Chapter 751 – A Whole, a Half

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Chapter 751 – A Whole, a Half

Faced with the furious One Lamp monk, Li Qingshan suddenly came up with an idea and made up his mind. He stepped to the side and raised his hand. “Since you insist, ‘first’ senior brother, then I’ll wish the ‘first’ senior brother to achieve enlightenment soon and reach the Western Paradise!”

“That’s more like it. Junior brother, you might have a powerful cultivation, but you can’t do whatever you want. You need to learn to respect others. I’m still your senior brother after all!”

The One Lamp monk’s expression eased up; he lectured Li Qingshan before making his way towards the ninth floor.

“As you say, senior brother!” Li Qingshan smiled. The Demon Suppression Tower descended from above and enveloped the One Lamp monk.

“You-” The One Lamp monk was both surprised and furious. He erupted with light, but he was already one step too slow.

A great boom interrupted what he was about to say next.

“Though, I’m just used to doing what I want!” Li Qingshan laid out his hand towards the Demon Suppression Tower.


The Demon Suppression Tower shook violently, and the One Lamp monk roared, “Li Qingshan, how dare you lay your hands on a fellow disciple! Release me!”

Li Qingshan pointed out, and Chains of Demon Suppression shot over, wrapping around the tower firmly. However, he was rather stern.

“What a powerful demonic nature. This is not something that a buddhist disciple should have. Senior brother One Lamp, I think you should reflect on yourself in there!”

Not only did the power of the Demon Suppression Tower depend on Li Qingshan’s cultivation, but it was also directly linked to the enemy’s demonic nature. This time, the Demon Suppression Tower was relatively large.

Sure enough, the One Lamp monk had been taken advantage of during the intense battle earlier! But who was it? Regular Demon Commanders probably were not capable of something like that, and all the Demon Commanders on this floor had been slaughtered already. Coupled with the fact that he was determined to go to the ninth floor…

Li Qingshan could not help but glance down. He already had a rough guess. He became even more vigilant.

Back when he was still on the seventh floor, a voice had almost deluded him, which was avoided all thanks to the spirit turtle suppressing his sea of consciousness and the Unraging monk arriving in time. Now that they were on the eighth floor, the power behind the voice would have probably become even greater.

At this moment, light began pouring out of the Demon Suppression Tower, and it grew brighter and brighter too!

“Oh no!” Li Qingshan pulled back, and the Demon Suppression Tower shattered loudly.

The One Lamp monk held the lamp in his hand with a halo behind his back. He looked like an actual eminent monk, except fury filled his face as he stared straight at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan shook his head helplessly. He did not say any nonsense. If he could make him come to his senses with just a few words, then it would not be an inner demon that haunted his heart. If it was someone that was extremely close to the One Lamp monk, perhaps there was a chance, but they had only met each other a few hours ago, and the One Lamp monk treated him as a rival to compete against. Anything he said would merely be a waste of words.

The One Lamp monk shot a furious glance at Li Qingshan and turned around, making his way towards the ninth floor of the Demon Suppression hall.

“Coward!” Li Qingshan said.

The One Lamp monk stopped.

“Trash!” Li Qingshan stood with his hands behind his back and continued.

The One Lamp monk suddenly looked back. “What did you say?”

“I said you’re not my opponent, and you’re afraid of me, which is why you’re running away. You’re a cowardly piece of trash!” Li Qingshan smiled.

The One Lamp monk had an arcane treasure in hand, and his cultivation was extremely high too. If Li Qingshan wanted to stop him from going to the ninth floor, he would have to use his powers as a daemon. Compared to that, throwing some insults at him was easier.

If the One Lamp monk was in the right state of mind, a few curses might not even be enough to make him frown. However, his mind was a mess right now, so he was particularly sensitive.

“Spear of Great Radiance!”

The One Lamp monk roared furiously and golden-white light turned into spears, shooting towards Li Qingshan so quickly that they were almost impossible to respond to.

