Chapter 767 – Test

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Chapter 767 – Test

No one expected Li Qingshan to strike without batting an eye, without any hesitation at all. Was it all merely a lie when he said he wanted to become a cave master of the Lair of Demons moments earlier?

Wei of the Poison was prepared, but he still never expected the fist to arrive so quickly and so viciously!

In that moment, the fist filled his entire view, like a black cloud looming over the earth. Black lightning crackled within the black clouds. That was the power of tremors ripping through air and producing cracks.

The fist had yet to arrive, but it had completely shattered Wei of the Poison’s confidence already, He’s actually so powerful. Didn’t he just undergo the second heavenly tribulation?

He had no time to dodge, no time to counterattack, and no time to call out!

Wei of the Poison pushed his poison arts to the limit. Darkish-green smoke rose up around him. It was extremely thick, seeming almost solid. He hoped to off the attack for a moment, which would allow him to retreat immediately and the other cave masters to assist him.

However, his poisonous cloud collapsed after the slightest contact. Let alone holding off the attack, it did not even manage to weaken the punch!


The upper half of Wei of the Poison’s body turned into a bloody mist, dispersing towards the cave masters. Only a pair of lonely legs remained standing there!

The four other cave masters had only just assumed a stance to provide assistance. They all seized up on the spot, dumbstruck.

Wei of the Poison was the weakest among the eight cave masters, and he was more skilled in killing people through poison than direct confrontations.

However, he was still a powerful cultivator that had undergone the second heavenly tribulation after all, yet he had actually been killed by a punch like that. Let alone putting up a fight, he could not even blow up his golden core. Just how terrifying was that?!

“Li Qingshan, y- y- you…” The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber’s fat jiggled about as he pointed at Li Qingshan, berating him furiously. However, he had shrunken back instinctively.

“Please don’t be afraid. This person has grievances with me. He’s constantly thinking about killing me, so I was forced to kill him. If I were to become a cave master of the Lair of Demons, I wouldn’t want to associate myself with a piece of trash like him either!”

Li Qigshan patted his hands with a smile and said with ease, stowing away Wei of the Poison’s hundred treasures pouch and greenish-black golden core in the process.

“His disciple was clearly in the wrong. I cleaned up after him, yet not only does he not show gratitude, he’s even bold enough to attempt revenge. Fellows, none of you are as unreasonable as him, right?”

Li Qingshan said as he kicked the restaurant owner. By now, she seemed like a huge tumour. She collided against the Human Cook and flew out, exploding in the air.

The Human Cook let out a miserable howl. Pus that contained several dozen types of poison showered him viciously, which left his body in pain, aching, itching, and numb. He rolled around on the ground and crawled over to the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber, extending his hand. “Master, save me!”

However, the only person that could potentially save him had already been reduced to a mist of blood, as dead as he could get.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber took a step back, also afraid to touch him. His face reddened, and he shot a murderous glance at Li Qingshan. “You- very well!” Then he let out a long sigh. “I’ll give you a quick death!”

He raised his hand, about to swing down.

“Who allowed you to give him a quick death?”

Li Qingshan took a step and threw another punch at the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber drifted backwards, exhibiting dexterity that completely contrasted against his size. Li Qingshan’s fist struck the air and let out a thunderous boom.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber was about to speak when a great force struck him, sending him flying.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Several dozen buildings collapsed consecutively.

The Ghost Ascetic retreated! The Silkworm Madam retreated! Mountain Insect retreated!

None of the cave masters were bold enough to take advantage of this and strike. Instead, they immediately chose to retreat, just so they could avoid becoming his next target of attack.

If it were just Wei of the Poison, then so be it, but who was the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber supposed to be? He had actually been sent flying by a punch too!

“My disgraceful disciple offended you first, fellow, so we’re not going to dwell on it. Please stop, fellow. That way, we can sit down and have a talk. Do you really plan on falling out completely with our Lair of Demons? That definitely won’t net you any benefit!” the Silkworm Madam said as she retreated

In the beginning, she pretended she would have a talk with Li Qingshan to draw him into the trap. Earlier when she said she would have a talk with Li Qingshan, that was for saving her disciple. Now that she said she wanted to have a talk with Li Qingshan, she was completely sincere about it, and it was just so that she could save her own life!

“I heard you have to go through many tests in order to become a cave master of the lair of Demons. You better test me and see if I have the qualifications or not then!”

Li Qingshan let out a great laugh and rushed over in pursuit. His target was the Silkworm Madam.

Suddenly, the dense spiritual qi in the valley began flowing violently. Formations upon formations lit up with various colours, overlapping and merging together.

Li Qingshan entered a sea of formations. Some slowed him down and others made him dizzy. All around him, flames blazed, sword qi surged, poisonous water spurted, and boulders fell. In that moment, who knew how many types of attacks hurtled towards him!

Even the gloomy clouds in the sky were dyed with magnificent colours.

“Break through!”

Li Qingshan bellowed out, and the Demon Dragon sword sang. A dark-golden demonic dragon cleaved through the attacks, paving a path right towards the Silkworm Madam in the sea of formations!

Having endured countless attacks, the demonic dragon turned back into a sword that Li Qingshan caught smoothly, slashing it at the Silkworm Madam.

“An arcane treasure!”

