Chapter 760 – You’ll Be Dying Whether You Want to or Not

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Chapter 760 – You’ll Be Dying Whether You Want to or Not

Li Qingshan berated righteously as the surging demon qi suddenly drew in and consolidated, turning into his Demon Commander form. With the Traitorous Demon sword in hand, the demonic eye stared straight at Huang Siqin without budging at all.

Who the fuck is supposed to be the demonic cultivator here?

All of the White Wolf guards cursed inside. Normally, demonic cultivators was only a generalisation. Those who practised demonic and evil arts were known as demonic cultivators, and those who defied virtue and laws were also known as demonic cultivators. However, whether it was the cultivation method he had just unleashed or how he behaved, Li Qingshan was basically the dictionary definition of the term “demonic cultivator”.

A person like that was actually labelling others as demonic cultivators! None of the people present were good people, but even they felt an urge to curse aloud.

Huang Siqin had basically realised that this bastard never planned on letting anyone have a good time right from the beginning. He had come intentionally to tear down this place.

“Li Qingshan, do you really think you can look down on me just because there are two of you? When I underwent the second heavenly tribulation, you weren’t even born yet!”

Huang Siqin’s voice was still old and hoarse at the beginning, but towards the end, it had already become booming and highly imposing.

Suddenly, his body swelled up as teeth protruded from his mouth. He became covered in white fur, and a tail extended from hind. A while later, he went from being a skinny old man to a half-human, half-ape. His two thick arms pressed against the ground as he stared at Li Qingshan murderously.

He actually had a daemon bloodline!

The races mingled among each other in the Mist province, unlike the Green province that segregated humans and daemons. Procreation occurred between daemons and humans, and even otherfolk and humans, such that many humans were mixed with daemon heritages.

Some people might have had parents or even ancestors as humans, but in the face of danger, they could actually unleash their daemon bloodlines. This was the result of intermarriage between daemons and humans among their ancestors, which allowed the bloodline to be passed down. With each passing generation, the bloodline became more latent. As a result, there was a saying that the south of the Mist province no longer had any pure humans.

The situation in the Clear River prefecture would never happen here, where humans and daemons waged a large-scale war against each other. Perhaps it was better described as the battle having never ceased in the first place, just that it was a battle for survival and a battle of interests instead.

And, not only was possessing a daemon bloodline not a disgrace in the Mist province, but it was even a source of pride instead. Those that could produce offspring with humans would be powerful daemons above Daemon General at the very least. Their bloodline could quickly bestow a mortal with a powerful physique or even some wondrous powers.

Huang Siqin let out a furious roar as his great aura mixed in with daemon qi rushed into the air. The verdant leaves of the canopy began to sway as a result, leading to a loud rustle.

“If the two of you wish to fight, please go elsewhere! Don’t damage the tree city!”

At this moment, a streak of light flew down from the canopy and turned into a middle-aged man in luxurious robes with a long hat. Li Qingshan found his attire rather familiar, making him remember the deceased Marquis of Ruyi, Jiang Fu. Although many details were different, where the patterning and the way he dressed gave off more southern vibes, the overall design was the same.

“Sir, are you perhaps the governor of the South Sea commandery, the Marquis of Serene Sea?” Li Qingshan asked.

This was the uniform that the Great Xia empire allocated to conferred marquises, similar to the uniform of the Hawkwolf Guard. It both demonstrated their identities and expressed their allegiance, but from the alterations to the uniform, he could tell that there was not a lot of allegiance remaining.

“That’s right!” the Marquis of Serene Sea said icily.

Originally, he had been watching on from his estate high in the tree city. He also found delight over the fact that someone could make Huang Siqin suffer. However, he frowned when he heard Li Qingshan’s bold claims. Seeing how disrespectful he was right now, he felt even more displeased.

He was not merely the ruler of the South Sea commandery in name. He also possessed a relative foundation of strength, which allowed him to consolidate his position. Several thousand years ago, when the founding emperor conferred titles to the marquess, he had chosen powerful people who could keep the various regions under their control. Following an unbroken chain of descendants over several thousand years, they had all become powerful aristocratic clans.

As the owner of this territory, how could he let other wild beasts roar in front of him? However, he was not too concerned with Li Qingshan. They called him genius, but he was only a brat getting ahead of himself. It was no wonder that he would be sent here.

In contrast, Xiao An who remained silent to the side caught a little more of his attention. Her beauty was basically unheard of, and her cultivation and talent went even more without saying. If he could take her on as his wife, the prestige of his clan would definitely swell, so he could consider that.

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll be very quick. You can just watch on from the side.” A smile appeared on Li Qingshan’s curved visor as he waved his hand like he was shooing away a fly.

“You!” The Marquis of Serene Sea blanked out from anger. He already began to suspect whether there was something wrong with Li Qingshan’s head or not.

“Marquis, let’s kill this crazy fool together!” Huang Siqin was tempted to drag the Marquis of Serene Sea into the mix. Although he possessed absolute confidence in his strength, two against one was still troublesome.

“The disagreements between the two of you are a matter of the Hawkwolf Guard. I’m in no position to take a side. Please go elsewhere to fight. No one else is allowed to interfere!”

The Marquis of Serene Sea was nowhere near stupid enough to share Huang Siqin’s blame, but in consideration for their usual relationship, he basically gave him a helping hand. On the surface, he seemed like he was ensuring everything remained fair, saying that no one was allowed to interfere, but he was indirectly blocking Xiao An, making Li Qingshan lose a powerful ally.

Huang Siqin rejoiced inside. All of his efforts to befriend him had not been in vain. It was just a pity that this kid had come so quickly and stirred up trouble so vigorously, preventing him from gathering any helpers in time, or he would definitely frighten Li Qingshan to the point where he pissed his pants.

