Chapter 777 – Li Qingshan’s Plans

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Chapter 777 – Li Qingshan’s Plans

“Was what I said really that disgusting? Are you intentionally provoking me? If you really want to die, I’ll send you off right now!”

Li Qingshan was taken aback at first before losing his temper. What kind of constitution did a second heavenly tribulation cultivator have? They were not the type that would vomit without control. He was clearly trying to piss him off. What a bastard.

“N- no…”

Ghost Shadow suffered in silence. Surely he could not say it was all because of those female night roamers? Li Qingshan would never believe him. He was reluctant to mention this most disgraceful part of his life too.

Actually, he planned on seeking death the moment the blood oath was released. Even if he suffered the backlash of the blood oath, he would not mind. However, after going through that nightmare, he suddenly felt like he could bear any form of pain and torture life could throw at him. Since he had even survived the most difficult period, then what was there to be afraid of?

Li Qingshan’s words basically gave him a ray of hope as well, making him develop a slight urge to live.

“Whatever. I’ll be the bigger person and forgive you. You better work hard and redeem yourself! Oh right, you’re also a night roamer…”

Li Qingshan asked a series of questions and learnt that Ghost Shadow came from the largest and only tribe of night roamers in the Mist province, the Deep Shadow clan. The leader of the clan was known as the Shadow Queen.

When Li Qingshan listened to the Great Banyan Tree King dissect the situation of the Mist province, he had heard that name. He had also asked about it out of curiosity, but the Great Banyan Tree King refused to divulge the secrets of others, so he never got a further understanding about her. He only knew she led the largest organisation of assassins in the Mist province, the Shadow palace.

As for why he had escaped from there, Ghost Shadow was reluctant to go into detail, and Li Qingshan did not ask about it either. He just thought he could not stand the female chauvinism of the night roamers. “Since you’re also a night roamer, then you can spend some time with the night roamers beneath me for now. They probably need you too!”

Need me! Ghost Shadow’s face changed as if he was about to vomit again. He would rather be arranged to assassinate the most powerful enemy than see a female night roamer again, but it was not like he had a choice, so he agreed reluctantly in the end.


In the Asura Field, within a tree hole high up on the great banyan tree.

Ghost Shadow sat with Ye Liusu, Ye Liubo, and Ye Liuxing. They asked and answered questions from one another.

Although quite a few days had already passed, the feeling of disgust in Ghost Shadow still lingered around. He basically refused to look at them directly. He carried out his responsibilities as a teacher, guiding them with the cultivation method of night roamers. This was the mission that Li Qingshan had arranged for him, so he could not turn it down or brush it aside.

The only thing that brought him relief was their attitude.

The one with the highest cultivation, Ye Liuxing, always remained very cold with a hint of contempt in her eyes. He was not afraid of contempt. He had grown used to it in the Deep Shadow clan a long time ago anyway. Everything was fine as long as she did not look at him like “that”.

However, Ye Liuxing would look at Ye Liusu beside her like “that” from time to time, which made him ease up. So she’s not interested in the opposite gender.

Although this Ye Liusu’s cultivation was not high, she seemed to be their leader. Through their conversation, he also learnt that she was the leader of this clan. When he asked for the name of this clan, Ye Liusu blanked out for a moment. She said after a moment of consideration, “Moon Shadow!”

Using his wealthy experience with women, Ghost Shadow discovered that this Ye Liusu seemed inexperienced. Don’t tell me she’s like Ye Liuxing, also a lesbian? But that doesn’t seem right!

As a night roamer, she was basically as unbelievable as a child who grew up in a brothel but remained as a virgin even at the age of eighty.

Among the three of them, Ye Liusu happened to be the most focused one. She constantly asked Ghost Shadow questions.

They had been oppressed underground for several thousand years by Lolth, so a lot of important information regarding the cultivation method had been lost, let alone make any improvements. Ghost Shadow’s arrival was like a godsend. Let alone the future, he even brought tremendous assistance to their current cultivation.

She was extremely curious about the Deep Shadow clan as well. She never imagined such a powerful clan of night roamers actually existed in the world. She constantly asked how the Shadow Queen ruled over them, and she frowned in thought from time to time as if she did not approve of it.

The one that left Ghost Shadow the most worried was still Ye Liubo. It was said that she was the one most trusted by Li Qingshan, but she seemed like a classic female night roamer.

When he was still in Deep Shadow city, women like her would often be the most violent when they abused him. Even now, he was still badly shaken by everything he had gone through in the past.

“You said… you were sent in by a person called Li Qingshan? Not Northmoon?” Ye Liubo questioned closely.

Ghost Shadow had only learnt through the conversations with them that their master was actually the Northmoon that the Dragon King of Ink Sea had hunted down. All Ghost Shadow could say about his current circumstances were it served him right. Even one of the Ten Daemon Kings could not kill him, yet he tried to assassinate him. If this did not serve him right, then what did?

What surprised him even more was how the Great Banyan Tree King treated Li Qingshan. According to Ye Liubo, the Great Banyan Tree King actually referred to Li Qingshan as “fellow”. Even though the Great Banyan Tree King was known for his gentleness and neutrality, not everyone had the right to be called “fellow” by him.

Ghost Shadow held great doubts over this. Looks like he’s just transported a great banyan tree into the Asura Field. With the Great Banyan Tree King’s character, he probably wouldn’t do anything over a tiny branch, but if news of this makes it out, it’ll be quite the sight to behold.

