Chapter 778 – Mutual Embrace

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Chapter 778 – Mutual Embrace

Li Qingshan saw how Ye Liusu was rather frantic. He asked with a smile, “What, you’re not willing to spend a little more time with me?”

“I’m willing,” Ye Liusu said gently with her head lowered, but Li Qingshan was clearly about to do that with Ye Liubo. Was he going to do it to her too… She felt her body heart up.

Ye Liubo said mischievously, “You’re willing to do what, sister?”

“How do you find this place?”

Li Qingshan released them and pointed into the distance. They were currently standing high up on the main peak of Savage mountain. They could see the entire valley from here. It had just rained today, so the thick mist and clouds joined together, basically burying the entire valley. A waterfall hurled off a cliff like a white dragon, shimmering in the white mist.

“What dense spiritual qi and what beautiful scenery! This is really a rare blessed land for cultivation!”

Ye Liubo gazed into the distance and sighed in amazement.

Ye Liusu also temporarily forgot about her embarrassment and stared at the scenery, This is the Mist province. Before I knew it, I’ve already travelled tens of thousand kilometers with him, to a distant place I would have never thought about in the past. I’ve also witnessed a landscape that the books can never record.

“Once the time is right, I’ll move the tree out and make it take root in the valley. You’ll be able to rebuild the territory of the night roamers here. As long as you cast down a powerful formation, you can even stop third heavenly tribulation enemies, and…”

Li Qingshan pointed around at the various parts of the valley and outlined how they could set up the village for night roamers.

Ye Liusu’s gaze followed the tip of his finger and her thoughts flew. Gradually, her gaze returned to his face, becoming glued to it.

Ye Liubo’s gaze moved between their faces and sighed with a smile inside, Is master using his own way to express his apologies? What a great gift this is. With Liusu’s dreaming personality, she must be utterly enamoured.

Li Qingshan was rather happy too. Compared to cultivating arduously and defeating powerful opponents, this was another form of joy, using his own strength to assist a race and making it here step by step. He was confident he had never let down the hopes Ye Liusu had placed on him.

“How is it?”

Faced with Li Qingshan’s question and smile, Ye Liusu made her way over, stood up on her heels and kissed him on the cheek. She said seriously, “Thank you!”

“I’m really going to give you a spanking this time!” Li Qingshan patted her perky bottom with a smile.

In the Silkworm Madam’s dwelling, a faint fragrance permeated the air. The stone walls were covered in embroidered wallpaper, like they were woven from silk. The arrangement was very tasteful. The most conspicuous part of the dwelling was definitely the centre, where a huge, white cocoon hung from the ceiling. It seemed to be where the Silkworm Madam rested and cultivated.

Ye Liubo dove into the cocoon and stuck her head out, “You come in too. It’s so comfortable here!”

“You should go in! I’ll take a look around!” Ye Liusu said to Li Qingshan, but her gaze drifted about, afraid to make eye contact with him.

Li Qingshan picked her up in both arms and leapt into the cocoon. The space inside was quite large, but it was still slightly cramped to contain the three of them. The pure-white silk was very smooth, both soft and cool to the touch. It gave off a dim glow, like a huge sleeping bag.

“This cocoon sure is a treasure.”

Li Qingshan examined the item, but before he could even finish talking, Ye Liubo threw herself over and sealed up his mouth with her luscious lips. Her tongue invaded like a snake as she murmured, “Master… love me!”

“How impatient. Can’t you see your sister’s still here?”

Li Qingshan rolled over on top of her. With a gentle wave of his hand, her upper garment fell off and a pair of full breasts leapt out. He held them in his hands and began playing around, pinching the tips gently.

Ye Liubo let out a gentle moan and said charmingly, “It’s not like sister can escape from your claws anyway!”

Ye Liusu who had always been level-headed and clever was basically at a loss over what to do. Born in a clan of night roamers, she had seen sights like this plenty of times in the past. She would not become embarrassed like mortals. She also treated this like the natural course of progression and she had prepared herself mentally long ago. However, only at this moment did she realise it was not as natural as she imagined it would be. She basically felt like Li Qingshan’s hands that caressed Ye Liubo were on her. Even her breathing became uneven.

Li Qingshan glanced at Ye Liusu with a smile and adjusted his posture, placing her beside Ye Liubo. Two faces of equal beauty currently gazed at him with different expressions.

Ye Liusu was tense all over, like a small animal that had fallen into a hunter’s hands, waiting to be dealt with. As for Ye Liubo, she was already in heat, her body burning with admiration and lust. Under Li Qingshan’s caressing, her bare upper body gently twisted and moved with him. When the sounds of her breathing reached Ye Liusu’s ears, it well and truly turned into heat.

At this moment, Li Qingshan’s hand landed on her face and touched her softly.

“Master, after I undergo the heavenly tribulation, please,” Ye Liusu pleaded.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to eat you this time.”

Li Qingshan smiled. He understood Ye Liubo required release if she wanted to cultivate peacefully, while it was best if Ye Liusu remained in her original “condition”. However, since she had come, he obviously had to “harass” her a little. As a result, he pulled back his hand and caressed Ye Liubo with care and effort, recklessly kneading her soft breasts into the shape he wanted them to be and lowering his head to kiss her lips, sealing up her sudden, rising moan.

Probably because their separation each time lasted just too long, or perhaps because of her fierce admiration for him, it had always been very easy for her to become engrossed. By now, she downright forgot about Ye Liusu right beside her, embracing Li Qingshan firmly like a parched land enjoying this rain that it had been waiting for the entire time.

Li Qingshan was influenced too. His lust began to blaze, but he broke free from her embrace and admired her body again. Ye Liubo opened her eyes in a slight daze. Between her plated dress and long boots, a pair of plump thighs rubbed together gently.

On the side, Ye Liusu found her mouth to be rather parched. She silently gulped.

Li Qingshan extended his right hand under Ye Liubo’s plated dress and she suddenly widened her eyes, letting out a great moan. Li Qingshan placed the index and middle finger of his left hand into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around it like it was tasting fine alcohol. His four fingers were all wrapped firmly in warmth.

Ye Liubo extended her arms, but she could not reach him. Feeling how bare her body was and unable to receive the caressing she desired, all she could do was caress herself. The obscene sight even made Li Qingshan purse his lips, before casting another glance at Ye Liusu.

Her plate armour was neat and whole, but in that moment, she felt like it had been pierced. She tried her best to appear unfazed, but her drifting gaze constantly landed on Ye Liubo beside her. Even she had never seen her younger sister reveal such deep emotions, as if she was bewitched, yet also as if she had lost herself and become a toy completely at his whim. However, it made her mind waver and she felt the hint of a desire too.


Only Ye Liuxing remained in the tree hole, feeling melancholic inside. Afterwards, she waited for quite a while and still did not see them return, which made her grit her teeth, as if she had just made up her mind over something. She returned back to her dwelling and continued with cultivation!

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