The Silkworm Madam’s face changed drastically. With a swing of her right hand, she tossed out a white handkerchief that expanded through the air, falling on top of Li Qingshan like a curtain of clouds.

Not only was the white handkerchief tough, but it was supple too. Even sharp sword qi could not pierce through it.

“Break through!”

Li Qingshan threw a punch and tore apart the clouds. The white handkerchief was ripped to pieces, revealing the Silkworm Madam’s shocked face.

“Break through!”

A streak of light flashed by, and blood splattered.

The Silkworm Madam felt the world spin around her before suddenly seeing her own, headless body. Her eyes remained wide open, filled with disbelief.

“This test is a little too easy! Next one!”

Everything happened in a split second. Li Qingshan swiveled his eyes and saw the Ghost Ascetic’s figure. He let out a snicker.

At this moment, the attacks from the numerous formations pressed over again.


Li Qingshan stomped down with his right foot, and the power of tremors emanated outwards as pulses.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground began to heave, rising up and falling down, cracking and separating. The earth surged like the violent tides as if a colossal beast buried deep underground had sprung alive.

The various buildings were torn apart like paper boxes. The various formations suffered the same fate.

Like a magnitude 12 earthquake, the city was reduced to ruins. The epicentre lay right below Li Qingshan’s right foot. In the very beginning, the Tremors of the Ox Demon was called the Ox Demon Tramples!

As long as the countless demonic cultivators hidden in the city were standing on the ground when Li Qingshan stomped down, they would end up heavily injured even if they managed to survive!

That was why he did not try to find the person who had saved the old man who used curses, as all of them would die.

At the same time, the ground cracked open. The fissure pursued the Ghost Ascetic like a black bolt of lightning.

“Li Qingshan, you’ve gone too far!”

The Ghost Ascetic leapt up, and his blood-red kasaya expanded, ruffling in the air. Suddenly, he swelled up in the air, and by the time he descended, he had already grown to over thirty meters tall. Seven or eight long, fleshy horns protruded from his head, some long and some short. His mouth jutted forward like an animal’s, exposing his curved teeth. Blood-red light poured out between his teeth, and he suddenly spat out a blood-red beam of light.


The blood-red beam of light struck where Li Qingshan was standing. The earth was directly melted away, turning into surging lava.

Li Qingshan moved to one side, and the beam of light brushed past him.

The Ghost Ascetic turned his head, and the beam of light swept towards Li Qingshan viciously. At the same time, he swung his claws about, conjuring several dozen balls of blood-red light that also produced beams, weaving into a dazzling net of light.

A smear of red suddenly appeared in Li Qingshan’s long hair. His bronze face began to change slightly, gaining a hint of devilish handsomeness. A pair of wings of wind and fire suddenly unfurled behind him.

In that moment, he also turned into a streak of light. He bobbed and curved, passing through the net of light from an impossible angle and appearing before the Ghost Ascetic. He stomped down on his huge head before going after Mountain Insect without even looking back again.

The Ghost Ascetic’s colossal body stiffened. Cracks appeared, and blood-red light poured out like countless eyes opening up beneath the cracked ground. The light became denser and denser, brighter and brighter!


Like a volcanic eruption, the Ghost Ascetic turned into countless streaks of dazzling light, dyeing the gloomy sky red.

“Chains of Demon Suppression!”

The Chains of Demon Suppression rushed towards Mountain Insect.

The sounds of the jangling chains were like a song of death.

Mountain Insect produced an inhuman screech that resembled the buzzing of insects. All of the pockets on him opened up, and gu insects of all shapes and sizes surged out, turning into a cloud and rushing towards Li Qingshan.

Mountain Insect rushed off without even looking back. As long as he made it into the vicinity of the central peak of Savage mountain, the extremely powerful formations would be for him to use. However, he no longer held onto any hopes of drawing Li Qingshan into the trap and killing him. He only hoped to escape alive.

Li Qingshan did not look at the incoming swarm of insects or the fleeing Mountain Insect. Instead, he pointed off in a different direction. “Demon Suppression Tower!”

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber who had been launched away by the punch climbed out of the ruins. He was utterly furious. He practised an extremely special cultivation method, which allowed him to use his fat to absorb all damage. He was about to get up and confront Li Qingshan in a battle to the death when he saw the Silkworm Madam being beheaded in a single strike, making him blank out.

By the time Li Qingshan had reduced the city to ruins with a single stomp, he had already turned around and rushed off into the depths of the valley. He muttered to himself inside, Has he really just undergone the second heavenly tribulation? This is impossible! Impossible!

His cultivation had already reached late Golden Core, virtually at the peak. He was confident that if he struck suddenly, he could also kill the Silkworm Madam, but definitely not as easily as that. If he used his full strength, he could also destroy a city, but with how large of a scale the attack would have to be, it would be impossible for him to kill so many cultivators.

The strength the enemy displayed had completely exceeded the boundaries of what cultivators of this realm possessed.

Right when he was about to slip away, the towering, grand Demon Suppression Tower descended from above!

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber tucked in his body, pulling his head and limbs into a ball of flesh and rolling away like an egg. Suddenly, he accelerated, such that even the Demon Suppression Tower missed.

A petite figure dressed in bluish-grey monk robes stood within the drizzle, blocking his path.

“A futile effort! You can die!” The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber roared madly and accelerated once again, slamming towards her heavily!

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