Chapter 788 – Defeated in Three Moves

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Chapter 788 – Defeated in Three Moves

How did he know I’m here? How can he attack me!?

The female asura was shocked. She felt every single bone in her body shake before shattering, while her flesh and blood went without saying. She felt like a tattered piece of cloth that was being ravaged.

With a thunk, she fell out of space, already reduced to a bloody mess and bearing no resemblance to a human in shape.

Li Qingshan crouched down and picked her up like a crushed bug, placing her in his hand and poking her with his finger.

“Stop playing dead.”

When it came to skill in battle, the female asura was on par with Li Qingshan. Across the nine provinces, the skill in battle she had demonstrated could be described as at the apex of the second heavenly tribulation.

However, Li Qingshan’s strength had surpassed the second heavenly tribulation a long time ago. He had absolutely no shortcomings in any aspects. He only needed to use the senses of the spirit turtle to lock onto the position where the female asura hid in space before throwing an ox demon’s punch over, and that would be enough.

It sounded simple, but not even third heavenly tribulation Daemon Kings and cultivators necessarily possessed both the ability to divine and shake up space.

As a result, he only needed three moves.

He learnt about the enemy’s existence with the first move, he understood the enemy’s attacks with the second move, and he defeated the enemy with the third move.

Fortunately, the life force of asura was truly extraordinary. The bloody mess wriggled about, but before she had even recovered completely, there was a sudden flash, and she hid in space again.

Li Qingshan snickered. He released a mess of shockwaves from the centre of his palm, and with a spray of blood, she appeared again, lying in his hand feebly.

He did not know anything like the principles of space, but he had already sensed her when she recalled the circular blade earlier, so how could he let her escape again? He could not move through space, but preventing her from doing so was nothing difficult either.

The female asura refused to accept this. She attempted it two more times, which only made her wounds even heavier. She finally gave up.

‘The legends really are true! Female asura are all beauties!” Li Qingshan said.

The indiscriminate attacks of the shockwaves not only reduced the female asura’s mask to nothing, revealing a delicate and charming face, but it also reduced her clothes to tatters. Her charming and exquisite figure could be described as exceedingly beautiful.

However, even Li Qingshan himself felt rather surprised by the fact that he was not aroused, and it was not just because their current sizes differed too much. After transforming, he felt like his mind had gotten much broader. Mere lust could not fill his mind. His wild wish of wandering the world instead began to blaze.

He only wished to pluck the stars and moon from the sky, to move mountains to fill oceans. How could his aspirations be bound to the bed? He even found the Asura Field that spanned several hundred kilometers across to be restricting, preventing him from moving about freely.

His cultivation method was known as the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine. As his cultivation increased and his realm differed, his thought processes and insight was changing unbeknownst to him.

Li Qingshan rummaged through his sumeru ring and tossed a dress to the female asura. She sure was straightforward, accepting it without hold back at all. She stared at it and admired it first before putting it on like it was hers.

This was a spoil he had obtained from the Silkworm Madam’s hundred treasures pouch. When she wore it, she seemed a little more charming, but her cold and bloody bearing remained unchanged.

With a rumble, Li Qingshan sat down and gazed at the female asura in his hand. “What’s your name?”

“Yin Qing.”

“You’re not afraid I’ll kill you?” She was literally in the hands of the enemy, yet she was still fearless, which left Li Qingshan wondering.

“This isn’t the first time I’ll be killed anyway. I’ll just be reborn in the Asura realm,” Yin Qing said indifferently.

Actually, she had already died over a dozen times. For anyone who was sucked into the Asura realm and became an asura, death was something that happened frequently. As long as their will to fight remained, they would be reborn even if they were killed. It was known as the undying body of the asura.

“You might not necessarily be reborn if you die by my hands!” Li Qingshan let out a toothy grin. His teeth were huge like stalactites.

“Then it’ll be perfect for putting an end to this,” Yin Qing said.

Li Qingshan’s heart skipped a beat; he studied her face. That definitely was not an act of facing death unflinchingly, but a form of almost-numbing indifference. Forcing her to submit might really be quite difficult.

He probingly said, “Become my subordinate!”

“Alright,” Yin Qing said.

Li Qingshan was taken aback. “You just agreed like that?”

“What else do you want me to do?”

“Even your clansmen needed me to release an aura of domination before they lowered their heads and submitted to me!”

“Then release it!” Yin Qing said without the slightest care, but she did feel rather strange. This place really was not the Asura realm after all!


Suddenly, Li Qingshan’s expression changed. His eyes widened, and his nose wrinkled up. He was like a vicious tiger erupting into a rage. It was extremely vicious. Malice surged into the air, and his scarlet hair danced about like fire.

Yin Qing was taken aback. She raised her head and looked at him. “Asura King?”

Running into powerful cultivators of other worlds did not surprise her, but this malice made it seem like she had returned to the battlefields of the Asura realm.

