Chapter 766 – Go Die

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Chapter 766 – Go Die

“Please, sir. I really can’t keep drinking. As long as you let me stop drinking, I’ll do anything!”

The restaurant owner’s face was bright red, together with a hint of greenness. Her eyes were dazed and filled with fear. Although the Poison Warding pearl granted her an immunity to poison, it also had a limit. It did not mean she could eat poison as she wished.

From then to now, she had no idea just how many bowls of alcohol she had drunk. She had consumed twenty to thirty types of lethal poison at the very least. Even the Poison Warding pearl was showing signs of giving way.


Li Qingshan brought his arm around her waist, and she sat down in his lap obediently, bringing her arms around his neck and wriggling her buttocks. She said flirtatiously, “Oh my, taking advantage of this ma’am again! So be it. You win.” She behaved like she was completely at his whim.

“Who do you think you are? Even calling yourself my mam? It’s fine, if you can’t drink, then I’ll feed you!”

Li Qingshan’s smile grew even wider as he delivered another bowl of alcohol to her lips.

The female owner’s face changed. She struggled as hard as she could, but the arm around her waist was like a metal vice as if it was trying to crush her!

She felt frightened for some reason and drank another bowl reluctantly. She forced out a smile. “Sir, you truly have a great capacity for liquor. How could I be your mam? I’m more like your wife! I think you’re done drinking! It’s time for you to take me to the bedroom to rest!”

Li Qingshan seemed like he did not hear her at all. He picked up a second bowl of alcohol with a smile. She kept her lips tightly shut, shaking her head and resisting. She rubbed around in Li Qingshan’s lap, throwing a tantrum. “I’m not drinking! I’m not drinking!”

“That’s not for you to decide.”

Li Qingshan forced her lips open with a smile and poured it down without the slightest concern.

The liquor landed on her green, embroidered top and suddenly kicked up billows of smoke. Her clothes were eaten away at a visible rate, revealing large swathes of her smooth, white skin that was still under the protection of the Poison Warding pearl.

Her face changed drastically. Li Qingshan smiled. “How strong of a liquor!”

As he said that, he picked up another bowl. From that moment onwards, he stopped drinking, pouring it all down her mouth like he was fattening a goose. The alcohol spilled out from her lips and ate away most of her clothes. Even her patterned skirt fell down, leaving her almost naked. She struggled and wriggled about in Li Qingshan’s lap as a figure of white goodness.

However, this lively scene did not have the slightest charm or gentleness. Gradually, not only did her face turn green, but even her body turned green. These were signs that the poison within her body was about to losing control.

“Sir! Please, spare me! I’ll never do it again.” Tears poured down the female owner’s face.

“Hmm? Don’t tell me there’s poison in the alcohol? It’s not like I have the cure, so how can I spare you?”

Li Qingshan smiled as he admired the beauty in his arms, but he did not loosen his grip at all. He brought her closer to death with each bowl.

Drizzle drifted through the air outside, and the smell of alcohol drifted through the air inside, together with the sickly-sweetness of poison.

“Save me, master!” She spat out the liquor in her mouth and called out miserably.

“Li Qingshan, do you know what the dishes you just ate contained?” The cook’s voice rang out from the back kitchen.

“Oh, what?”

“Human flesh! Adults, children, men, and women! And you thought it was beef, lamb, pork, and fish! Hahahaha! The human flesh I make is the greatest in Savage mountain. How’s the taste?”

The Human Cook laughed madly, no longer possessing a shred of humility or politeness anymore. The dishes were not poisoned, but the amount of effort he put into it was even more poisonous than the alcohol.

He thought Li Qingshan would definitely become astounded and fly into a rage, vomiting from disgust. After all, even in the south, cannibalism was brutality of its own category, let alone in the Green province. As a buddhist disciple, he might even develop inner demons over this. As long as he became infuriated, he could flee up the mountain immediately and draw him into the trap.

To his surprise, Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow and said calmly, “I see. I was wondering why it tasted so special!” He lowered his head and patted his belly. “I’ve eaten your flesh, so I’ll avenge you!”

When he reached the end, he had already sat up proudly. His eyes shone brightly, and he waved his hand. “Come back!”

Seeing how his scheme had succeeded, the Human Cook rejoiced inside. No matter how powerful Li Qingshan’s cultivation was, passing through those formations would still take him a few seconds, which was enough for the Human Cook to slip away. Suddenly, a great bellow erupted nearby, making him blank out. He came to a sudden halt and blood poured out from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

A black chain whistled over and wrapped around his waist, yanking him back violently. By the time he returned to his senses, Li Qingshan was already standing boldly in front of him, still holding the naked owner of the restaurant. Her face fluctuated between green and purple, and her white skin showed signs of festering.

Li Qingshan used two Chains of Demon Suppression to trap them. He made his way out of the restaurant and glanced at the tower at the peak of the mountain, letting out a smile. He actually just turned around and left like that.

The cave masters sure could keep their composure. Their disciples were on the brink of being killed, yet they still refused to leave the mountain. To demonic cultivators, even their own parents or children paled in comparison to their personal safety, let alone disciples.

They still clung onto a shred of hope, hoping that the drunk Li Qingshan would be aggravated and would rush up the mountain to find them no matter what. That way, they would have achieved their objective from sacrificing the two disciples.

They never expected him to just leave like this!

With that, they really could not stay put anymore. Their faces all became extremely ugly.

If they really let a White Hawk commander come and destroy their entrance, slaughter countless demonic cultivators, capture two of their disciples, and leave at ease, the Lair of Demons of Savage mountain would truly become a huge laughing stock. The five of them would become jokes within the joke. They would never be able to show themselves to anyone ever again!

