Chapter 787 – Female Asura, Body of the Demonic and Divine

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Chapter 787 – Female Asura, Body of the Demonic and Divine

The circular blade flew towards Li Qingshan and suddenly erupted with blood-red light. A blood-red wave condensed on the edge of the blade, making it the size of a round table. As it spun rapidly, it produced a shrill cry like it could cut through everything.

Li Qingshan stood with his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed.

Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell!

A thin, light-blue screen composed of countless hexagons blocked the circular blade’s path.

However, the collision he expected never happened. The circular blade passed through the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell with a flash and flew right towards Li Qingshan’s face.

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. The Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell was completely untouched. The circular blade could actually pass directly through space, not only rendering his most powerful defence useless, but also able to respond to any sudden changes in the situation and catch the enemy off-guard. This direct attack was even more vicious than the silent sneak attack earlier.

The attack was about to land when the circular blade suddenly drooped and slowed down.

Gravity of the Earth!

A clash among the powerful depended on a split second, which could be a split second faster or a split second slower. A split second was life or death.

Li Qingshan extended his hand. Wherever the black shockwaves passed by, the blood-red light shattered. He directly grabbed the spinning blade, and it immediately came to a halt. It left a deep gash in Li Qingshan’s hand, but he recovered in the blink of an eye.

“I see that a valued guest has come from afar, so why don’t you show yourself and greet the owner of this place?”

“You’re the master of this Asura Field?”

A figure suddenly appeared ten steps away. Before this, even Li Qingshan failed to sense any aura at all. She wore a hideous mask and stared at Li Qingshan deeply with a pair of blood-red eyes.

“A female asura!”

Li Qingshan immediately became intrigued, but it was not because he became excited over the sight of women. This entire time, all of the asura that arrived in the Asura Field were men, which made it seem like there was an imbalance of genders in the Asura Field. But that made sense with further thought. Bloodthirstiness and battle-hungriness was more of a masculine feature.

Legends said that male asura were extremely ugly, while the females were extremely beautiful. Li Qingshan wondered what she looked like under the mask, so he smiled. “That’s right. You do have a bit of strength, so why don’t we have a talk, and you can submit to me!”

“Why don’t we have a talk and you can give me the Asura Field? I’ll spare your life!” The female asura sneered in response.

“Err, spare my life? You’ve even lost your weapon, so what can you do now?” Li Qingshan waved the circular blade around in his hand. He had no idea what kind of material the weapon was made of. He squeezed it, but it actually did not deform.

“And what can you do to me?” The female asura waved her hand, and the circular blade returned to her hand. Afterwards, it vanished into the space there with her. Her figure constantly flickered about, searching for an opportunity to strike.

From the previous two clashes, she could tell that the opponent was much more powerful than she had expected, but that did not make her afraid. She was skilled in spatial movement and concealment techniques. She could hide and move through space.

This far surpassed the night roaming techniques of the night roamers. Space could be described as a piece of paper, and everything in the world were paintings on the paper, while she could dive down to the greater depths of the paper. As such, she was almost undiscoverable no matter how sharp the enemy’s senses were. Even if she could not defeat him, there was nothing he could do to her.

This required the most ingenious control over the principles of space, and according to her judgement, this world was not a “minor world”, but it was not a “major world” either. It was simply a “medium world”. The third or fourth heavenly tribulation was the limit of this world, and any higher required ascension.

Across the entire world, there probably were not a lot of people that could overwhelm her spatial movements and concealment techniques, while the man before her only had a cultivation at the second heavenly tribulation, so it was even more unlikely for him to achieve that.

However, she felt slightly uneasy. The first punch he had thrown gave her the feeling that it could shake up space, but she believed it was merely a false impression.

Sure enough, women like men who are a little rougher?

Li Qingshan stroked his chin and sniggered. Daemon qi rushed into the air, and he suddenly began to expand.

Three meters, fifteen meters, thirty meters, a hundred meters, a hundred and fifty meters.

He stood with a pair of ox horns and ox hooves, a pair of tiger claws and a tiger tail, his back as wide as a spirit turtle’s, and his wings unfurled like a phoenix’s.

A daemon! The female asura shivered inside. She never thought her opponent who seemed like a human was actually a daemon. On top of that, she had the feeling that he was rather extraordinary. It made her think of those from the Heaven realm for some reason.

This was the first time Li Qingshan had transformed into his daemon form after completing the phoenix’s nirvāṇa. He was in no hurry to deal with this female asura. Instead, he summoned the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell and formed a huge mirror to check himself.

He also noticed his changes. In the past, when he practised the Ox Demon Transformation and the Tiger Demon Transformation, they completely turned him into a daemon through and through, making him give off a brutal aura.

But now, his tranquil eyes and wide back gave off a sedated aura. His tremendous pair of phoenix wings were like clouds in the sky, drooping down from behind him. The feathers all seemed like they were condensed from fire.

Logically speaking, it should have been very conflicting for such a pair of magnificent wings to appear on his dark, brutal-looking daemon body, but it was the exact opposite. Not only was it completely unawkward, but it instead seemed like he was born like that and was supposed to be like that.

His appearance differed greatly from humans, but within the demonic nature was a wondrous smear of divine nature. Even if a mortal were present, perhaps they would still feel fear, but they would struggle to connect him with the word “monster”. This was a body of the demonic and divine that surpassed the human aesthetics of beauty.

“If you don’t surrender right now, I’m going to start counterattacking. I’m just afraid of accidentally killing you.”

Li Qingshan’s metallic voice rumbled like thunder within clouds, echoing through the entire Asura Field.

The female asura maneuvered through space. She was in a world of absolute silence, where the colour white spread as far as the eye could see. It gave off a limitless feeling of emptiness, where people could be lost in there forever with the slightest carelessness. However, while the world seemed absolutely empty, every single step required tremendous effort to take.

She projected her soul sense into the Asura Field, not just to search for an opportunity to strike, but also because she was afraid of losing her direction. Unlike the scenery around her, a riotous mix of colours that could not be described with words flowed right through her eyes, just inches away yet worlds apart.

It was like the colour of the painting seeping into the page. It seemed like a regular painting outside, but it merged into a blurry lump of colour inside. It did not require logical analysis, but sharp instincts before immediately making a judgement.

But even with that being the case, she could still sense an indescribably vast pressure. The colour that belonged to him was so dazzling that she could not look at it directly, but she still held contempt towards the threat that he posed.

I’ll downright just hide in here. Let’s see what you can do about me.

As if he was answering her thoughts, Li Qingshan smiled and threw a punch, right towards the space where she hid.


Rumbling suddenly broke the silence of space. The white world shook violently. Before she had even returned to her senses, the power of tremors had already swallowed her.

Li Qingshan’s punch was like a stroke thick and heavy in colour. Force penetrated the paper!

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