Chapter 776 – Ghost Shadow’s Nightmare

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Chapter 776 – Ghost Shadow’s Nightmare

When Li Qingshan tossed the unconscious Ghost Shadow in front of Xiao An, she said, “Ghost Shadow?”

Li Qingshan asked in surprise, “You know him?”

“He’s the third cave master of the Lair of Demons. I didn’t expect him to still be alive. They really do have some strength since they could rank towards the top.”

“Yeah, he actually survived a punch from me. He’s really made the right choice coming to Savage mountain this time.”

Ghost Shadow remained unconscious for three whole days and nights before waking up. He was feeble and pale-white. When he recalled that punch, his heart would flutter in fear again.

Have I still ended up underestimating the terrifying power of the “prey”? That’s not strength a White Hawk commander should be in possession of!

“Stop playing dead. Get up.”

A bellow echoed through Ghost Shadow’s mind. He refused to be careless, sitting up slowly, only to see Li Qingshan crouching right in front of him. His face was warped with malice, and he waved an ancient scroll around in his hand, like a creditor that had come to collect debts.

The two people behind him were obviously either his subordinates or bodyguards. They currently looked at Ghost Shadow with mixed expressions. It was slightly sympathetic and sorry, yet there was also some delight in his suffering.

“Yu Wufeng! The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber!” Ghost Shadow blinked in eyes. He was taken aback.

“Third brother, you’ve come too.” The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber sighed. After over a year of rehabilitation, he had already returned to the mountain of flesh before.

Yu Wufeng downright closed his eyes.

A moment later, Ghost Shadow understood everything that had happened. Even he could endure the backlash of the blood oath without dying, so the two of them must have been capable of that too. At the same time, he also recognised what the ancient scroll in Li Qingshan’s hand was. He even managed to catch a glimpse of most of the newly-written blood oath on there.

In other words, Li Qingshan killed the four other cave masters and forced Yu Wufeng and the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber into a new blood oath. That’s actually what happened. How is his strength… Yeah, he does have that strength. You can say that the only reason why the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber survived a punch from him was because of how special his cultivation method is.

“Young fellow, I can see that you’re very talented. I don’t want to kill you, so swear the oath!” Li Qingshan pressed down on Ghost Shadow’s shoulder and said cheerfully.

“Just kill me!” Ghost Shadow said calmly.

“You want to die?” Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow. He never expected to actually run into a tough bone to chew on this Savage mountain. It intrigued him a bit.

“I don’t, but I’d prefer that over working as a servant again and dragging out a meaningless existence,” Ghost Shadow said calmly, viewing death as release.

The Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber’s face reddened, except he had been glowing in the first place, so it was rather difficult to tell. Yu Wufeng also clenched his fist, silently telling himself to endure the humiliation for the sake of the greater good and not give up on the sliver of hope.

“I heard you fled from your clan. Why? Because you were a man and you were oppressed by that group of women?” Li Qingshan asked with a smile.

Ghost Shadow’s face hardened. He did not give any affirmation, but Li Qingshan knew that he had already guessed it. He also felt some sympathy for him. As a result, he said, “I understand what goes on between night roamers the most. There are material benefits if you follow me. I’ll allocate a few night roamer beauties to you.”

Never did he expect that not only was Ghost Shadow uninterested, but he even ended up saying firmly, “Cut the bullshit! Just kill me!”

“You really do have some character. I like it.” Li Qingshan gave him a thumbs up and stowed the Blood Oath Scroll away. Then he waved his hand, and Ghost Shadow vanished.

When Li Qingshan waved his hand, Ghost Shadow was already prepared to die, but the landscape around him changed, and he saw a faint-red sky and a towering tree. He blinked his eyes and exclaimed, “The Great Banyan Tree King!”

Probably everyone in the cultivation community of the Mist province knew about those four words, and probably no one would disrespect those four words. However, the Great Banyan Tree King primary dwelled in the centre and western regions of the Mist province. He was not in the south.

However, what shocked Ghost Shadow even more came later. A night roamer arrived before him, a female one. Her nose was tall and thin, but her eyebrows were very faint, which accentuated her coldness. However, she was still quite a rare beauty. A hint of surprise filled her eyes.

This night roamer has already undergone the second heavenly tribulation and condensed the Night Demon core. She should possess a very great status in the clan, so why haven’t I seen her before? And even if I haven’t seen her before, she should have seen me before. Don’t tell me she’s not a night roamer under the Shadow Queen? But the night roamers of the Mist province have clearly been unified already.

Ghost Shadow thought to himself. He felt an ill omen.

Ye Liuxing suddenly gathered her focus and listened carefully. She said “yes” before sinking into her thoughts again. She picked up Ghost Shadow and made her way towards the Great Banyan Tree King.

As a result, Ghost Shadow saw even more night roamers. The night roamers all cast curious glances at him, which made him gradually realise something. This is a tribe of night roamers that the Shadow Queen has not conquested.

They arrived under the great banyan tree and passed through a cave formed by the twisted tree roots, arriving before a black altar.

Ye Liuxing stripped Ghost Shadow of his clothes and placed him on the altar. She activated the altar and black shadows began to surge. Ghost Shadow felt the wounds within his body slowly recover, but he did not feel at ease at all. A green liquid was poured into his mouth, immediately fusing with his body. His wounds healed rapidly.

This is a branch of the Great Banyan Tree King, the most renowned medicine of the Mist province!