After Yin Qing entered the Asura Field, the blood-red swirl gradually stopped spinning, but incited by Li Qingshan’s aura, it began to spin once again.

Li Qingshan dispersed his malice and smiled. “How’s that? It’s a pity that you’re too weak. You can’t rouse my battle intent, or it would be even more imposing.”

“This isn’t a place where you belong,” said Yin Qing.

“Oh? Then where do I belong?”

“There!” Yin Qing pointed up at the depths of the blood-red swirl.

“I will go there one day.” Li Qingshan glanced at it before lowering his head again. “But before that, I need to understand just what kind of place it is. Do you know what kind of place it is?”

He had always wanted to learn about the other worlds. Even if he could not see beyond the Nine Heavens clearly, at least he could get a little closer to it and understand it a little better. The guests from the Asura realm were obviously a fantastic choice for him to do so, but it was a pity that the regular asura and Asura Generals were submerged in the endless battles because of their lowly strength. They could not provide Li Qingshan with a satisfying answer.

“I do know a little, but before this, I have a request.”

Because the aura that Li Qingshan gave off resembled an Asura King’s, Yin Qing became a little gentler. From a certain perspective, this was out of instincts. She had followed several Asura Kings in the past as they waged war everywhere, and before she was sucked into the Asura Field, a battle had just come to an end.

With her ability to move and hide in space, she survived to the very end. On the battlefield lit by the blood moon and strewn with corpses, the blood-red swirl had suddenly appeared. She originally could have escaped, but she ended up hesitating, so she was sucked away in the end.

“Go on,” said Li Qingshan.

“I want to take a look at the outside world.”

It was a surprisingly simple request. Li Qingshan asked, “You’re not thinking about running away, are you?”

“Don’t you know? Once an asura, always an asura. Unless you can leap out of the six realms, you’ll be stuck as an asura forever. You can only leave temporarily,” said Yin Qing.

In other words, she required the Asura Field to maintain her existence in this world. Of course, there was another way—endless slaughter. However, slaughtering weaklings who were much weaker than them would not work. Crouching beside an ant nest and crushing ants could not be truly described as “slaughter”, and to her, mortals were basically no different from ants.

However, if she targeted cultivators, it would without a doubt challenge the order of the cultivation community. In the end, she would struggle to escape the fate of being slain by the powerhouses of this world. As a result, while there had been many examples of asura entering the nine provinces and carrying out a massacre throughout history, it was not as terrifying as an invasion from the Hungry Ghost realm.

She seemed to recall something, and she seemed to try and hide something. She mulled. “Endless battle probably isn’t a particularly happy life, especially to a woman.”

“Alright, then you can come out and take a look with me!”

The moment Yin Qing emerged from the Asura Field, her heart virtually stopped beating. The drizzling rain drifted through the valley, and a few birds chased after one another in the gloomy sky. Everything seemed so peaceful. She took in a deep breath and smiled.

Afterwards, she saw Xiao An on the side and praised inside, What a beautiful person!

Female asura were already known for their beauty, while she stood among the top of the top. However, the only beauty that existed in the Asura realm was the beauty of slaughter. Battle and slaughter overwhelmed all feelings of desire. If a male asura saw her, the first urge they would experience would definitely be to kill her. Moreover, because every single female asura was very beautiful, the concept of beauty became blurred.

However, when she saw Xiao An, this concept suddenly cleared up, and she instinctively compared herself to her. She found that while she was slightly worse, she was still close, and only then did she ease up. This long-lost feeling made her heart ripple.

Only after a very long time would Li Qingshan find out why male asura were ugly and female asura were all beautiful. With every rebirth, when their old bodies returned to the Asura realm and their new bodies emerged from the sea of blood, the changes in their figures and appearances would be largely influenced by their thoughts.

Males wanted to seem even more vicious to deter their enemies, while no matter how many times females were reborn, they could not set aside their inclination for beauty.

Li Qingshan introduced her. “This is Yin Qing, who just came from the Asura Field. She can move through space, and her strength is very impressive. She’s a powerful assassin. I plan on learning about the Asura Field from her. This is Xiao An. Apart from me, you just need to listen to her commands, and that’s enough. Don’t worry; she’s definitely stronger than you.”

“I’ll know if the opportunity ever arises and we clash,” Yin Qing said and leapt down the tree.

Yin Qing was in no mood to listen to Li Qingshan’s ramblings. She wandered through the wilderness to her heart’s content, breathing in the moist air that did not reek of blood. A charming smile filed her face.

Every single leaf and every single insect was so novel to her, yet also so familiar. It made her recall her very, very distant memories that had already blurred long ago.

Li Qingshan exchanged glances with Xiao An and laid out his hands. “She’s just a bumpkin. She hasn’t seen what the world has to offer!”

Xiao An stared at Li Qingshan. “So many women. So many.”

“You can’t blame me. She’s the one who came here from the Asura realm. And I have no interest in women who reek of blood and have no sense of embarrassment.”

Xiao An snorted and turned her head away. She did not believe him.

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