If I could use the Watermirror’s Image, I’d definitely make you understand what a “taste of your own medicine” means. Li Qingshan swung the Traitorous Demon sword and wove a net with his slashes, cutting and tearing apart the streaks of light.

However, the light around the One Lamp monk became brighter and brighter, and the Spears of Great Radiance increased in number, becoming more and more packed. It was a storm-like barrage of attacks.

Li Qingshan’s swordsmanship was powerful, but he gradually showed signs of giving way. His sword missed, and a Spear of Great Radiance pierced through him. In that moment, countless streaks of light landed and sent him flying.

Under the curved visor, Li Qingshan remained calm. Opponents that have lost their cool really are easier to deal with. You’ve only just recovered a little, so how much longer can you maintain such a wild attack?

Even without the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, his body as a Demon Commander was enough to endure these attacks. The only thing that could threaten him was the buddhist treasure. Once the One Lamp monk ran out of energy, he could subdue him in a single counterattack and immediately take him to the higher floors of the Demon Suppression hall before waiting for the Unraging monk to return.

Li Qingshan just happened to be planning and preparing when a powerful and brutal will invaded his mind. A voice hissed, “Prepare to die!”

As if a thunderclap had erupted in his head, Li Qingshan felt his head spin. He almost lost control over his body.

A clash between the powerful depended on a single instant. Even if the One Lamp monk was under the control of his inner demons, he would not let this opportunity slip by. He chanted the buddha’s name loudly.

“Spear of Great Radiance!”

With a halo over the One Lamp monk’s head, he headbutted Li Qingshan’s chest heavily and shattered his armour immediately.

What a hilarious move, but when I’m on the other side, it’s not that funny anymore. Hold on, don’t tell me that move’s the renowned Skull Bash?

Li Qingshan was sent flying. He plunged the Traitorous Demon sword into the ground, and only then did he stop. He lowered his head and smiled viciously. “Don’t be in such a hurry, you son of a turtle. I’ll cut you to pieces sooner or later!”

TL: Son of a turtle in Chinese is a curse word. Basically means son of a bitch.

He felt like he was cursing himself, but he was not wrong.

The Spirit Turtle Suppresses the Seas!

Li Qingshan recovered control over his body. Blinding light filled his eyes as the One Lamp monk slammed over heavily with a tail of light.

“Can you stop? Demon Suppression Tower!”

Li Qingshan powered his demon heart, and a colossal Demon Suppression Tower enveloped him.

With a boom, the Demon Suppression Tower rocked, and the One Lamp monk rebounded away. The halo had been forcefully shattered, and his bald head was all bloodied.

Li Qingshan snickered. With how powerful his demonic nature was, he really did come close to impregnable if he used the Demon Suppression Tower for defence.

The One Lamp monk became even more furious. He shook his head and wanted to continue fighting. Suddenly, the buddha’s voice rang out in his head again, urging him to go to the ninth floor.

Perhaps that blow to the head was effective, as he also began to sense that something was amiss. He gazed at the Demon Suppression tower in front of him before glancing back at the Demon Suppression statue behind him. For a moment, he began to waver.

Under the Demon Suppression statue, the door that led to the ninth floor suddenly opened up. A powerful suction appeared within the gaping entrance. Fierce winds whistled about, sucking the One Lamp monk over. In a daze, he did not put up any resistance, flying straight towards the doorway. He was about to fall into the ninth floor.

Suddenly, he came to a halt. A Chain of Demon Suppression wrapped around the One Lamp monk’s legs, and the other end of the chain was coiled around Li Qingshan’s hand. He smiled. “You son of a turtle, don’t even think about that!”

The voice roared furiously, “If you still refuse to let him go, you might as well just tear him into two!”

Others might have hesitated there, afraid to use any strength, but what kind of person was Li Qingshan? He went from a one-handed grip to a two-handed grip and began pulling it backwards like it was a tug of war.

“Come at me. Who’s afraid of who? I’ll take you on!”