However, the restraint Li Qingshan had left behind kept him firmly suppressed. The black altar possessed this kind of power too.

Ye Liuxing studied Ghost Shadow’s naked body before nodding in satisfaction in the end. Having been viewing death as release the entire time, fear filled Ghost Shadow’s eyes as if he had recalled something again.

Very soon, Ye Liuxing gathered a group of female night roamers by the side of the altar, and they listened to her explain something. When they saw the naked Ghost Shadow on the altar, they all became intrigued.

Afterwards, one of the night roamers took off her clothes and began kissing and caressing Ghost Shadow.

Ghost Shadow widened his eyes and tensed his body, but it was not out of excitement, but rather out of fear! No one had imagined that someone who was not even afraid of death would actually be afraid of a female night roamer.

Seeing how Ghost Shadow had not responded at all, the female night roamers in the surroundings sneered and mocked her. The female night roamer became furious too, slapping Ghost Shadow viciously and seeking help from Ye Liuxing.

Ye Liuxing instructed her a bit more. A while later, she took out a porcelain bottle and removed a blue pill, shoving it into Ghost Shadow’s mouth.

Like a spark to oil, his lust immediately began to blaze. Although he remained rational, his body began to respond uncontrollably. The female night roamer on him became excited.

A tear rolled down Ghost Shadow’s cheek…

The Night Roaming folk were a matriarchal society, as the talent of males were nowhere close to the females. It was already extremely difficult for them to undergo the first heavenly tribulation, while those that could undergo the second heavenly tribulation were basically mythical existences.

All of the male night roamers that underwent the second heavenly tribulation would immediately experience an overwhelming change in identity and status. They no longer had to carry out any dangerous missions. They could remain in the safe capital city the entire time. Ghost Shadow was one of these “lucky ones”.

Of course, that did not mean they were free of responsibilities. At the very least, there was one job they had to attend to, which was procreating with the female night roamers of the clan.

It was just like how the descendants of human cultivators normally possessed decent cultivation talent. As long as they guaranteed they only married other cultivators, it would form a cultivation bloodline. This was how clans were created.

Races of otherfolk placed even greater emphasis on bloodline than human clans. They were naturally endowed with talent and lifespans that well-surpassed mortals. They basically possessed the advantages of both humans and daemons, making cultivation very easy for them. This was the importance of bloodlines.

As a result, Ghost Shadow received a job that could drive all men crazy from jealousy. He spent day and night sleeping with different women, procreating with them. For the sake of this opportunity, the various factions within the clan even clashed openly and in secret. In the end, it was the Shadow Queen who had stepped in and established a schedule.

As a result, for a very long time, he would not even see a face for a second time. The countless faces overlapped together, making them blurry.

Because the stronger the bloodline was, the lower the chances of producing children was, it went on for day after day, night after night, never to stop.

He felt like all the time when he was awake was spent facing a blurry face like that, and he became more and more terrified by it.

Actually, most of these women were beautiful, but they seemed to be deeply jealous over the fact that a man like him could actually undergo the second heavenly tribulation. As a result, while it was supposed to be a pleasurable moment, it felt more like vengeful abuse most of the time.

He did not know why he would end up like this, nor did he know what he was doing, much less cultivating in peace. Of course, the clan provided him with many pills and medicines that prevented his cultivation from regressing, but the possibility to advance further vanished as well.

He wanted to resist, but he was just a lowly man. Even the female night roamers with cultivations below his looked down on him. Instead, they scolded him for being ungrateful before abusing him even more violently. If he tried to resist, he would be challenging the order of the entire clan.

As a result, just like a pig being reared in a sty, he was constantly fattened before being constantly whittled down. He finally grew numb. No matter how beautiful of a woman she was, she could not get any response from him anymore. Afterwards, he was force fed aphrodisiacs, finally driving him to the edge of insanity.

Finally, on that night, he ran away.

The nightmare had finally come to an end. He knelt in the rain, sobbing away painfully. He roamed freely through the night, finally obtaining the freedom he had been dreaming of.

But at this moment, the nightmare returned.

Li Qingshan had left him to Ye Liuxing to handle. He said this person refused to yield to him and only sought death, so she could do whatever she wanted with him. Even killing him and removing his golden core was allowed.

Though, the thought processes of night roamers really were similar. She felt like she had just obtained a rare resource. She wanted to make use of his value before she killed him. Perhaps he could help the clan birth a few geniuses.

Li Qingshan held the Asura Field and watched in interest. He smiled. “That night roamer has quite the figure. This guy sure is fortunate. Dying in the arms of a woman, he’ll be a romantic even if he becomes a ghost. He’s actually crying tears of gratitude. Heh, there’s no need to thank me!”

Ghost Shadow was not afraid of dying, but he was afraid of sinking into a nightmare like this. To him, it was basically more brutal than any torture possible. Through his powerful will, he unleashed all of the potential in his body and parted his lips.

“I’m willing… to swear the oath!”

“Has he been touched by my sincerity? Sure enough, you really have to use women and seduction if you want to deal with men!”

Li Qingshan released Ghost Shadow from the Asura Field and made him swear the blood oath, successfully obtaining a third subordinate. He conveniently removed Ghost Shadow’s restraint and patted him on the shoulder.

“Heh, that felt pretty nice, didn’t it? I’m a very reasonable person. As long as you serve me well, even greater benefits await you. It’s not impossible for me to release the blood oath one day in the future.”

Before Li Qingshan could even finish speaking, Ghost Shadow vomited.

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