“Even you, the Marquis of Serene Sea, dares to collude with demonic cultivators? That’s a crime punishable by death!”

Li Qingshan looked back and said in some surprise. Killing intent silently pervaded the surroundings.

The Marquis of Serene Sea was dumbfounded. Just who was he supposed to be? He actually burnt all of his bridges and directly issued a threat- no, it was no longer as simple as a threat. Instead, he was downright asking him, “Do you want to die?”

By the time he had returned to his senses, he was overcome with rage. Even he could not remember how many years it had been since someone said something like that to him!

“You kill that one. I’ll kill this one.”

Xiao An spoke calmly, pointing at Huang Siqin and then at the Marquis of Serene Sea. It was as if she was not referring to two prominent figures of the South Sea commandery, but two nobodies they could crush at whim!

The Marquis of Serene Sea flew into a range. Murderousness surged rapidly, and in the next moment, a frightening attack was on the brink of being launched.

“There’s no need! They’re perfect for me to temper my path of the sword!”

During the past few days, Li Qingshan had spent plenty of time studying the jade slip Yin Xiaochou had given him. His understanding of swordsmanship had deepened yet again, and he happened to be lacking actual combat!

His words were like a bucket of cold water poured over the Marquis of Serene Sea who was on the brink of striking, extinguishing his fury and clearing his mind.

He actually turned down his companion to take the two of them on alone, which either meant he was truly a mad fool, or he possessed absolute confidence in his strength. Considering the fact that he had reached his current realm at such a young age, the latter was clearly a little more likely.

I have no grievances with them, so why should I become wrapped up in this? Even if I kill them, it’ll just spell trouble for myself!

As a result, the Marquis of Serene Sea withdrew his aura and said, “That would be nonsense, fellow. Under the orders of the imperial court, my clan has guarded and protected the South sea for generations, so how could I be in collusion with demonic cultivators?” He gently asked Xiao An, “May I ask what your name is, fellow?” He behaved like the killing intent earlier was all fake, clearly expressing he would not be taking part in this.

Li Qingshan clicked his tongue in pity, such that even Huang Siqin felt that something was amiss. He immediately began to curse the Marquis of Serene Sea inside, but on the surface, he let out a long sigh.

“Alright you, Li Qingshan. Considering the fact that you’re still young and ignorant, I’m not going to stoop down to your level. I’ll just treat it as if I never heard what you said. We’re both Hawkwolf guards, so it’s best if we set aside our differences and cooperate with each other sincerely. Don’t you agree-”

Li Qingshan interrupted him. “Then do you want me to repeat myself, you old demonic monkey?! Cut the bullshit. You’ll be dying whether you want to or not today! Come at me!”

“Don’t take it too far!”

Huang Siqin roared at the sky. He wanted to take a step back and gather his helpers before going in for the kill, but Li Qingshan did not give him that opportunity at all. Li Qingshan thought, I’m going to kill you no matter what today. I’m in a hurry to become a White Hawk commander!

Before he knew it, Huang Siqin’s original confidence had vanished completely. He no longer believed that victory would be guaranteed, and he even began considering taking a step back first. They had not even begun fighting, but he had already been completely overwhelmed by Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan formed a seal with his hand and extended his fingers. The Traitorous Demon sword turned into a streak of light and whistled out.

In response, Huang Siqin drew a huge, dark, glossy-green blade. Engraved on the hilt was the vicious head of a ghost. He swung it towards the streak of light viciously.

Clang! With an extremely sharp thrum, the Traitorous Demon sword spiraled away. It split into three in the air and flew over again. Under the control of Li Qingshan’s soul sense, it constantly slashed at Huang Siqin.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Huang Siqin whirled the huge blade into a blur, constantly repelling the Traitorous Demon swords such that they were unable to get any closer. He eased up inside, This kid might talk big, but his strength is only so-so. He almost bluffed me!

Li Qingshan was focused, constantly changing his hand seals. The Traitorous Demon sword sometimes moved about as a streak of light and sometimes produced streaks of sword qi. Clearly, he was using all of his efforts and was not intentionally putting on a false act of being weak.

The Marquis of Serene Sea on the side let out a sigh of relief. His ability to control the sword is quite impressive, and his comprehension of the path of the sword can be described as impressive too. Relative to his age, you can already call him a genius. Unfortunately, the sword is just an arcane artifact, and no matter how he maneuvers it around, it’s just those few moves. He’s basically dreaming if he thinks he can kill Huang Siqin with only this.

“Die, kid!”

Huang Siqin became convinced that this was all there was to Li Qingshan. He knocked the Traitorous Demon sword away in a single stroke and leapt up. After conjuring the hand of a huge ghost wielding a dark-green blade aura thirty meters long, he slashed at Li Qingshan.

Not only was this strike swift and fierce, sealing off all room to maneuver about or dodge, but the huge ghost also let out a howl that could stun people!

Li Qingshan lost his sword and seemed like he was momentarily influenced. He became rather dazed.

When the blade was about to slash down on Li Qingshan’s head, Huang Siqin hesitated instead. It was not because he had suddenly found a conscience, but because he was worried. The forces of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga did not reach the South sea, but if a Monk King took action and set their minds on him as a target to hunt down, everything he had built up in the Mist province would come falling down even if he managed to survive.

“Originally, I wanted to keep you around and play with you a little longer, but you don’t even have the determination to kill me? Such a feeble opponent is simply disappointing. You can go die!”

Li Qingshan formed a hand seal and conveniently extended a finger. A dragon’s cry erupted, drowning out the ghost howl.

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