The status of the Great Banyan Tree King was so great in the cultivation community of the Mist province that it surpassed the imaginations of cultivators from other provinces. He was like a benevolent grandfather. None of the children would be particularly afraid of him, even regularly climbing onto his back and tugging at his beard.

However, if someone tried to harm him, these children would definitely stand forward and fight for him, many of which had undergone the third heavenly tribulation. Even Li Qingshan was indebted to his kindness.

“Oi, why aren’t you answering me? I’m talking to you,” Ye Liubo said in annoyance.

“I can’t answer that question,” said Ghost Shadow. He was bound to the blood oath, preventing him from intentionally disclosing Li Qingshan’s secret.

“You idiot, don’t you understand yet? That’s his other identity. He uses it to move around among humans,” Ye Liuxing said coldly.

“Is that so… You’re the idiot!” Ye Liubo barked furiously, and Ye Liuxing sneered.

“Alright, stop arguing. Fellow Ghost, please continue with your explanation of the fifth transformation of the Night Roaming God!”

This was within Li Qingshan’s calculations. Since even Yu Wufeng and the Gentleman of Heavenly Blubber knew about his two identities, telling them would be fine, and this was different from being exposed as Northmoon while he was Li Qingshan. There was not too much he had to worry about.

Sure enough, because they lacked any prior contact with “Li Qingshan”, they were not too surprised by this identity. Northmoon had already committed far too many stunning deeds. Disguising himself as a human and making it up to the rank of White Hawk commander really was nothing.

In short, through this period of time they spent together, Ghost Shadow confirmed these three women had no interest in him as a man, which relieved him of a lot of his mental pressure. However, he definitely did not feel any so-called “melancholy” because of this.

He had already slept with ten lifetimes worth of women, both women he was supposed to sleep with and not supposed to sleep with. From today onwards, he had severed his lust. Only two things could interest him now, which was assassination and cultivation!

At this moment, Li Qingshan appeared in the tree hold. Only then did Ghost Shadow see his other form with his scarlet hair and eyes and flawless handsomeness.

“Master!” Ye Liubo immediately threw herself at him.

“Looks like you’re close to undergoing the second heavenly tribulation too. Liusu, what’s wrong? You don’t want me to hug you again?”

Li Qingshan caught her with a smile before extending his hand towards Ye Liusu. Ye Liusu placed her hand in his and was pulled gently by him, leaning against his arms. She could not help but say, “Thank you!”

What was she thanking him for? She was thanking him for bringing Ghost Shadow here and letting her take another step closer to her dream, as well as for the warm hug right now. Perhaps these two feelings had already merged together completely and were inseparable. She desired for the night roamers to love one another and not hate and kill each other, but she also desired his warm embrace, where he could drop his guard around her and not give her the cold shoulder.

Li Qingshan whispered into her ear, “If you say something like that again, I’ll have to give you a spanking.”

Ye Liusu’s delicate face reddened slightly, and she lowered her head, falling silent, which made Ye Liuxing’s face become even more frosty. However, there was nothing she could do. Not only was he far more powerful than anything she could handle right now, but she understood the best as an objective bystander that Ye Liusu had already wagered everything she had on him.

Ghost Shadow lowered his head and stared at the wooden grain on the floor. He was not looking away because it was inappropriate, but because this sight roused far too many unpleasant memories. He was just like a person who had eaten meat to the point where he vomited and swore to never eat meat or fish again. Even when he saw others feast away, he would feel very uncomfortable. He even felt sorrow. You have absolutely no idea how nauseating it is!

Then Li Qingshan told Ghost Shadow, “Once they undergo the second heavenly tribulation, get ready to go at it.”

Ghost Shadow said with his head lowered, “If the four of us work together, there will only be a handful of places remaining in the south that can stop us.”

“Very good. We’ll have to make some quick moves by then. Alright, I’m not going to disturb your lesson anymore.”

Li Qingshan was about to leave the Asura Field when Ye Liubo embraced him firmly, refusing to part with him.

Li Qingshan patted her back. “Be good. Cultivation takes priority!”

“It’s been so long. If you still don’t spend some time with me, how can I still focus on cultivation? I might as well just go and die instead,” Ye Liubo complained.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Li Qingshan said.

Ye Liusu said, “Fellow Ghost, we’ll stop here for today!”

Ghost Shadow was only too anxious for that. Although the attitude of the three sisters did not pressure him too much, his disgust towards women, with female night roamers in particular, had already become a form of instinct. He could not break free from this feeling, nor did he want to break free from this feeling. On top of that, he had yet to fully recover from his wounds.

“You can go back to your dwelling and rest!” Li Qingshan waved his land and let Ghost Shadow out of the Asura Field. He asked Ye Liubo in his arms, “How do you want me to spend time with you?”

“You clearly know, yet you still ask, master!”

Ye Liubo grumbled in a flirtatious manner. With the outsider gone, she was basically oozing with charm. She gently licked his ear, and her full breasts pushed firmly against his arm, rubbing about.

“Alright, I really don’t know what to do with you!” Li Qingshan was aroused too. Right when Ye Liusu wanted to bid farewell, the landscape around them suddenly twisted and changed. By the time she returned to her senses, they were already in the outside world. “A’yue!”

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