Not only did Li Qingshan leave without any hesitation, but he left very quickly too. He had made his way out of the city in the blink of an eye, demonstrating his determination to leave.

However, his footsteps suddenly stopped, and his face sank. The corpse of the child was on the centre of the street, but the old man he had skewered with a walking cane was gone.

The demonic cultivators were momentarily stunned by his viciousness, but none of them could be easily scared. They had witnessed plenty of sights even more horrific than this. You think we’ll yield to just a single word from you? Do you really take yourself to be a cave master of the Lair of Demons? As a result, as soon as Li Qingshan had left, the cursing old man had been rescued. Of course, all of his possessions had been taken away in the process.

“Very good. I’m not going to ask who did it.” Li Qingshan turned around. “You’ve finally found the courage to come down and meet me! How brave!”

“Master!” The Human Cook rejoiced and called out. The restaurant owner also stared straight at the Silkworm Madam, but she was overwhelmed with poison, so she could not even utter a single word.

“Sir, you’ve clearly come to Savage mountain to find us. You’ve arrived at the foot of the mountain, yet you’re afraid to go up. You’re really quite brave too!” The Silkworm Madam sneered sarcastically.

“Release them, and we still might be on terms. Otherwise, hmph!” The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber shifted his mountainous body and suddenly took a step forward. The ground shook violently, and his aura filled the air, demonstrating his powerful strength as the second cave master.

“I originally came to Savage mountain to become a cave master, but this is all I end up coming across. How disappointing,” Li Qingshan shook his head and sighed. His disappointment was not an act. It was sincere. Didn’t you say there were eight cave masters? And that there were existences close to the third heavenly tribulation? Why are there only five here? Are the other three hidden away or just not on Savage mountain? So much for my efforts to lure them off the mountain. Looks like I’ve overestimated them too much.

“You want to become a cave master?” The Silkworm Madam squinted her eyes. Is that his original intention for coming here? A dignified White Hawk commander actually wants to become a cave master of the Lair of Demons! What a joke!

“That’s right!” Li Qingshan held back his disappointment and smiled.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber was rather surprised too, but if that was the case, all of his actions made sense. If he was truly trying to oppose the Lair of Demons, he would have started a massacre in the city a long time ago. Why would he only kill demonic cultivators that offended him? He seemed tough and brutal, but actually, he was extremely retrained. He did not seem like the type that would throw his life at them. It was said that he had offended an imperial prince, which was why he had been transferred to the southern region. As it seemed, he was interested in joining the demonic path.

If it was a decade ago, they really might have accepted him. The Lair of Demons basically accepted everyone anyway as long as they were strong enough. A White Hawk commander’s membership could earn them renown. But now, only death would be awaiting him. Otherwise, how else was he supposed to force Yu Wufeng out of secluded cultivation?

In short, he decided to deceive him for now. As a result, he said, “I see. Then it really is a misunderstanding. Our Lair of Demons has always accepted anyone from anywhere, except your identity was a little too sensitive, which made us suspicious. If you had expressed your intentions sooner, there would not have been so many misunderstandings. We definitely would have left the gates wide open and welcomed you to our mountain!”

“What! I’ll never allow this! If you want to become a cave master of our Lair of Demons, you better take a piss and check your reflection first and see if you’re qualified or not!”

Wei of the Poison panicked. If he really let Li Qingshan become a cave master, it was very likely for Li Qingshan’s ranking to be above his given Li Qingshan’s strength. He would never get his revenge then.

“What’s your name?” Li Qingshan looked at Wei of the Poison in some confusion, as the latter’s face was filled with hatred.

“The eighth cave master of the Lair of Demons, Wei of the Poison!” Wei of the Poison said.

“Oh, you must be the master of that Chen person!” Li Qingshan recalled.

“That’s right! There will only be death for you today!” Wei of the Poison said in a sinister manner.

The two people in Li Qingshan’s hand were not his disciples anyway. He basically hoped that Li Qingshan would kill them so that the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber and the Silkworm Madam could taste the pain of losing a dear disciple.

“This is a significant matter of our Lair of Demons. Even if the first cave master were here, he would nod to it, so why would we need your permission?” The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber shot Wei of the Poison a vicious glance, and Wei of the Poison shut his mouth.

“My disgraceful disciple can’t hold on for much longer. Please release her quickly, fellow. We can sit down and take our time with the discussion!” The Silkworm Madam panicked inside.

On the ground, the restaurant owner’s alluring body had already swelled up like a bubble. She was completely sheet-white now, moaning and wriggling around.

“Release her?” Li Qingshan glanced at her.

“I’ll definitely have her apologise to you in the future, fellow. You can punish her however you like,” the Silkworm Madam said.

“The person behind the poison can cure her. It’s not like I’m stopping you.” Li Qingshan laid out his hands.

“Old eighth Wei, why don’t you cure her? If it weren’t for your foolish idea, why would this have happened in the first place?” the Silkworm Madam said.

Wei of the Poison was reluctant, but he understood that if he declined, not only would the Silkworm Madam hold a grudge against him, but even the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber would blame him. All he could do was make his way over.

“So it’s you again!” Li Qingshan smiled.

“So what if it’s me?” Wei of the Poison raised his guard carefully. At the same time, he searched for any openings on Li Qingshan, ready to deal a lethal strike at a moment’s notice.

“A horrible son is the father’s fault. If a disciple is worthless, then it’s all the master’s fault. Your disciple provoked me, yet you still refuse to learn from the lesson and want to avenge him? You can go die!”

Li Qingshan let out a great laugh and threw a punch.

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