He silently crushed the bead on the string of prayer beads the Unraging monk had given him. He truly never expected everything to develop like this. Fortunately, he had the spirit turtle’s warnings, which kept him on guard the entire time. If he was accidentally pulled into the ninth floor, his life would probably be in danger. The thing suppressed on the ninth floor definitely was something else.

Rip! The One Lamp monk’s robes ripped open along his waist. Afterwards, the skin around his waist began to pull apart too. Blood poured out like a spring, sucked away into the door.

“Apologies, senior brother One Lamp, but as a disciple of buddhism, if I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell? Even if you die, you can’t end up in the hands of the demonic path. Isn’t that right?”

Li Qingshan sighed. He did not loosen his grip at all. If the One Lamp monk ended up on the ninth floor, he would not even have a chance of surviving. It was even possible for him to be used as a bargaining chip against the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga

Compared to that, he was better off taking a gamble and hoping that the Unraging monk could make it in time. But as it seemed, he also had to consider how to explain this to the Unraging monk if he could not make it in time. “Master, I saved half of senior brother One Lamp. There’s no need to thank me!”

At this moment, the Chains of Demon Suppression suddenly slackened!


“Oh no, something has happened!”

The Unraging monk just happened to be talking to the Dauntless monk on Great Buddha mountain when his heart skipped a beat, and his face changed drastically. He rushed to the back of the mountain in a hurry and arrived on the eighth floor of the Demon Suppression hall.

“Qingshan,what happened? Why is this lamp in your possession?”

Li Qingshan sat with his legs crossed in a corner of the hall, fiddling around with the One Lamp monk’s lamp. The speck of firelight had already been extinguished!

In front of him was a Demon Suppression Tower!

“Master, you’re finally here! I managed to save senior brother One Lamp, and in the whole too!”

Li Qingshan placed particular stress towards the end. With a wave of his hand, the Demon Suppression Tower vanished. The One Lamp monk laid inside, currently unconscious. He did not seem injured, but his waist had been stretched out to a point where it was particularly long and slender.

In the final moment earlier, the One Lamp monk’s lamp suddenly erupted with light. Li Qingshan felt the force from the other side of the door loosen, so he took advantage of it and pulled the One Lamp monk back.

When he checked the lamp, it had already run out of oil. Who knew whether it had awakened from the One Lamp monk’s agony, or that the buddhist treasure was intelligent and automatically protected its master!

“What happened?”

At this moment, the Dauntless monk and Xiao An rushed over too.

Li Qingshan explained what had happened. He sighed. “If it weren’t for me, the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga would have lost a genius disciple and an arcane treasure. If you still won’t let her go, abbot, that would be far too mean of you!”

Xiao An said, “Qingshan, the abbot has already agreed to let me accompany you to the South Sea commandery!”

“That’s fantastic!” Li Qingshan rejoiced and smiled. “The abbot has a clear sight of the greater good. Even we, the disciples of the younger generation, have been motivated by you!”

The Dauntless monk shot a fierce glance at him and waved his hand. Golden light scattered down.

The One Lamp monk roused slowly. His eyes were still rather lost.

The Unraging monk suddenly smacked him over the head, A Blow and a Shout!

The One Lamp monk shuddered, and his eyes cleared up. He looked around and remembered everything that had happened earlier. He felt both ashamed and guilt-ridden, tempted to just throw himself at a pillar and end his life there. He bowed deeply.

“Abbot… I… junior brother… It’s all because my willpower wasn’t firm enough that I was taken advantage of by the demons! Please punish me, abbot!”

The Unraging monk said, “There’s no need for you to blame yourself so much. The thing suppressed down there is one of the Seventy-two Daemon Kings of the past, the Soaring Locust King. His cultivation completely exceeds yours. Even I’m not his opponent. You’ve spent your entire life cultivating in the monastery, so you have a pure mind. That’s both your advantage as well as your flaw, just like how the pure are easy to defile. This disciple of mine has always been a rock from latrine, both foul and tough, which is why I don’t have that worry. I didn’t think you’d develop a competitive mentality of blindly comparing yourself to others!”

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