sword had grown visibly.

Although it was still a certain distance away from becoming an arcane treasure, it would reach there one day as long as it continued to grow!

By then, he could coordinate it with the Demon Dragon sword. He could wield one and directly cut down enemies as the other sword turned into a dragon and flew around beside him. He could take down enemies both far and near, and he could both attack and defend. It would definitely be extremely formidable.

The One Lamp monk hovered in the air, resting with his eyes closed. He glowed gently, slowly recovering his strength.

“Rest up slowly, senior brother! I’ll go take a look at the Demon Suppression statue first!”

Li Qingshan made his way towards the Demon Suppression statue. For some reason, the sense of danger became heavier!

The One Lamp monk suddenly opened his eyes. They were filled with fighting spirit, making them burn like flames.

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